DR. ROBERT C. DEAN, JR. (2002) pdf

Dr. Robert Dean
P.O. Box 318,
5 Penny Lane
Norwich, VT 05055
Email: rcd@synnovations.com

O: (603) 448-5454
H: (802) 649-1324
F: (603) 448-0380


B.S., Mechanical Engineering MIT, 1948
M.S., Mechanical Engineering MIT, 1949
Sc.D., Mechanical Engineering MIT, 1954

Academic and Teaching Experience:
1989-1993 Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University
1961-1967 Associate Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.
1967-present Professor of Engineering (now Professor of Engineering, adjunct).
1951-1956 Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department, Gas Turbine Laboratory

Industrial Experience:
2000-present Chairman, Founder, SIMBEX LLC
1996-present Founder, President, Synergy Innovations, Inc., Lebanon, NH
Founder, President (1989-1992), Chairman (1989-1996), Synergy Research Corporation, West Lebanon, NH
1987-1989Founder, Chairman, PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc. (formerly Synosys Corp.), Framingham, MA
1979-1987 Founder/President (1979-1983), Chairman/Director of Science & Technology
(1983-1987), Verax Corp., W. Lebanon, NH
1976-1979 Co-founder, Chairman, Principal Engineer, Creare Innovations Inc., Hanover, NH
1985-1997 Co-founder, President (1968), Director (1985-1997), Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH
1961-1976 Founder, Chairman, President, Creare Incorporated, Hanover, NH
1960-1961 Director of Research, Thermal Dynamics Corporation, West Lebanon, NH
1956-1960 Head, Advanced Engineering Department, Ingersoll-Rand Company, Phillipsburg, NJ

Professional Memberships & Committees:
Member: ASME, ACS, ASM
Board of Directors: Creare Inc. 1961-80; Creare Innovations Inc. 1976-86; Creare Products Inc. 1978-83; LOGIC Associates 1982-85; Hypertherm Corp. 1985-1997; Synosys Corp. 1987-89. Synergy Research Corp. 1989-1997; Synergy Innovations, Inc. 1996-present; Upper Valley Business and Eduation Partnership 1998-present.
ASME Turbomachinery Institute: Co-founder, Chairman, Board of Directors, 1967-68.
Journal of Fluids Engineering, Founding Editor (Trans. ASME), 1973-78.
Engineering Advisory Council, Stanford University, 1979-86.
Board of Directors, Cook Center, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, 1979-84.
ASME Fluids Engineering Division, Chairman, 1962-63.
National Research Council, Committee on Bioprocess Engineering, 1991-1993.
National Academy of Engineering Education Advisory Committee, 1987-1990.
National Academy of Engineering Peer Committee on Biotechnology, 1987-1993, Chairman 1989.
Bioprocess Engineering Program, ASME, Founder and Chairman, 1987-89, Director of Education 1987-1990, Editor 1987-1993, Executive Comm. 1987-1995.
Advisory Council on Engineering and Mathematics to the President, University of Vermont, 1987-1991.
Advisory Board on Biotechnology Program, Thayer School, Dartmouth College, 1988-1992.
Advisory Board, Center for Innovation in Engineering, Texas A & M University, 1989-1991.
National Research Council, Committee on Bioprocess Engineering, 1991-1993.
NIH Center for Scientific Review Group, Geriatrics & Rehabilitation Medicine Section, 1999-present.
NIH, Center for Scientific Review Group, Muscular, Skeletal & Dental Integrated Review, 1999-present.
NSF Biomedical Engineering, Research to Aid Persons with Disabilities Review Panel; 2000-present.

Honors and Awards:
National Academy of Engineering, elected 1977
Fellow, ASME, elected 1978
Fluids Engineering Division Award, ASME, 1979
ASME Distinguished Lecturer, 1988-1993
Tibbetts Pioneer Award for contribution to the Small Business Innovation Research Program, 1996
The ASME Gold Medal, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1996
NHHTC Lifetime Achievement Award, New Hampshire High Technology Council, 1998

Author, co-author, or editor of over 55 reviewed papers, books, conference proceedings; over 300 proprietary engineering project reports; and over 300 proprietary reports.

US Patents:
Inventor or co-inventor of 22 issued and approximately 10 pending patent applications