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UVM Student Research Conference

2010 SRC Oral Presentation Schedule

Alphabetical Order

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Name Title Advisor Time Room
Sarah Abdalla Endocytosis of plasma-derived factor V by megakaryocytes to yield the unique platelet-derived cofactor molecule is mediated by residues within the factor V light chain Beth Bouchard 3:50 Williams
Katie Accomando Noninvasive assessment of lung function in mouse models of obesity and pseudomonas infection using Unrestrained Video-Assisted Plethysmography Jason Bates 3:35 Frank Livak
Advanced Digital Art Class Converging Paths: Town and Gown Katherine Marmor 11:00 Frank Livak
Nicholas Allgaier Weather and Climate Prediction: An Empirical Technique for Improving Model Forecasts Christopher Danforth 1:45 Jost
Marta Ascherio Social Network Analysis: Migrant Labor on Vermont Dairy Farms Daniel Baker 9:15 Frank Livak
Tyler Aten Identification of a Novel Cooperative Activity between the Proto-oncogenic Src Family Kinases and Crk/CrkL Signaling Protein Families. Bryan Ballif 10:15 Frank Livak
Joshua Auerbach Scalable Evolution of Robot Morphologies with HyperNEAT Joshua Bongard 1:30 Frank Livak
Heather Axen Testing Mechanisms of Genetically Biased Caste Determination in a Fire Ant Hybrid Zone Sara Cahan 10:00 Williams
Francis Ayombil Characterization of the megakaryocyte protease involved in the generation of the partially-activated, platelet-derived factor Va pool subsequent to its endocytosis from plasma Beth Bouchard 3:35 Williams
Dale Azaria Net Energy Analysis of Vermont Biodiesel Britt Holmen 11:45 Chittenden
Terence Barrett Development and Characterization of a Portable Instrument for the Measurement of the Size and Number of Airborne Nanoparticles Britt Holmen 2:10 Williams
Megan Benay Relational aggression, physical aggression, and anxiety in apprehended and non-apprehended adolescent females. Timothy Stickle 10:30 Frank Livak
Catherine Bliss Measuring Happiness: Correlations and Contagion in Large-Scale Social Networks Christopher Danforth 1:15 Jost
Jonathan Bond The Effect of Price Comparison on Consumer Choice in Grocery Stores Qingbin Wang 1:15 Mildred Livak
Marcia Bristow 2006 WHO Growth Charts: A new tool needed by pediatricians Amy Nickerson 11:15 Mildred Livak
Erin Buckwalter Vermont Farm-to-School Analysis Jane Kolodinsky 9:00 Frank Livak
Erin Cain The Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Body Size, and Dietary Intake in College Females Robert Tyzbir 3:20 Mildred Livak
Julia Camuso Hormonal Contraceptives and their Effect on Sexual Desire and Sexual Fantasies Alessandra Rellini 1:30 Mildred Livak
Victoria Carhart APMS Supported Polymerization Catalyst Rory Waterman 11:15 Frank Livak
Matthew Casari A Portable Ultrafine Particulate Sizer for in-situ Engine Exhaust Monitoring Jeff Frolik 10:30 Chittenden
Samya Chakravorty Molecular Evolution of Drosophila Flightin: Role of the amino terminal region in species-specific male courtship song. Jim Vigoreaux 3:50 Mildred Livak
Xiayun Cheng Concise Total Syntheses of the Lycopodium Alkaloids (±)-Nankakurines A and B via Luciduline Stephen Waters 2:40 Jost
Gretel Clarke Assessing the importance of ecological factors in driving sex ratios of populations of Polemonium foliosissimum, a gynodioecious plant Alison Brody 10:15 Mildred Livak
Kyle Concannon Improving Public Health: A Model to Assess Health Knowledge and Education Needs in Vermont Jan Carney 10:30 Jost
Ishviene Cour Investigation of the structural and charge transport properties of discotic molecules(phthalocyanines) Randall Headrick 10:00 Frank Livak
Hannah Davis Land transitions in Africa: An integrated analysis of economic inequality and environmental harm in Zimbabwe Saleem Ali 2:40 Chittenden
Kristin DeVoe-Talluto Practicing Philanthropy: A phenomenological inquiry Richard Watts 11:00 Mildred Livak
John DeWitt Differentiation of neuroblastoma tumor cells with a neural growth factor Rae Nishi 3:20 Jost
Jonathan Dowds Estimating the impact of electric vehicle charging on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon pirices Robert Costanza 2:40 Frank Livak
Nicole DuBois Nurse Manager Perspectives on the Implementation of an Electronic Health Record: A Phenomenological Examination Judith Cohen 10:30 Williams
Alice Ford Changes in the relative abundances of clones in genetically complex Plasmodium infections Joseph Schall 9:15 Chittenden
Michael Ghebreab Triamidoamine-supported Zirconium Catalyzed Dehydrocoupling of Phosphines Rory Waterman 11:30 Jost
Lee Gross Integrated Strategies to Support Farmer Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services Conservation: A case study of the Pico Duarte Coffee Region of the Dominican Republic Jon Erickson 3:50 Chittenden
Karl Hinrichs Detection of Legionella Volatile Metabolite Fingerprint Using Electrospray Ionization - Mass Spectrometry Jane Hill 9:30 Chittenden
Jem Hughes Enhancing Retention and Support for African American Students in Predominately White Colleges Using the "Circle of Courage" Framework Holly Busier 3:50 Frank Livak
Gary Johnson Service Path Attribution Networks (SPANs): Spatially Quantifying the Flow of Ecosystem Services from Landscapes to People Robert Snapp 2:25 Jost
John Kasumba Agricultural PM10 Emissions from Cotton Field Disking in Las Cruces, NM Britt Holmen 11:15 Chittenden
Benjamin King Farmers' Perspectives on Direct Sales to School Food Service Jane Kolodinsky 9:30 Frank Livak
Dan Kirk Allocating Vermont’s Trust; Dividends or Public Investment from Carbon Cap and Auction Revenues? Joshua Farley 2:25 Chittenden
Isabel Kloumann Emotional State of the Blogosphere Christopher Danforth 1:00 Jost
Adam Krakowski Stillness At Last: Preservation of The Built Environment at Sabbathday Lake Thomas Visser 11:45 Frank Livak
Chelsea Krisanda Evaluating the Specificity of Anxiety Sensitivity in regard to Anxiety and Worry about Bodily Sensations among Adults with HIV/AIDS. Michael Zvolensky 3:35 Chittenden
Yin-Ming Kuo Rapid measurement of tobramycin impact on Pseudomonas aeruginosa volatile organic compound production by SESI-MS Jane Hill 11:00 Chittenden
Tanner Lake Ancient Greek Music and Kithara Reconstruction John Franklin 11:45 Williams
Nicholas LeBlanc Investigating Foraging Strategies in Functionally Redundant Soil Communities Deborah Neher Weicht 9:30 Mildred Livak
Lyndelle LeBruin Metal assisted assembly of collagen peptides Martin Case 9:00 Mildred Livak
Michael Lester The Influence of Lunar Phase and Predation on the Vocalization Behavior of Eastern Whip-poor-wills Allan Strong 10:00 Mildred Livak
Ross Lieb-Lappen Modeling Chaotic Systems: Shadowing in the Atmosphere Christopher Danforth 1:30 Jost
Chih Lin A Comparison of Injury Patterns in Helmeted and Non-Helmeted Skiers and Snowboarders Admitted to a Level I Trauma Center Michael Horgan 1:45 Frank Livak
Minmin Liu The mouse ortholog of NEIL3 is a functional DNA glycosylase in vitro and in vivo Susan Wallace 9:00 Williams
Nilanjan Lodh The Genetic Variability of Myxobolus cerebralis, the causative parasite of the Whirling Disease Lori Stevens 9:15 Mildred Livak
Zhenyu Lu Ensemble Pruning via Individual Contribution Ordering Joshua Bongard 2:10 Frank Livak
Annalese Maddox Investigation of Zirconium-Catalyzed Hydrogn Release from Amine-Boranes Rory Waterman 1:00 Frank Livak
Nicole Maille Characterization of the Mechanism Responsible for the Generation of the Essential Blood Clotting Enzyme Thrombin on the Activated Platelet Surface Paula Tracy 9:00 Jost
Sukanya Majumder Characterization and Localization of Paramecium Pawn A: a Calcium Channel Regulator Judith Van Houten 10:15 Williams
Sarah Mangan Gendered Memory: Innocence and Guilt in Japanese War Literature Kyle Ikeda 1:30 Chittenden
Tyler Mayo Thales: The First Philosopher of the Western World? John Franklin 9:15 Jost
Michael McCormack One-Pot Domino 2-Aza-Cope-[3+2] Dipolar Cycloaddition Stephen Waters 11:00 Jost
Victoria McLaughlin Determination of behavioral, socioeconomic and demographic risk factors for ischemic heart disease hospitalization in Vermont Ruth Mickey 3:35 Jost
Derrick McVicker The ins and outs of axonal transport: How two distinct populations of the microtubule associated protein tau can regulate kinesin-mediated transport and microtubule dynamics Christopher Berger 3:20 Frank Livak
Kofi Mensah Poverty in the United States: How to Combat a Crippling Social Disease. Patrick Neal 1:00 Williams
Sarah Miller Language Use by Refugee Children Emily Manetta 1:30 Williams
Theodore Ortiz Y Pino Determing Optimal Stream Temperature Habitat Based on Remote Sensing Data in Vermont Streams Lexie Reiss Haselton 9:30 Jost
Kizette Ortiz-Vanger Productivity of Marsh birds in Two Mosquito Controlled Sites Lori Stevens 11:00 Williams
Joseph Panarese Enantioselective Formal Total Synthesis of (+)-Aspergillide C Stephen Waters 10:00 Jost
Jen Parsons Vermont Barn Census Project: A Windshield Survey of Historic Barns Thomas Visser 11:30 Mildred Livak
Viraj Patel “Can We Leave Now? I Have To Wake Up Early To Drink.”: South Asian American Competitive Performance Team Cultures Dorian McCoy 2:55 Jost
Sarah Pears North American host tree response to the fungal symbiont of Sirex noctilio Kimberly Wallin 2:10 Mildred Livak
Eitan Pechenick Structure Detection: Finding Hierarchies in Enormous Networks Peter Dodds 2:10 Jost
Eamon Penney Application of the participatory micro-credit model to economically marginalized groups in the Moshi district of Tanzania Qingbin Wang 10:15 Chittenden
Renee Petipas Changes in Mycorrhizal Abundance Over Natural Nutrients Gradients and in Response to Ungulate Herbivory on an East African Savanna Alison Brody 10:30 Mildred Livak
Gwen Pokalo Impact of Growing Vermont on Vermont Entrepreneurs Chyi-Lyi Liang 2:25 Mildred Livak
David Propen The Design of Carbon-Neutral Communities: Land Use Patterns and Transportation Modal Choice Joshua Farley 2:55 Mildred Livak
Elizabeth Reaves Community Participation and the development of smart growth indicatorst Jane Kolodinsky 1:15 Williams
Molly Reddington Beyond asbestos: the multifactorial causality of mesothelioma Charles Hulse 11:15 Williams
Susan Reeves Deliberate Dialogue: Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness of a Patient Safety Communication Technique Susan Hasazi 1:45 Williams
Audrey Reid Comparing the Responsiveness of Streams and Ponds to Decreases in Acid Deposition in the Northeastern United States Mary Watzin 2:10 Chittenden
Sebastian Renfield Preserving the 'Sky Railroad': The Keane Wonder Mine Aerial Tramway Douglas Porter 11:30 Frank Livak
Pattrese Reynolds Is There An African American Perspective On Affirmative Action? Alec Ewald 9:15 Williams
Beth Rice Ovariectomy does not alter the effects of trans-fatty acids from different sources on coronary heart disease risk factors in female Hartley guinea pigs Robert Tyzbir 1:45 Mildred Livak
Elle Roberson Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces caspase 8 and 3 activation: Potential involvement of the death receptor Fas Yvonne Janssen-Heininger 2:40 Williams
Sarah Roberts Long-term impacts of childhood maltreatment, family environment, and sexual self-schema on men's and women's adult sexual behavior Alessandra Rellini 3:20 Chittenden
Mitchell Robinson Effects of City Driving on Particle Number and Size Distributions from Hybrid-Electric and Conventional Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles Britt Holmen 10:00 Chittenden
Andrew Roering Synthesis and reactivity of phosphaalkenes utilizing triamidoamine-supported zirconium complexes Rory Waterman 2:55 Frank Livak
Carolyn Roman Neurobiology of Weight Change Following Chronic Stress: The role of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Peptide (PACAP) and the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis (BNST) Sayamwong Hammack 2:25 Frank Livak
Liton Roy Protein Design by Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry Martin Case 1:15 Frank Livak
Katelyn Sadler Art As Activism and Education: Creating Venues for Student Involvement and Social Justice Education Utilizing Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed Dorian McCoy 1:00 Chittenden
Matthew Sammons Regulation of fission yeast myosin-I force production and cellular levels at endocytic actin patches by a novel light chain Matthew Lord 9:30 Williams
Elizabeth Sander Evaluating the importance of sex ratios to conspecific pollen loads on female stigmas in the gynodioecious Polemonium foliosissimum Alison Brody 3:50 Jost
Lesley Schuster The Molecular Diversity of the Cyanobacterium Microcystis and its Relationship to Toxin Production in Lake Champlain Mary Watzin 2:40 Mildred Livak
Karen Sentoff Real-World Gas-Phase Emissions from Hybrid and Conventional Vehicles in Cold Weather Climate under Variable Terrain Britt Holmen 2:25 Williams
Ashleigh Sewell Genuine Progress in Oregon? Jane Kolodinsky 1:15 Chittenden
Abby Smith The Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Northern New England: A Case Study of Delivery Systems in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Jane Kolodinsky 11:45 Mildred Livak
Katherine St. Denis Evolution in a Malaria Parasite: Allele Frequency Changes Over Decades Joseph Schall 9:00 Chittenden
Kelly Todd Investigating Organic Aerosols Giuseppe Petrucci 11:30 Williams
Laura Townsend Effects of Weathering on the Water and Gas Permeabilities of Porous Building Substrates Mandar Dewoolkar 2:55 Williams
Matthew Tucker Corporate Behavior in Regional Transportation Planning Christopher Koliba 1:00 Mildred Livak
Robert Walker Towards Anatolian Origins of Greek Political Expression Barbara Saylor Rodgers 1:45 Chittenden
Amanda Wildermuth The Effects of Interspecific Hybridization on Foraging and Competitive Ability in Fire Ants S. geminata and S. xyloni Sara Cahan 3:20 Williams
Simon Yugler Silver Screens, Red Earth: Aboriginal Identity, Digital Media Use, and Postcolonial Politics in Contemporary Australia Vicki Brennan 3:35 Mildred Livak
Guangxuan Zhang China’s pork market and trade: A case study of small hog producers Qingbin Wang 11:30 Chittenden
Jiangjiang Zhu Rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria using secondary electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (SESI-MS) Jane Hill 11:45 Jost