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Casey Brinkman

Casey Lynn Brinkman-Traverse, Treasurer

  • Program: B.Sc. in Physics, Astrophysics Tract
  • Status: Sophomore
  • Curriculum Vitae
Area of expertise

Pulsar Astronomy

Contact Information
Office: Cook Physical Sciences Bldg. A539

Casey's research interests are in the physics of pulsars, which are rotating neutron stars that emit electromagnetic radiation at the poles, thus acting like celestial "lighthouses".Under Joanna Rankin, she is currently looking at Pulsar B0329+54, which has the unique characteristic of switching modes: it will emit with one profile one minute, then switch and have an entirely new profile the next. There is also a curious phenomena in this pulsar, in that the polarization position angle changes along an arc in the center of the core emission. Casey is studying the differences in polarization between the two main modes with respect to frequency and pulse intensity. The polarization of the radio waves we receive from pulsars like B0329+54 can tell us about the electromagnetic condition through which it was emitted, so through a study in polarization as the pulsar switches modes she hopes to further our understanding of the mode switching process and the emission mechanism of pulsars in general.

Casey is currently a sophomore, and is serving as Treasurer for UVM SPS.

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