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Welcome to UVM's Society of Physics Students

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Society of Physics Students

The SPS Philosophy

The UVM Physics Department is an extraordinary institution--over the years, countless undergraduate students have engaged in groundbreaking research that has garnered impressive attention within the scientific community. Our alumni have gone on to prestigious graduate schools, and yet the bonds our students form can last a lifetime. Here at the Society of Physics Students, we work to strengthen those bonds, enhance that research experience, and to ultimately give you four years you will never forget. We exist to guide you on your journey through physics and to engage the public in the joys of science and learning. Don't delay--join SPS and unveil the universe before you!

Who are we?

The UVM Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a physics-orientated society at UVM dedicated to learning more about the universe around us and to teaching the public about the physical sciences via outreach programs.


For more information about UVM SPS and the physics experience, contact us at or visit the Physics Department Student Lounge in Room 425, Cook Physical Science Building.

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