Chart 4: Disfigurement Benefits

State Nature of Disfigurement Compensation Received
Arkansas Serious and permanent head or facial Max. of $3,500; No award 12 mo.'s after injury
Colorado Serious facial, head, or exposed body parts. Max. of $2,000: In addition to accident benefits provided by law.
Indiana Permanent, which may impair future usefulness or

opportunities for employment.

A discretion of the Industrial Board, except where benefits are payable elsewhere;

Max. of 200 wks

Maine Serious facial or head; neck if it effects earning capacity. An amount not exceeding 2/3 of the state average weekly wage multiplied by 50.
Oregon N/A No set dollar amount; Payable only if disfigurement results in psychological adjustment problems.
Vermont N/A Shall be determined by the commissioner of labor and industry.