Mr. Ernest B. Blood (2010) pdf

Mr. Ernest B. Blood
Ascension Technology Corp
POB 527
Burlington, Vermont 05402
Phone: 802-893-6657 X12

B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 1966
Graduate Studies Aeronautical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1967-68

Professional Experience:
1986-Present: President and Chief Technology Officer. Ascension Technology. Burlington,VT. 1971-1986: Commercial Programs Manager, Engineering Manager, Supervisor of Computer Sciences, Director of Special Projects, Project Engineer. Polhemus Navigation Sciences. Colchester, VT. 1968-1971: Engineer, Lockheed California Company, Burbank, CA.

4,613,866 Three Dimensional Digitizer with Electromagnetic Coupling
4,849,692 Device for Quantitatively Measuring the Relative Position and Orientation of Two Bodies in the Presence of Metals
4,945,305 Device for Quantitatively Measuring the Relative Position and Orientation of Two Bodies in the Presence of Metals
5,600,330 Device for Measuring Position and Orientation Using Non-dipole Magnetic Fields

Author or co-author
A Miniature Position and Orientation Locator for Three Dimensional Echocardiography.
A Second Generation 3-D Echocardiography System Utilizing a New Miniature Location and Orientation Sensor.
A Three Dimensional Digitizing System For Converting Model Data to Isometric Drawings.
Magnetic Position and Orientation Tracking System.

Professional Achievements:
Inventor of a magnetic position and orientation measuring system that has enabled the development of:
A biopsy needle guidance system that greatly reduces the doctor/patient exposure to x-rays.
A frameless stereotactic neurosurgery system to avoid critical brain structures.
Transesophageal imaging of the heart.
Three Dimensional free hand ultrasound imaging for quantitative measurements of body organs.
Inventor of a three-dimensional digitizer system that received a motion picture Academy Award for Technical Achievement.

Received credit from The Hollywood Animation Archive for developing motion capture techniques as a time and labor saving way of producing animation.

Developed and helped customers implement full body motion capture technology to bring to television, motion picture, advertising, and computer games such titles and characters as The Fantastic Four, Tomb Raiders, Judge Dredd, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Starship Troopers, 3D Baseball, The Getaway, Donkey Kong, The Pillsbury Doughboy, The Keebler Elves and hundreds of others.