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Jennie Fibish-Scheller turned 100 years old on October 14, 2004. She continues to live in her own apartment in New York. Jennie is a retired social worker, who stays very much involved with current events by reading The New York Times daily. Jennie’s profile is featured on the UVM website (alumni.uvm.edu).
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Alberta Berry Raymond wrote from Fayetteville, N.Y., that she has four grandchildren and four great-great-grandsons. Her late husband, Philip, was an engineer. Over the years she has been very active in her community. She also taught French and Latin at Chapman Technical School in New London, Conn.
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I was overcome when I received a note with news for this issue, because I had no news from classmates to include in our column. I received a letter from the university with an update about our Class of 1934 Scholarship Fund and its recipients. Some of you may not know that this fund was started at our 50th reunion with what class money we had left in our treasury. It was given in honor of our classmate Jack Libby, who had been keeping our class in touch with each other, especially at reunions, for many years. It didn’t start out as a large amount, but currently, it is helping three students, who receive $4,000 each. We received letters of appreciation from each student letting us know a little bit about his or her experience at UVM. Some might not have gone to college without this scholarship, and with help from this scholarship, they have accomplished so much. Don’t forget to send news for our class column. I look forward to hearing from classmates for the next issue.
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Ellinor Bean Hauke

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Ray Collins

It is with much satisfaction that I report that the UVM Class of 1936 Endowment Fund had a robust investment performance in fiscal year 2002. President Daniel Mark Fogel gives much thanks, as we do, to the Board of Trustees’ Investment Committee. On another note, the class of 1936 wishes UVM great success in all its present activities. I am also happy to announce that the recipients of our 1936 Endowment Fund have sent letters expressing their thanks to our class. Seven were awarded scholarships: three seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore. Their majors included philosophy, psychology, animal sciences, sociology, women’s studies, studio art, and computer sciences.
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John Williams

Your secretary received an invitation from the UVM Victory Club and the Vermont Regional Board to a luncheon featuring UVM Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Brennan as speaker. Hoping to see and possibly talk to some members of the class of ’37, I decided to attend, in spite of bitter cold temperatures. Coach Brennan talked about the team’s prospects for this season and reminisced about past experiences and people he worked with, always giving full credit to those who had supported and aided his work. He also talked about the rosy prospects for the future. This stimulating experience only had one disappointment: no members of the class of ’37 were to be seen.
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Gilbert Rist

I am sad to report that we have lost an outstanding and universally well-known member of our class. John Suitor died on April 8, 2004, at Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vt., where he has lived with his wife, Martha Rist (’39) Suitor. He was born in South Deerfield, Mass., and educated at Deerfield Academy, graduating in 1934. While at UVM, he was captain of the track team, president of our class, and a member of Boulder, Key and Serpent, and Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He received a graduate degree in English from UVM in 1947. John taught at Deerfield Academy for 30 years, where he was chair of the English Department, a dorm parent, and a coach. He also was owner and director of Camp Timanous in Raymond, Maine, for many years. John received the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 1987. He is survived by his wife, Martha; and sons John ’68, G’72, David ’73, and Gilbert as well as two grandsons, including John ’88; two granddaughters; and three great- granddaughters.
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O. Elaine Griffith Nawrath


For the academic year of 2004-2005, our 50th Reunion Fund was able to assist eight students. There were two from Massachusetts, one from Vermont, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. Bernie Lisman received a thank you note from each one. Ruth Wimett sent me a note to let me know of Frank Canary’s death. Martha Rist Suitor and Webster Thompson met and chatted about old times. In December, I became a great-grandmother to twins.
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Mary Shakespeare Minckler

Y’all come to the 65th reunion of the class of 1940! Please bring any surviving memorabilia. We are anticipating an elegant attendance. There are approximately 16 classmates who live in the greater Burlington area. We hope all of them and many more will return to the campus on the hill. I am delighted to report that seven UVM students are recipients of the class of 1940 Memorial Scholarship Fund. Their majors include electrical engineering, biology, environmental studies, anthropology, elementary education, and agriculture and resource entrepreneurship. One recipient wrote, “This scholarship is an incredible help to me, and I greatly appreciate it.” A third-year student commented, “I will take this donation and accomplish my goals so that I can one day give in return to a student in need.” Other comments included “the money is a great help as college expenses are a huge burden for me and my family,” and “it was an honor to receive the scholarship, and I am extremely grateful.” An enthusiastic Boulder Society member wrote, “This is a huge honor, and it has greatly lightened the financial load.” Thanks, classmates, for your generosity. Isn’t it wonderful to be cherished? Lois Murray Lantman, a long-time resident of Hinesburg, Vt., was the oldest of six children. Now a proud matriarch, she enjoys her 12 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She recently moved to Woodstock, Vt., where she makes her home with her daughter’s family. Active in her new community, Lois enjoys the programs at the community senior center and the activities of the Red Hats. She hopes to be able to attend our 65th reunion. Finally our class sends condolences to Jean Butler Pye and family for the death of Bill Pye ’41 last October in Charlotte, N.C.
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Mary Nelson Tanner

Barbara Bagby Battenfield wrote from Santa Rosa, Calif., that she was surprised and delighted to learn that so many classmates she knew are still around. A retired teacher, Barbara has lived in that city for nine years. Her home is near a daughter, and a son and his family are in Los Angeles. Three additional families are in the Boston area, and another son is in North Carolina. Robert Crimmin reported from Windsor, Vt., that he and his wife, Rita, have six children and 11 grandchildren. After working at Goodyear for 36 years, he started an accounting and tax service. He served on the local school board for 15 years, as a selectman for six years and a credit union treasurer. He was also active in Little League. Although he has slowed down since an accident in 1998, he continues to keep in touch with Dick Healy, Ray Laramie, and other UVM teammates. Geraldine Wilcox Hunt wrote that she had her Lake Memphremagog cottage torn down and had a year-round house built on the site. Her daughter Patricia Vana ’71 and her sons live with her. Grandson Bud Vana graduated from Harvard in 2004, and Evan Vana will graduate from UVM in 2005. Geraldine volunteers at the United Church and is active in a gourmet bridge club. Henry McGinty sent greetings to friends and classmates in his holiday letter. He is excited about the arrival of a great-grandson, Miles Henry Thompson, now 20 months old. Henry and his wife, Helen Keedy ’40, were married in 1942. They lived in Texas where he was an executive with the Boy Scouts of America and later assistant superintendent of the Abilene State School until 1981. Helen died in 1996, and they have two daughters, five grandchildren, and a great grandson. The family recently celebrated his 85th birthday and a granddaughter’s December wedding. Henry would enjoy hearing from classmates at abitex@yahoo.com. Jane Allen Hadley, our class vice president, wrote that she flew to Park City, Utah, at Christmas for a brief visit to see her first great-grandchild.
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Maywood Metcalf Kenney

Two of our classmates, Larry Burgess and Pearl Marvin Welch, are recuperating from surgery and injury. We wish both of them a speedy recovery. We would like to hear from more classmates.
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Gwen Marshia Brown

We are sad to report that John Goss died on August 6, 2004, at age 83. His wife, Doris Squire Goss, survives him as well as their four children and their families. John and Doris celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve 2003. A former president of the Vermont Education Association, John was honored last fall by a full-page memorial in the Vermont Retired Teachers’ Association newsletter. We all remember John very lovingly and also remember John and Doris’s lifelong romance that began at UVM. Their friends will be glad to learn that Doris is doing quite well despite her arthritis, and she continues to make quilts. She recently traveled to Florida for a family visit. In January, Mary Beth Davis Bloomer left for four months in Florida. Would that we all could join her! As reported in the winter issue, Mary Beth lives at the Gables, a retirement community in Rutland. The mother of Dave Franzoni ’71 also lives there as does Mary Shakespeare (’38) Minckler’s sister, Martha. It’s a UVM place! I had a very interesting telephone call from Len Harrington seeking information about another classmate, Fred Webster ’42, with whom he participated in track. Len and his wife live on Cape Cod, and, in spite of minor infirmities, are enjoying life. After serving in World War II for which he received a Purple Heart, and receiving his master’s degree from UVM, Len had a very full and successful life as an engineer for major companies. His wife was a war bride whom he successfully smuggled over the border from Austria. Reminds me of “The Sound of Music.”
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June Hoffman Dorion

I hope you made a New Year’s resolution to send news for our class column in 2005. I’m sure you have news to write about.
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Alison Carr Wood
10 Country Route 45A
Apt. 406
Oswego, NY 13126

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Kay Hennessey

Betty Johnson Bahrenberg and I took a memorable cruise to Bermuda last fall. We were a day late docking in Boston, due to high seas. Virginia Campbell Downs of Lyndon Center, Vt., stays very involved with the Northeast Historical Society. She is co-editor of the Lyndon Legacy. Mary Boardman Ciaschini lives in the same area, and she is keeping the Greensboro Historical in good shape. Lesley Bell enjoys exhibiting her pastel paintings. She recently took a trip down the Danube River. Betty Mansfield Rhodes continues to enjoy living in Hilton Head, S.C., but she commented on the changes: too many people and too much traffic. She recently got together with Nancy Fleming. Alberta Read Reed and her husband are great supporters of UVM basketball, and they are hoping for another successful season for the Catamounts. Mary Lou Robinson Adsit continues to keep busy with volunteer work. She serves on the Save the Chapel committee, which succeeded in restoring the Lakeview Cemetery Chapel in Burlington. She also has been active in JUMP, an ecumenical agency that does counseling and mentoring in Burlington, Vt. We all hope to hear from more of you for the summer issue. See you at the Green and Gold luncheon in June.
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Harriet Bristol Saville

I received a nice Christmas card with a note from Richard Paine. The note was so perceptive that I will quote it here. Richard wrote, “In one of the past issues of Vermont Quarterly, you asked for people to write. The reason for the lack of communication is due to the fact that our class was so disrupted by the war that there was very little cohesion. I am retired, and Betty and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary on June 3rd, then I enjoyed my 60th reunion at St. Johnsbury Academy. We have a son, Scott; a grandson; and a granddaughter. Hope you are all well. Please write. We would love to hear from you.” Richard said it best. All of you, please write.
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Louise Jordan Harper

Everett Merrill lives in Cobleskill, N.Y., after retiring from the State University of New York as a professor of biology and operator of the water-testing laboratory. As a retiree, he installs lifelines for a local hospital, heads the church property committee, and lives harmoniously with nature by including such activities as cutting wood and windjamming. He has a son and a daughter. John McHugo, a US Air Force veteran from World War II, is retired and living in Tucson, Ariz. He enjoys playing golf, hiking, and reading. He has a son and two daughters. Joanne Goulart Weber of Candor, N.Y. is an active artist. At present, she has two watercolors displayed in an art gallery. She has also done oil portraits of friends and family. She attends sketch workshops and other art classes.
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Theresa Guzowski Johnson

This column marks my debut as your new class secretary. Other officers elected at reunion last June were Marilyn Davis Huntley, president, and Malcolm and Gladys Severance, co-vice presidents. The Severances hosted 30 of us who attended our reunion at a welcome gathering and a farewell breakfast in their Colchester home. The class notes compiled at the time got lost in the shuffle and have now reappeared. Nancy Tobey Shisler and husband Joe live in Zephyrhills, Fla., where she sings with a barber shop chorus and does line dancing. They also are RV enthusiasts. Rita Gilman Kuperberg and husband, Sid, research genealogy and combine their photo and computer talents, sending email messages to friends all over the world. The “Most Grandkids Award” went to Bill and Wilma Murphy Dempsey of Weymouth, Mass. They have 19 grandchildren. John Howard, a retired attorney from Tulsa, Okla., still travels extensively and enjoys sailing with a crew from Vermont, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. Malcolm Severance is the only classmate who has been a UVM student, faculty member, administrator, trustee, and member of the Legislature in his fourth term. His wife, Gladys, a retired math teacher and town tax collector, is active with Meals on Wheels and the National Museum of the Morgan Horse. Lynn Davis Huntley keeps busy with cross-country skiing and church work in Granby, Conn. Willard and Jean Tucker (’48) Fletcher live in Newark, Del. Willard taught mid-European history at UVM, Colorado, Utah, and Delaware, working with student groups and Smithsonian Associates, and he was appointed by President Carter to serve on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Among others who attended all or part of our reunion were John Fletcher, a retired air traffic controller, and his wife, Marilyn Hinsdale (’55) Fletcher, who live in Shelburne, Vt., and Huthenson Island, Fla.; Marie Matthews Glysson of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Roy Fox of Winsted, Conn; and Howard and Ruth White (’46) Lyon of Ithaca, N.Y. Howard was Malcolm’s roommate in 1942 before they went into the service and returned as sophomores in 1946. Norma Carmichael Wilson and husband David of Washington, N.J., hosted several Thetas at their condo in Smuggler’s Notch during reunion. Mary “Bunky” Henderson Robertson and husband Willard are retired in Peru, Vt., and are involved in the antique business. Lucille Wetherby Fiske of Cuttingsville, Vt., spends winters in Marana, Ariz. Donald Malloy wrote that he and his wife, Barbara, recently celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. Donald is a veteran of World War II and since has spent most of his time living and working in New Jersey. The Mallorys have 11 great-grandchildren, and they are enjoying retirement in Fredericksburg, Va. If your news is not here, please send it for the next issue.
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Arline “Pat” Brush Hunt