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How to contact the LEO Service:

If you are interested in or would like to speak in more detail about the Law Enforcement Officer Psychological Evaluation Service, please feel free to contact the coordinator of the evaluation service, Ivori Zvorsky, via telephone (802-656-2661) or email (

Law Enforcement Officer Psychological Evaluation Service (LEO)

The Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluation Service offers post-offer assessments for the psychological suitability of candidates for law enforcement positions. This evaluation service follows guidelines recommended by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IAPS) and is compliant with standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All evaluations are completed by doctoral students in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont and are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist, Kathleen Kennedy, Ph.D. The evaluation team coordinator will work with your department to customize assessment packages and tailor evaluations to meet your department’s needs. Based on measures and a customizable interview included in the assessment, the evaluation service provides a comprehensive report, which summarizes the findings and highlights considerations about individual strengths and weaknesses that may affect performance on the job.

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