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Winter 2003


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A Day in the Life of UVM

Rise and Shine

Going to college is a singular circumstance, perhaps not fully appreciated until years later. A college student’s day is ruled with the strict rhythm of a class schedule, yet the margins beckon with stretches of discretionary time wide enough to challenge the self-discipline of any 18-year-old. In or out of the classroom, the options are many when students plan a day at the University of Vermont, circa 2002.

We invite you to take a look.

One More Time

“I look out and see people who are looking tired, a little unfocused. Now we’ve got seven minutes left. Let’s go straight through this piece and let’s really nail it.”

Michael Hopkins, Music faculty member and UVM Orchestra conductor, at the close of a Tuesday night rehearsal

Heavy Gear

“I feel like every time I put this jersey on, I’m becoming a better player, which is what we’re all after on this team. It shows that all your hard work is paying off and you deserve to put the uniform on day in and
day out.”

Kami Cote, goalie,
Vermont women’s varsity hockey

Fast Talk
“Debate is the high-speed communication skill of the future. These students thrive on the intellectual thrill of it.”

Alfred “Tuna” Snider, faculty member and director of the Edwin Lawrence Debate Union at UVM, as team members hone their cases for an upcoming competition

Photography by Bob Handelman

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