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James Schaefer is currently working for Lehman Brothers as a senior vice president in the energy/investment banking division in New York City. James spends a lot of his time skiing or playing sports. He has been in touch with several UVM classmates and former UVM skiers. If you’re in New York City, he hopes you’ll look him up. Last summer, Katherine Dowley Chao and her husband, Jerry, relocated from Scarsdale to Albany, where Jerry is a plastic surgeon. They moved from Chicago to Scarsdale in the summer of 2002 so Jerry could complete a hand surgery fellowship at Columbia. They are enjoying the East Coast, and their five-year-old children, Madeline and Matthew, are doing great. Sarah Montgomery Calatayud is living in Old Lyme, Conn., with her husband, Fred ’82, and son Frederick Sloan. Fred is chief operating officer for the Pequot Pharmaceutical Network, a company owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation in Ledyard, Conn. Sarah works part-time for Shoreline Health Solutions, a small consulting firm serving the needs of non-profit healthcare agencies. I am sad to pass along the news that Samantha (“Sam” to her friends) Martin ’89 died on November 30th from liver failure. After graduation, Sam worked in ski event promotions for many years before accepting a position as the director of business development at Sno Country Worldwide in Lebanon, N.H. She loved the outdoors and had recently competed in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic race in Colorado.
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Sue Faivre Cioffi wrote to say that she gave birth to twin sons Patrick and Leo on September 11, 2002. She and her husband and the boys make their home in Montpelier, Vt., where she is now a stay-at-home mom. Sheila Mehta-Green received her doctoral degree in the field of sociology from Northeastern University. She currently works for WebCT, Inc., as an account executive. She also is an adjunct faculty member at Nichols College and Middlesex Community College. Sheila and her husband live in Massachusetts, and many local UVMers were on hand to celebrate with her: Heather Renick Miller, Debby Dyson-Diaz, Lauren Garfield, Holly Ripley, Jane Caron (’91) Kimble, and Ellen Hinteregger (’90) Knowles. Kate Gilmore Walker wrote for the first time ever after a submission to Vermont Quarterly from Kate Dodge brought back memories of the junior year she spent in Canterbury, England, as a Buckham Scholar. She wondered if the submission was from the same Kate Dodge who spent an academic year with her at the University of Kent. She is curious to hear from other members of that program and wonders what they are all doing today. Did any follow the path of our great professors in the UVM English Department? Kate Walker did not, instead deciding on law school. She has taken a break from practicing law, hopefully a short one, to stay home with her two delightful daughters, Abigail and Penelope. She lives with her husband, Kevin, and two daughters in a wonderful home built in 1714, which they have spent the last year renovating. They adore living in Marblehead, Mass., but return often to the Burlington area to enjoy the lake and mountains. Marc Carpenter is a licensed masters-level psychologist working at the Community Access Program, a developmental services agency located in Rutland, Vt. He has been married for 16 years and lives in Sudbury, Vt., with his wife and six children, whom they home school. Deborah Dyson wrote that on April 5, 2003, she married Jorge Diaz-Santiago in his hometown of Mexico City. Keelin Smith Dawe was a bridesmaid, and Jeffrey Nodine gave the toast. Other UVMers in attendance at the wedding were Kristine Schroeder, Sheila Mehta-Green, Heather Renick-Miller, and Eric Patel ’91. Jorge and Deborah met eight years ago at Cornell University while they were both getting master’s degrees in electrical engineering. They wrote that they moved into their new house in Wayland, Mass., last February. Deborah works for IBM, and Jorge works for Intel; both are engineers.
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Amy Bernardini Schalk wrote from Colchester, Vt., that things have gotten busier in her life since the birth of her first child, Braden, in March 2002. She was looking forward to getting together with Jenny Esty and Staci Ballas Davis at Amy Gage’s wedding last October. David Pascussi of Boca Raton, Fla., wrote that he and his wife, Jodi, welcomed their new daughter, Isabelle Camille, into the family on June 27, 2003
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I hope everyone is looking forward to our 10th year reunion. Don’t forget to make your reservations if you haven’t done so already. See you in Burlington! Claude Bahnik married Marie Russell on May 24, 2003, in Garden City, N.Y. Claude’s best men were Ian Paisley ’93 and Sean Gaffney ’93. Other UVM grads in the couple’s wedding party included Claude’s sister, Miché Bahnik (’97) Mercier, Peg Leder ’95, Chris Reiner ’93, and Greg Trager. Ken Barnes ’93 did a reading at the ceremony. UVM alumni in attendance included the bride’s brother-in-law Ross Rosen ’92, Ken Bekampis, Katie Walsh-Bugliari, Anthony Bugliari, Mike Coughlin, Kara Calace-Dowd ’93, J.P. Dowd, Chris Jaynes ’92, Brendan Lemoult, Eric Long ’92, Tim Love ’92, Marcia Lux, Paul MacNeill ’91, Barrett Prinz, Michelle Hiller-Range, Rob Range, and Stacey Violante-Cote. Claude wrote, “A great time was had by all!” Claude and Marie live in Oyster Bay, N.Y. Barrett Prinz married Barrie Rosenberg on September 20, 2003, in Boston. Barrie and Barrett live in Manhattan; both are attorneys. Greg Trager, Brendan LeMoult, and Allen Sussman were groomsmen in the wedding party. Other UVM alumni in attendance were Anthony and Katie Walsh-Bugliari, Claude Bahnik, Mike Coughlin, Mike Mora, Stacey Violante-Cote, Rob Range and his wife, Michelle Hiller-Range. Barrett also wrote that Anthony and Katie Bugliari’s little boy, William, turned two last winter. Perry Fatuova wrote about an absolutely amazing wedding he went to last May. Muffy Lake married Tad White on a perfect spring day on the shore of Gloucester, Mass. Fellow UVM alumni in the wedding included Jon Bennis, Greg Finkle, Chris Kimble, Beck Shakles, Drew Shimomura, Deb and Eric Morris, Jen Gledhill, Amy Beth Skendarian ’95, and Sonja Johnson Doherty. “It was a phenomenal weekend, and it was wonderful to get everyone together again,” wrote Perry. Wendy Klandl Richardson and her husband, Chris, are relishing the joys of parenthood with their new son, Jared Christopher, born May 27, 2003. Wendy also reported that she completed her PhD in human development from the University of Maryland, College Park, last December. Clare Threlkeld of Delray Beach, Fla. has run three marathons in the past year. She competed in the Vermont City Marathon and the New York City Marathon in 2002 and the Miami Marathon in 2003. She placed in the top third in all of them, posting a best time of three hours and 49 minutes. She heads north once or twice a year to visit friends Michelle Angelich Josilo and Justyn Amarosa Constant.
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Carl Erickson and his wife, Kerin, are happy to announce the birth of their second son, Connor Ryan, on August 14, 2003. He joins big brother Carl Douglas, who recently turned two. The Ericksons are now living in Chelmsford, Mass. Karen Tohl Moses wrote to tell us that she and her husband, Justin, wanted to share the great news that they just welcomed their first child, Brooke Amanda, on August 5. Karen and Justin also helped celebrate the marriage of Wil Tidman and Jill Rosenbloom on September 21 in Strafford, Vt. Other Vermont alums in attendance were Brad and Sarah DeLucia Bierman, John Benson, Jesse Cormier, Eric Meyers, Kurtis Basallion, Greg and Lindsay Hall, Derek Samuelson, Chris Ward, Jody Scharffenberger, Erica Nelson, Liz Patzolose, Jeff and Kerry Braverman Drinkwater, Kip Levin, Alex West, and Scott Carter. In addition, Brandon and Rory Schusler Whitaker have a beautiful baby girl named Devin Lindsay. Karen wrote that seeing all the UVMers has gotten them excited for the 10th year reunion. Elsbeth Sklar Wick and husband Jeffrey ’91 welcomed their first baby, a boy, Alexander Jeffrey Wick, on August 24, 2003. After working together at Legal Services, Mondana Nikoukari, Sam Charron, and Chris Mahoney have established the law firm of Nikoukori, Channon & Mahoney, PC, in Springfield, Mass. Congratulations to Kitter Spater and his brother Gordon ’92, who have started an industrial design firm based out of Brooklyn, N.Y., called Motivation Design LLC. The focus of the company is to design, develop, and bring to the market products and services that tap into the force that drives individuals to see more clearly, participate more actively, and live more richly in order to create heightened experiences. Learn more about the products at www.timetote.com. Tim Diette and his wife, Courtney, welcomed their first child, Caroline, on December 22, 2003. The family lives in Durham, N.C.
Class secretary - vspappas@mindspring.com

Hope you all had a wonderful winter! Jenny Joyce married Greg Buron on August 1, 2003, in Rockport, Mass. Other UVMers in attendance were Elly Downey Patterson, Trina MacDonald, and Talitha Peters. After the wedding, Jenny and Greg drove around Ireland taking in the breathtaking views, pubs, and Celtic castles. Greg is a computer graphics programmer, and Jenny teaches high school science. They live in Bellingham, Wash. Jolene Resnick is the manager of media relations for The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City. Amy Frankel married Nathaniel Bowen in Newport, R.I., on October 4, 2003. UVMers in attendance included Jill Hamilton, Ryan Wildes, Amy Pelletier Hainer, and former UVM crew teammates Sage Laundon, Michael and Lisa Budd, Rick Gherst, and Cecilie Rowitz Herring. Amy and her husband enjoyed a two-week honeymoon in Italy. They live in Cambridge, Mass., and Amy works as a marketing manager for an environmental consulting firm in Boston. Amy also wrote that Cecile Rowitz Herring was married in Santa Cruz, Calif., on July 19, 2003, and she recently moved to Cambridge, Mass. Steven Gauck and his wife, LaLa, welcomed their first child, Andrew, on May 30, 2003. They live in Washington, D.C., where Steven was recently promoted to sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Department. Meridith Ray Stevenson and her husband, Herb, MD ’98, are living in Massachusetts. Herb is an associate professor in family medicine at the UMass Fitchburg’s residency program as well as a sports medicine doctor. Meridith is a nurse, working per diem at an urgent care center. They are enjoying life with their one-year-old daughter, Hannah, and their basset hound, Lucy. On August 3, 2003, Michael Werner and his wife, Marla, welcomed twins Kaylee Hanna and Ethan Daniel into the world. Kaylee and Ethan come from a long line of UVM alumni. Their grandfather is David Werner, MD ’73, of State College, Pa., and their great-grandparents are the late Harry Werner ’37, MD ’41, and Anne Werner ’42. Michael, Marla, and the twins are living in Pittsburgh, Pa., where Michael is practicing law and Marla is a project director for a non-profit organization. Major Richard Roessler and his wife, Tami ’95 are going to Hawaii — “Eat your heart out!” Rick was selected for an expeditionary medical support fellowship at Hickham Air Base with a follow-up assignment at Osan Air Base in Korea. Their daughters, Alison and Megan, are excited and can only talk about “building sandcastles all day.” Rick returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom last May after serving as director of operations for an expeditionary aeromedical evacuation squadron at a classified location. Tami is presently a stay-at-home mom. They can be reached by email at tramr@earthlink.net. Laurie Lareau Canuto received her master’s degree in speech pathology from University of Rhode Island in 2002. She has been living in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, working and attending graduate school. Laurie met her husband, Damian, in Rhode Island, and they moved to Vermont in the summer of 2003. They were married on October 18, 2003, at the UVM Catholic Center. UVMers in her wedding party were her sister Alison Lareau ’03, who was maid of honor, and bridesmaids Melissa Lowrey ’95 and Jennifer Prince. UVMers in attendance included Kristin Schutz, Elizabeth Rogers, Sarah Conlon, MD ’03, James Pamplin ’97, Shannon Luzzatto (’97) Jones, Mark Yantachka ’98, Beth Thibault ’98, and Duane Compton ’03. Laurie and Damian spent their honeymoon in Bermuda, and Laurie now works as a part-time RN in neurology at Mary Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., and per diem as a speech and language pathologist at Central Vermont Hospital in Berlin. She would enjoy hearing from fellow nursing school classmates via email at laurievt@earthlink.net. Matt Gagnon married Karen Albertson on a beautiful autumn day, October 11, 2003, in Topsfield, Mass. Karen and Matt thank their many UVM alumni friends and family for helping them celebrate their joyous occasion: Amy Miller Farley, Katie Gillis, Cheryl Cote Alden, Jon Alden, Philip ’92, and Kimberly Fleming Albertson, Stephen Gagnon ’02, Jason Janicke, Jason Strongin, Jeremy Shubitz, Darren Keniston ’97, Drew Benescik ’97, Mark Schneider, Rebecca Moulton (’95) Schneider, Mark Casella, and Scott Fleming ’94. Matt and Karen are in the process of renovating their new house in West Newbury, Mass. They are looking forward to attending Jason Strongin’s wedding in Chicago in September 2004. Jason recently became engaged to Lauren Oberman, and they live in New York City. Susan Mercure recently got engaged and is planning a September 2004 wedding. She lives and works as a physical therapist in Beverly, Mass. Marlis Makocy Clingan and her husband, Bob, are proud to announce the birth of their twin sons, Riley Brendan and Aiden Skyler, on August 8, 2003. Katie Byrne Riordan was married to her high school sweetheart Matthew Riordan in February 2003. Matthew proposed to Katie on the Lake Champlain Bridge, which was symbolic of all the long trips he took from New Jersey to visit her while she was at UVM. UVM roommate Bonnie Babula Clark was one of her bridesmaids. Katie lives in New Jersey and works for a small law firm.
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Brendan Neill of Burlington, Vt., was promoted to the position of broadcast coordinator at Vermont Public Television. He will be responsible for special programming projects and will assist with scheduling and acquisition of programs.
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Natalie Mead wrote to share the happy news that Addie May Spongberg married Ryan Weiss ’97 on October 4, 2003, in New York City. Natalie was maid of honor. Other UVMers in attendance included a Tri Delta contingent: Carrie Raisbeck Landstrom, Parrish Prell (’97) Blaszka, Peggy Philip, Candy Upson (’96) Bignell, Allison Martin, Jennifer Wallace Myers, Nicole Pelissier Butler, Christie Millard (’97) Tully, and Kim French (’97) Perry. Other UVM guests were Demetrious Karoutsos ’96, Kevin Quiros, Matt Myers, Christine Shea (’97) Getchell, Eric Getchell ’95, Torq Perry ’97, Jason Landstrom, and Keir Kleinknecht ’97. Natalie also let us know that Keir is engaged to Jessica Carcaterra, and they are planning an April 2004 wedding. Anne Conaway Peters was named the Peggy R. Williams Emerging Professional by Vermont Women in Higher Education last November. Anne is director of marketing for St. Michael’s College. Carlos Costa married Martha Emerich on October 5, 2002. They welcomed their first child, Christopher William Emerich Costa, on September 26, 2003. Carlos is associate director of McKenny Union and Campus Life at Eastern Michigan University.
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Megan Grant married Brendan Hall ’01 on September 13, 2003, at Shelburne Farms. UVM alumni in attendance were Caroline Bear, Jessie Kraemer, Caitlin Russell, Dakota Casserly ’02, Eric Smith ’01, Gregg Hall ’95, Lindsey Hall ’95, and Grant Hall ’95. Earlier in the summer on July 5, 2003, Caroline Bear married Jared Carver on the Cape in Massachusetts. UVMers in attendance at their wedding included Megan Grant, Jessie Kraemer, Caitlin Russell, Lindsay Cronin, and Ben Smith. Eric Snyder asked Michelle Welch to marry him over the Christmas holidays. They plan to marry this summer on the Oregon coast with a reception there and on the East Coast in western Pennsylvania. They are also planning a European bike adventure honeymoon. Eric has lived in Ashland, Ore., for the past three years, working for an engineering firm. He is currently studying for his professional engineering exam. Michelle is launching a wholesale business, Kharmic Creations, selling sculptures and other items imported from Southeast Asia. Phil Signoroni and Chris Rose hosted a mini-’99 reunion at the Junction in South Boston last fall. What a turnout! Some of the UVMers in attendance were Brian Waters, Michael “OB” O’Brien, Brendan Chiou ’98, Ben Smith, Lyssa Sher, Jason Gluskin, Craig Peper, Josh Blank, Steve Finnern ’00, Brad Shepard, Jess Snyder ’97, Stephanie Corley ’97, Kelly Desmond ’97, Lauren Flannery, Corey Levy, Stacey Williams, Amy Buckley, Melissa Buckley, Amy Curran, Kristen Frank ’01, Kevin Wiley ’89, Roberto Beall ’91, and me, just to name a few. Good times were had by all. Tara Kolenski and Graham Bless are getting married on August 22 in Nashua, N.H. Lindsay Truesdell, Lyssa Sher, and I will be bridal attendants. Tara will make a lovely bride. Justin Carr has finally blessed Boston with his presence. Welcome! Brendan Wheeler shipped off to Iraq for an undetermined period of time. He is hoping to be back for Reunion. Good luck and take care of yourself! Mary Vadnais Berger, soon to be Dr. Berger, will graduate from the UVM College of Medicine in May, and, hopefully, she will be doing her residency in the greater Boston Area. Mary, we would love to have you here. Mary also plans on attending our reunion. Kevin Chipman is still kickin’ it in St. John. He has been doing some freelance photography. Check out his website: http://www.caribbean photos.com/. Cris Amanti will be attending medical school at UVM this fall. Congrats, kid, we are all proud of you! I do hope you are all spreading the word about our 5th year reunion. Five years fly by; it’s time to catch up. Take care and see you in June!
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Hello, classmates! I hope that everyone had a wonderful winter and a happy, healthy holiday season. We received news from Jonathan Stahl that, after having had a positive experience with student leadership positions at UVM, he decided to make student affairs his career. He is pursuing a master’s degree in education at UMass Amherst and working with the new student programs. He worked on designing a wilderness orientation for UMass’s new student program, based partly on UVM’s TREK program. He also will be an intern in the office of orientation, transition, and retention services at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Please send me an email message so that I can let everyone know what you all are up to. Your class would love to hear from you!
Class secretary - sara.k.fritsch@accenture.com

I’ll begin this edition with a bit of information about myself. I have just been accepted into the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth for the class of 2006. It looks like I will be joining at least two other UVM alumni currently at Tuck, Andrew Thompson ’96 and Adam Von Reyn ’00. Jodi Lauzon Braida wrote that she is currently living in Carlstadt, N.J. She was married in July 2001, and she now has a two-year-old daughter. A graduate student in education at New Jersey City University, she just completed her internship, and she is now certified to teach K-8 in New Jersey. She is currently a private-in-home tutor in Bergen County until she finds a permanent teaching position. Lindsey Cutter completed her master’s degree in December. She currently teaches first grade in Brookline, Mass. Sarah Novick ’02 was in the same master’s program and is teaching first grade in Newton. Mike McGuirk and Sarah recently got engaged, and they are planning a July 2004 wedding. As for other news from Boston, Ryan Angell is working for Merrill Lynch. Rob Freeman left Nantucket to move to Brookline, Mass., where he lives with Jenn Welch. He runs a drywall business, which has expanded beyond Nantucket to the mainland. Also in the Boston area, Laura Waske is teaching science in Milton and living in Brookline. Gibbs Rehlen was recently accepted into the Peace Corps and will be heading to Costa Rica for a rural community development project, including community and organizational development, economic opportunities, and educational activities. Heather Scott moved to Washington, D.C., last September. She works in the Georgetown University Law Center. Charlotte Cowen moved to Washington, D.C., at the same time, and she is a staff assistant for Senator Jack Reed from Rhode Island. Eric Fenton has agreed to be the first guest writer for the 2001 column. He wrote a great update about his friends, though he included nothing about himself. Eric wrote, “Matt Dias moved to D.C. and is working for Senator Joe Lieberman. He has also acquired a new wardrobe, including a suede jacket and several roll-neck sweaters. He likes working in the Capital and is trying hard to shake his image from UVM as the ‘worst-dressed male.’” Kate Dwyer and several other UVM business school alums co-founded Cassiamor, a Boston event-planning company. She wrote that they wanted to put their classroom knowledge to the test, and it’s working. Kip Edwards started JKE Fish Tours, a deep-sea-fishing charter business in Ocean City, Md. He operates two boats and runs charters that go after big fish and sharks. If anyone is interested, he’s looking for people to come aboard. Believe it or not, Ian Hooper is working part time at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, mostly doing event coordinating and security. He is a bartender at The Viper Room and is still pursuing a career in acting or modeling. Jeff Agne continues to work for Factset Research Management in Stamford, Conn. He recently moved to Greenwich, and he claims that he does absolutely nothing but work and watch ESPN and occasionally the History Channel. He hopes to move to Boston this spring. Tim Thalmann is in Hawaii with his girlfriend, Danielle Rochette, but he will be returning to his position at John Hancock in Boston in six months. Danielle is a traveling nurse through Mass General Hospital. Eric Smith lives in San Diego and works for a Hedge Fund as a research analyst. He coaches youth lacrosse in his spare time. While coaching, he often reflects back to his first year at UVM when he was cut from the lax team, but he then went on to become captain his senior year due to hard work and perseverance. If you would like to be the next “guest writer,” please send me an email message.
Class secretary - hilary.dixonstreeter@ey.com

I want to thank everyone who took the time to drop me an email. I will, however, ask that those who send me news via email write “class notes for Vermont Quarterly” in the subject line so I can tell that it is not spam. I’ll start with congratulations to Thom Firlik and Beth Shoenfeld on their engagement. Beth and Thom are living in Washington, D.C. Beth is a creative talent recruiter for Boss Staffing, and Tom is in accounting with the American Council for Life Insurers. Elsewhere in D.C., Andy Rosenstock is working at a law firm, and David Cordeau is working in the marketing department at Canon. Jordan Buda wrote that he is living in Greenwich, Conn., and working at Factset Research Systems as an investment consultant. He works with fellow UVMers Jeff Agne ’01, who is a consultant, and Dennis Ladd ’95, who is the vice president of sales. Kim Bennett is working in advertising sales for Parenting Magazine. She was planning to move in with Kathy Kertez in Manhattan in February. Kathy informed me that Matt Tomabene is also living in Manhattan and working at Acker, Merrill, Condit Wine Auctions. Meagan Williamson is living in Burlington, Vt., and he recently began working at Enterprise. Jenny Kendall is living and working as a teacher in Newport, Calif., near L.A. Kate Wagner-Friel is in her second year of teaching in New Orleans for Teach America. That’s it for this issue. Again, thank you to everyone who sent updates, and I hope to hear from more of you soon. Happy Spring!
Class secretary - jenniferkhouri@yahoo.com

Shawn Clarke wrote, “I am a 2003 UVM graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Today, February 24, 2004, I attended the funeral of Wayne Golnazarian, who was a professor in the mechanical engineering department. Wayne died after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Right up to the end, Wayne used his sense of humor to comfort those around him who were suffering with the prospect of losing him. I would ask that everyone remember in their prayers Wayne’s wife, Cecilia, and his two children, Kayla and Sevan, during this very difficult time. Wayne was a very caring and charismatic teacher who will be greatly missed by all those who had the privilege to be one of his students.”
Class secretary - jgiardina@universitypublications.com