University of Vermont

UVM Student Research Conference

2014 SRC Oral Presentations

The oral presentations are split into five sessions and take place in four different rooms: Chittenden Room (413), Frank Livak Ballroom (417), Mildred Livak Ballroom (419), and Williams Family Room (403). For details, please see the schedule, below.

OR see the oral presentation schedule organized alphabetically.

Please note that the following students are part of collaborations and are listed under the name of the student last name in quotes:

  • "Dezenzo": Kara Freeman, Nick Chappel
  • "Stuart": Ann Elizabeth Howard


9:00 - 9:55  |  10:00 - 10:55  |  11:00 - 11:55  |  1:00 - 1:55  |  2:00 - 2:55


Session I: 9:00 - 9:55

Chittenden Room, 413
9:00 Max RossPopulation Genetics Study of Lutzomyia vexator (Advisor: Joseph Schall)
9:15 Alexandra Beattieβ-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyrate (HMB) extends lifespan and attenuates age-dependent loss of flight ability in Drosophila melanogaster (Advisors: Jim Vigoreaux, Bryan Ballif, Mark Miller)
9:30 Lynda MenardThe structural and functional coordination of glycolytic enzymes in muscle: evidence of a metabolon? (Advisor: Jim Vigoreaux)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
9:00 Jennifer MillerThe Realized Effectiveness of Incentivized Conservation Programs: Farmer perspectives on the Environmental Quality Incentives Program in Vermont (Advisor: David Conner)
9:15 Jenna BanningEnvironmental Influences on the Effectiveness of School Garden Programs (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
9:30 Daniel KeeneyEvaluating Demand for Bulk Compost: A Conjoint Analysis of Soil Product Consumer Preferences in Vermont (Advisor: Asim Zia)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
9:00 Ryan LeamyExamining the Social and Economic Relationships in Small-Scale Production of Hops in the Northeast (Advisor: Shoshanah Inwood)
9:15 Sierra PoskeSuccess A Qualitative Analysis of Farmer Perceptions of Success at the Rural Urban Interface. (Advisor: Shoshanah Inwood)
9:30 Andrew GerliczMunicipal Agricultural Extension as Development Participant (Advisor: Qingbin Wang)
Williams Family Room, 403
9:00 Neil MuchaDehydrocoupling of silanes with Ir pincer complexes: Ligand effects on selectivity and activity (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
9:15 Justin PaganoIron-catalyzed synthesis of phospholes from primary phosphines (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
9:30 Anthony RamugliaDehydrocoupling of Phosphines with Nickel Complexes: Ligand effects on product Selectivity (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
9:45 Joshuah HeathOn a New Ontology of the Quantum-Mechanical Wavefunction (Advisor: Louis deRosset)

Session II: 10:00 - 10:55

Chittenden Room, 413
10:00 Anders ChristiansenImmigration Reform in the 113th Congress (Advisor: Eileen Burgin)
10:15 Anna Weber"Set Europe Ablaze": Family History, World War II, and Creative Nonfiction (Advisor: Gregory Bottoms)
10:30 Joseph FriedmanAvoiding Eugenic Genomics: Reconciling the Concerns of Disability Communities with the Evolving Clinical Use of Reproductive Genetics (Advisor: Jeanne Shea)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
10:00 Bridget IversonTestosterone, Adaptive Assertiveness, and Female Sexual Behavior (Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
10:15 Alexandra SullivanIt’s Not Hot to be Cool: The Predictive Effect of Social Status Goal Orientations on Depressive Symptoms (Advisor: Dianna Murray-Close)
10:30 Tonya FerraroLetters from an Interdisciplinary Artist: Illuminating Korean Adoptee Identity Through Mentors and Metal (Advisor: Robert Nash)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
10:00 Hunter O'FolanIncorporation of Bamboo into a Solar/Wind Lighting System (Advisor: Ting Tan)
10:15 Scott HamshawHigh Frequency Turbidity Monitoring to Quantify Sediment Loading in the Mad River (Advisor: Donna Rizzo)
10:30 Justin DaoDesign and Development of an Integrated Control System for Hybrid Clean Energy Lighting (Advisor: Tian Xia)
Williams Family Room, 403
10:00 Angie GroveTraitor or Patriot?: A History of American Identity During the Revolutionary War (Advisor: Andrew Buchanan)
10:15 Michael EdmondsonThe Will of a Man: Innocent III and the Failure of the Fourth Crusade (Advisor: Sean Field)
10:30 Sammie IbrahimIdentifying the Social and Economic Barriers Towards the Use of Sustainable Transportation Options in Chittenden County (Advisors: Pablo Bose, Luis Vivanco)

Session III: 11:00 - 11:55

Chittenden Room, 413
11:00 Jordan JohansenThe Great Wanassa Wears a Mural Crown: An Iconographic Analysis of a Paphian Coin (Advisor: William Mierse)
11:15 Skyler PerkinsRegenerative Chittenden County Foodshed (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
11:30 Robyn Bath-RosenfeldThe Communication of Goals in Volunteer-Based Ecotourism (Advisors: Thomas Hudspeth, Laurie Kutner, Katharine Anderson)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
11:00 Chang ZhangIdentification of Transcription Factors Functioning in Root Abscisic Acid Signaling Mediated by MtLATD/NIP via High-throughput qRT-PCR (Advisor: Jeanne Harris)
11:15 Sabrina SmitsThe Effects of Wind Disturbance and Salvage Logging on Forest Insect Populations in Chittenden County,Vermont (Advisors: Kimberly Wallin, Kit Anderson)
11:30 Jacob SuissaFLouride tolerence of Dracaena cultivars (Advisor: Mark Starrett)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
11:00 Pamela BayPlant-Derived Bioactive Lipids Impacting Glucose Homeostasis and Energy Metabolism (Advisors: Jana Kraft, Thomas Jetton)
11:15 Christine PetersonHabitat Use by Six Obligate Shrubland Bird Species Along Powerline Rights-of-Way in the Champlain Valley, VT (Advisor: Allan Strong)
11:30 Danielle BartolanzoCan non-host extracts inhibit oviposition by the invasive swede midge, Contarinia nasturtii (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) (Advisor: Yolanda Fanslow)
11:45 Hannah EisemanInduced Resistance of Broccoli Plants in Response to Exposure to Swede Midge (Contarinia nasturtii) (Advisors: Yolanda Fanslow, Heather Axen)
Williams Family Room, 403
11:00 Maxwell Stuart, Ann Elizabeth HowardA preliminary molecular phylogeny of Deinopis (Araneae:Deinopidae): investigating the biogeographic origins of the ogre-faced spider (Advisors: Ingi Agnarsson, Lisa Chamberland)
11:15 Michael LamTransient Receptor Potential V3 (TRPV3) channels as a potential target for treatment of overactive bladder (Advisor: Peter Zvara)
11:30 krithika RaoHuman epicardial-derived precursor cells secrete factors that protect the vasculature from reperfusion injury after myocardial infarction. (Advisor: Jeffrey Spees)
11:45 Elizabeth BermanThe Impact of Changes in Beverage Options on Beverage Choice, Calorie and Added Sugars Consumption on a University Campus (Advisor: Rachel Johnson)

Session IV: 1:00 - 1:55

Chittenden Room, 413
1:00 Brendon MillerSimultaneous detection and decontamination of organophosphorus compounds using a triggered enzyme release system (Advisor: Christopher Landry)
1:15 Cody CouperusIdentification of Protease(s) Involved in Partial Proteolysis of Platelet Derived FV/Va (Advisor: Paula Tracy)
1:30 Katie BashantGamma Delta T cells of the Immune System Respond to Stressed or Dying Cells (Advisor: Douglas Johnson)
1:45 Emily PriceFlies, flight, and fitness: model organisms under non-model conditions (Advisor: Jim Vigoreaux)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
1:00 Jordan MungerDiagnosing Breast Cancer: A Potential Pitfall with the CB11 Antibody (Advisors: Mark Evans, Abiy Ambaye )
1:15 Jack SteeleNeighborhood in Constant Flux: An Ethnographic Analysis of Food Access in Fort Greene, Brooklyn (Advisors: Amy Seidl, Teresa Mares)
1:30 Kayla DoreyExpert ethics, novice knowledge: analyzing conventional and alternative approaches to low-impact education (Advisor: Robert Manning)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
1:00 Mital PandyaBovine major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules and analysis of their peptide-binding specificities (Advisor: John Barlow)
1:15 Joan WhiteWhere Should We Put Wind Turbines in Chittenden County? Ecosystem Services in Renewable Energy Siting (Advisor: Walter Poleman)
1:30 Phoebe SpencerAssessing Seasonality and Climatic Variability in Walking and Related Activities in the United States with Time Use Data (Advisor: Lisa Aultman-Hall)
Williams Family Room, 403
1:00 Sadie HollidayFrom the Sidelines to Center Stage, The Progression of Women of Color in Hip Hop Films (Advisor: Sarah Nilsen)
1:15 Laura DavenportKnights and Neighves: The Writing of an Animated Adventure (Advisor: Sarah Nilsen)
1:30 Alexandra Dezenzo, Kara Freeman, Nick ChappelVowel features of college aged Vermonters (Advisor: Julie Roberts)

Session V: 2:00 - 2:55

Chittenden Room, 413
2:00 June ClaughtonPure Rotational Spectrum of Butanoic Acid (Advisors: David Pratt, Vanesa V.Vaquero)
2:15 Javier Garcia-BernardoEmergence of Coordination in Genetic Networks from Low-Level Pulsing in Transcription Factors (Advisor: Mary Dunlop)
2:30 Samuel PutnamPacketized Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charge Management for Neighborhood Distribution System (Advisor: Jeff Frolik)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
2:00 Katherine O'SheaGenetic Study of Recent Samples of American Marten (Martes americana) from Vermont (Advisor: Charles Kilpatrick)
2:15 Alison AlpertLGBTQ-Savvy Medical School Curriculum: What Patients Say Doctors Should Know and Do (Advisor: Eileen Cichoskikelly)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
2:00 Michael WoodPolitical Alienation in American Society (Advisor: Nicholas Danigelis)
2:15 Jarett ChizickTransformative Education Through Interdisciplinary Studies: Changing the paradigm of healing modalities (Advisors: Robert Nash, Fiona Patterson)
2:30 Tianze ChangThe relationship between the timeliness of task completion, supervisor's task completion expectations and perceived accuracy, task completion intentions and attitudes towards supervisor in a dependent work sequence. (Advisors: Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Barbara Arel)
Williams Family Room, 403
2:00 Deborah KrugCharacteristics of Organic Dairy Farmers, Farm Families and Milk Production (Advisors: Robert Parsons, Qingbin Wang, Julie Smith)
2:15 Bryan O'ConnorSea Moss Farming & Community Development in Saint Lucia (Advisors: Jane Kolodinsky, Thomas DeSisto)
2:30 Samuel KazmanBehavioral Responses to Tax Rate Changes (Advisor: Nathalie Bolh)