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To the Editor

Berman for President

The cover photograph and accompanying article on Laura Berman and her work made me proud to be a woman. Dr. Berman is an outstanding example of intelligence, forward thinking, compassion, curiosity, and drive. A role model for all ages. I hope the good doctor will consider a “Berman Center” in the East.
If you run for president, Laura, you have my vote.

Alicia I. Jenks ’87
North Pomfret, Vermont

Sun, Surf, VQ

I brought the UVM magazine on vacation for some beach reading and am moved to send a note praising the editors and writers. Every article was interesting and I read the entire magazine. I used to browse through it for updates and info about UVM, now it is actually a magazine I look forward to reading and I pass it on to others who aren’t UVM alums. Nice job.

Lynn Vera ’76 G’94
South Burlington, Vermont

Lost on Redstone

In these times of increased preoccupation with national security, it’s worth mentioning that Redstone Campus was occupied by the U.S. military during World War II. Guards secured access to the compound which was off-limits to civilians, except Professor Dykhuizen’s family. One day, my brother Fredrik ’62 and his friend Terry Palmer went missing from Robinson Parkway, so mother set out to find them. A soldier on patrol behind the stone wall along South Prospect Street told her he remembered seeing two little boys exploring the entrance hall of headquarters (Redstone Hall). Obviously, four-year-olds were not considered a security threat. Burlington Police were deployed to retrieve the happy wanderers.

Karl Raab ’59
Bratislava, Slovakia

Whiz Kid

I had to smile when I read the article on “Business Bellwethers” and the success of MicroStrain. For those of us who remember Steve Arms as an undergraduate, it could have been titled “Brilliant Engineering Student Now Heads Successful Start-Up Company.” I still remember his key assistance to a bunch of business majors in our attempt to launch our “Fun-a-lator” product. I am not sure we ever really thanked him for his timely design tips, and we probably would have sold more units if we had incorporated all of his suggestions, but we were having too much fun.

Robert A. Monniere ’80
Laurel, Maryland

Magazine Boosters

Thanks to those who supported our voluntary subscription drive this year. While your dollars will go a long way toward helping us bring you Vermont Quarterly, your kind comments will provide a little extra incentive as we work on those future issues. Here’s what a few of you had to say:

The Quarterly is absolutely wonderful! The quality has improved greatly, and we read it cover to cover. Thank you particularly for the fine article on the Andy Warhol exhibit. Your sports articles have been noteworthy also.

Barbara Evans Little ’60
Mendon, Vermont

I appreciated the interview with Professor Alnasrawi on Iraq. I’m copying it to share with others because it is important information that needs to be widely distributed.

Jim Wilkinson
Barre, Vermont

I was impressed by the Fall 2002 issue with the article “The Fogel Era Begins.” If President Fogel’s outline on what can be accomplished in the next ten years comes true, UVM should be really first class. It is a challenge to all of us to help it come true.

Joyce Bates Daniels
Essex Junction, Vermont

Articles in the Spring 2003 issue are refreshing. Keep up the good work.

Roger LeDuc ’51
Apalachin, New York

The Quarterly improves with every issue. It occupies center stage on my coffee table. Thank you for some most enjoyable reading.

Dorothy Franklin Cole ’43
Shelburne, Vermont