2011 SRC Oral Presentations

The oral presentations are split into six sessions and take place in five different rooms: Chittenden Room (413), Frank Livak Ballroom (417), Jost Foundation Room (422), Mildred Livak Ballroom (419), and Williams Family Room (403). For details, please see the schedule, below.

To see the oral presentation schedule organized in alphabetical order, click here.

Please note that the following students are part of collaborations and are listed under the name of their group:


9:00 - 9:45  |  10:00 - 10:45  |  11:00 - 11:45  |  1:00 - 1:45  |  2:00 - 2:45  |  3:00 - 4:00

Session I: 9:00 - 9:45

Chittenden Room, 413
9:00 Erin Hayes-PontiusEffect of land use on benthic macroinvertebrate community metrics in Vermont streams (Advisor: Judith Van Houten)
9:15 Shannon KostinInhibitory Effects of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and Pterostilbene on Pancreatic Cancer Growth in vitro (Advisor: David McFadden)
9:30 Stefan BoasEffects of Exercise Training on Outcomes Following Traumatic Brain Injury (Advisor: Kalev Freeman)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
9:00 Caitlin LoretanThe effect of extender and extender ratio on post-thaw quality of equine spermatozoa (Advisor: Josie Davis)
9:15 Erin KingDifferences in the rumen methanogen population exist between Jerseys and Holsteins (Advisor: Andre-Denis Wright)
9:30 Travis Mann-GowEffect of Caffeine on Murine Lower Urinary Tract Function (Advisor: Peter Zvara)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
9:00 Heather AxenIdentifying the source of a globally introduced fire ant, Solenopsis geminata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) using microsatellites and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1 (Advisor: Sara Cahan)
9:15 Nilanjan LodhComparison of 18s and ITS-1 rDNA of Myxobolus cerebralis, the causative parasite of the Whirling Disease (Advisor: Lori Stevens)
9:30 Ashley JonesGeneration of Epidemiological Genetic Clusters of the Chagas Disease Vector, Triatoma infestans, in Bolivia (Advisor: Lori Stevens)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
9:00 Kristin PishvanovVisual and Compositional Influence of Francis Bacon on the Filmmaking of David Lynch (Advisor: Sarah Nilsen)
9:15 Grace WeaverThin-Skinned (Advisor: Steve Budington)
9:30 Alexsandra DubinMending the Strife Between Earth and World; A Heideggerian Reading of Central Indian Painting (Advisor: Anthony Grudin)
Williams Family Room, 403
9:00 Ryan TrudelLarvicidal effects of Chinaberry (Melia azederach) powder on Anopheles arabiensis in Ethiopia. (Advisor: Arne Bomblies)
9:15 Christina SyrrakouInvestigation in the Optimal Design of Porous Concrete Sites (Advisor: George Pinder)
9:30 Amanda JamesPower Networks with Coupled Control and Data Acquisition System (Advisor: Paul Hines)

Session II: 10:00 - 10:45

Chittenden Room, 413
10:00 Saurav AcharyaTowards Probabilistic Causal Query Processing over Event Streams (Advisor: Byung Lee)
10:15 Narine ManukyanImproved methods for cluster identification and visualization of high-dimensional data using self organizing maps. (Advisor: Margaret Eppstein)
10:30 Michael HarringtonIn Silico Prediction of Pathogenic vs. Non-Pathogenic Mutations in the APC Tumor Supression Gene (Advisor: Marc Greenblatt)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
10:00 Dale AzariaEvaluating the Potential for Reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled in Chittenden County Using an Integrated Land Use - Transportation Model System (Advisor: Austin Troy)
10:15 Matt CongerEvaluating Real World Driving Behavior: The Characterization of Eco-Driving Strategies and Their Role in Reducing Tailpipe Emissions and Fuel Consumption (Advisor: Britt Holmen)
10:30 Qiong LiuMeasuring Food Access in Northern New England (Advisor: Brian Lee)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
10:00 Alison MercierInvestigating Possible Protein-Protein Interactions of Abelson (Abl) and Abl related gene (Arg) Proteins with the Vasodilator-Stimulated (VASP) Family of Proteins (Advisor: Alan Howe)
10:15 Francis AyombilPrethrombin-1, the gla-domainless prothrombin intermediate, is activated efficiently to thrombin by Prothrombinase assembled on the activated platelet surface (Advisor: Paula Tracy)
10:30 Ali BayirMacrocycles through fragmentation of fused bicyclic ring systems (Advisor: Matthias Brewer)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
10:00 Bridge to Higher Education, Xavier De Freitas, Col TulienA Bridge to Higher Education (Advisor: Janet Bossange)
10:15 Chelsea BieglerLaboring with Women in the Green Mountains: Understanding the Contemporary Experience of Certified Professional Home Birth Midwives and Hospital Nurse-Midwives in the State of Vermont (Advisor: Roberta Kahn)
10:30 Samuel MitchellAn Investigation of Post-Secondary Education and Unemployment in Bluefields, Nicaragua (Advisor: Luis Vivanco)
Williams Family Room, 403
10:00 Michael GhebreabCatalytic dehydrocoupling of phosphines en route to the synthesis of p-conjugated materials (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
10:15 Annalese MaddoxZirconium-Mediated Synthesis of Arsaalkenes (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
10:30 Karla EricksonExploring novel reactivities of a tripodal triamidoamine-supported zirconium catalyst (Advisor: Rory Waterman)

Session III: 11:00 - 11:45

Chittenden Room, 413
11:00 Kelly CunninghamImaging the World: Image Quality Evaluation Study (Advisor: Kristen DeStigter)
11:15 Denise McCormackThe Antiproliferative Effects of Pterostilbene in Leptin-Stimulated Breast Cancer In Vitro are via Apoptosis and Inhibition of JAK/STAT3 signaling (Advisor: David McFadden)
11:30 Rashida VassellClinical Impact of Biopsy Technique in Melanoma (Advisor: Ted James)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
11:00 Matthew TuckerTracking the Dynamics of Financial Capital Flows in Transportation Planning Governance Networks: Which Actors’ Priorities are Funded? (Advisor: Christopher Koliba)
11:15 Noelle SevoianOvercoming The Barriers of Institutional Local Produce Procurement in Vermont (Advisor: David Conner)
11:30 Brian KellyExtracting Groundwater Rents in Vermont (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
11:00 Erin BuckwalterFarm to school programs impact fruit and vegetable consumption among girls and boys (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
11:15 Matthew PutnamDefining Rurality (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
11:30 Abby SmithTaste of Place Market Assessment: Exploring the General Demand for a Place-based Designation System for Vermont Food Products in the Northeastern United States (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
11:00 Angela Dunkling The role of mycorrhizal fungi in increasing grass tolerance to drought under different nutrient regimes and the effect of commercial mycorrhizae on enhancing drought tolerance (Advisor: Alison Brody)
11:15 Nathan HicksDynamics of clonal diversity within natural infections of a malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum (Advisor: Joseph Schall)
11:30 Allison NealMale gametocyte fecundity and sex ratio of a malaria parasite (Advisor: Joseph Schall)
Williams Family Room, 403
11:00 Zuzana ZvarovaA Statistical Registry of Patients with Type-2 Diabetes in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula (Advisor: Peter Callas)
11:15 Julie SegerHarry Potter and the Millennial Generation's Politics (Advisor: Anthony Gierzynski)
11:30 Halley ParsonnetTelevision and Feminism From "Mary" to "Murphy" (Advisor: Sarah Nilsen)

Session IV: 1:00 - 1:45

Chittenden Room, 413
1:00 Jessica CliftonImplicit emotional processes affect sexually-relevant behavior (Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
1:15 Martin SeehuusComplex Predictors of Propensity for Risky Sexual Behavior (Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
1:30 Sarah GillettInflammation and Risk of Decline in Learning and Memory Function in the REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study (Advisor: Mary Cushman)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
1:00 Pedro Alvarez-OrtizFunctional Evolution of Flightin from an Aquatic Ancestor (Advisor: Jim Vigoreaux)
1:15 Samya ChakravortyFunctional Role of Flight Muscle in Male Courtship Song of Drosophila melanogaster (Advisor: Jim Vigoreaux)
1:30 Meredith SooyThe effect of exercise on activation in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis using fos immunohistochemistry (Advisor: William Falls)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
1:00 Abigail GreenbaumLinking Environmental and Sensory Characteristics of a Vermont Artisanal Cheese (Advisor: Amy Trubek)
1:15 Danny LynchMicrobial surveillance of retail raw milk in three New England states. (Advisor: Catherine Donnelly)
1:30 Tharshani NishanthanEcology of Nematode suppressive Soils in Midwest Soybean-cropping Systems (Advisor: Deborah Neher Weicht)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
1:00 Catherine BlissThe Impact of Incomplete Data on Inferred Network Topology (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
1:15 Kameron HarrisGeographical variation of happiness and information content as expressed by users of Twitter (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
1:30 Eitan PechenickFinding Meaning in an Ocean of Data (Advisor: Peter Dodds)
Williams Family Room, 403
1:00 Elizabeth MillsThe Appalachian Mountain Club and the Progressive Conservation Movement, 1890-1920 (Advisor: Stephanie Kaza)
1:15 Hajra AtiqClean Production In Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining: A Study Of Stakeholder Perceptions On The Challenges To Mercury-Free Techniques In Gold Mining (Advisor: Saleem Ali)
1:30 Michael OlsonRemote Sensing of Forest Health Trends in the Northern Green Mountains (Advisor: Jennifer Pontius)

Session V: 2:00 - 2:45

Chittenden Room, 413
2:00 Jonathan BondInvestigating Vermonters’ Disaster Preparedness Perceptions and Practices (Advisor: Daniel Baker)
2:15 Ashleigh SewellEcosystem Service Benefits and Implementation Costs of Agroforestry: A Scale Analysis in Santa Catarina, Brazil (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
2:30 Jacob EvansThe Community in Your Computer (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
2:00 Chol Dhoor Money Laundering And Its Threats To Financial Institutions (Advisor: Shirley Gedeon)
2:15 Minghao LiDetermining the optimal premium rate for credential food attributes: Evidence from a survey in the northeast United States (Advisor: Robert Parsons)
2:30 Evan CassidySAD Awareness Campaign (Advisor: Andrea Grayson)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
2:00 Leonie CowleyA Continuum Model to describe the Elastic Behavior of Multilamellar Lipid Bilayer Membrane using Molecular Dynamic Simulation (Advisor: Yves Dubief)
2:15 Ryan CrockerDirect Numerical Simulation of low-temperature ablation by turbulent flows (Advisor: Yves Dubief)
2:30 Jessica BuckleyTechnical Investigation of the Slow Sand Filter in Jaitique, Honduras (Advisor: Daniel Baker)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
2:00 Christine NguyenCross-Racial Horizontal Oppression among College Students of Color (Advisor: Dorian McCoy)
2:15 Salomon RodeznoCulture Through Sculpture: Carving New Understandings and Uses of Campus Sculptures (Advisor: Dorian McCoy)
2:30 Anita LongEngaging and Disengaging: A Qualitative Study of Middle School Girls and Mathematics (Advisor: Katharine Shepherd)
Williams Family Room, 403
2:00 Corinne SadlowskiEnolate-Mediated Palladium Cross-Coupling Methodology Applied to the Synthesis of Subincanadine E (Advisor: Stephen Waters)
2:15 Victoria CarhartAPMS-Supported Catalyst for the Selective Oxidation of Mustard Gas (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
2:30 Liton RoyIsolation of most stable protein from self-selecting secondary structure elements (Advisor: Martin Case)

Session VI: 3:00 - 4:00

Chittenden Room, 413
3:00 Autumn Amici Effects of an urbanization gradient on arthropod prey availability and woodpecker provisioning rates (Advisor: Allan Strong)
3:15 Samantha RobertsHuman Serum Transferrin: Role of Ionic Interactions with the Transferrin Receptor in Binding and Iron Release (Advisor: Anne Mason)
3:30 Matthew SammonsRoles of the actin cross-linking proteins transgelin and fimbrin in promotion of cortical actin patches in fission yeast (Advisor: Matthew Lord)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
3:00 Zachary GrayPhylogenetic reconstruction of the North American fire ants in the Solenopsis xyloni species complex (Advisor: Sara Cahan)
3:15 Brian MulcaheyCaste Determination in Desert Harvester Ants Altered by Overwintering Processes (Advisor: Sara Cahan)
3:30 Keegan HarrisThe Saber in Europe: A Weapon's Social History, 1850-1900 (Advisor: Steven Zdatny)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
3:00 Nabanita MukherjeeEffects of Chemotherapy on taste (Advisor: Eugene Delay)
3:15 Eric GarzaEnergy return of Vermont biodiesel (Advisor: Robert Costanza)
3:30 Joyce ThompsonThe Role of Thioredoxin in Mesothelial Cell Death Induced by Crocidolite Asbestos. (Advisor: Brooke Mossman)
3:45 Katherine D'OnfroAnxiety and Exercise in Mice: An examination on the effects of prior stress on the anxiolytic effects of voluntary exercise (Advisor: William Falls)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
3:00 Andrew SimpsonEducational Disparities in Inner CIty Communities: The Contributions of Cultural Capital in Understanding Blocked Mobility (Advisor: Beth Mintz)
3:15 Jesse SimmonsThe University Bike Share (Advisor: Luis Vivanco)
3:30 Wen LiThe effect of advertisement (Advisor: Qingbin Wang)
3:45 Emily O'SheaLinguistic Gender Shift: An Observational Study of the Prevalence of Stereotypically Gendered Features (Advisor: Maeve Eberhardt)
Williams Family Room, 403
3:00 Zhenyu LuActive Learning with Adaptive Heterogeneous Ensembles (Advisor: Joshua Bongard)
3:15 Huimin YeK-anonymity for Privacy Preservation of Electronic Health Data (Advisor: Elizabeth Chen)
3:30 Ryan MelnichukPhysical and chemical treatment of biochar to increase capacity to filter phosphorus and nitrogen runoff from stream water (Advisor: Josef Gorres)