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 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked as students think about joining the UVM Men's Club Volleyball Team.  Hopefully this gives you a better sense of what it is like to be involved in our organization. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don't hesitate to email us at

Is the club team competitive?

The club team plays at a competitive level in both practices and tournaments. Play during practices is kept at high level by the drive and skill of the club members, and by the drills are used in practice. The club participates in the Division II level of the NEVCL, which is still very competitive. If you are looking to play competitive volleyball in a fun environment, then this is the club for you.

Can I join the club team mid-semester?

Anyone can join the club at anytime, however it is the participation in tournament play that may be restricted as a result of joining the club mid-semester. During practices, anyone is allowed to come and play with the team. During the spring semester when the team is active in the NECVL season, those members of the team who regularly attend practice and have been part of the club for an extended period of time are allowed to participate in tournament play. Also, anyone who is accepted by the club at mid-semester must still pay club dues for that semester, but at an adjusted rate.

Does it cost money to be apart of the club team?

Each semester club members must pay a set amount of club dues to help fund the club's activities for the year. The dues for the year are set based on the money that is allocated to the club by the SGA after the club's budget is approved for the following year. Dues must be paid at the beginning of each semester that a club member participates in the club.

How often and when does the team practice?

The team practices between 3-5 days a weeks in the evening in Patrick Gym based on available gym time. The number of practices a week and times for practices are decided at the club scheduling meeting at the beginning of each semester. Times will be announced and posted on the website immediately following the meeting.

Does the team travel often?

The team travels to the various tournaments that the club participates in. In the fall semester, there could be between one-three tournaments that the club chooses to play in. Those tournaments could be anywhere in the Northeast. In the spring semester during the NECVL season, the team travels to at least three league tournaments at other schools in division II that are in the Northeast. Regionals or nationals are other potential tournaments that the club could travel to during the spring semester.

I am interested in learning more about volleyball, is the club team the right place for me?

The club team fosters an inclusive environment that is fun. educational and competitive. We suggest that anyone that is interested in learning more about volleyball to simply come check us out. Often, we try out new things take on suggestions and continually try to mold the club into what suits its members best. Our team has welcomed newcomers to the sport alongside veterans, and everything in between.

I plan on traveling abroad during the spring semester, am I still able to be apart of the team?

Those team members who travel abroad in the spring semester are still able to be a part of the team, however they will not be able to participate in the NEVCL season. They are still free to join the team for the fall semester. Any person traveling in the fall semester that wishes to join the club when they return is also free to do so, however they must contact the club when they return so they can participate in practices with the club.

Can I receive physical education credit for playing on the club team?

You are able to receive .5 physical education credits per year for playing club volleyball based on participation in the club. Either in the fall or spring semester, you can choose to complete the physical education credit form which allows you to get the credit for the year. You are only able to receive credit once per year -not for both semesters. At the end, the coach will decide based on participation in practices if you are to receive the credit.

What kind of support exists for members on the team?

Club members are supported by the coach, advisor and club sports coordinator.  Together these professionals provide direction and structure to the club program. Members can contact any of these people for additional support and to help them get the most out of their club expereince.

Is the club team very selective?

The club is selective. We have try-outs at the beginning of the year. In doing so, we try to select the players that have the best skills and demonstrate the most drive. We recognize that players have different skills, and our program trains players to become better. Therefore players that try-out with a solid base of skill and a strong desire to improve are likely new additions to the club.

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