University of Vermont

Vermont Advanced Computing Core


The Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) is a research facility offering computing services to UVM faculty, staff and students.

cablesVACC's mission includes strategic support in three key areas:

  • advancing high-impact, multidisciplinary research efforts
  • promoting advanced computing education and outreach across disciplines
  • investing in next-generation, innovative and sustainable high-performance computing infrastructure models

Our Services

We provide a unique and value-added service to researchers across disciplines at UVM by allowing in-depth and complex research questions to be explored while also opening up additional funding potential for projects using advanced computing techniques.

Use of our world-class computing resource may also significantly offset otherwise duplicative and unsustainable investments in isolated computing hardware purchases and expensive technical support.

We strongly recommend that researchers contact us to discuss specific computing needs in the earliest stages of their research. Our programming services staff will help your research team better evaluate the complexity of its work in terms of specialized software or programming needs. For example, project requests typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Your project uses available licensed software that is already on the cluster or is already configured for high-performance computing.
  • Your project uses open source software that needs to be downloaded, built and installed before your project can begin.
  • Your project requires new programming code or modified code in order to use our high-performance computing resource.

Researchers should be free to focus their efforts on the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, not evaluating hardware and software trade offs, or devising methods to interact with increasingly complex data sets.

We provide technical support and consulting services on a wide variety of issues ranging from data storage, software implementation and licensing, to research collaboration using advanced technologies.

An initial meeting (or set of meetings) between our services staff and your research team will help determine the type/nature of the intended project and programming resources needed to design the necessary solution. Please contact Andi Elledge at

The VACC's efforts are coordinated with priority initiatives in the Office of the Vice President for Research. The VACC works closely with UVM Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) to ensure computing systems run smoothly.

Note: All proposals intending to utilize our resources must check the "VACC" box on the UVM Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) Routing Form.

Our History

In 2003, with early support from NASA and Senator Patrick Leahy, UVM undertook a campus-wide assessment of current needs and future directions for high-performance computing (HPC) in its research enterprise. The effort included discussions with an expert panel from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as well as UVM research leadership and faculty members across disciplines.

Affectionately known by its many users as the "Bluemoon Cluster," the UVM VACC supercomputer has been largely developed with IBM systems architecture. The facility has received three major upgrades since its initial development, with next-generation, IBM high performance computing (HPC) hardware in order to optimize performance and data storage while maximizing data security and energy efficiency for an increasing number of users.