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Ernie Pierce married Tammy Garrison last June on a mountaintop in Jackson, Wyo. Mark Dunning and his wife, Julia, welcomed their first child, Bella, into the family nearly six years ago. Bella was born profoundly deaf. Mark wrote that the most amazing experience has been the number of people that came rushing to their aid. From the deaf community to language professionals and doctors, people offered to help a child they didn’t know. To give back, Julia started a program for children with hearing loss through Minuteman Arc Early Intervention, a program that provides sign language and speech therapy in a play-oriented environment. It also offers a place for parents to get together and discuss issues they have in common. They have also founded Decibels, a charitable organization funding programs for children with hearing loss and support for both children and parents. They have raised more than $52,000 for organizations such as the Minuteman Arc Early Intervention Program. Check their web site at www.decibelscharity.org.
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Karen Heller Lightman and husband Ari welcomed a new daughter, Beth, into the world on May 26, 2004. The Lightmans make their home in Pittsburgh, Pa. Vicki Thiel Demby and her husband, Brian, live in Research Triangle Park, N.C. She received her PhD in pharmacology and toxicology from the University of Kansas in 2001. She is now a research investigator at GlaxoSmithKline, Inc., in their department of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Vicki sent greetings to classmates, especially Rick Wahlers and Rahim Huland El. She can be reached via email at v.victo ria_demby@hotmail.com.
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Jon Winer sent news that he, his wife Annalena, and daughter Madeline welcomed a new addition to their family. Paige Alyssa was born on February 24, 2004, and she joins the family in their Arlington, Va., home.
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Zachary Leader is finishing his second year of class work in the PhD music program at CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. His concentration is ethnomusicology. He continues to play saxophone on the side as well. Jamie Gallagher joined the Burlington, Vt., office of Downs Rachlin Martin law firm in May. His work as a patent associate in the intellectual property practice involves assisting companies with protecting and commercializing their intellectual property.
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Hello, class of 1994! I am Abby Atkinson O’Brien, the new class secretary. First, I would like to thank Denyce Wicht for keeping us all connected and informed over the past five years. I hope I can entice everyone to continue updating all of us on what you are up to. A quick update from me: In August 2003, my husband Tim (who is really a ’94 but liked UVM so much he stayed an extra year and graduated in ’95) and I welcomed our first daughter, Teagan Atkinson O’Brien. This past June, just after our 10 year reunion, Tim did the Newport, R.I., to Bermuda sailing race and won! Teagan and I were able to fly down early and greet the boat with some “dark & stormys” as it came in. In addition to being a mommy, I am still a marine biologist, teaching and helping students with research at Project Oceanology in Connecticut. Laura White McIndoo and husband Scott proudly announced the birth of their daughter, Evelyn Jane, on October 24, 2003. They currently live in Albuquerque, N. Mex. Jeffrey Brent received his M.D. degree in May 2004 from the Medical College of Georgia. Jeff started his residency in emergency medicine in June at Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. Kerri Goldberg-Leonard and her husband, Ben, announced the birth of their son, Benjamin Rowland Leonard, on November 6, 2003. Nancy Elwess, who received her PhD from UVM in 1994, is an associate professor of biology at SUNY Plattsburgh. She received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, which recognizes the outstanding performance of the teaching faculty and staff. Kelly Babat Goorevich and her husband, Michael, live near Buffalo, N.Y. Kelly is founder and director of an educational consulting program. She and her husband welcomed their daughter Macey Wil, on August 8, 2003. Kelly stays in close contact with Natalie Koplowitz Reich, who lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., with her husband and son, Aaron, who was born in September 2003.
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Sybil Sumner Mitchell completed her first marathon, the Vermont City Marathon, in Burlington on May 30, 2004 in 5:00:46. Anna Norgren-Mahon represented the United States in the women’s hammer event at the Athens Olympics. She finished second in the hammer throw at the 2004 U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials in July. Anna was ranked number six in the world after the 2002 season. Jennifer Matthews Tsahalis and husband Peter welcomed their daughter, Lily Frances, on May 29, 2004, at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Jennifer wrote, “She’s a beautiful little girl, and we’ve already introduced her to many of our UVM friends.” Dana Niles and his wife, Nancy, are the proud parents of a new baby boy, Jacob Olsson, born June 10, 2004. Dana, Nancy, and Jacob live in Walpole, Mass., and all are doing great. Congratulations to all!
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Reed Gillmor married Terrance Bowman on August 9, 2003, in Honolulu, Hawaii. She let us know that bridesmaid Jillian MacLean ’96 is a kindergarten teacher in the Boston area, and she recently bought a house. Reed and Terrance met in Washington, D.C., when Reed was working at the Pentagon. They now make their home in Michigan but plan to return to Hawaii to practice law. Reed also let us know that Kathleen Buckley (’96) Cable and husband Richard welcomed their second child, Laura Bronwen, into the family to join their son, Jack. They make their home in England.
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A lot has been going on since the last issue. I am constantly bumping into UVMers around New York City , hearing about all of the exciting things happening in our class. Please note that my email address has changed. It is now hlynch@jcrew.com, so email away! To catch up, Mark Rosen and his new wife, Jennifer, just purchased a house in Natick, Mass. Kristen Matthews is living in Darien, Conn., teaching pilates. She frequently sees Posie Haeger. Nathalie Mead wrote that Addie Mae Spongberg married Ryan Weiss ’97 on October 4, 2003, in New York City. Including myself, several other UVMers were in the wedding party: Allison Martin, Eric Getchell ’95, and Demetrious Karoutsos ’96. Nathan Fenton married Rebecca Reardon on June 1, 2002. Several UVMers attended, including Eric Fenton ’01, Matt Traiman, Rick Couture, Joe Balan, and John Taylor ’99. Nate left New York City after five years, and he is currently working for Fenton, Inc., in Newton, Mass. Kevin Donner married Jamie Riley on April 17, 2004, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Frank Coulson, Meghan Kelly ’99, Chuck Salzman, Eric Kraus, Ellie Marvin, Adam Levy, Todd Saylor, Mitch Decter, and Mike Koch attended. Jake Goldberg ’97 married Brett Kelly ’97 on April 10, 2004, in Throgs Neck, N.Y. Frank Coulson, Meghan Kelly ’99, Chuck Salzman, Ellie Marvin, Adam Levy, Bill Simpson ’99, Kate Townsend ’97, Trevor Smith ’97, Dan Martell ’97, Casey O’Connell ’97, Eben Thurston ’97, Ryan Carrol ’97, Jordan Potsic, and others helped them celebrate. Frank Coulson wrote, “Camhi, the ski house in Stratton, Vt., is no longer.” Gibby Kinloch, Chuck Salzman, Eric Kraus, Todd Saylor, Brian McPhilemy, Kevin Donner, Adam Levy, Mitch Decter, Jake Goldberg, Eben Thurston, and I had three good years there, and the memories will live on.” Amy Butynski wanted to let her fellow PT graduates know that on June 26, 2004, she was marrying the “man of my dreams” David Emery. His brother is Chad Emery ’99. They were engaged New Year’s Day on the beach in Maine. Dave is a career firefighter in Brattleboro, Vt., where Amy still works as a manually-based outpatient physical therapist. She wrote, “We have our own ‘Trista and Ryan’ happy ending.” On May 31, 2003, Hillory Mason and Matt Durgin were married in York, Maine. Noa Lai and Anna-Joy Webber were bridesmaids. UVMers in attendance were Susan McWeeney, Carrie Giroux and Blythe Chapman. Matt and Hillory live in Watertown, Mass. Susan McWeeney wed Bill Newsham in Lexington, Mass., on August 23, 2003. Carrie Giroux was the maid of honor, and Alison Brown La Terza, Noa Lai, and Hillory Mason Durgin were bridesmaids. Charity Clark ’97 and Stephanie DeSantis (’96) Long were there for the celebration. Bill and Susan live in Lexington, Mass. On the West Coast, Melissa Fallon was promoted to director of entertainment marketing for TV at Davie-Brown Ent., an Omnicom agency in Los Angeles. She watched the Red Sox lose the ALCS with Lauren Flannery ’97 and Carey Baldwin ’98, joined up with Lauren and Nellie Palihnich in Boston over Christmas, moved from Hollywood to Manhattan Beach, and is working on her surfing. Melissa attended the wedding of Scott Careo and Candice Spricigo last May. John Helzer, Kevin Reid, and other UVM alums were present. Anne Conaway-Peters, who is St. Michael’s College director of marketing, was named the Peggy R. Williams Emerging Professional by Vermont Women in Higher Education, a division of the American Council of Education, at their annual conference last November in Stowe, Vt. Anne and her husband, Troy Peters, live in Colchester, Vt. In celebration of ID Magazine turning 50 this year, they combed the country looking for designers to represent American style. Our classmate, Peter Bergendahl, will be featured representing Vermont in the magazine article as a snowboard designer for Burton, according to Alice Slovic.
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Our 5th reunion was a hit. Sorry to those who missed it. It is safe to say that good times were had by all. I’m sure there are lots of stories to tell, but here are the updates this time around: In 2003, Jennifer Downey had two big events. She married Michael Gillespie at Searls Castle in Windham, N.H. Her sister, Melissa Downey was her maid of honor, and John Burhans ’00 was a groomsman. Other alumni in attendance were Moya Green ’00 and Ed Coleman ’01. Jen and Michael are also the proud parents of a daughter, Kaitlyn, born August 30, 2003. Melissa Downey and John Burhans are the godparents. Colleen Ryan married Matthew Ring ’97 in an extraordinary ceremony at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, R.I. There were many UVM alumni in attendance, including Tamra Gross, Lisa Black, Tammy Fluhr, Elizabeth Nash, Fiona Mahoney, Greg Hollander, Sean Craine, Matthew Duncan, Sarah Enderlin-Healy, Andrew Harris ’97, Lindsey Cronin, Leigh Summers, Stefan Frey, Michaela Boyle, Dan ’97 and Megan Martell, and Christine Mahoney-Hynes. After a blissful honeymoon touring Italy, they returned to New York City, where they live and work. Congratulations! Deb Pollard married Noah Wepman on April 3, 2004, at the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C. It was a black-tie affair with many UVMers in attendance, including Lyssa Sher, Lindsey Cronin, Christine Mahoney, Lissa Ulman, Leslie Hodgson, Leigh Summers, and I. Alexandra Jacob and Benjamin Tuthill were married on July 26, 2004, in Estes Park, Colo. UVMers who were there included Donna Boucher, David Walker, Susan Howell, Tricia Ross, Greg Lawrence, and Josh Cantrel. Amanda Jenkyn, Emily Gilbert, and Gabe Krechmer got together at a barbecue in the Bay Area. Amanda and Gabe were unexpectedly reunited through mutual friends on a camping trip in Big Sur. Amanda graduated with her master’s in education at the University of California at Santa Cruz in July. She and Emily are in touch frequently. Emily is practicing massage in Portland, Oreg. Gabe is a website developer in San Francisco. Emily Woods married Cassidy Crocker ’95 on June 21, 2003. UVMers in attendance were Matthew Iarrapino ’95, Francis Robinson, Johann Jaremczuk, Todd Martin, and Theresa Sullivan. Cassidy and Emily live in Bend, Oreg., where they own a web/graphic design business (www.xenithdesign. com) and a vintage apparel company (www.new schoolvintage.com). Andrew Josefelk proposed to his girlfriend Colleen Quinn, and they married on August 14, 2004 at the Quechee Inn in Vermont. Steve Reidy is in the wedding. Steve Howe also took a leap of faith and proposed to his girlfriend Ashley in June. They are both thrilled. Ben Taylor ran in the Vermont City Marathon in May. Cris Amanti and Christian Craig among others were there to cheer him on. On June 26, Gregg Schmidt ’97 captained the USA Rugby Division One National Champion Boston Irish Wolfhound team to a first place in the premiere division at the 37th Mad River-Stowe Invitational. This victory helped the Wolfhounds secure the triple crown of Northeastern Rugby, consisting of the USA National Championship, the New England Championship, and the Mad River Invitational Championship. The Wolfhounds, led by Gregg, also featured Travis Arnold and Mike Mazza, both ’98, as well as Rob Danckert and Simon Jacobson. They beat Burlington in the finals after convincing wins over Saranac and Middlesex. Additionally, Josh Safran and Marcel Girouard played for Mad River-Stowe, and Safran’s last-minute try (the equivalent of a touchdown) helped Mad River to capture place in the club division. Laura Ceplenski married Robert Baron on September 27, 2003, at the Reefs on the beach in South Hampton, Bermuda. They stayed in Bermuda a bit, then traveled to Ireland in October. Upon their return, they had a reception in Agawam, Mass. UVMers in attendance were Michelle McKay and Jocelyn Francoise. Congratulations, Laura! Brendan Wheeler has successfully completed his assignment in Iraq as the regional programs coordinator for the Coalition Provisional Authority. He was scheduled to return to the U.S. in August, following a short, but much needed, vacation in the Balkans and Central Asia. Welcome home! Wil Roya is a magician appearing in “Applause” at the Bourbon Street Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Brian Mattison is living and working in Prague, in the Czech Republic, where he teaches English as a second language. His UVM roommate, Jason Boshart visited him for a week and had a great time.
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Congratulations to Andrew Beerworth. Andrew received a Juris Doctor degree from Roger Williams University School of Law in May. He was a member of Moot Court Honor Society. Nice work, Andrew! Heather Radtke and Andrew Duhamel ’01 married at the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury, Vt., on September 5, 2004. UVMers in the wedding party included Ryan Angell ’01, Shaun Graves ’02, Susie Cicirello ’01, Laura Richards, Jenny Denison, Jessica Duhamel (’01) Lalumiere, Sandy Rosen, Andrew Saultell ’03, Jenn Barnes, Tim Willard ’01, and Darren Raymond ’01. Heather and Andrew will make their home in Georgia, Vt., with their Bernese Mountain Dog, Rosi. On behalf of the entire class of 2000, congratulations to Martin St. Louis ’97 and Eric Perrin ’97 on a dream NHL season. We all enjoyed watching you, and we are proud to know you. Go Cats Go!
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Alexis Stevens recently purchased an apartment in Stamford, Conn. She is a research assistant at Millward Brown, a marketing research firm in Fairfield, Conn.
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First, I want to congratulate Katie Morwood on her engagement. She will marry this October in Richmond, Vt. Four of her five bridesmaids are UVM alums: Katie Kavney ’01, Rachel Schneider ’01, Liz Regan ’04 and Lauren Shapiro ’04. Her brother, Mike ’07, is a groomsman. She and her fiancé met through her involvement with Alpha Phi Omega, the community-service fraternity at UVM. He was in the chapter at RPI. She is currently living in Sunderland, Mass., pursuing a master’s degree in epidemiology at UMass Amherst. Elsewhere, many members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity gathered in Manhattan to send off two of their closest friends, Adam Wolk and Donny Much ’03, who will be spending the next few months traveling through Europe. Sarah Turner wrote to let me know that she is living and working in New York City at the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene as a research assistant and office manager in the Office of Vector Surveillance and Control. She is still in touch with Gayla Hancsarik, Elizabeth Young, and Denice Benvienuto, all of whom she lived with at UVM. They are doing very well. Elizabeth is engaged to marry Michael Marks in October 2005. She will graduate from Wake Forest in May 2005 and will be a physician assistant. Gayla is engaged to Jeffrey Olesky, and they plan to marry in August 2005. Gayla is working in the nuclear medicine department at Fletcher Allen Hospital as a nuclear medical technologist. Denise is at Iowa State University, where she is finishing up her first year of vet school. Recently, Sarah and I got in touch with Dave Hudacsko, who is doing great out in Wyoming. He is still doing public relations at Teton Gravity Research and skiing up a storm. He and Katie Flanagan are still together. Katie recently moved to Wyoming, where she teaches at a local elementary school. Stephanie Pearson wrote to let me know that she and Paul Melillo were married in November 2003. They are living in Indianapolis, Ind., where Stephanie is a social worker. Paul is going back to school soon for his master’s degree in environmental science after two years of working for an environmental firm in Indianapolis. They also have a Husky named Juno. Congratulations, Stephanie and Paul!
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Christopher Petrone has been “on the road” since graduation. He has traveled to South Africa, China, and Colorado, and he is now bicycling from Sicily to Lisbon. Emily St. Germain has moved to New Hampshire while finishing classes at Boston University. She is pursuing her master’s of public health degree and will finish in spring 2005. This August, she and her boyfriend were traveling to Honduras to experience life there for two weeks. Korinne Moore has moved to Boston, where she will continue to work for the American Cancer Society. She is excited to catch up with fellow UVMers while she is there. Emily Garvan, John Longo, Claire Houston, and I had a fantastic time at our fifth year high school reunion in Connecticut. It was great to see all of you. Claire recently moved home to Mississippi and will pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture this fall. Cara Linehan is living in Ireland for the summer. Brad Ross reports that all is well in Brookline, Mass., and he is looking forward to Cara’s safe return.
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We know that we have officially become alumni, because here is our first class notes column in Vermont Quarterly. I am so excited to be able to give you the scoop on what our fellow classmates have been up to since graduation. Jessica Rosenfeld spent the summer as an au pair for a family in Galway, Ireland, and she is now working as Hillel director at Tufts University. Julia Dreher and Caitlin Rarey are traveling in New Zealand, taking in the sights. They plan to meet up with Elizabeth Brunst, who is attending veterinary school at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and Lee Reynolds, who is in Australia working and traveling with friends. Once Lee returns to the States, she will be living in Minneapolis, Minn., which is only five hours away from Mary Kate Bennett, who has decided to attend veterinary school at Iowa State University. Mary Kate and Lee said they would love to have UVM visitors any time so they can show them the wonders of the Midwest. Anne Lero spent her summer in Arizona doing Military Intelligence Basic Training. She will be stationed in Kentucky after her training. Kara Egasti is living in Burlington, Vt., and working at KSV as an administrative assistant. Shawna Wells is moving to “the city that never sleeps,” Las Vegas, Nev., to work for Teach For America. Alex Viox spent the summer on Nantucket working as a landscaper, and he hopes to be surfing in Europe this fall. Alison Mitchell is living in Annapolis, Md., where she is a high school geometry teacher. Christina Massari is in Cleveland, Ohio, working on her master’s degree in clinical psychology. As for me, I spent the summer in New Hampshire, working as a sales assistant for Perfect Parties, a luxury linen rental business. I hope that you all had a wonderful summer. Please feel free to email me with any updates you would like to share with the UVM community.
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