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2014 SRC Poster Presentations (Alphabetical)

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Please note that the following students are part of collaborations and are listed under the name of the student last name in quotes:

  • "Athalye": James Contompasis
  • "Barton": Daniel Baker
  • "Bingham": Sarah Johnson, Ben Earle
  • "Brisson": John (Jack) King, Dave Harris
  • "Christie": Edward Bonner, Erik Soderstrom, Sean Duggan, Robert Caulk, Aundrea Dolan
  • "Coffman": Grant Goodrich, Matthew Jordan, Cornelia Willis, Erica Marden, Xiaofan Pan, Emily Xue
  • "DePuccio": David M. Parker
  • "Fredman": Thomas McAndrew, Christopher Clement
  • "Harvey": Shashank Jain
  • "Hindes": Julia Burns
  • "Lane": Anthony Carbonar, Benjamin Weaver
  • "Martin": Stephanie LeQuier
  • "Mejia": Aleyna Rodriguez
  • "Milos": Heidi Charles
  • "Minasyan": Paige Georgiadis
  • "Nesbitt": Madeline Eells, Sabrina Bedell, Tara Higgins, Suleiman Ismael, Colette Oesterle, Nicholas Sinclair
  • "Rekalde Aizpuru": Sean Neely
  • "Serdarevic": Tera L. Fazzino
  • "Silverman": Fiona Byrne, Maggie Ward, Christina Litavec, Kendall Sheehan, Leigh McNeil
  • "Viscido": Daniella Thorsdottir, Michael Gomella
  • "Weir": Rachael Bassett
  • "Wozniak": Ethan Evankow, Nektarios Konstantinopoulos, Chelsea Manning, Aimee Scott


Name Title Advisor Location
Sharon AlajajianHow do I look in these tweets? Gauging well-being through "caloric content" of tweetsPeter Dodds, Christopher M. Danforth70A
Elizabeth AmbrosThe role of basal hormone levels in the physiological response to stressAlessandra Rellini21A
Hanna AndersonTerrestrial LiDAR Used to Quantify Streambank ErosionMandar Dewoolkar, Donna Rizzo4A
Samuel AshleyAnalysis of DNA Glycosylase Variants by Means of Rifampicin AssaySusan Wallace, Scott Kathe9A
Rachael BassettMolecular Characterization of Plexins: Signaling Mechanisms and Developmental ExpressionBryan Ballif10A
Geoffrey BattistaExploring Health Care Accessibility Among Vermont's Rural SeniorsJane Kolodinsky, Brian Lee, Sarah Heiss28A
Alex BergerUsing Crowdsourcing to Discover Correlational RelationshipsJoshua Bongard30A
Nishan Bingham, Sarah Johnson, Ben EarleBarriers to Identifying Victims of Identifying Human Trafficking in Healthcare SettingJan Carney, Andrea Green33A
Angela Brisson, John (Jack) King, Dave HarrisHedonics and Aversion Threshold of Bitter Taste Following Acute Cyclophosphamide InjectionEugene Delay58A
David BuckinghamInductive Learning of Snowpack Distribution Models for Improved Estimation of Areal Snow Water EquivalentJoshua Bongard, Christian Skalka31A
Daniel BurrillA Density Functional Study of Spin Exchange in Dilute 1D Metal Phthalocyanine ChainsAdrian Del Maestro64A
Sandro CarissimoThe Impact a Final Four Appearance has on the Number of Applications and Average SAT Scores at a UniversityMichael Tomas III22A
Carson CaseyEmission-Reducing Fleet Recognition ProgramsMichelle McCutcheon-Schour55A
Juliana ChaseInvestigating ex vivo Colonic Motility in a Mouse ModelGary Mawe, Eugene Delay59A
Alan ChuSilencing and Localization of EhMSP-1 in Entamoeba histolyticaChristopher Huston52A
Matthew ClaytonThe Molecular and Functional Characterization of MtGAI in Medicago truncatula Root DevelopmentJeanne Harris50A
Christopher ClementModeling the Renewable Energy Transition in the state of VermontJon Erickson, Asim Zia54A
Alden ClemmentsFrom Serum to Cells: Revealing the Identity of the Protein Corona Adsorbed on Porous Silica NanoparticlesChristopher Landry24A
Sarah Coleman Using a Delphi Forum and Building Adaptive Capacity in the Lake Champlain BasinStephanie Hurley, Christopher Koliba66A
James ContompasisQuantification of Myosin Associated Proteins in Transgenic DrosophilaJim Vigoreaux15A
Stephen CrosswhiteMaximizing neural signal differences to gain optimal control of an electroencephalographically based brain-computer interfaceMichael Cannizzaro61A
Daniel DePuccio, David M. ParkerComposition Effects on the Structure and Methanol Transformation Reactivity of Porous Au-WO3 CatalystsChristopher Landry25A
Luca FernandezUsing System Dynamics to Project the Growth of End Stage Renal Disease Patient PopulationsChristopher Koliba, Asim Zia, Christopher Jones67A
Jason FineDevelopment of an Adult Rat Hippocampal Slice Culture System to Study Seizures in Women with PreeclampsiaAnthony Morielli, Marilyn J. Cipolla 56A
Nathaniel FuchsChagas Disease in Guatemala Beverley Wemple11A
Caleb GoossenFatty Acid Profile & Content of Summer Annual ForagesSidney Bosworth, Heather Darby, Jana Kraft65A
Whitney GouldNutrition Standards and the Theory of Planned Behavior in the Child-Care SettingAmy Nickerson42A
Daniel GrzendaA Comparison of Chemical Versus Sustainable, Organic Fertilizer in Hydroponic Basil Production Mark Starrett16A
Hira HaqComposition of Diets Investigating the Significance of Bioactive Fatty Acids in Whole Milk on Insulin Sensitivity, Metabolic Risk factors, and InflammationJana Kraft, C.L. Kien5A
Rebecca Harvey, Shashank JainMolecular Control of SOA Formation and Yield in Plant Volatile SystemsGiuseppe Petrucci26A
Emily HeaslipThe Impact of Medical Nutrition Therapy on Time to Dialysis in People with Chronic Kidney DiseaseAmy Nickerson43A
Thomas HilzingerThe Effect of a Wedge Residue on the DNA Scanning Behavior of MutY Homologs using Single Molecule MethodsSusan Wallace53A
Samuel HotalingDesign and Fabrication of Microfluidic Flow Focusing Devices for Drug Delivery Vehicle DevelopmentRachael Oldinski49A
Bronwen HudsonAmerican in Vienna: A History of Music Creative Writing ProjectLisa Schnell40A
Justine HumSign-Out Improvement Project: A Needs Assessment of the Sign-Out Process at Fletcher Allen Health CareElise Everett, Mark Pasanen, Julie Adams51A
Peter HuntingtonStudents-Teaching-Students: A Foray into Emergent EducationAmy Seidl, Stephanie Kaza36A
Alana IzzoSocial Responsibility and Succession: Trends among Small Businesses in VermontRichard Watts, Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Shoshanah Inwood29A
Jonathan KarpPhospho-dependent 14-3-3:histone Protein Interactions and Implications for Ras-MAPK SignalingBryan Ballif7A
Charles KimbellAvoided Cost Energy Rates, Anaerobic DigestionMichael Tomas III41A
Avalon LambertThe Impact of Chronic Pain on Cognitive FunctioningWilliam Falls, Magdalena Naylor, Marina Shpaner19A
Prairie LefebvreLocalization of Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase in N33 and E36 CellsChristopher Francklyn, Susan Robey-Bond57A
Alan LeggettRole of TLRs in asbestos induced priming and activation of malignant mesotheliomaArti Shukla3A
Marie LimogesMeeting Healthier US School Challenge Guidelines: The Impact of the Nutrition Education Institute, A Strategy for Improving Fruit, Vegetable, and Whole Grain OfferingsAmy Nickerson44A
Helen McDermottMental State Expression During Peer Play: A Comparison of Children with and without AutismPatricia Prelock, Youngok Jung 27A
Katie MercerParenting Behind Gendered BarsJennifer Strickler69A
Shelby NaughtonFood Goals, Program Benefits, and Food Secuirty Status of New American FarmersAmy Nickerson45A
Shreoshi Pal ChoudhuriL-amino acid taste: Are multiple receptors and signal pathways involved?Eugene Delay13A
Andrew PerezEpigenetic MicroRNA Mediated Regulation of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Sayyed Zaidi6A
Emily PetersonMapping Red Fox Distribution in Central MongoliaBeverley Wemple, James D. Murdoch71A
Kerri PinderThe impact of nutritional status on responses to climate change in the ant, Aphaenogaster piceaSara Cahan18A
Allen PowellRedesigning the Champlain Parkway: Envisioning a More Sustainable BurlingtonRichard Watts38A
Nelish PradhanPhylogeny and Biogeography of ApodemusCharles Kilpatrick20A
Katherine RitchieCyanobacteria blooms and essential fatty acid transfer through the Lake Champlain food webJana Kraft, Jason Stockwell1A
Morgen RogersAssessing Uniformity among State-based Infectious Disease Reporting SystemsBurton Wilcke Jr.12A
Stephanie RoqueImpact of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Upon Vegetable Neophobia in Vermont Elementary School StudentsAmy Nickerson, Peter Callas, Linda Berlin46A
Kathryn SeelenSubsidized School Meal Programs: Examining Access, Nutritional Value and Improvement Initiatives in Vermont SchoolsSean Hurley, Holly-Lynn Busier34A
Kate StansfieldThe Effects of High and Low Levels of Estrogen on Executive Function in Exercising and Non-Exercising Ovariectomized Female RatsJohn Green60A
Gabriel StineMemory-guided Sensory Comparison Signals in the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex are affected by Stimulus LocationMichael Cannizzaro62A
Mary StruziakAge- and sex-dependent expression of estrogen receptors in vomeronasal sensory neurons. Rona Delay17A
Chelsea SullivanStress, Mood, Anxiety, Cortisol, and InjuryJeremy Sibold2A
Joyce ThompsonInflammasomes and mesothelial to fibroblast transition (MFT): is there a connection?Arti Shukla23A
Brandon TriesThe Secret Life of TwitterChristopher Danforth47A
Jennifer TrimbleCarbon Monoxide Monitoring and Emergency TreatmentKalev Freeman8A
Megan ValentinePolycystin-2 In The Cell Membrane And The CiliaJudith Van Houten14A
David VolainMeeting the Millennial Challenge in the Workplace: The Experience in a College Admissions OfficeGlenn McRae68A
Mark WagyCrowdsourced Robot Design Aided by Evolutionary ComputationJoshua Bongard32A
Catherine WestbomAsbestos activates NLRP3 inflammasome in mesothelial cells by multiple mechanismsArti Shukla63A
Colleen WhitcombSecrets of the Garden: An Analysis of the Healing Garden at the Vermont Cancer CenterChristine Vatovec, Kit Anderson37A
Jake WilliamsTesting the core language hypothesis: some effects of text mixingPeter Dodds, Christopher M. Danforth48A
Gavin ZeitzEnhancing the Bikability of Vermont with Local Motion and The Center for Research on VermontRichard Watts39A
Adam ZylkaSmall Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for Disaster ResponseJarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Arne Bomblies, Donna Rizzo35A

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Afternoon 1

Name Title Advisor Location
Daniel AllmanExact Diagonalization Studies in Interacting 1D BosonsAdrian Del Maestro55B
Hanna AndersonTerrestrial Laser Scanning to Sustain Rural Unpaved RoadsJeff Frolik17B
Justin Barton, Daniel BakerNFIP in Vermont: Mad River Valley Case StudyChristopher Koliba13B
Robert BennerAnglo or Apeman? Irish Caricature and Anglo-American Relations, 1861 to 1872Nicole Phelps32B
Anton BernatskiyRobotic evolution assisted by multiple human usersJoshua Bongard14B
Andie BlaserGIS Analysis of Farm Distribution Across Vermont CountiesBeverley Wemple, Cheryl Morse18B
Ryan BrinkDepositional Environments And Provenance Of The Late Lower - Early Middle Cambrian Altona Formation (Potsdam Group)Charlotte Mehrtens29B
Jeffrey CastleValue-added Dairy Production on Vermont Grass-based Livestock Farms: Interest, Potentials and Needs for Information and AssistanceQingbin Wang11B
Jennifer ChenetteA Shortened Movement System Impairment Exam for Classifying Subjects with Low Back Pain Sharon Henry25B
Eric ClarkMulti-Lingual Valence Analysis Across 20th Century Literature And The TwitterspherePeter Dodds, Chris Danforth38B
Emily CodyExtracting Hidden Concepts from Twitter Data for Use in Time Series PredictionChristopher Danforth36B
Shelby ColbyExercise Beliefs and Baseline Physical Activity Levels as a Predictor of Depressive Symptoms Following Exercise WithdrawalJeremy Sibold26B
Mary ConroyGlacial Geology Of Bolton Notch, Vermont Elucidated Using Ground Penetrating RadarStephen Wright31B
Emma DeMelimA Transgenic Mouse Model that Enables Inducible Knockout of the cAMP Response Element Binding Protein (CREB) in Vascular Smooth Muscle CellsKaren Lounsbury47B
Pamela DericksonAccuracy of Noninvasive and Invasive Point-of-Care Hemoglobin Measurement in the Emergency DepartmentKalev Freeman3B
Serena DiMattiaInvestigating the molecular interaction between Src family kinases and PKA in ovarian cancer cellsPaula Deming, Stephanie Phelps5B
Jim DunsheeMeasured and Modeled Biodiesel Exhaust from Diesel Vehicles: A MOVES2010b EvaluationBritt Holmen68B
Eliese DykstraUsing Stable Isotope Analysis to Estimate Black Bear Diet in VermontJames Murdoch53B
Michael FoleyAn Order Book Analysis of NASDAQ Market DataPeter Dodds, Brian Tivnan, Chris Danforth39B
Laura FrischerAssessing Health Needs of the Burlington Vermont Probation and Parole PopulationJan Carney51B
Mariel GoldenAssessing elements which facilitate successful learning outcomes: Using Worlds Universities Debate as a lens to examine elements which facilitate motivation and 21st century learning outcomes in Cameroon and ChinaAlfred Snider61B
Dore GrierVitamin D: An Analysis of Screening Guidelines and Biological Significance Muhammad Chaudhry48B
Dan HaganNumerical study of the scour of sediment beds caused by vorticesYves Dubief, Mandar Dewoolkar73B
Hira HaqImplementation and Education of the PACS System at Outside Hospitals Reduces the Number of Avoidable Repeat CT Scans Done on Trauma Patients Transferred to Fletcher Allen Health CareKalev Freeman, Michael O'Keefe16B
Joshuah HeathHierarchy in the Static Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem of One-Component Plasmas and Binary Ionic MixturesKenneth Golden57B
Brendan HennesseyIdentifying Runaway Hotspots in Bihar, IndiaJonah Steinberg, Beverly Wemple28B
Jenny HollerPreparing Social Work Students for Interprofessional Practice in the Care of EldersKelly Melekis63B
Kayla HorakEvaluating One Metric on the Difference Between Two Discrete DistributionsChristopher Danforth, Peter Dodds65B
Ifan HywelGeochemical analysis on the section of anomalous paeleocurrent direction in the Aberystwyth Grits Group to determine the presence or absense of a northern paeleo-high in the Telychian Welsh BasinCharlotte Mehrtens, John M. Hughes, Nicolas Paul Jean Perdrial30B
Suryatapa JhaA novel retromer subunit VPS26C interacts genetically with the SNARE VTI13 and is essential for root hair growth in Arabidopsis Mary Tierney60B
John KilbrideExamining the Spatial Relationship between Second Bank Branches and State BanksJane Knodell, Beverly Wemple27B
Celia KosinskiVermont Lyme Disease VictimsKatharine Anderson, Christine Vatovec23B
Joseph LaheyDetection of extrachromosomal circular DNA (eccDNA) in ionizing radiation exposed cellsMuhammad Chaudhry49B
Anna LidofskyExplaining Hospital Length of Stay of Patients Admitted with Seasonal Influenza InfectionDavid Kaminsky52B
Christine LoughlinWetlands in the Connecticut River Floodplain: an important carbon source?Julia Perdrial21B
Brendan LyonsVariation of the Cytosolic Phosphoglucose Isomerase Gene in Andean Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae)David Barrington59B
Jessica MailhotClimatic Resiliency of Red Spruce in New EnglandBeverley Wemple, Shelly Rayback19B
Lauren MairThe Legacy of Joseph BattellRichard Watts33B
Clare Martin, Stephanie LeQuierEffect of the nutritional supplement β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) on lean body mass and motility in DrosophilaAndrew Mead, Jim Vigoreaux6B
Thomas McAndrewForecasting, Prediction, and Characterization of Electricity Usage within the Smart GridChristopher Danforth, Peter Dodds, Paul Hines37B
Vienna McLeodExecutive function: The relationship among body mass index, physical activity, and dietary habits in adolescents Connie Tompkins24B
Perri MorenoThe United States in the World: US Diplomatic and Consular Officials Abroad since 1789Beverley Wemple, Nicole Phelps34B
Anna NadlerTailpipe Emissions: Real-World, On-Road Data versus MOVES2010 Modeling in Conventional & Hybrid-Electric Vehicles by Operating ModeBritt Holmen, Karen Sentoff69B
John Nesbitt, Madeline Eells, Sabrina Bedell, Tara Higgins, Suleiman Ismael, Colette Oesterle, Nicholas SinclairFamily, Social, and Sexual Health Education in Elementary Aged ChildrenEileen Cichoskikelly, Jan K. Carney, Thomas V. Delaney50B
Kyle NoltingEcology and Management of Vermont's Shrubland BirdsAllan Strong, Rick Paradis22B
Cal NovelliThe Influence of Riverbed Slope on Bridge Failure in the Greater White River Watershed During Hurricane IreneBeverley Wemple, Mandar Dewoolkar8B
Scott PattersonMolecular Dynamic Simulation of Fluid Ball Bearing Model of Synovial JointsYves Dubief45B
Stephen PearsonNonlinear ball chain waveguides for acoustic emission and ultrasound sensing of ablationDryver Huston41B
Eitan PechenickCharacterizing the Google Books CorpusPeter Dodds40B
Timothy PedeHow does household energy use differ across metropolitan areas?Austin Troy, Brian Lee66B
Deandra PerruccioCreating a Sustainable Biomass Supply for Biomass Gasification in East AfricaJane Kolodinsky10B
Ian PondImproving the prediction of heat transfer in internal combustion enginesYves Dubief46B
Alex PonizMolecular Weight Degradation of Hyaluronic AcidRachael Oldinski44B
Sarah PowellDetermining the role of Petunia hybrida NH16 in Petal Fusion using Virus-Induced Gene Silencing Jill Preston4B
Riley QuinnProcurement Contracting during Emergencies by the Vermont Agency of TransportationRichard Sicotte72B
Nicole RedmondTemperature Tolerance in Aphaenogaster piceaSara Cahan, John Stanton-Geddes7B
Paola Rekalde Aizpuru, Sean NeelyGeostatistical Analysis Of Road Design And Environmental Characteristics That Affect Car Crashes In VermontBrian Lee, Brian Lee, Donna Rizzo70B
Thornton RitzCyanobacteria Effects on White Perch Health in Missisquoi Bay, VermontJason Stockwell75B
Kyle RobertsonMonte Carlo Simulation of Superfluid Helium-4 in Mesoporous SilicaAdrian Del Maestro56B
Benjamin RouleauAn Analysis of Built Environment and Demographic Factors Correlated with Walking and Bicycling in VermontBrian Lee71B
Christine SandbachMeasuring and Mapping Fisher Occupancy Probability in VermontBeverley Wemple, Jed Murdoch74B
Curtis SaundersReducing Turbine Interaction Damage with Advanced Fluid Dynamics and Wind Farm ControlJeffrey Marshall42B
Melita SchmeckpeperModeling Locations of Pre-Columbian and Colonial Period Peruvian PortsBeverley Wemple, Nathaniel Parker VanValkenburgh58B
Anna SchulzPlanning for Climate Change Resilience in Transportation in Northern New EnglandAsim Zia, Chris Koliba67B
Emily Scichilone"For me it's the drinkin' and the druggin' ya know?" Substance Use in the Lives of Homeless EldersKelly Melekis, Holly Busier 64B
Tom SewatskyPure Rotational Spectra of N-Ethylformamide (NEF), (NEF)2, and NEF-H2ODavid Pratt1B
Brielle ShortDemographic indicators of Kitchenettes in Chicago from 1920-1940Beverley Wemple, Gregg Rashad Shabazz Sanders9B
Emily StengelExploring Child Care in Farm Families at the Rural Urban InterfaceShoshanah Inwood12B
Laura StroutA Comparison of Nurse Workforces in a Small and Large StateMary Palumbo54B
Robert SwainExamining the Role of Genetic Programming in the Analysis of Crowdsourced DataJoshua Bongard, Paul Hines15B
William TurnerNovel combinations of efflux pumps improve fitness landscape of E. coli under biofuel stressMary Dunlop43B
Brian VargaCharacterization of a Novel Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Giuseppe Petrucci2B
Kelly WesthelleBathymetry of Shelburne Pond, Chittenden County, VermontBeverley Wemple, Jason Stockwell20B
Kevin WhiteheadThe Impact of European Football Player Transfers on Share PriceMichael Tomas III35B
Barbora ZvarovaTexas-3-Step as a Method for Complete Protein Detection and Identification After Whole Lung DecellularizationDaniel Weiss62B

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Afternoon 2

Name Title Advisor Location
Gina AccorsiFingerprinting Conflict Minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo: An Analytical Response to Recent Policy AdvancesJohn Hughes, Laura Webb29C
Sarah AlexanderThe Green Mountain State’s ‘Movers And Rakers:’ An Ethnographic Look At Women Farmers And Sustainable Agriculture In VermontTeresa Mares, Kit Anderson27C
Nicholas AllgaierData-driven dynamic mapping of the brainChristopher Danforth32C
Hana AronowitzImpacts of Salvage Logging Following Wind Disturbances on Ground-Dwelling Arthropod Biodiversity in Vermont ForestsKimberly Wallin45C
Harshal Athalye, James ContompasisDual Heterozygote Flightin Protein AnalysisJim Vigoreaux14C
Catherine BlissEstimation of global network statistics from incomplete dataChristopher Danforth, Peter Dodds 33C
Benjamin BlumbergPAC1 Receptor Isoforms Victor May54C
Neil BrandtChanging Actors and Discourse: An Analysis of Ten Years of Media Coverage In Vermont’s Wind Power DebateRichard Watts, Cheryl Morse, Stephanie Kaza26C
Sierra BrunoCharacterization of Nebl in zebrafish eye developmentAlicia Ebert10C
Evelyn BulkeleySensorimotor Behavioral Testing in a Mouse Model of Subarachnoid HemorrhageGeorge Wellman1C
Matthew BurkeToward a social-ecological systems perspective for sustainable renewable energy development in Vermont, USAAsim Zia65C
Haley CantoneCelebrity Bonds: Success or Failure?Michael Tomas III28C
Sara ChesbroughBurlington’s Opportunities to Expand Pedestrian Access to and through Natural Areas and ParksChristopher Koliba69C
Stefan Christie, Edward Bonner, Erik Soderstrom, Sean Duggan, Robert Caulk, Aundrea DolanAssessing Carbon and Metal Characteristics of Connecticut River Floodplain SedimentsJulia Perdrial31C
Alex Coffman, Grant Goodrich, Matthew Jordan, Cornelia Willis, Erica Marden, Xiaofan Pan, Emily XueCreating an Online CME Module: Early Detection and Diagnosis of Dementia and Alzheimer's DiseaseJan Carney, William Pendlebury22C
Chad CosgroveEquality in Military Service: The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell RepealAsim Zia66C
Aaron DeanCerebellum-Dependent Learning is Modulated by Cerebellar SecretinJohn Green63C
Jacob DearbornStress alters phosphorylation of GSK3β in areas of the brain associated with stress pathologyWilliam Falls56C
Madeline DelaneyLate I Find You Buried: An Interpretation of Apostrophe, Intimacy and the Abstracted MuseEmily Bernard24C
Anna DuongCharacterization of Shootin1 in zebrafish eye developmentAlicia Ebert46C
Katharine EvansTranscription Factors Thyroid Hormone Receptor β (TRβ), Runt-Related Transcription Factors 1 and 2 (Runx1, Runx2) are Differentially Expressed in Thyroid TumorigenesisFrances Carr9C
Tonya FerraroSystematic Pre-Screening for Unhealthy Drinking in Primary Care Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Gail Rose59C
Emma FlahertyThe Role of Behavioral Inhibition and Excitation Systems in Risky Sexual BehaviorAlessandra Rellini60C
Morgan FrankHappiness and Movement on TwitterChristopher Danforth, Peter S. Dodds34C
Daniel Fredman, Thomas McAndrew, Christopher ClementSpatial Analysis & Characterization of Residential Smart Meter DataChristopher Koliba, Paul Hines, Chris Danforth, Asim Zia44C
Veronica GemTOR Signaling Controls Mitochondria Activity by Regulating Nitric Oxide Production in mouse Dendritic CellsEyal Amiel7C
Aaron GrossmanThe Effect of Parent Psychopathology on Screen-Based Media ExposureEileen Crehan61C
Chester HarveyDeveloping Robust Spatial Measures of the Street EnvironmentLisa Aultman-Hall, Austin Troy74C
Shanai HeberMulti-Sector Leadership Addressing Food and Nutrition Equity in Chittenden CountyCatherine Finley Woodruff, Christopher Koliba67C
Karina HeffernanThe Atomic Arrangement of Naturally Occurring Fluor-ChlorapatiteJohn Hughes30C
Alex HellingFormation of Vermont Consumer Perceptions of Raw Milk Safety; a Risk-Benefit AssessmentDavid Conner19C
Codi-Ann Hindes, Julia BurnsValue in Magic the GatheringBenjamin Eastman3C
Brady HoffmanGreen Mountain Care Single Payer: Analysis of Policy Alternatives for Out-of-State Coverage for Vermont Residents in Green Mountain Care Single PayerGlenn McRae71C
Ann HoogenboomVermont Climate AssessmentChristopher Koliba, Gillian Galford70C
Christopher KensethVolatile Organic Compounds Emitted by Cut Grass: A Potentially Significant Regional and Global Source of Atmospheric AerosolsGiuseppe Petrucci17C
Dilan KileyModeling Endogenous and Exogenous Burst Activity on TwitterPeter Dodds38C
Douglas Lane, Anthony Carbonar, Benjamin WeaverConditioned Taste Aversion to Salts in MiceEugene Delay49C
Sarah LightRole of PlexinA1 in Visual System Development of Danio rerioAlicia Ebert47C
Jacob LucenoThe Effect of RU-486 on the Ability of Prior Stress to Interfere with the Anxiolytic Properties of Exercise in MiceWilliam Falls, Brendan Hare55C
Andrew LutzExperimental Investigation and Analysis of High-Enthalpy Nitrogen Plasma over GraphiteDouglas Fletcher39C
Elizabeth MacNeillBehavioral Effects of Oxytocin Administration on Sensory Neurons of the VNORona Delay52C
Jackson MathewsDetermining Shared Working Memory Systems for Rhythmic Incongruities in Music and Language using functional Near-Infrared SpectroscopyMichael Cannizzaro, Eugene Delay51C
Grace MatiruFactors Affecting Fruit and Vegetable Gardening Choices and Decisions in VermontLeonard Perry58C
John Mejia, Aleyna RodriguezBenefits of Community GardeningKatherine Westdijk23C
Joseph Milos, Heidi CharlesLaboratory-based Surveillance of Communicable DiseasesBurton Wilcke Jr.40C
Hayk Minasyan, Paige GeorgiadisMonitoring Minute Ventilation Versus Respiratory Rate To Measure The Adequacy Of Ventilation In Patients Undergoing Upper Endoscopic ProceduresDonald Mathews41C
Megan MorrisWhat do Children Select from a School Salad Bar? A Descriptive Study Using Digital Imaging to Assess Children’s Food SelectionsBethany Yon, Rachel Johnson21C
Aaron MortonApplying Artificial Neural Networks to fMRI DataRobert Snapp, Hugh Garavan, Joshua Bongard20C
Ravi NagoriDesigning a high throughput system to analyze Drosophila locomotion and spontaneous flight activity.Jim Vigoreaux15C
Daniel OrfeoNull Periodicity in Pulsars B0751+32 and B0525+21Joanna Rankin37C
Sarah PallitoCigarette Smoking and Drug Use as Risk Factors for Unintended PregnancySarah Heil53C
Tyler PicarielloMeckelin (MKS3) function in the guided movement and orientation of duplicating basal bodies in Paramecium tetraureliaJudith Van Houten13C
Anna PirogChildhood ADHD: The Interaction amongst Dysregulation, Agressive Behaviors and Social Functioning across Subtypes Robert Althoff64C
Roman PopovStep Initiation in Humans and RobotsJesse Jacobs, Joshua C. Bongard50C
Jordan PosnerEconomic Impact of a Small Dental Practice in Rutland CountyGlenn McRae72C
Andy ReaganPredicting Flow Reversals in a Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulated Thermosyphon using Data AssimilationChristopher Danforth, Peter Dodds, Yves Dubief35C
Hannah RicknerMolecular Identification and the Immunolocalization of Purinergic Signaling Receptors in the Mammalian Vomeronasal Organ Rona Delay16C
Theresa RooneyDelineate the Metabolism of Stearidonic Acid Jana Kraft2C
Nicholas RossiGenetic Reporter Systems for Understanding the mar operon in Escherichia coliMary Dunlop6C
Eva RouanetSteric Effects on γ-siloxy-β-hydroxy-α-diazoacetate Ring Fragmentation Matthias Brewer18C
Darren SchiblerFe and Mn as drivers of phosphorus availability in Missisquoi Bay: temporal dynamics and stratification patterns in the water columnAndrew Schroth, Courtney Giles43C
Mirsada Serdarevic, Tera L. FazzinoRecruiting 7880 Primary Care Patients by Telephone: Characteristics of Landline, Cellphone, and Smartphone UsersGail Rose62C
Hannah ShulmanAngiogenic Communication and the Ovarian Cancer MicroenvironmentKaren Lounsbury42C
Kristen Silverman, Fiona Byrne, Maggie Ward, Christina Litavec, Kendall Sheehan, Leigh McNeilPublic Health Nursing In Maastricht, NetherlandsHendrika Maltby57C
Pamela SmithExaming Food Security in Burlington Households with Children Under 18Catherine Finley Woodruff, Christopher J. Koliba68C
Dylan SouderFunctional assessment of plasma-derived Factor V deglycosylation in vitroJay Silveira, Paula Tracy4C
Riley St. ClairSema6a-PlxnA2 Signaling Negatively Regulates rasl11b to Maintain Proliferation of Retinal Precursor Cells during Zebrafish Eye DevelopmentBryan Ballif, Alicia Ebert48C
Nicholas StrayerAn Optimal Annual Routine Model of the Diel Vertical Migration Patterns of Mysis diluvianaJason Stockwell36C
Kristin TalbotMapping the Social Network of Environmental Organizations on Ometepe, NicaraguaKatharine Anderson25C
David Viscido, Daniella Thorsdottir, Michael GomellaTaste identification of L-arginine, L-serine and L-MSG by WT and T1R KO mice using CTA methodologyEugene Delay8C
Marion Weir, Rachael BassettElucidation of PlexinA2 Signaling Mechanisms Critical for Zebrafish Eye DevelopmentBryan Ballif12C
Alix Wozniak, Ethan Evankow, Nektarios Konstantinopoulos, Chelsea Manning, Aimee Scott Rotational elastographic measurements in trauma patients with low vs high concentration tissue factor initiatorsKalev Freeman5C
Erin WysolmerskiA role for FGF8a in neurovascular signaling in developing zebrafishAlicia Ebert11C
Ali ZipparoUVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture: Cultivating the Next Generation of Vermont FarmersMary Peabody, Linda Berlin73C

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