University of Vermont

UVM Student Research Conference

2012 SRC Oral Presentations

The oral presentations are split into eight sessions and take place in five different rooms: Chittenden Room (413), Frank Livak Ballroom (417), Jost Foundation Room (422), Mildred Livak Ballroom (419), and Williams Family Room (403). For details, please see the schedule, below.

OR see the oral presentation schedule organized alphabetically.

Please note that the following students are part of collaborations and are listed under the name of their group:

  • "Bayir": Nikolay P. Tsvetkov
  • "Cooke": Erick Crockenberg
  • "Goldman": Alex Litwin
  • "Gurall": Jessica Clifton
  • "Syrrakou": Jennifer Fitch


Morning: 8:00 - 8:45 9:00 - 9:45 10:00 - 10:45 11:00 - 12:00
Afternoon: 12:30 - 1:15 1:30 - 2:15 2:30 - 3:15 3:30 - 4:30

Session I: 8:00 am - 8:45 am

Chittenden Room, 413
8:00Chelsea DavidoffCreating Taste of Place for Vermont: An Analysis of Consumers’ Willingness to Pay (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
8:15Meagan PharisEvaluating Nutrition Intervention Programs: A Social Cognitive Theory Approach (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
8:30Matthew PutnamLeverage Points for a Healthier Future: Using Structural Equation Modeling to Understand Obesity (Advisor: Jane Kolodinsky)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
8:00Frederick NaumannVolatile Testing for Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculosis (Advisor: Jane Hill)
8:15Josh TylerAdvanced and Integrative Model of Phosphorus loading from High Runoff Events to Identify Critical Source Areas (Advisor: Jane Hill)
8:30Christina SyrrakouNumerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of the Local Hydrology of a Porous Concrete Site (Jennifer Fitch; Advisor: George Pinder)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
8:00Alexandra MillerLaboratory Rearing of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug for Biological Control Research to Benefit Vermont Growers. (Advisor: Bruce Parker)
8:15Guorong WangBonding strength, microstructure, and shelf life stability of whey protein-based glue sticks (Advisor: Ming Guo)
8:30Kristen LeclercRelationship Among Physical Activity, Balance, Stress, and Coping in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis (Advisor: Susan Kasser)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
8:00Jordan ArmstronOvipositional ability of geographic poulations of Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata on native and novel host (Advisor: Yolanda Fanslow)
8:30Jacqueline LeBlancAlternative Food Network Infrastructure: Food Hub Development in Vermont (Advisor: David Conner)
8:30Victor IzzoPlant-mediated diapuse initiation in Leptinotarsa decemlineata, the Colorado potato beetle. (Advisor: Yolanda Fanslow)
Williams Family Room, 403
8:00Bijoux BahatiA Refugee Young Adult’s Acculturation Experiences and Processes in a United States High School: An Autoethnography (Advisor: Susan Comerford)
8:15Sarah BushWe're Not Made of Metal (Advisor: Cameron Davis)
8:30Kelly SwindlehurstA Statewide Survey of Response to Instruction (RtI) Implementation (Advisor: Katharine Shepherd)


Session II: 9:00 am - 9:45 am

Chittenden Room, 413
9:00Florence BecotEconomic Impact and Policy Implications of Food Safety Certification on Produce Farms in Vermont (Advisor: David Conner)
9:15Laurel ValchuisExploring the Relationship between Engagement with the Food System and Healthy Eating (Advisor: David Conner)
9:30Chloe WielandEvaluation of Growing Vermont Store (Advisor: David Conner)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
9:00Abigail GurallEmotional Vulnerabilities in Women Diagnosed with Infertility (Jessica Clifton; Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
9:15Kelsey DuquetteEndothelial Health and Vaginal Vasocongestion (Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
9:30Gena ZollmanSexual Scripts Congruency and Sexual Responses in Women (Advisor: Alessandra Rellini)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
9:00Benjamin VaughanSynthesis and Characterization of Zinc Complexes and their Reactivity Towards Primary Phosphines (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
9:15Karla EricksonExplorations in main group mediated catalysis: phosphine dehydrocoupling and the search for silane activation (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
9:30Neil MuchaCatalytic Dehydrocoupling of Phosphines Towards the Preparation and Characterization of π-conjugated Materials (Advisor: Rory Waterman)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
9:00Daniel DePuccioSynthesis and characterization of mesoporous tungsten oxide spheres (Advisor: Christopher Landry)
9:15Alexandra DuncanGadolinium-Phosphate Complexes with Large Relaxivities Immobilized on Silica Particles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (Advisor: Christopher Landry)
9:30Alden ClemmentsIntracellular Trafficking of Silica Microparticles (Advisor: Christopher Landry)
Williams Family Room, 403
9:00Jon BlackWearing My Veins (Advisor: Anthony Grudin)
9:15Amy GoodnoughExplaining an exception: Generating Hungarian verbal affix order (Advisor: Emily Manetta)
9:30Theodora ZiolkowskiExcavating Desire (Advisor: Major Jackson)


Session III: 10:00 am - 10:45 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
10:00Xiaoxi LiuConstruction of N-Heterocycles via Aza-Prins Cyclization and 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition (Advisor: Stephen Waters)
10:15Michael McCormackApplication of a 2-aza-Cope 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Cascade Toward the Total Synthesis of VM55599 (Advisor: Stephen Waters)
10:30Ali BayirMacrocycles through fragmentation of bicyclic ring systems (Nikolay P. Tsvetkov; Advisor: Matthias Brewer)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
10:00Kaitlyn VitezReconsidering Female Circumcision (Advisor: David Houston)
10:15Emily JessepDarker Shades of Green: The Dilemmas of Green Consumerism (Advisor: Luis Vivanco)
10:30Alex LehningThe "Jewish Question" in German-Italian Relations, 1933-1943 (Advisor: Francis Nicosia)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
10:00Yanting ZhangOrthogonality Catastrophe in Quantum Sticking (Advisor: Dennis Clougherty)
10:30Zhao LiDescriptive Clustering Meta Search Engine (Advisor: Xindong Wu)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
10:00Jacob MenkenCrystal Structure Study of Tourmalines from the Stewart Mine, California (Advisor: John Hughes)
10:15Rebecca CalderExpression and biological activity of recombinant bovine IL-22: a key cytokine in mucosal defenses (Advisor: John Barlow)
10:30Todd StanleyEvaluating the Nutritional Status of the Thru-Hiking Community (Advisor: Jean Harvey-Berino)
Williams Family Room, 403
10:00Yucan ZhangLight Regulation of Nodulation Through Plant Hormone Signaling Network (Advisor: Jeanne Harris)
10:15Ryan MelnichukGreenhouse Gas Emissions from Forest Invaders (Advisor: Josef Gorres)
10:30Tharshani NishanthanRole of soil microbial extracellular enzymes in soybean cyst nematode suppressive soil (Advisor: Deborah Neher Weicht)


Session IV: 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
11:15Karuna JobanputraGender, dowry/brideprice, and land in southern Tamil Nadu and Southern Rajasthan: A participatory rural appraisal (Advisor: Stephanie Kaza)
11:30Aaron WithamOrganizational Characteristics that Relate to a Central Presence in Hyperlink Networks in the Context of Sustainable Transportation (Advisor: Richard Watts)
11:45Rebecca PincusImpact of Climate Change on US Coast Guard Strategy in the Arctic (Advisor: Saleem Ali)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
11:00Nicholas AllgaierReverse Engineering the Human Brain (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
11:15Suma DesuThe Happiness of Language (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
11:30Eitan PechenickJoining Words into Meaningful Phrases through Virtual Text Compression (Advisor: Peter Dodds)
11:45Kameron HarrisChaotic social contagion: From zombies to hipsters (Advisor: Peter Dodds)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
11:00Meagan QuinlanFunctional expression of wild type cGMP-dependent protein kinase Iα in E.coli (Advisor: Wolfgang Dostmann)
11:15Whitney RothWomen and Their Essential Role in the Development of Purgatory (Advisor: Vicki Brennan)
11:30Ariel RobbinsFrenchwomen and the Vichy Ideal: Social Policy, Choice, and Daily Life under German Occupation in World War II. (Advisor: Steven Zdatny)
11:45Daniel GarciaCorporate Social Responsibility: A Panacea to an Economic Malaise (Advisor: Stephanie Seguino)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
11:00Catherine McGoldrickPost-Relocation Analysis of Compost Runoff at the Intervale Composting Facility, Burlington, VT (Advisor: Donald Ross)
11:15Thomas GebhardMonitoring E. coli levels throughout the Englesby Brook: Summer 2011 (Advisor: Eamon Twohig)
11:30Rachel BrooksProteomic Signatures of Experimentally Manipulated Pitcher Plant Communities and Their Corresponding State Changes (Advisor: Nicholas Gotelli)
11:45Danika FrisbieAn Evolutionary Analysis of the “Organics Recycling” Industry in the U.S. (Advisor: Rocki-Lee DeWitt)
Williams Family Room, 403
11:00Eliza Gardner-MorseReproductive Division of Labor in Forced Associations of Pogonomyrmex barbatus Queen Ants (Advisor: Sara Cahan)
11:15Allison NealHow might transmission affect the sex ratio of malaria parasites? (Advisor: Joseph Schall)
11:30Molly MorrisseyAssessing metabolic exertion during diel vertical migration of an omnivorous macro-invertebrate (Advisor: Jason Stockwell)
11:45Liam Donnelly107 genes found to be upregulated in a phagocytic Entamoeba histolytica fraction may be upregulated in response to phagocytic stimuli (Advisor: Christopher Huston)


Session V: 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
12:30Mike ArcherAdvertising Methods of Vermont Agribusiness Entrepreneurs (Advisor: David Conner)
12:45Tad CookeFeedstock Development and Analysis for On-Farm Compost Energy Systems (Erick Crockenberg; Advisor: Allen Matthews)
1:00Rachel ParkGalen and William Harvey: A Comparative Analysis of the Theories of the Circulatory System (Advisor: Barbara Saylor Rodgers)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
12:30Jake WilliamsEliciting the shape of human reasoning from its echo in text-frequency data (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
12:45Catherine BlissTwitter reciprocal reply networks exhibit assortativity with respect to happiness (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
1:00Lewis MitchellFinding novel applications for big data from social media (Advisor: Christopher Danforth)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
12:30Caitlin PattersonCalibration of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer and a Perspective on the Importance of Vehicle Emission Testing Procedures (Advisor: Britt Holmen)
12:45Qiong LiuExamining spatial autocorrelation for obesity in northern new England (Advisor: Brian Lee)
1:00Richard NamIntra-household Vehicle Allocation and Transportation System Efficiency (Advisor: Brian Lee)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
12:30Nikolaos FytilisA Bayesian approach to genetic data (PCR) to better understand fish disease dynamics (Advisor: Donna Rizzo)
12:45Joseph KrupaConsumer Survey Data Analysis for Market Adoption of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (Advisor: Donna Rizzo)
1:00Nathan BelzRidesharing and the Journey to Work in Vermont: Modeling Composition of Vehicle Occupancy using the 2009 National Household Travel Survey (Advisor: Lisa Aultman-Hall)
Williams Family Room, 403
12:30Maya PerryCommunity Development from Theory to Practice (Advisor: Andrea Grayson)
12:45Julie WilliamsIncreasing Disaster Resiliency in Mobile Home Park Communities Through Youth Disaster Preparedness Education: A Pilot Project (Advisor: Daniel Baker)
1:00Jonathan BondInvestigating Vermonters’ Disaster Preparedness Perceptions and Practices: Findings from a Statewide Survey (Advisor: Daniel Baker)


Session VI: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
1:30Joshua BakelaarImpacts of Season Extension Pasture Management in Vermont (Advisor: Deborah Neher Weicht)
1:45Kristin WilliamsSpatial effects of roads on soil nematode communities in forested areas of vermont (Advisor: Deborah Neher Weicht)
2:00Rebecca BourgaultCatchment-scale analysis of interactions between soils and water at Hubbard Brook, NH (Advisor: Donald Ross)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
1:30Sebastian CastroEvaluation of sampling methods and statistical models for predicting fruit load on individual Coffee arabica trees (Advisor: Victor Mendez)
1:45Lily CalderwoodEvaluation of mixed cover crop as organic, biological pest control in hops (Advisor: Heather Darby)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
1:30Kristina LaffertyThe Association between the Need to Belong and Relational Aggression: A Moderating Role of Rejection (Advisor: Dianna Murray-Close)
1:45Leah Marvin-RileyGun Control and Policy Frames (Advisor: Alec Ewald)
2:00Morgan SaundersThe Judicial Transformation of Political Immigration Questions (Advisor: Alec Ewald)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
1:30Benjamin Lindsey"Organized Crime Against Civilization": The Congressional Investigation Of Liberated Concentration Camps In 1945 (Advisor: Nicole Phelps)
1:45Michelle SigielCreating the Alien Image: Roman Dmowski's Antisemitism in 20th Century Poland (Advisor: Francis Nicosia)
2:00Gianna VannelliThe correlation between breath-methane levels and the quantity and structure of methanogens in the human gastrointestinal tract (Advisor: Andre-Denis Wright)
Williams Family Room, 403
1:30Tommy GoldmanEscaping Irene (Three Points of View) (Alex Litwin; Advisor: Carol Williams Howe)
1:45Adam ConnorThe Poetics of Purification: Orestes' Spiritual Revival (Eum. 235-43) (Advisor: Mark Usher)
2:00Brent CohenMorality Without Objective Value (Advisor: Terence Cuneo)


Session VII: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
2:30Jeffrey TonnCharacterizing an Impact: Event Monitoring with a Wireless Sensor Network (Advisor: Jeff Frolik)
2:45Alexander HilsheyAn Activity-Based Travel-Demand Modeling Approach to Estimating Electric Vehicle Charging Load (Advisor: Paul Hines)
3:00Rachel KohModeling Demonstrates that Gene Circuit Architecture Controls Phenotypic Variability in a Bacterial Persistence Network (Advisor: Mary Dunlop)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
2:30Kalyn WeberThe Relationship Between Twitter and Student Engagement and Exam Scores in An Advanced Nutrition Course (Advisor: Stephen Pintauro)
2:45Kyle BessetteGender in the Kitchen (Advisor: David Houston)
3:00Claudia AbbiatiAssessing the Validity of a Direct Measure of Attitudes of Preschoolers Who Stutter (Advisor: Barry Guitar)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
2:30Brad LanuteAssessing Urban Sprawl Metrics and their Applicability to Chittenden County, VT (Advisor: Austin Troy)
2:45David KuhnAgroforestry in the Atlantic forest region of Brazil: Providing framework for implementation through stakeholder participation (Advisor: Cecilia Danks)
3:00Dmytro KarabchukFactors Influencing Aboveground Live Biomass of Carpathian Spruce (Advisor: William Keeton)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
2:30Pushwinder KaurTo Determine the Concentration and Enrichment of Glutathione in Human Plasma using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (Advisor: Dwight Matthews)
2:45Nezar Al-BatainehSynthetic Methods for Diazenium Salts (Advisor: Matthias Brewer)
3:00Pierre GaleaIdentifying and Quantifying Volatile Fear Response in Humans (Advisor: Jane Hill)
Williams Family Room, 403
2:30Elizabeth SanderSampling Effects in the Estimation of Biodiversity Using Hill Numbers (Advisor: Nicholas Gotelli)
2:45Michael ReardonInteraction of Unstable Modes in a Solid Propellant Combustion Model (Advisor: Jun Yu)
3:00Narine ManukyanAutomated Discovery of Multivariate Associations in Large Time-Varying data sets: a Healthcare Network Application (Advisor: Margaret Eppstein)


Session VIII: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Chittenden Room, 413
3:30Naciim BenkreiraCuba Skate: facilitating the cuban skateboard revolution in Habana, Cuba (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
3:45Marigo FarrSoil Quality and Climate Implications of Agroecological Practices on Vermont Farms (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
4:00Brian KellyGovernance Network Design: A Case Study Analysis of Vermont (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
4:15Colin ArismanEcological and Economic Sustainability through Cooperative Agriculture: Scaling up agroecology through payments for ecosystem services in the Intag Region of Ecuador (Advisor: Joshua Farley)
Frank Livak Ballroom, 417
3:30Caitlin CampbellLivestock depredation by large carnivores: An analysis of human-wildlife conflict in Ehi-rovipuka, Namibia. (Advisor: James Murdoch)
3:45Kalle FjeldA Cinematic Perspective on the Children of North African Immigrants in France: Interpreting the Immigrant Experience through the Film Lens (Advisor: Meaghan Emery)
4:00Emily BirdThe Socioeconomic Impact of Hydroelectric Dams on Developing Communities (Advisor: Saleem Ali)
4:15Anya Gedrath-SmithTime for Tea: The Sustainable Development of Tea Tourism in Nepal (Advisor: Pablo Bose)
Jost Foundation Room, 422
3:30Rebecca StandishImportance of Biosecurity on Vermont Farms (Advisor: Julia Smith)
3:45Xiaozheng SongEstrogen receptor-beta agonist diarylpropionitrile counteracts the estrogenic activity of estrogen receptor-alpha agonist propylpyrazoletriol in the mammary gland of ovariectomized rats (Advisor: Zhongzong Pan)
4:00Hannah FaceyExamination and identification of bacterial species present in the forestomach of the Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) (Advisor: Andre-Denis Wright)
4:15Ashley JonesDoes insecticidal spraying impact parasite prevalence in Chagas disease vectors? (Advisor: Lori Stevens)
Mildred Livak Ballroom, 419
3:30Tera FazzinoDaily Craving Reports from Drinkers Not in Treatment (Advisor: Gail Rose)
3:45Ariel BailyFace-name Recognition: A brain fMRI study (Advisor: Julie Dumas)
4:00Joanne Kalisz“Teen-ageism”: Adolescents’ Internalization, Acceptance, and Behavioral Confirmation of Stereotypes About Teens (Advisor: Carol Miller)
4:15Andrew PhilipsPublic Assets Institute (Advisor: Frank Bryan)
Williams Family Room, 403
3:30Dirk Jonathan RodricksCross Cultural Conundrum: Supporting students who live between worlds (Advisor: Dorian McCoy)
3:45Jacqueline DrouinAssessing the Long-term Impact of Participation in the Governor's Institute on Asian Cultures in China (Advisor: Holly Busier)
4:00Ashley Michelle Fowler"I Know I Can Be What I Wanna Be": Career Development for First-Generation College Students (Advisor: Robert Nash)
4:15Saveta SainiUse of Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports for Preschoolers in a Refugee Resettlement Community (Advisor: Jennifer Hurley)