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Certify My Enrollment


VA requires the school you are attending to certify that your enrollment information is reported to them accurately for each semester or separate start and end date of classes. Once you are enrolled in courses for a term, submit a Request for Enrollment Certification through your myUVM Portal Veterans tab. This allows you to ask UVM to send VA your enrollment information quickly, easily, and paperless. You will receive an automated email reply when your request has been sent, and a cofirmation from " Confirmation - Enrollment Information Sent to VA" when VA has received your information.

Certify My Enrollment

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The certification process requries the student and School Certifying Official to communicate well and works smoothest if we get it right the first time around. Therefore, you must know what benefit you are eligible for, be informed about what it pays for and how, and be sure that your schedule is finalized before requesting to be certified in order to avoid creating debt with VA.  Any schedule changes should be reported immediately via the same form in your myUVM Portal. If you would prefer to drop off the paper form to my office in Waterman 360 you can print it here.  

Transparency of Process

Transparency of the certification process allows students to know VA requirements and understand what UVM will certify. That allows students to make  informed decisions about which courses to enroll in and how an add / drop or withdraw will affect their certification.  Learn about what School Certifying Officials are required to report:

School Certifying Official Handbook, Version 3, Updated September 20, 2013

If you have questions about the process at any point, call, email, or drop by office hours to discuss what is available for you.  You can speak with someone about applying, transfering credit, certification of your enrollment, making sure your payments are on the way, academic support or access to other VA Benefits.  

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