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Your Creative Presentation

Creative Presentations are for those students who don't fit the typical presentation styles (Poster/Oral Presentation of a paper) — you may have three-dimensional models, video footage, a dramatic interpretation, and so on. While artistic presentations are the most common uses of this format, there have been Creative Presentations of STEM projects as well.

How does it work?

  • You are asked to set up your project in the "Creative Lounge" at 8:30 AM on the day of the Conference.
  • You are assigned a block of time when you are expected to give a short talk about your project and then stand with your project: the talk is usually 5 minutes and the interactive time is about an hour. (Due to the nature of the Creative Presentation style, there is a level of flexibility in the layout of this option from year to year.)
  • You are expected to leave your presentation at the Conference all day to be admired (or used, depending on the kind of presentation) throughout the day.

Past Presentations

Below you will find examples of Creative Presentations that have been presented in the past.

  • "The Ghosts Buckled in Beside Me" — Video of a collaborative dance experience between UVM and UNebraska-Lincoln students
  • "Squimley and the Woolens: The Graphic Novel" — Prototype of the story, as well as copies available
  • "The Emotional Trajectories of Stories Are Composed of a Hierarchy of Basic Shapes" — Computer visualization in realtime on a monitor at the Conference
  • "Advanced Painting" — Classwork displayed in a slideshow
  • "Last Tracks: A Story of Skiing and Climate Change" — Trailer shown for a documentary available on-line
  • "HKline Photography" — Photographic prints of various subjects shown on poster board and in slides, as well as equipment on-site
  • "Watershed and Flooding Prediction Applications for an Augmented Reality Sandbox" — Physical and functional augmented-reality sandbox on-site


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