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Be Student Veteran Informed

The Student Veteran Informed presentation is designed to help faculty & staff better understand the student veterans in our community. Being student veteran informed will help you improve your interactions with student veterans so that they can be more successful in the classroom.  Presentations are given, by request, to offices and departments.

As a staff member at UVM your department might benefit from an understanding of experiences student veterans have had and how knowing that can help you provide them with the best customer service or educational experience.

All currently scheduled Student Veteran Informed presentations have a "Trauma Informed Care" component.

Trauma Informed Care is an awareness of individuals who have been impacted by trauma, and a behavior mindset for said individuals. Trauma Informed Care should be practiced in not just mental health organizations, but all areas in which people do public service. By practicing Trauma Informed Care, professionals can avoid re-traumatizing victims of trauma and overall improve the workplace.
    --Sarah DeBouter, Vermont Veteran Services
Student Veteran Informed presentations are available. Schedule one for your office or department by contacting

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