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Vermont Advanced Computing Core

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To gain access to the cluster, your research project's Principle Investigator (PI) must complete the application form.

The form requires a summary of your research area, your funding sources, and your need for computing support. It is helpful if you can describe your specific requirements (e.g., approximate length of time access is needed, number of jobs, number of CPUs, amount of memory, disk space consumed by a typical job). However, it is acceptable to state that you don't know what your requirements are.

Granting Access to Other Users

Once the PI completes the application form, he or she can grant access to other users on the research team by completing a Sponsored Users form. Users will be notified by email when their accounts have been processed.

Don't Have a UVM NetID?

If you are a PI and you don't have a UVM NetID, or if any of your sponsored users don't have a UVM NetID, please contact us at with your request, including the following for each person who does not have a UVM NetID:

  • full name
  • email address
  • telephone number

For Students

If you are a student researcher, your Principal Investigator (PI) must complete the application form. Your PI will then be able to grant you access by completing the Sponsored Users form. You may not submit an application.

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