University of Vermont

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Nanodays 2013

The University of Vermont Society of Physics Students celebrates physics at the nanoscale

By Joshuah T. Heath

On March 30th, 2013, UVM SPS went to the Echo Science Center on the shores of Lake Champlain to host Nanodays, an annual celebration of nanotechnology and nano-scale physics. SPS members and Physics Department graduate students alike gave exciting physics demonstrations to the general public about the science of the very small and how it has very big consequences on our daily lives.

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., UVM physics students gave demonstrations on various subjects of scientific interest, from 3D imaging and liquid crystal displays to space elevators and atomic force microscopes!

At the end of the day, over 480 people visited the Nanodays event, making it one of the most successful Nanodays outings ever organized. After the event, the participates went to American Flatbread to celebrate their resounding triumph. To everyone who joined the Nanodays festivities, well done!

Below, you will find some pictures from the event.

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Photo Credit: Madalina Furis

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