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Rate of Pursuit (Page 57, SCO Handbook, Version 3)

Rate of Pursuit (Chapter 33 Non-Standard terms)

Directed to School Certifying Officials:
"Always certify actual credit for all enrollment periods. If you certify a nonstandard length term VA will convert the credit you certify to credit equivalents.

• Calculate number of weeks by counting the number of days in the enrollment period (first day through the last day) and dividing by 7. Disregard a remainder of 3 days or less and consider a remainder of 4 days or more a full week.

• In a standard quarter or semester for Chapter 33 students the rate of pursuit is determined by dividing the credit hours pursued by the full-time equivalent (normally 12). For instance, 7 credit hours divided by 12 would be 58%. Chapter 33 students’ rate of pursuit must be more than 50% to receive the monthly housing allowance.

• For non-standard terms, the equivalent credit hours will be determined prior to computing rate of pursuit. For instance, 4 credit hours in a 4-week term would be the equivalent or 12 hours or 100% rate of pursuit."

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