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1960 Robert and Miriam Reiner Meshel wrote that they moved to the top of a mountain in Kentfield, Calif., in Marin County 11 years ago. Robert is a retired partner of a Wall Street law firm, and Miriam retired from social work, which consisted of providing counseling to families of terminal cancer patients. She now is a part-time docent at a Napa Valley art preserve.
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1962 Helen Dalton Collins represented UVM at the inauguration of Richard McCormick as the new president of Rutgers University in New Jersey on April 13. David Thompson retired as chairman and CEO of Hunt Corp. in November 2002. Hunt manufactured office products, including the Burton pencil sharpener and X-Acto knife. David worked for Avery Dennison for 23 years prior to joining Hunt in 1996. He lives in Malvern, Pa.
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1963 Classmates who attended our 40th reunion had the opportunity to renew friendships, visit our fabulous campus, and enjoy the many wonderful activities that were planned for us. While you are reading this column, you might want to think about making that UVM donation that you’ve been putting off for a while. Check out UVM’s secure server (alumni.um.edu/gift form), charge your gift by calling 888-458-8691, or mail your donation to the UVM Fund, P.O. Box 1103, Burlington, VT 05402. By the way, our class exceeded expectations and goals in both attendance and financial contributions. Hooray for the class of ’63 and many thanks to all of you who made all of these events happen! Those of us who attended reunion enjoyed the great weather and activities as well as the camaraderie of friends and classmates. We all promised each other that we would keep in touch. We also yearned to see some of you who did not attend. If you did not attend, the following notes were taken while we enjoyed dinner and jazz at the Vermont National Country Club; therefore, I cannot be responsible for inaccuracies in my notes. I was having too much fun while scribbling down everything I heard. Jeffrey Falk, our class president, thanked everyone for coming. He spoke about our 45th reunion and an “early bird special discount for early sign ups.” He also welcomed those who were at reunion for the first time and asked, “Where have you been?” Jeff gave special thanks to Diane Barber, class vice president and Kae Gleason Dakin, our gift chair. Jeff is an RN specializing in HMOs and spends a lot of time with Diane Sterling, a retired military colonel. Kae, who was a major fundraiser for our class, was proud to tell us that she walks to work in Washington, D.C. She is president of Grant Makers. Her three sons have all attended graduate school, two are attorneys, and one is in the business world. Julie Hersey Chapman and husband Bill live in Scituate, Mass. She and Annie Maynes Gladding, who lives in Tuxedo Park, N.Y., and is CEO of the YWCA of Bergen County, N.J., reminisced about some of their antics. We all agreed that we missed our friends who weren’t at the reunion. A big hello from us to Lola, Lannie, and Gracie. Julie, Bill, Joe, and I had a great day at the Vermont National golf course. While the guys were seriously studying the course, Julie and I were making great shots as we talked non-stop about our UVM friends and the fun we had, especially during senior year. Sara Moreau Gear Boyd and husband Joe live in Colchester, Vt., and when they are not involved in government relations, they can be found on the golf course. Joe and I were fortunate enough to play with them at the Burlington Country Club and catch up on family news. Shirley Johnson Cushman and her husband live in Sarasota, Fla. She is a recruiter and PR person for UVM. One of the things she remembers about her student days at UVM was that she was always too young to drink. Wasn’t that the truth for most of us? Shelley would like to hear from Lois Gaspic. Joyce Webster Wieselmann lives in Danville, Vt., and works for Century 21 in St. Johnsbury. She is loving life and living life. Her favorite activities include playing tennis, dancing the tango, and attending our reunion. Anne and Jim Newman have seen most of the United States as they have traveled where Jim’s work has taken him. Jim grows and sells companies. They have made more than 76 moves over the years. The Newmans currently live in Lincoln, Neb. They have four children, two sons and a set of twins (son and daughter). Jim also does a lot of sailing, and we were told that his latest adventure took him on the Chesapeake. Frank Bolden and his wife, Penny, are practically my neighbors in New Jersey, or at least it seems that way since we know so many of the same people, especially in the field of education. They enjoyed the jazz band and vied for the dance floor as two ladies named Toni and Diane did not leave much room for anyone else to dance. Joyce Dewiega Lawless, who now lives in Caldwell, N.J., and Virginia Clark VonDran of Salem S.C., were so happy to see each other. Joyce is playing lots of golf and enjoying traveling. Joyce told me that she and her husband, Paul, met at Ginny and her husband Ulrich’s wedding. Edith Thomson Candee is living in Maryland. John Stahler, wife Lynne, and two daughters live in New Hampshire, where he heads Tecnica USA. When I asked John what he liked best about his job, he replied, “Product testing.” In other words, John gets first runs on some of the best skis on the market with top-of-the-line boots and bindings to match. He will soon be adding golfing equipment. Dr. Ruth Nunamaker Marx and husband Dan live in the Brattleboro, Vt., area, where they snowshoe in between her teaching and speaking engagements on gardening. Ruth also assists senior citizens with daily living activities. Ruth and Dan have two sons. Douglas Clark lives in Maine, offshore on a true island, and is president of a boat company. This is at least his second career as he retired from his corporate job.
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1964 Linda Sparks sent in a reminder about our reunion: Can you believe that our 40th reunion will be celebrated June 4-6, 2004? We are much too young! Our last big reunion was a gala event, and I am looking forward to the continued support and attendance of our class. Please feel free to send me an email with your ideas or questions (lhsparksre@aol.com). Robert Cohen practices law in New York City. He lives in Pomona, N.Y., with Lynda, his wife of 36 years. Their daughter, Elissa ’90, is employed by a New York City law firm, and their son, Jason, is vice president of a video game company in San Francisco. John Pillsbury retired in 2000 from Georgia Power Company after 33 years in utility sales and marketing to commercial and industrial customers. He now is chairman of various local boards, does community volunteer work, and travels for pleasure and to visit family. James Agan is retired after 16 years in Vermont state government as a senior engineer, monitoring wastewater treatment plants. He was also an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He keeps in touch with local alums, and he is working on supporting a scholarship for former civil engineering professor Stephen Knight, who was “an outstanding instructor and advisor.” Peter Betz of Fort Johnson, N.Y., retired in June 2003. Sandra Likosky Weinberg of New City, N.Y., retired from a long career in primary and special education in July 2002. She now enjoys traveling with her husband, Glen, a retired biomedical engineer. They are especially happy to be able to spend time with their granddaughter Miranda Jachel, who was born February 9, 2002. Claude Phipps of Newbury, Vt., was expecting retirement to be easy. He now works seven days a week (“It’s like being a mother”) remodeling his house and volunteering for River’s Reach, a human resource center, and Upper Valley Land Trust. Winifred Tubbs Grant of Ripon, Wisc., is expecting to have a busy year. She is a new grandmother. Her son and daughter-in-law presented the family with a daughter, Caledonia Rae, on January 7, 2003. She also has two weddings coming up: daughter Sara, DVM, will be married in March 2004, and daughter Samantha, a sports trainer, in June 2004. Winnie also owns, jointly with her son, two limited service restaurants and a rental hall as well as a professional audio-video equipment sales and service company. Leah Owens Locke is an art and photography teacher in middle and high school. She lives in El Cajon, Calif. Her daughter, Leslie, graduated from UCSD summa cum laude in 1998, and she was selected for Phi Beta Kappa. She is also the mother of two sons and two stepsons. Phyllis Perry Marganoff of Millstone, N.J., is a family psychologist. She traveled to Krakow, Poland in 2002 to visit her daughter, Danielle, who was attending a summer program at Jagiellonian University. Danielle, who attends Rutgers Preparatory School, is applying to colleges. When they visited, UVM, Phyllis thought that everything looked so appealing that she wanted to start all over again. Barry Freeman of Saddle River, N.J., is a college professor and marketing consultant. He will be attending Princeton University from September 2003 until May 2004 as a “mid-career” fellow from Bergen Community College. Barry is looking forward to this wonderful change of pace when he will be studying sociology. Ronald Bishop lives in Phoenix, Ariz., and designs, manufactures, and markets innovative products not previously available. He recently appeared on CBS using the book he wrote to test couples for compatibility (www.knowyourlover.com). Ronald also designed a unique night light, Lona Life, which displays logos, pictures, etc. (www.nightlightsgalore.com). Antoinette Appel of Tamarac, Fla., was getting ready to retire, but she was afraid she would be bored. She decided to attend Nova Law School, and she will graduate next May. She’s having a wonderful time. I hope more classmates will send news for the next issue and that everyone will plan on returning for our 40th, June 3-6, 2004.
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1966 John Beck reported that he retired in June 2002 after 34 years with ExxonMobil Corporation. He and his wife, Sharon Peloquin (’67) Beck, will be relocating from Fairfax, Va., to Williamsburg, Va, where they are building a house in the Governor’s Land Community at Two Rivers (James and Chickahominy). Daughter Leanne, a 1999 Seattle University graduate, and husband Jason Hick, a 1996 West Point graduate, live in Los Alamos, N. Mex. Daughter Tamara attends Loyola College in Baltimore, Md., where she is an accounting major and member of the swim team. Son Jay is a business major at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va., and also on the swim team there.
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1967 Roger Allbee of Townshend, Vt., was awarded the UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003. His career has been highlighted by numerous contributions to the agricultural industry in Vermont and the nation. He was instrumental in the creation of the Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center, run jointly by UVM and Cornell. Roger is executive director of the USDA Farm Services Agency in Vermont.
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1968 James Bahrenburg is a middle school science teacher. In his spare time, he focuses attention on the wildlife in the woods, swamps, streams, and Lake Champlain in the Ferrisburgh, Vt., area. He and his wife, Betsy ’70, have a UVM family: daughter Amy ’99 and sons Nate ’97 and Dan ’03. Cheryl Burrus Flood is the principal of a large NAEYC-accredited preschool with 330 children, ages two to five, and 25 teachers. She recently joined a VLS delegation to Reggio Emilio, Italy, to study Italy’s principal infant and toddler programs and preschools. She hopes to apply what she learned in her preschool. Cheryl’s son Deane and his wife, Deidre, have a new daughter, born August 17, 2002. Her son Sean is planning to wed in 2004. Ode Keith Keiderling wrote to tell us that he has gotten around a bit over the last decade, having lived in Granville, Ohio; Ervinna, Pa.; and Frenchtown, N.J. He remains in contact with Jim Culane ’67, Jim Sullivan ’67, and Jack Schweberger ’67. He would love to receive email messages from other friends. On March 27th, Jeff Kuhman represented UVM at the inauguration of Mary Sue Coleman as the 13th president of the University of Michigan. Thomas and Amy Andrews (’70) are thrilled to announce the birth of a new granddaughter, Isabelle. The proud parents are their daughter, Elizabeth Wagner-Boutin ’95 and her husband, Andrew Boutin. Peter Watson still plays the Highland bagpipes and is now also teaching three students. Peter repairs and renovates houses and creates metal and wooden sculptures for both home and yard. When not piping or creating, Peter is busy training three draft horses. I am proud to welcome a new UVM family member. My daughter, Laura, a 1997 graduate of Keene State College, and health teacher in Londonderry, N.H., recently married Scott Cadieux ’97, who has an MBA from Boston University. Scott, a captain in the National Guard, is currently on active duty in Kabul, Afghanistan. My daughter, Melinda, a 2000 graduate of Wheaton College and a social worker with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services married Michael Shuhy, a 1999 graduate of the University of Rhode Island, in August. Mike works for Fleet Bank. I have been at Vermont Law School as director of human resources for the past five years, and I live in White River Junction, Vt.
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1969 Barry Iselin wrote that after 10 years as internal communications manager for 611 Information Systems U.S. operations, he is an independent communications consultant on contract to companies, such as Honeywell Aerospace. He plays in a blues/rock band, the House Rockers, on weekends. He has lived in Arizona for the past 32 years. Joan Bennett Mickelson recently married and was soon moving to the Seattle area. Her oldest daughter is a senior at the University of Denver, and her younger daughter is a high-school junior. Bernadette Masi Pospisil and her two children live in Forest Hill, Md. Her daughter attends Towson University, and her son is a student at Susquehanna University. Bernadette is a computer specialist for the Social Security Administration. She is also an expert in residential real estate sales through Longs Foster. Stephen Kunken has served as the Village Justice in Huntington Bay, N.Y., since 1992. He also has been an adjunct professor at Touro Law School since 1983. Robert Wexler wrote from Boston that he met Bob Ritcher, Jonas Ettlinger, and Kim Berger in Palm Beach for a golf outing. Marjorie Gregory McNinch of Wilmington, Del., has published five books on the local history of New Castle County, Del., since 1995. Joan Anderson Robinson lives in Exeter, N.H., and continues to teach sixth grade in middle school. She also sells antiques and lobster in the summer. She’d love to hear from UVM friends. Francine Rome Block of Holland, Pa., is president of American College Admissions Consultants and was recently elected president of the Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counseling, the first private admissions counselor to be elected to the post. John Moore of Springfield, Va., the national hydrogeologist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, recently completed a three-month U.S. Embassy Science Fellowship for the U.S. State Department in El Salvador.
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1970 Hello again, everyone. As we approach our (is it possible?) 35th class reunion, I want to remind everyone how easy and worthwhile it is to give to our alma mater. Let’s strive for 100 percent participation from our class. Kenneth Marshall, now of East Longmeadow, Mass., wrote to say that he has been employed as a representative of Haworth Furniture in Thailand for the past 10 years. He has traveled to every Southeast Asian country and lived in Manila and Kuala Lampur. Kenneth visits Burlington once a year, and he can be reached via email at haworth@pacific.net.th. Rachella Mac Bolton of Bennington, Vt., wrote to say that her daughter, Margery, graduated last May. Her other daughter, Joanna, is a student at UVM’s College of Medicine. Her son, Jason, is an RIT student. Raymond Palmer lives in Storrs Mansfield, Conn. He is director of career services at the UConn School of Business and was recently named a Master Career Counselor. Janet Formaniak Cincotta, M.D., of Wellsville, Pa., wrote that she has been practicing medicine for the past 25 years. Her daughter, Andrea, will be spending two years in Zambia with the Peace Corps. Lizabeth Lamphere Crussell of Ocala, Fla., has been teaching in Florida for 24 years. She recently received National Board Certification for Exceptional Needs Curriculum. Lizabeth has two daughters: Heather, an RN, and Jennifer, an elementary school teacher. She has four grandchildren and owns a sailboat. Betsy Reed Bahrenburg lives in Burlington, Vt., but she wrote to say that she has spent time in Kuala Lampur and other locations in Malaysia with her daughter, Amy ’99. Her son, Nathan ’97, has been teaching in Malaysia for the past two years. Nancy Lord of South Portland, Maine, wrote to tell us that her daughter, Jennifer Ellis ’00, graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Her son, Jeffrey, completed a photography program at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in June. Nancy is a social worker for the kidney transplant program at the Maine Medical Center. The program celebrated their 1000th kidney transplant in May. Nancy Hoch Brooks lives in Levittown, Pa. She let us know that her son, Christopher, graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2002, and daughter Kimberly graduated from Bloomsburg in 2003. Kimberly was a member of Phi Kappi Phi Honor Society. Sally Stockwell, MD’74, wrote that August will mark 22 years in private ob/gyn practice in Essex Junction, Vt. She wrote, “With five full-time and one part-time ob/gyn physicians and a certified nurse midwife, the practice is busy. I think often of retirement from all those years of all nighters.”
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1971 I’m writing in the hot, humid days of August in Vermont. I’ve heard from several of you since the last column, so it seems that ’71-ers are warming up to sharing more news. From an email I learned that Peter Rousseau, originally from Burlington, is now living in the ‘Old Dominion’ of Virginia. He and his wife, Billie Gates Rousseau, have 3 children: Elena, Charles, and William. Daughter Elena just graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va. She was also married in 2002. Son Charles goes off to college next year. William is still in high school and on the football team. Peter is a sales executive with Vatex America, Inc., a promotional products company based in Richmond. Peter asks: where is Steve Himelfarb? Also from a recent email, Harvey Bogin (remember the dance routine at our 30th reunion celebration?!?) and wife, Pamela, are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on August 23, 2003. They are going to reconfirm their wedding vows and celebrate all over again. They have twin daughters, Sarah and Melissa, who are eleven years old. Harvey won't be empty nest for a while, but I spoke with Jim Lampman ’72 (wife Anne Moreau Lampman ’71) who will be empty nesting come fall ’03. Son Eric will be off to Skidmore College and besides studying will be playing hockey (like father, like son!). Daughter Ellen heads up purchasing and material handling for Jim’s company, Lake Champlain Chocolates (check it out: www.lakechamplainchocolates.com) which is celebrating 20 years of business. Frank Arkinson called looking for places to stay in the Champlain Valley. He’ll be up to visit family in St. Albans this month. Marc Milowsky contacted me recently and said that it looks like Megan ’00 is foregoing nursing for a while. She’s looking into pharmaceutical sales. (I hear she’s landed a great job since Marc’s email). Molly is doing a semester in Florence. Morgan is finishing up at Endicott this year, and Maddy is still at Kimball Union Academy. Did I report about a great story in the Hanover News about Nancy Perry Clark? Nancy has been putting her nursing degree to great use as program manager for Family Health Services at the VNA and during the summer she travels to Zimbabwe, working as a volunteer with a health research project. She has since helped create the Zienzele Foundation, an organization dedicated to addressing the problems faced by victims of HIV and AIDS, especially the orphaned children and caregivers. Mona Stein Klaber wrote that son, Andrew, is a junior at Yale and was recently named a Truman Scholar. Younger son Robby will be a freshman at Brown. Mona recently attended a UVM reception in the Chicago area. She wants to hear from classmates, so call me for her email address. David Pierce wrote that he has just completed his 30th year of teaching physics at Tabor Academy. This spring he received the Massachusetts Association of Science Supervisors (M.A.S.S.) Science Educator of the Year. David became grandfather to Nicole and Megan Allen born on May 19, 2003, to stepson David ’91 and Laura Thatcher Allen ’91. After all her marathons, Liz Mead Foster, is still running. We caught up in July. Bob Davis wants to be in contact with Nina Nadworny after her news ended up in this column. Hopefully they have hooked up. When I wrote to Nina about getting her email corrected she replied: What class notes? James McGinniss, who lives in Burlington, recently phoned to say that he’s organizing a reunion for his band, Pine Island, a.k.a. NZones who continued to play for the younger ’75-’79 classes around campus and at Hunts. From home base, my daughter, Mary, has returned from her jaunt working and living in Rome, Italy, and has taken a job with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce as a government affairs specialist. My Robert ’01 is working for dad, Paul Sprayregen, and Richard is holding his own as a master sous chef for a local restaurant. Please write; it’s great hearing from more alumni/friends.
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1972 I hope everyone enjoyed the summer. Susan Gregg wrote to say that she is moving from the island of Oahu and buying a home on the Big island of Hawaii with her life partner. Her fifth book will be released in December, and she just recorded and released her first meditation CD. As you can imagine, Susan says, “Life is wonderful here in paradise.”
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1973 Sheila Mullen O’Brien started her own forensic consultation firm in July 2002. She specializes in criminal and civil neuropsychiatric issues. She contracts with NY Capital Defenders as a mitigation specialist for death penalty defendants and with private law firms on medical malpractice. Her husband Tommy (St. Michaels ’72) retired in June after 24 years as a prosecutor with the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office, Division of Criminal Justice. He has returned to private practice, opening his own firm to concentrate on criminal and juvenile law. Sheila and Tommy celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in December 2002. Their son Jon is a chef in New Haven, Conn., and son Jeremy is in Army basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. Sheila would like help in finding Anne Coughlin Tomasi, who was last known to be in the Atlanta, Ga., area. I saw Mike McGee in the spring when he was in Washington for son Blake’s graduation from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Mike is an editor at the Press Herald in Portland, Maine. He also works part time for the American Red Cross Blood Services in Portland.
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1974 Kathleen Osgood Dana defended her dissertation in literature at the University of Oulu in Finland. She wrote, “As a Vermonter and a graduate of UVM, I have been privileged to be able to do re-search with these native peoples and to work at a European university.”
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1975 Please email class news to me, and I will include it in our class column in a future issue of the Quarterly. Great things have been happening in and around the UVM community since Daniel Fogel became president. It is an exciting time to reconnect with UVM. Susan Brooks Drinker was recently honored by the Milken Family Foundation in Los Angeles. The Foundation’s National Educator Awards are given to two teachers in each of the 47 participating states for outstanding achievement in teaching or administration. She was one of two recipients for the state of New Hampshire in 2002. Susan has been teaching kindergarten in the Exeter School System for the past 15 years. She would love to hear from her Theta friends. Lew Comentz wrote that he continues to work as a video engineer on major sports telecasts around the U.S. and internationally. His credits include 2002 World Cup Soccer, 2002 Winter Olympics Nordic biathlon venue, 2000 Winter Goodwill Games jumping and Nordic venue, annual televising of the New York Marathon, Major League Baseball’s World Series, and the National Hockey League Stanley Cup playoffs. His feature film credits include work on For Love of the Game and The 24-Hour Woman. Debra Schulman Bernstein has been directing mental health programs for adults in several locations in Queens, N.Y., for the past 25 years. She lives in Woodmere with her seven-year-old son and husband Mark. David Bourneuf and his wife, Debbie, are enjoying life in San Antonio, Tex. Son Matt attends Texas A&M. David recently completed his 25th year at SBC Communication. At the Hillel International Lay Leadership Conference in April, Paula Cope was recognized with the 2003 Exemplar of Excellence Award for “work that sets a standard for others to emulate.” Paula is founder and president of Cope and Associates, Inc., a consulting and training firm.
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1977 Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice summer. Dr. Henry Engster received the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003. Hank is widely known and respected as a scientist and leader in the field of poultry nutrition. He is currently vice president of technical services for Perdue Farms, Inc. He received his master’s and PhD degrees from UVM in animal nutrition. Michela Gallagher, who received her PhD from UVM in 1977, was named to a Krieger-Eisenhower Professorship at Johns Hopkins University in recognition of her scholarly achievement and devotion to the academic life of the university. Michela is chair of the department of psychological and brain science, and she has contributed to the understanding of the neurobiology of learning and memory. She has served as editor-in-chief of the journal Behavioral Neuroscience and has been a member of the governing board of the American Psychological Society.
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1978 The fall Vermont Quarterly will be the last issue for which I will serve as class secretary. Please continue to send your news to Vermont Quarterly Class Notes, 411 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401 or via email to alumni@uvm.edu. Mark Wetzel was promoted to a new management position at Dufresne-Henry. Mark, a vice president and manager of the company’s Westford, Mass., office, assumed responsibility for overall operations of the Westford office as well as the firm’s Manchester, N.H., office. He has been with the firm for 19 years and has more than 25 years of experience in the engineering profession.
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1979 Brian Chevalier and his wife continue to enjoy great skiing near their home in Lakewood, Colo. Their daughters Elise and Anna are growing and keeping them very busy. Dr. Catherine Young Davis is in the process of building a 1500-cow dairy with her husband in Wisconsin. Jody Stevens Kulick is living in Holundel, N.J., where she is now a business technology major at Brookdale Community College. She and George ’78 would like to send greetings to Greg, Cath, Ami, Keri, Stu, Nancy, and Puff. Jake Bedford wrote from Chicago to share that his son attends Amherst College in Massachusetts, and he plays varsity basketball. His daughter will attend college next year. Melanie Comis Sikowski is living in Wisconsin, where she has chosen to re-enter the teaching field after 15 years of staying home to raise four children and participate in numerous community volunteer efforts. Marsha Roberts Blake lives in West Glover, Vt. Her daughter, Tabitha, is a business major at UVM, and her son, Cortney, is in high school. Marsha has 17 years of teaching experience, and she is currently teaching eighth-grade math. Patrick Blair and his wife traveled from Simpsonville, S.C., to attend the Saratoga Jazz Festival with friends and classmates. He repairs golf clubs and is a math tutor. Brian Donnelly is sending his first daughter to Dartmouth but shares that there are three behind her that may find their way to Burlington. He enjoys the UVM golf classic every year and is looking for a few more Sigma Nus to tee it up. Chip Chapman has changed careers and moved West to be near his daughter. He teaches Hispanic children as an elementary school special education teacher in Santa Fe, N. Mex. Louise Mobbs returned to UVM and received her BS degree in education in May 2002. Congratulations! Julie Lundgren is happily working in conservation in E. Providence, R.I. She plays hockey for the Lady Reds and cheers for the UVM women’s hockey team whenever they are in town.
She would love to hear from classmates at jlundgren@tnc. org. Jane McLaughlin-Dobizsz, her husband, Peter, and daughter Olivia are living in Waltham, Mass. Her new book entitled 100 Days of Solitude—A Zen Retreat in the Woods will be published by HarperCollins in December. Mark Sussman moved from New York City to the Berkshire Mountains, where he is running a sheep farm and producing goat cheese for global distribution. He also keeps busy with his children, Jennifer, Luke, and twins Katie and Max. Mark Pinette continues to love to visit New England (in the summer!). Kim Ladue Weber is living in Ontario, Oreg., where she is the proud mother of an 11-year-old daughter. Kim is also a breast cancer survivor of one year, and she looks forward to every day of life. Lesley Michl Lewis has relocated her store, The Paper Peddler, from the Champlain Mill in Winooski to Maple Tree Place in Williston, Vt. It’s a cute store; check it out. Kim Costello Hescock is busy homeschooling her four children (preschool to grade eight) in Shoreham, Vt. Muriel Stockdale Grabbe is currently producing a documentary entitled “New York Spirit.” This film will show New Yorkers choosing a moment to connect in spirit to whatever cultural, spiritual, or religious form they embrace. Cynthia “Mack” Gardner-Morse of Calais, Vt., and Rob McCabe went winter camping in the Adirondack Mountains in January 2002 and again in 2003. Mack reported fantastic clear views, despite (or because of) sub-zero temperatures. I want to thank everyone for their contributions to this column.
Class secretary - beth.nutter@vtmednet.org