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Fraser Drew wrote that the Duke University Classics Department’s publication, Pheme, included pictures of him from 1934 and 2004, “Then” and “Now,” in their June edition. He received his A.M. degree in Latin from Duke in 1935 before changing to a PhD in English at SUNY Buffalo. He reported that, over the last several years, he received correspondence from several classmates, including Dot Edwards Gioria, Betty Aiken Martin, Ray Brooks, and W.W. Bryan as well as Muriel Richardson (’28) Chatterton, his Randolph High School Latin and French teacher; Mae Tinkham (’31) Rowell; Dan Marshall ’37; and various Owls from later classes, including Fred Smith ’61, Woody Widlund ’64, and Todd Fraser ’92. Since 1968, Fraser has been sending sections of his library of signed first-edition letters and photographs of 20th century writers to Special Collections at Bailey/Howe Library. Fraser makes his home in Williamsville, N.Y.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

Greetings to you all! Thanks for the many news items for the last issue. Unfortunately, no news came in for this issue, but as a follow up, I wanted to mention our classmate, Rebecca Camp Skillin, who had never attended a reunion before and particularly wanted to be there for our 70th. I was sad to learn recently that Rebecca passed away. We are glad to have met her, and we extend our sympathy to her family. I celebrated my 93rd birthday, and, although I move at a much slower pace, I am blessed to be able to enjoy life. Most of our grandchildren are living in Burlington or nearby, and I am able to see and enjoy our 20 great-grandchildren. Even if you don’t get around much and think that no one will be interested in your news, please believe me that we definitely are interested. I regularly hear from members of other classes who also read our column. Let’s hear from more of you for the next issue.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

From Ohio we hear that Eugene Merchant was named “Master of Manufacturing” by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in the July issue of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine. The magazine included an extensive article about his lifetime accomplishments in research and development in the field of manufacturing science and technology. He is only one of three who have ever received this honor. We class of ’36 engineers remember Gene driving from Essex Junction to UVM each day in his Model T Ford. That was the start of what Gene says “has been fun from the day I cut my first chip on a lathe at the University of Vermont machine shop.” It was just the start of Gene’s illustrious career in the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company (later Cincinnati Milacron).
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu


A cordial invitation from the Alumni Office to attend the Wilbur Society meeting in Billings in October was received by your secretary. Since there was a possibility of seeing classmates there, it was warmly received. In addition to yours truly, two loyal classmates appeared, Kay Babbitt and Clarence Watters. President Fogel gave us an update on what has taken place on campus. Since Bailey/Howe Library is used to capacity, plans include using Billings for the display of manuscripts and documents in the future. We left with an optimistic feeling about UVM’s future. See you at the Green and Gold Luncheon in June.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

Janet Rockwood MacLean wrote from her home in Punta Gorda, a locale in Florida that was a focus of the wrath of Charley, the first in a series of hurricanes that hit the state last fall. Janet and her husband were en route home from a trip to Vermont when the storm struck. Although they found uprooted trees in their front yard and some minor damage to their house, they considered themselves lucky in view of the widespread destruction not far from their home. Apart from the blow dealt by Mother Nature, all was well with her family, Janet reported. She and her husband are no longer racing, but they still sail. She does some writing for a national sailboat magazine. Retired 22 years ago from the faculty of Indiana University, Janet is the grandmother of three, and she has two great-grandchildren who are in college. Like many of us, she has fond memories of UVM and her 1938 classmates. I had a nice telephone conversation with Alice Pratt Myers, who is part of a retirement community in Rutland, Vt. Alice, a home economics major in college, taught in Vermont for several years, then for 20 years in Connecticut before her retirement and return to Vermont. She is a widow and mother of a stepson, and she has two grandchildren in Colorado. Amy Bronkhurst Taylor let us know that she is keeping up with her activities, but she has found that she likes to go to bed earlier. Funny thing, Amy, I’ve had the same experience. She reported a total of 11 great-grandchildren, with the promise of making that an even dozen come spring. Any of you great-grandparents care to challenge that record? News from any and all members of the class of 1928 is welcome — make that eagerly sought. Renewing connections with old friends and acquaintances is one of the great joys of the retirement years.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

Class secretary -
MaryShakespeare Minckler

This column, written in September 2004, coincided with the arrival of the first brochure reminding the class of 1940 that we shall celebrate our 65th reunion June 2-5, 2005. Pat Brennan, director of the Green and Gold Program, will guide us toward the memorable event. All we have to do is follow directions. Travel is an effort for octogenarians, but THINK of the sights you will see and the people you will remember. If there are people who are undecided about coming on the list, cheer them on. What classmates are planning to come? Class president Flossie Wade Eaton, Betsy Marlowe Komline, and your class secretary are planning to be there. Hugh Ripper, enjoying retirement in Maine, will attend. Bob Dunning, retired director of buildings and grounds in his New Hampshire village community, enjoys watercolor painting. He is thinking about returning to Vermont in June. Esther Moore Doran, whose grandson is a sports reporter for the Burlington Free Press, will make the journey all the way from Burlington. Dr. Richard Atkins of North Chatham, Mass., retired in 2000. He enjoys two great grandchildren. Our 65th reunion is a distinct possibility for him. Elinor Sullivan Adams enjoyed a career teaching the Ferrisburgh, Vt., School District. She has vivid memories of the two-year elementary education program. Tuition was free if students taught in Vermont for two years. She lived in Allen House, where the students did the cooking. The cost was $2.50 a week. Elinor may attend our reunion. Joyce Gardner Barnett, although saddened by the death of her sister, is delighted with country living at Harbor View in South Burlington, Vt. She is uncertain about attending reunion. Fifteen classmates live in the greater Burlington area. One is Dr. Ed Irwin. He and his wife recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Their grandson and granddaughter graduated from UVM. Dr. Irwin plans to attend reunion. I encourage classmates who visit Burlington to visit ECHO and the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, which includes UVM’s Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory, the lakefront extension of UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.
Class secretary -
Mary Nelson Tanner

Jack Bloom wrote that he and his wife Ellie ’43 visited UVM in August. They met with Pat Brennan and Deb Hunter of UVM’s graduate program in higher education and student affairs. They are participating in the selection of the speaker for the first class of 1941 James Marsh Lecture in the program. Our class president, Carole Stetson Spaulding, reported that her daughters and granddaughter joined her on an enjoyable Caribbean cruise, which they plan to do again. Sadly, she sent word of the recent death of two classmates. A. Raymond Betts died on September 22. He was a member of Sigma Phi and had been an accountant before retiring to his home in Southwick, Mass. Alice “Betty” Cole Milazzo died on September 30. While at UVM, she was president of Alpha Chi Omega. She taught music in several Vermont schools, and she coached the Waterbury girls’ basketball team to the State Championship. Alice also served in the armed forces, and she is survived by five children and eight grandchildren. Please send me a news item for the next issue.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

A few of us met with Pat Brennan, director of UVM’s Green and Gold Program, including Barbara Brewster Howard, Larry and Ruth Orr Burgess, Joyce Kenyon Livak, Raymond and Marguerite Doheny Tremblay, Merton Pike, Bob Carlson, Barbara Gallagher Kennedy, Hilda Paquette Thayer, Jean Hall Spasyk, Dorothy Rockwell Pickard, and me. We enjoy these get togethers and wish more would join us. Several classmates visited Fred Webster and his wife, Vivian, in Coventry, Vt., and they enjoyed seeing the collection of Early American farm equipment and machinery that he has amassed over the years. Fred had nine children, and he purchased and now lives on his father’s farm, where he was born and raised. On July 4, 2004, he led the Hinesburg, Vt., parade in a restored Concord Coach, and Bob Carlson was a passenger. Classmates will remember Fred and his brother, Charles, as cross-country athletes. Fred’s son, Daniel, followed in his footsteps and set a high-school record in the one-mile and two-mile events in 1979 that still stands. His grandson, Daniel, took first place in the Burlington Invitational Meet last October. Congratulations, Fred, on all counts! Please send me your news.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

Recovering from a broken hip is not fun, but I want you all to know that I’m doing great. I was very happy this summer to hear from Ed Boyden, who reported that he and Polly ’46 celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year. They were married in 1944 before Ed left for overseas to join the 3rd Armored Division as a replacement machine gunner. He received five battle stars for the campaign in Europe, including the Battle of the Bulge. The Boydens have three children and live in Hinsdale, N.H. Polly has had hip and knee replacements but is getting around well. Dr. Clifford Joseph, who lives in Caldwell, N.J., let us know that he is still working part time as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry at age 81. Congratulations to him! Mary Beth Bloomer is now living at The Gables, a retirement community in Rutland, Vt. She is enjoying every minute of her new lifestyle. I would like very much to hear from all of you out there.
Class secretary -
June Hoffman Dorion

Ione Lacy Keenan, co-chair of our 60th class reunion, and her husband Edward Keenan ’42, MD ’44, were honored last September by their children and grandchildren in celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. They are a three-generation UVM family: son David ’68, daughter-in-law June Elliott (’68) Keenan, daughter Kathy ’71, and grandson Brian ’94, who is currently pursuing his second master’s degree at Oklahoma State University. In August, Ione and Ed attended the 60th wedding anniversary of Daniel ’43 and Hilda Lund Clark at the Clarks’ retirement home in Newbury, Vt. Dorothy Wimett Costello can see the name of her husband, Judge Edward Costello ’51, on the courthouse building in Burlington. She can, if requested, tell you about her children and how close they still are to UVM. First is Ed, Jr. ’72, who majored in mathematics, worked at IDX, and now lives in Buffalo, N.Y. Paul ’78 received a degree in psychology and then received a master’s degree in history. He earned a doctorate in the history of intellectual thought at McGill University. Mary ’82 graduated from UVM, then studied law at SUNY Albany and there married another lawyer. They have three children, Sarah, Sean, who attended UVM, and Dan. Dorothy’s son, Tom, is captain of the Burlington Fire Department, and Stephen works for Central Vermont Public Service. Special good wishes to you all for the new year.
Class secretary -
Alison Carr Wood

Jacquelin Swasey Smith sent in her alumni questionnaire. Thank you, Jacquie. Where are the rest of them? Jacquie is still very busy in Cornish, Maine, with many family events, an important one being her 80th birthday celebration with 75 guests. She returns to Burlington often enough to see the many changes on campus, but always remembers the war years at UVM. Mary Jean Dunsmore Cox is leading us with her fitness regimen, walking in St. Albans in the summer and in Reno, Nev., in the winter. As of October, she has logged more than 1100 miles in 2004. Let’s have a good group at the Green and Gold luncheon in 2005.
Class secretary -
Harriet Bristol Saville

It was good to hear from John Corliss. He let us know that health issues prevented him from returning to UVM this year, but he wrote, “I’ll be there in 2007 for our class’s 60th anniversary.” Let’s all make the same commitment. By the time you read this, your secretary will have moved to an apartment in my daughter’s house in Goshen, Mass. Any news you have can be sent to the address below, and we are in need of more news from our class. Hope to hear from more of you soon.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

The class bids farewell to John Reagan and remembers him for all his efforts on behalf of the class of 1948, especially with Kake Walk. He will be missed by all of us. After selling and donating his properties in New York, Florida, and South Carolina, Glennon Hill’s final home is in Hudson, Ohio. Since retirement from Colt Industries, he is a golf enthusiast, a watercolor painter, and a jazz piano player. He has traveled to Hawaii and Europe with wife Dorothy. He has one daughter. Carol Verber Falk has retired from the Morristown, N.J., County Board of Social Work and she now volunteers at the United Way, serves on the board of Literacy Volunteers, and is a literacy tutor. She has traveled to Russia, Patagonia, and other exciting ports of call. Carolyn has three children and four grandchildren. In the ever-growing ranks of Florida UVMers, Albert Frank has retired after being a self-employed real estate consultant. Having traveled to Finland and Russia, he plans to expand his travel further. Albert has two children and two grandchildren. Albert would love to hear from other UVMers close to Tampa who experienced the hurricanes. Ted Battles narrated a description of his successful open-heart surgery. He is active in the Flatlanders Ski Club in Midland, Tex., and is looking forward to skiing at Garmish in Bavaria this winter. Jean Tucker Fletcher of Newark, Del., retired as a rare book cataloger at the University of Delaware and celebrated by spending a semester in Vienna, attending the Vienna opera. She still assists her husband, Bill ’49, with his research. He is now editing a memoir of a U.S. diplomat from the ’30s and ’40s, and he is looking forward to participating in the 60-year commemoration of the U.S. liberation of Luxembourg in September. Jean thinks the Green and Gold Club is a lively group and hopes we will join them in Burlington every year. Are there any former World War II service women who lived in Lyman Hall? Jeanne would love to hear from you. Edna Zohman Holzman is a retired teacher from the New York City Board of Education. She has made many foreign visits and is at present an avid tennis player and an advocate of bridge courses. We would love to hear from Joan Barrett Hay; mail sent to her was returned. Regards to all!
Class secretary -
Theresa Guzowski Johnson

At reunion last June, we elected new officers for our class: Marilyn Davis Huntley, president; Malcolm and Gladys Severance, co-vice presidents; and Arline “Pat” Brush Hunt, secretary.
Class secretary -
Pat Brush Hunt