For generations, UVM debaters have devoted themselves to the forensic arts. In return they’ve come away with skills that serve them well in their careers and relationships that make for the most memorable moments of their college years.
by Lynda Majarian
Fall 1999
Spring 1999
Summer 1999
Writer and English Department faculty member Tim Brookes drove an electric vehicle as his primary means of transportation last winter. The experience led him to reflect on how the gasoline-powered automobile has shaped our lives and how a “plugged” perspective might change them.
by Tim Brookes
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Winter 1999
Fall 1998
John Todd’s visionary work as a ground-breaking leader in the field of ecological design has earned Todd prestigious honors, international renown, and a devoted following among students in UVM’s School of Natural Resources.
by Thomas Weaver
Summer 1998
Spring 1998
Study Documents Acid Rain's Impact

Former Patient's Gift Supports Cancer Research

UVM, Vermont Mourn Sumner Williams

New VP to Lead Development, Alumni Relations

Ecosystem Lab Dedicated

Gift Supports Coaches Pay

Frymoyers Create Fund for Medical Education

Fleming Premiers Exhibit by Nobel Prize Winning Author Gunter Grass

Future Alumni
UVM Rescue

Mary Anne and Richard Gucciardi Fitness and Recreation Center Opens

Hazing Allegations Focus on Hockey Team

This photographic portrait celebrates the quest for athletic excellence.
Photographs by William DiLillo and Sally McCay
UVM College of Medicine alum John McGill began his association with Médecins Sans Frontiéres on the Kabul-to-Kandahar highway. Today, he heads the U.S. section of the organization, which was awarded the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.
by Richard Wolkomir