UVM Student Scholars Poster Competition


Below are the finalists in each category, arranged alphabetically. There are two finalists in Arts and Humanities as these were the number of entries. There are six finalists in Health and Biological Sciences as well as Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering due to ties.

Arts and Humanities

Name Title Advisor
Bonnie CrossThe Closest Shave: Sweeney Todd's Passing Through Class as Victorian TerrorSarah Alexander
Jacqueline MetzgerPuppetry of the MindDennis Mahoney

Food Sciences and Environment

Name Title Advisor
Terence BradshawThe OrganicA Project: Assessing the Feasibility of Organic Apple Production in the Northeast Josef Gorres
Liz BrownleeA River Conservationist's Guide to AgricultureJurij Homziak
Katherine Goodall, Katlyn S. Morris, Meryl Olson, Marcela Pino, Sebastián Castro TanziInterdisciplinary Approaches to Coffee Agroecosystem ResearchVictor Mendez
Tharshani NishanthanEcology of Natural Suppression of Soybean cyst Nematode: A Holistic ApproachDeborah Neher
Ethan ThompsonEconomic feasibility of converting cow manure to electricityQingbin Wang

Health and Biological Sciences

Name Title Advisor
Kovi BessoffTreasure in the Attic: Drug Repurposing for Cryptosporidium Using High Throughput TechniquesChristopher Huston
Whitney CreedHow Well Does Spirometry Detect COPD Diagnosed by CT Scan? David Kaminsky
Tera FazzinoThe Bi-directional Relationship between Craving and Alcohol Consumption as Measured via Interactive Voice Response Gail Rose
Ryan HendrixEffects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Depression in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes MellitusRichard Wasserman
Thomas HilzingerThe Effect of a Wedge Residue on the DNA Scanning Behavior of MutY using Single Molecule AnalysisSusan Wallace
Shrey KanjiyaCortical Network Dynamics In Relation to Functional Deficit and Recovery During Acute Ischemic StrokeMarie Berg

Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering

Name Title Advisor
Catherine BlissTwitter Reciprocal Reply Networks Exhibit Assortativity with Respect to HappinessChristopher Danforth
Morgan FrankHappiness and Movement on Twitter Christopher Danforth & Peter Dodds
Goodarz GhanavatiMonitoring Power System Stability Using Time Synchronized MeasurementsPaul Hines
Max GravesPath Integral Monte Carlo Study of Proximity Effects in Confined Helium-4 Adrian Del Maestro
William GreenwoodApplying Biological Soil Remediation for Erosion PreventionMandar Dewoolkar
Anbu VenkatachalamDevelopment of a New High Speed Dual-Channel Impulse Ground Penetrating Radar for Transportation Infrastructure Safety InspectionTian Xia

Social Sciences, Education and Business

Name Title Advisor
Emma GardnerLinking elders to nutritious local foodFiona Patterson
Meagan PharisEvaluation of a School-based Garden Education ProgramJane Kolodinsky
Dirk Jonathan RodricksWhose "classroom" is it anyway? An exploratory study of performing identity to transform pedagogyShametrice Davis
Leslie TurnerThe State of Food Systems Planning, Governance, and Network Connectivity in North AmericaChristopher Koliba
Laurel ValchuisConsumer preferences and willingness to pay for locally sourced renewable energies: A case study comparing WTP for electricity from solar panels, windmills and cow manure in Vermont Qingbin Wang

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