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2001 There are many people to congratulate in this issue. Kristy Bois and Nathan Oatman were engaged in Vail last summer, and they are planning a mountain wedding for next June. Sarah Laidlaw and Martin Wilde were also engaged last summer in Boston. Becky Welsh ’02 and William Turek were engaged last summer, and they are planning a wedding next summer. Also, Brooke Alexander and Bill Raisbeck ’00 were married on Labor Day Weekend in New York. There were many UVMers in attendance, including Amanda Starbuck, Kristy Bois, Annie Howard, Shira Tabib, Mike Rachlin, Lindsey Cutter, Sean Coffey ’00, Wally Fulweiler ’00, Gemma Scallon ’00, Matt Cardile ’00, Michael Jacobs ’00, Chris Teitz ’00, and me to name just a few. It was a fun weekend for all the festivities began Friday night and ended with the wedding on Sunday. As for other news, Feliz Soyak wrote that she is “trying to succeed in a career as an artist (visual/painting/photo.)” She said it’s quite challenging. Feliz was living in Boston until last fall, and then she moved home to Charlotte, N.C., to save money. She had two shows in Boston last spring, both at small Italian restaurants, Sage and Paulo’s. Currently, she is in Tokyo working on a few new projects and possibly some new shows. She was there for three months last year, working with Volvo Cars Japan, and she had a show for one month at a gallery/café. Mike Rachlin was also in Japan at the same time working as an English teacher, so they saw each other occasionally. Feliz is planning on moving to Seattle this fall. You can check out her latest work at www.filizsoyak.com. Bob Wilkins wrote that he is working in commercial real estate development in Fort Lauderdale. He has been in southeast Florida for the past two years, and he enjoys his community and his church very much. Bob also wrote that he just bought a used surfboard, and he “hits up the waves when they exist.” Annie Howard is still living in New York City, and she is planning on running a marathon in Dublin in October to benefit the Leukemia Society. Good luck! Sarah Clarke wrote that she was accepted into the rehabilitation and mental health counseling master’s program at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is looking forward to beginning the program this fall. Katie Noble wrote that she is living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and is searching for a new roommate.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

2002 Hi, everyone! I want to start with congratulations to Becky Welsh and Will Turek ’01, who were engaged last June. These college sweethearts plan to marry next summer. I also heard from Mea Rupley, who has been living in Phoenix, Ariz., for the past year. She is working for Maxim Healthcare Services in their wellness program. Mea and Dave Newman ‘01 are living in Phoenix. Felice Roe wrote that she has spent the past year at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. She explained that the program is very demanding. She rarely has free time, but she couldn’t be happier.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu

2003 I hope this letter finds all of you happy and healthy and enjoying life as new UVM alums. Although it feels like yesterday, graduation was a few months ago, and we have all begun a new stage of our lives. Be it working, continuing education, traveling, or enjoying a hiatus before a first job, our classmates are doing some very exciting things. Lauren Terrassi is living in Burlington and working as a nutrition care representative at Fletcher Allen Healthcare. She is applying to graduate school for a master’s in psychology. Dan Fredman is also in Burlington, working as an assistant director of admissions at UVM. He is the assistant coordinator of the parent and alumni program for Admissions. Korinne Moore is working for Coalition for a Tobacco Free Vermont, a division of the American Cancer Society, as a coalition assistant. Boston has become the new home to many of our friends: Cara Linehan is living and working in Brookline, Mass., with Brad Ross and Mike Weand. Cara is a client stylist for Brooks Brothers on Newbury Street. Cara, Brad, and Mike recently got a puppy, named Guss, after Brad’s great uncle who was a Revolutionary war hero. They see Sarah Herring, who lives with Jackie Haley ’02 in Brookline. Julie Borden, Kim Henderson, and Alexa Swainson live together in Charlestown. Kim is teaching, and Lexi is working at IBM. Amy Beauregard also recently moved to Brighton. Jill Russo is living at home in Fairfield, Conn., and working at a law firm, while looking forward to law school. Rebecca “Boo” Stewe moved to Lake Placid, N.Y., and she is teaching environmental education at a private school. Zach Kaufman is teaching and coaching lacrosse at the Portsmith Abbey School in Rhode Island. I recently saw Heather Fifield and Emily St. Germain in Boston. Emily is attending Boston University School of Public Health, pursuing her master’s degree in epidemiology. Emily spent August hiking the Long Trail with her boyfriend, and Heather is training to become a marketing manager for a sports marketing company in Boston. She keeps in touch with Annie Geratowski ’02, who is working for Red Bull in Burlington, Vt. Sarah “Crafty” Schoolcraft is teaching third grade in Grafton, Mass., and living in Hudson. She is an hour away from Tessa Lorenze, who is working at a high school in Newburyport, Mass., and living in Portsmouth, N.H. She splits her time between working as an athletic trainer and clinic hours. Kristen Lyons is attending Worcester State, pursuing a master’s degree in speech pathology. She and her fiancé Brian Landerman, whom she met at UVM, live in the Worcester area. Heather Hawkes was awarded the 2003 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Lawrence K. Forcier Outstanding Senior Award last May. She is currently involved with a dietetic internship at a Boston women’s hospital. Caitlin Eastman is moving to Ireland in November to work in art education. Hillary Dana is teaching at the Allen Brook School in Williston, Vt. Jenny Agnew is working at Hebron Academy, teaching in both the upper and lower schools, while coaching field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Tiffany Hayes is living at home in New Milford, Conn., and working as a nanny in Ridgefield, Conn. Adam Wertheimer is living in Manhattan and studying at a culinary school. Matt Salhuana is living at home in Armonk, N.Y., while looking for an advertising job in Manhattan. He recently spoke with Nathan Ahlemeyer, who moved to Montana to work in animal science. He also saw Emily Garvan in Burlington. She is living in San Francisco with Bill Tickner. Alex Korn attends the University of Michigan Law School, and Chuck Wulster is pursuing an acting career in New York City. Andrew Barnett is working for the Army in Delaware, living with Nina Kuntzer, who is pursuinng a master’s degree in engineering. Kristen Guerrette coaches field hockey in Montpelier, Vt., while taking classes at Champlain College. She lives with Alexis Ressler and Melissa Greeley, who is finishing her physical therapy degree at UVM. And I, Jillian Giardina, am working for a sports publishing company on Long Island. Please write or send me an email with any news or updates you may have. Please make sure to log into alumni.uvm.edu and register on the online directory so you can be informed of alumni events.
Class secretary - alumni@uvm.edu