Mr. Yoshinaka
7-1537 Graham Blvd.,
Town of Mount Royal,
Quebec, H3R 1G7, Canada

O: 514-750-8784
H: 514-750-8784
F: 514-750-8784

B. Sc., Aeronautical Engrg Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 1964
M. Eng., Mechanical Engrg Sir George Williams (now, Concordia) University,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1970

Professional Experience:
2009 - Present Self-employed
1995 - 2008 Concepts NREC, Wilder, VT
1967 - 1994 Pratt & Whitney Canada, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
1964 - 1967 Fuji Electric-Machinery Co., Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan

Professional Affiliations and Activities:
Member, Order of Engineers of Quebec
Member, Gas Turbine Society of Japan
Member, Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering
Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineering

Honors and Awards:
United Technology Corporation, President's Special Award for the design and performance demonstration of an advanced, transonic axial compressor, 1979
Gas Turbine Society of Japan Award for the excellent paper on compressor surge mechanism, 1982
United Technology Corporation, President Special Award for the design and performance demonstration of a transonic, single stage centrifugal compressor of 15:1 pressure ratio, 1985
United Technology Corporation, Technical Education and Training Advisory Council Award, for
the delivery of high quality education and training to UTC engineers, 1994

Author or co-author of four books (two in English and two in Japanese) on gas turbine technology and centrifugal compressor design, 12 conference papers and reports, and several invited lectures on various topics in turbomachinery technology in USA (including US Army, Aviation Applied Technology Directorate, Ft. Eustis, VA, and Norwich University, Northfield, VT), Canada (including McGill University), Japan (including Honda Motor Corporation and Kyoto University), and China (including Chinese Science of Academy, and Shenyang Aero-engine Research Institute).