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Class Secretary: tessa929@aol.com
The Washington and Baltimore area alumni group had a great time at the Orioles-Yankees game at Camden Yards on September 27. I was the only grad from ’90, but there were folks that graduated in ’67 and some parents of students that will graduate in ’06. It was a great time, even though the Os lost. Lisa LoTurco and Richard Quinby were married on October 13, 2001, in Lexington, Mass. UVMers in attendance included Cristina Palumbo Hurley, Jonathan Cain, and Ruth Shammas Black. After spending 10 years in Colorado’s Vail Valley, Meg Laferriere Horrocks and her husband, Tom, moved to Park City, Utah, in October 2001. While their decision was not based on Utah hosting the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, they both worked for the Games. Meg was responsible for coordinating the on-course and race/competition administration staff and volunteers for the Deer Valley Resort venue, which hosted the moguls, aerials, and slalom events, all of which she was fortunate to watch. Her husband, Tom, was the on-venue announcer for all the alpine skiing events. While at Deer Valley Resort, Meg was pleasantly surprised to run into fellow ’90 alum Molly Irwin, who also lives in the area. This past Easter, Meg enjoyed a visit from Janet Keefe ’89. They spent the weekend spring skiing at Park City Mountain Resort and Alta. A short spring trip to Vermont to visit with her parents turned adventuresome when she joined the triathlon team of Liza Cain and friends to compete in the annual Sugarbush Triathlon. A good time was had by all! Her next adventures took her and Tom to Las Vegas to meet up with her sister, Lynn Laferriere (’93) Madigan, and husband for business and pleasure. Speaking of family, Meg is thrilled that Julie Kaplan Kluge ’91 married Meg and Lynn’s cousin, Bob, a few years ago, and they have the chance to visit during family reunions. If you are ever in Park City and want to give a call, Meg is listed in the directory. Also, she can be reached via email at meg@pressonesports.com. Peggy Doherty DeLong earned her doctorate in clinical child-school psychology from Pace University in New York City in 2000. She is a licensed psychologist working on building her practice in Morristown, N.J. In addition to her private practice, she delivers mental health services to preschoolers in the Newark, N.J., area through the United Way “Success by 6” grant. She gave birth to her first child, Caroline Mary, on January 14, 2002. Louisa Murray Preston and husband Chad welcomed Anna Elisabeth Preston into the world on March 10, 2002. She was born at home with the assistance of midwives, as was her older brother, Nicholas, who was two in February. Louisa and Chad love living in Seattle and have been involved in alumni activities, usually organized by Rick Davis ’92. There are more than 700 alumni in Seattle. Louisa is taking time off from her private bodywork practice, and Chad is close to finishing his commercial helicopter pilot training. Heidi Moore Magill and her husband, Stephen ’89, G’98, announced the birth of their son, Brendan Jura, on January 11, 2002. They recently moved back to Vermont from North Dakota and live in Montpelier. They also have a two-year-old daughter, Erin Islay. Heidi keeps busy as a stay-at-home mom. Stephen is a statistician at the Vermont Department of Education. Jennifer Wells married Tim, and they are currently living in London, England. They have two daughters, Lily and Charlotte. Jennifer is trying to balance family life and her work at an asset management firm trading European equities. Amy Frazier Maikkula and her husband, Stephan, are pleased to announce the May 2002 birth of their son, Will. The Maikkulas live in the Minneapolis area, where Amy is the marketing manager at Valleyfair Family Amusement Park. Tina Yohon Benson, husband, Carl, and daughter Ada just returned from spending the school year in Pahoa, Hawaii. Tina took a position teaching special education at an elementary school there. There was also plenty of time to explore the mountains of the Big Island. The Bensons returned to their organic vegetable farm in Sheffield, Vt., for good this spring. David Bartlett wrote, “I live in Hong Kong with my wife of two years, Jennifer Moyer. We’ve been here together for 4.5 years. I spent a year in Jakarta prior to moving to Hong Kong. I work for Amroc Investments Asia, and my wife works for Goldman Sachs. We’ve had very few UVM visitors, although Steve Scussel did visit several years ago on his way from San Jose to take part in some sort of international badminton tournament in Kuala Lumpur. I encourage any passers-through or classmates with whom I’ve lost touch to contact me at bartlett@netvigator.com. In June, Cathy and Jon Seibold hosted a gathering at their beautiful home in Portsmouth, R.I. It was a weekend of retelling stories of times at UVM and acting as silly as we did back in college. Terry and Jason Zucker took time out of their busy schedule in New York City to attend. Mike Shusda and Hermine Torosyan skipped down from Boston with their beautiful golden retriever, Boon. Phil ’92 and Kim Fleming Albertson left their two daughters, Shae and Paige, home with the grandparents on Nantucket and cruised on out as well. At a barbecue, JJ and Anne Ludes stopped by with their newest daughter as well as Sarah and Brian Segee. It was a lot of laughs with some croquet mixed in. In August, Phil ’92 and Kim Albertson hosted a mini-gathering at their home on Nantucket. Cathy and Jon Seibold, Mike Shusda, Hermione Torosyan, and Boon flew over for the event. Also participating were Karen Albertson ’96 and Matt Gagnon ’96. The weekend was filled with swimming at the beach, barbecuing, lobstering, and shopping in downtown Nantucket. Sorry about trying to get you stuck in the Jeep, Jon! We were missing Norm and Robyn Yablans Levy and hope to see them soon. We also were hoping to hear from Ted Holden and wish him and his family well in Plano, Tex.

Class Secretary: lm.dalz@sympatico.ca or worldnavigators@yahoo.com
Congratulations to Beth Reiko Nakamaru (and thanks for sending in the update with so many other classmates’ names in it). She married Charles Eberl on March 23, 2002, on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Sydney Fisher Bernier, Nicole Stata, and Kristin Kohler were all bridesmaids, and Mike Smith ’90 was a groomsman. Other ’91 alumni who attended the wedding were Terri Haggerty Janki, Kelly Clifford Laviolette, Suzanne Sammis Cabot, Heather Cambell Wager, Hafeez Ahmed, Susie Solar Pers, Kristen Lietski, Jay Wager ’90, and Alan Bernier ’92. Via email, we heard from Dan and Kerry Supple Nelson, who live in Darien, Conn., with their sons, Peter and Luke. Jeff and Valerie Narins Malsch have a son, Hudson Reed, who is nine-months-old. He joins his sisters, Sydney, Peyton, and Willow. Jeff and Valerie recently attended a party at Brian Acrish’s house and saw Chris Duffy, John Silsby, and Joe Bellevance, all of whom are doing well. Andrea Centerino and her husband had their second baby in May. Her name is Anna Rose, and she joins her three-year-old brother, Nicholas, in the family’s Braintree, Mass., home. They just completed a major addition to their home, so “life is good.” Lori Almon and her husband, Mitch Bompey, welcomed their son, Wilton, on April 5, 2002. Debbie Howarth is an adjunct professor at Massachusetts Bay Community College in Wellesley, Mass., where she teaches Introduction to Hospitality. She has also started her own marketing consulting firm, DCH Strategic Marketing Solutions, which provides marketing expertise to hospitality and tourism-based businesses that need help to expand and grow. Debbie spent more than 12 years in the hospitality industry prior to starting her company. Sirri Spiesel wrote that she is executive director of the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund, providing assistance to the estimated 177 families in Massachusetts who lost a loved one on 9/11. She has found the experience “unbelievable, although it is still consuming.” She wrote, “I was very sad to learn the news of Cesar Murillo, who was at the WTC on 9/11. He was a wonderful person.” Sirri is looking forward to earning a master’s degree in television so she can make documentary films and educational programs for children. Leigh Ross Husband completed the Avon 3-Day 60-Mile Walk for Breast Cancer, walking from Boca Raton to Miami, Fla. She was glad to see Lisa Bulman Mullen ’89 and Lisa Auerbach Cody ’90 at her son Ross’s 2nd birthday party. She also enjoyed attending Tanya Packard’s May wedding. She’d love to hear from UVM friends. Erik Wheeler wrote news about him and his wife, Kate Cronin (’90) Wheeler. They proudly announced the birth of their son, Alden, on July 27, 2001. Kate is at home with Alden, and Erik is a web programmer at ScullyInteractive.com, a web design firm in Burlington, Vt. They get together each summer with classmates Andy Long, Matt Conway, and Kevin Hill. Kevin is an opera singer in New York and around the country. Andy is the father of twin girls, and he works as a research scientist at Wyeth. Matt works for the UN in Kenya. Monica Kissone and husband Rock Nadeau celebrated the second anniversary of their Internet bookstore in November. Monica was profiled by ABEbooks.com on their website. She plans to launch her own website dedicated to bookselling and collecting. Monica and Rock’s two children were married last year. February 14, 2002, marks Nini Avila Fenton’s 14th year of being together with her college sweetheart, Scott ’90. They attended her Valentine’s Day Freshman semi-formal dance in 1988, and Scott romantically proposed to Nini in front of the Eiffel Tower in 1998. They had a beautiful Vermont wedding on September 18, 1999. The Fentons make their home in Colchester, Vt., and are very happily in love. They welcome a mini-reunion of UVM friends. Daniel Watts married Grady Bailey, his partner of 10 years, in a Civil Union ceremony at the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington, Vt., on July 27, 2002. The Rev. Roddy O’Neil Cleary officiated. Sarah Barnet, MD ’02, and Kris Brockmann were the couple’s best women. Tammy Lou Maltzan, a former East Campus assistant area coordinator, sang a beautiful solo. Karen Franta Love joined Tammy and other friends in the wedding choir. Following the ceremony, there was a great party at the Ethan Allen Homestead and Museum. Other UVMers in attendance were toastmaster Don Stenta, Courtney Walthour Lamontagne ’88, G’97, and Toby Kahan ’91. Grady and Dan live in Rochester, N.Y., where Dan is the associate director for residential life at the University of Rochester and Grady is the general manager of Garth Fagan Dance. Your class secretary, Suzanne, has been busy starting a new business, selling a line of women’s clothing, Casuals Etcetera. My husband, Jim, and I are also building a new house here in Cos Cob, Conn. Great fun, but lots of ups and downs along the way. Laurie and I would like to thank all of our classmates who send us their news.

Class Secretary: lisa.kanter@2d.gov
Erin Clifford Romaine emailed to say that she and her husband, Richard, live in Millbury, Mass., with their two children, Connor and Caitrinn. She also wrote that they opened their third restaurant in Northborough, Mass., about three years ago. Their first two restaurants are in Gloucester, Mass. Between the kids and the restaurants, they are keeping busy, while looking for a spot for a fourth restaurant. Marine Corps Reserve Capt. Michael Yaroschuk was recalled from the Reserves to regular active duty status. He is currently serving with Headquarters Marine Forces Europe, Panzer Kaserne, Germany. Laura Labanowski McClure emailed that she and her husband, Scott, had their daughter, Kiley Jean, in April of this year and that, “She is wonderful and very spirited already.” Laura is planning to return to her work as a manager at IBM, where her husband continues to work, once Kiley is a year old. They live in Williston, Vt., and still love the Burlington area. Laura also wrote that she recently met some of her former UVM softball teammates: Amie Mock ’93, Kelly Johnson, and Sue Duke ’93 to celebrate the induction of Katie Burns Quinn into the UVM Hall of Fame. Coach Pam Childs was there, and “we all had a great time.”Your class secretary, Michelle, has news. I was married on August 31, 2002, to Jonathan Peters of Sherborn, Mass. We met while we were both living in Seattle, and we were married in Shelburne, Vt., with a tent reception at my family’s home in Charlotte. Many Uvmers were in attendance, including Katie Thyng Varricchione, her husband Glenn ’95, and their newest child, daughter Olivia Rose, born June 14, 2002. James Richards ’99, Becky Peters ’99, Gil Porter Berna and her husband, Wayne ’95, Sara Hammond Anderson and her husband Fred ’92, Kristin Cabral Jackson, Vern Godin, Lisa Hill Isham, Sarah Shedd, and Tiffany Polo. Jon and I currently live in Allston, Mass., where I am managing editor and owner of Eagle Eyes Editing, and Jon is a computer game developer.

Class Secretary: jgates@snowshore.com
Michael Matteis and his wife, Michelle, of East Burke, Vt., welcomed the arrival of their daughter, Olivia Lynn, on December 20, 2001. Jeffrey Williamson wrote from Silver Spring, Md., that he and his wife, Jennifer Sublette-Williamson, welcomed their first child, Isobel Katheryn, on November 29, 2001. Shelley Scipione completed her MBA at the University of Michigan Business School in April 2001. Since then, she has traveled to India and lived in Paris. Shelley now lives in San Francisco. She caught up with her former ski teammate Meg St. John, who lives in San Rafael, Calif. Meg recently married and works for Wells Fargo. Derek Boonisar and his wife, Liz, were married in New Seabury, Mass., and Greg Hendrick and Patrick Fitzgerald attended the ceremony. Greg returned the favor by inviting the Boonisars to his wedding. Derek also wrote that he ran into Tom Shea on Nantucket. Jason Mathon and Meghan Lamphere were married in 1995, and they have two daughters, Katherine and Margaret. The family lives in Williston, Vt. Steven Brown of Jamaica, Vt., added an Arctic Cat dealership to the other equipment lines at Brown Enterprises. He and his wife, Lee, have been married three years, and they were building a house last spring. Steven sees Greg Pajola in town, and he works with Jason Koponen. Stephanie Pike Bruinooge and husband Mark welcomed their first child, a son, Benjamin, into the world on September 15, 2001. She wrote from Winchester, Mass., that Elana Schlesinger received her doctorate in psychology in 2001, and Sarah Jones married Albert Dobron on September 2, 2001, in Nantucket, Mass. Theodore Lillys and his wife adopted Sarah Anne from Korea in January 2001. The family makes their home in Ashburn, Va. Tracy Persson Lotten of White Plains, N.Y., received her MBA from the University of Connecticut last May. She also let us know that Jennifer O’Brien Meizels had twins in September, and Katie Nelson married Andy Woods in December. Jesse Sheridan of White River Junction, Vt., coaches badminton at Dartmouth College. Laura Yochum married Don Purcell on September 2, 2001. Linda Jarvis Gallipo, a long-time friend from UVM, was bridesmaid. After a honeymoon in Australia, Laura and Don moved to Derby, England, where Don is working with Rolls Royce. Laura planned to travel through Europe before settling down to find a job. Since moving to North Carolina in 1994, Christy Perrin lost touch with most of her UVM cohorts. She would love to hear from Living-Learning suitemates and neighbors, especially her “freshman partner in crime,” Lisa. Kathleen Romania has worked at Royal Family Kids’ Camp in Prescott, Ariz., for the past five years. The camp is for abused and neglected children who are in foster care. Dean Updegrove recently moved to Chicago to work at USG corporate headquarters. He is engaged to Bobbi McLean of West Chester, Ohio. Lori Verville Turner and classmate Shelley Larose Davidson moved to Boston. In 1996, Lori received her master’s degree in child studies from Tufts University, and in July 2000 she married Donald Turner of Florence S.C., where they make their home. Jennifer Bruno recently moved from San Diego to Aspen, Colo., to start a business with her sister. She wrote “Life is good!” Tamara Burke wrote from Glastonbury, Conn., that Kerry Pasquarelli and her husband welcomed their first child, Cole William Darby, into their family last August. She also let us know that Paul Albert is living in Boulder, Colo., and skiing as much as possible. Robin Snell Aiken and husband, Greg, welcomed their first child, Zachary Dean, on December 5, 2000. They have been living in Leawood, Kans., for the past year. Rebecca Morris Goldman was married in 1999, and she gave birth to twin sons Sammy and Jacob on September 9, 2001. She lives in St. Louis, Mo., where she has a practice as a speech-language pathologist. Angel Fuster has been practicing law in New York and Florida. He is currently dealing with a number of cases related to the World Trade Center tragedy. Angel started his own law firm and is enjoying the challenges. He would love to hear from his old college buddies. He wrote, “Monica Lewis, where are you?” Melissa Duxbury Blow finished her residency in family practice in 2001. Husband Nathan hopes to finish his PhD in molecular biology in 2002. They make a home for their son, Ryan, in Syracuse, N.Y. In 2000, Jennifer Pitzi Hellwig and her husband bought a house and moved to rural Rhode Island. Jennifer started her own consulting business, specializing in health and nutrition communications. She writes for magazines, including Cooking Light, Fitness, and Family Circle, and she works with media to promote nutrition topics. Jennifer sees Judy Pietryka Weiner and Debra Zieky Maston. Christine O’Neill is currently in the final year of the Yale University physician associate program, and she looks forward to returning to the Burlington area to practice. She tries to see Megan Fulwiler ’94, Sascha Mayer, Andrea Geremia Kane, and Jen Chunias as much as possible. Julie Gerred Marble graduated from Perdue University’s PhD program in cognitive psychology/human factors in 2001. Two days after defending her dissertation, she received her black belt in Shotokan karate. Her husband, Sean ’92, is a brown belt. Sean works for AMET, creating software for robots. Julie works at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory in Human Factors as a research scientist. Katherine Nelson married Andrew Wood on December 30, 2001, in Arizona. She wrote that J.J. Toothman came out from San Francisco, and Jen O’Brien Meizels came out from Connecticut with her husband, Dave, and three-month-old twins Jason and Alison. Rachel Williams married Thierry Horner on April 21, 2001, in Chapel Hill, N.C. She is working on her PhD in epidemiology at UNC Chapel Hill. Tina Sirgo Kalfus and husband Howard, a UMass alum, carried the Olympic torch in Burlington, right past the UVM Green. They are also pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Anna, who joins her older brother, Josh, in the family’s Essex Junction, Vt, home. Mitzi Johnson is an EMT with South Hero Rescue Squad. She is also managing an organic vegetable operation within Allenholm Farm in South Hero, Vt. Naomi Shulman and husband Chris Templin moved to Northampton, Mass., in the fall of 1999. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Lila Jane, on St. Patrick’s Day 2001. Jennifer Scharback wrote from Natick, Mass., that she has been busy working part-time while raising her two children, while her husband has been deployed with his National Guard unit as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jennifer is busy, but she enjoys helping her patients as an aquatic physical therapist. Rein Attemann of Spokane, Wash., has been traveling a lot: twice to Alaska, three times to Europe, and all around the U.S. and Canada. He works to protect the last remaining mountain caribou in the U.S., located in the Selkirk Mountains of Washington and Idaho and British Columbia. Christine Johnson is an information management specialist for the U.S. Department of State, serving in the Foreign Service. She manages the computer, data, voice, and radio networks for the American Embassy. Robin Tobin Dwyer is in her third year of working with Helms Briscoe, the largest conference resource firm in the world. She is regional manager for New England, and her clients are associations and corporations all over country. Robin has a four-year-old son, Chase, who attends Kingdom Montessori School, and he has been skiing for three years. She and her husband, Kirk, moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont several years ago. They have been married for 13 years. Jonathan Larson left last August on a Fulbright for a year of dissertation research in anthropology in the Slovak Republic. Daniel Gottlieb wrote from White River Junction, Vt., that he has been raising his son, working hard, playing sports, and commuting by bike to work 10 miles each way. His wife, Michelle, loves her new state of residence after many years of living in Washington, D.C., Texas, and Florida. Kimberly Kotraba wrote from Madison, Conn., that she, Kim Caswell, and Lisa Samuelson were having an engagement party for Mercedes Atwood and her fiancé, Dave Sidor, in Saratoga, N.Y., last August. Alison Durgin (although there in spirit) was missed due to her recent move to California. Nicole Jordan of Schenectady, N.Y., “exchanged vows and made it legal” in May 2001. Kasi Kinney ’92 was a bridesmaid, who traveled all the way from the Aloha State to be there. Robert Jamison just moved to Pittsburgh after eight “incredibly fun-filled years” in New York City. He recently attended a UVM vs. Lafayette lacrosse game with F. Shipman, S. Bernhardt, J. Moses ’95, T. Shannahan ’91, and T. Grotta ’90. He added, “Cats won, 6-4!” Rachel Morse wrote that she was to marry Mitch Scarborough in August. They both live in Denver. Margaret Brady Hishmeh and husband Rob, welcomed their third son, Hayden Quinn, on August 3, 2001. He was welcomed into the family’s Belle Mead, N.J., home by older brothers, Blake and Brady. Keri Cunningham O’Brien wrote that attending Lilly Oates’ wedding in Dedham, Mass., last July was a special treat. She saw her old roommates Jamie Titz, Sissy Dent Harris, Deborah Wilkens, and E.C. Shepard. Others in attendance included Zack Gund and John Gates. The reception was held at the country club in Brookline. Buffy Woodward Boyce and husband Craig ‘91 recently bought a house in Montpelier, Vt. She would love to get in touch with Cari Bruley. Christopher Kenyon is back living in his hometown of St. Albans, Vt. He is a single dad, raising his three sons. Jennifer Stone recently moved back to Vermont. She is engaged to marry Adam Hoy-Cornell ’94. Sarah Taylor of Grantham, N.H., started a home business as a creative memories consultant. She teaches scrapbooking classes and sells archival scrapbooking materials. Sarah also announced the birth of her daughter, Rosemary Lynne in 2001. Julie Cohn was married in St. Louis in October 1999. In attendance were Kim Mahoney, Chelsey Richter Harrow, Mary Pat McLoughlin Hinkley, Kerry Litchfield, Lori Donaldson, Dan Warchol, John Cooper, and Rebecca Morris Goldman. Julie joined other UVM Crew alumni on a relay team in the Burlington Marathon. Sean Easley wrote that Carol Guzewicz served together at U.S. Navy physical therapists at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego from 1999-2001. Julie Seigartel of New York City reported that Jennifer Kriegel Balacchino and her husband, Enzo, welcomed a new daughter, Gabriella Rose, on November 20, 2001. Julie also caught up with Pam Buehler and Allison Kramer ’94 at Jennifer’s baby shower. Julie also sent congratulations to Kenny Schulklapper on his new job at JM Huber in Houston. She wondered whether Kenny is becoming a Texan. Julie also stays in close touch with Lori Goldberg Gleeman, who lives in New York. Julie would love to hear from long-lost friends via email at jseigartel@yahoo.com. Robert Fredette is serving a three-year term as president of the Vermont Association of Health and Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. He also serves on the New England Health, Racquet, and Sports Club Association’s board of directors. He secured meetings with Vermont Senators Leahy and Jeffords to promote the Physical Education for Progress Act, which allocated Federal money for physical education programs. Kyle Kennedy wrote that he was to be married to Sonya Tuning on September 21, 2001, in Prospect Harbor, Maine. He attended the wedding of Mikelle Lipsius ’95 and David Komer, who was his grade school buddy. He was sad to miss the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in June, a regular UVM reunion for Arv Panjabi, Jamey Fidel, Rachel Rosenblum, and crew. Andrea Geremia Kane and husband Adam recently bought a house in New Haven, Vt. Friends Megan Fulwiler and Sascha Maher visited the Kanes over the holidays. Megan is “ABD” at UNH, and Sascha is a newlywed, married to Aron Merrill. Chris and Liz Prince Pollack of Rye, N.Y., have a new daughter, Annabelle,
born November 10, 2000. They often see Rob Jamison and Jody Schwarfenberger in Manhattan. Laurie Little of Van Nuys, Calif., married Kenneth Stupak in a private wedding in Las Vegas.

Class Secretary: denyce.wicht@alum.dartmouth.org
In order to ensure that I receive any updates you may send via electronic mail, please note that my email address has changed, and you can now contact me at denyce.wicht@alum.dart mouth.org. Alternatively, you can always send your updates directly to UVM via email at alumni@uvm.edu and denoting the subject as “class notes,” and it will be forwarded directly to me. J.P. LaFors and his wife, Laura, now live in Cave Creek, Ariz. Maura Mahoney wed Martin Guyer in April, and the newlyweds celebrated their marriage with family and friends on the shores of Lake Champlain in August. More details on the festivities will appear in the next issue of VQ. Sarah Harsch Christmas married her husband, Daniel, on September 28th in Camden, N.Y. They make their home on their farm on Tupper Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks. UVM alumnae Alison Hale, Rebecca Ignatoff and Katya Podsiadlo were bridesmaids in the wedding, along with Sarah’s sisters Kate and Jesse and step-daughter, Rebecca Christmas. Sarah’s brother, Caleb Harsch ’93 did a reading during the ceremony. Ramzy Canaan ’93 and Glenn Anderson ’93 were there to head up the festivities. Their son, Wilson James, turned one in May. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom and loves every moment of Wil’s exploration in life.

Class Secretary: vspappas@mindspring.com
Kristen Monaldo was married to Craig MacEachern on June 27, 2002, in North Conway, N.H. Her wedding party included bridesmaids Tami Burke Decelles, Stephanie Kajenski, and Lisa Subkoff. A reading was done by Lance Szely, and in attendance were Maurice Decelles ’91, Manny Stathoulopolous, and Steve Mundell. Summer engagements continued. Edward Alan (aka “Ted”) Butler proposed to Martha GPB Robins, Alex Kavari got engaged to Electric Jen Fraffit, and Phil Belizzia proposed to Bridget Barr ’96. All are planning summer 2003 weddings. Erica Lipton married Mark Simon in October in Denver, Colo. UVM alums in attendance included Christa Chicoine Foley, Heidi Kisiel Reiss ’96, Kelly Pietraszek Trapp ’94, Carolyn Kopf, Janice Christensen, Amy Cheesman and Marie Schowalter. Seth Parker works in construction in Boston, enjoys mountain biking, sailing on the Charles, and cooking vegetarian meals with his roommate, Sara Dolan ’96. Sara recently secured 7th place in the women’s division of the Jimmy Fund Hot Dog Eating Contest (14 tofu dogs, 10 minutes), a fun-filled event in which she raised a lot of money for a worthy cause. John Russell wrote, “I got into Columbia!” He will attend their MA program in private school leadership. He added, “See you in Manhattan.” Dean Strober is working as a company manager for the Broadway musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” A play he wrote called “Olandus,” the true story of a 1930’s spiritual quartet called the Golden Gate Quartet, was chosen from 200 submissions to be produced at the International Festival of Musical Theatre in Wales in November. Thanks for writing. Please keep your class news coming.

Class Secretary: mrichards@virtuoso.com or jcgent@adelphia.net
We heard from Derek Fredrickson and his wife, Fabienne ’92. They are currently living in New York City and can be reached at derek@fredrickson.com or fabienne@rainmakercoach.com. Peter Clancy sent some information about Peter Parasiliti, who he said has been living in Los Angeles , where he trains under the instruction of Darren Blasko ’97, and works with Ed Buturla, who manages his business affairs. Allyson Radler is currently living and working in London for Global Telecommunications Corporation. She would love to hear from her old UVM buddies and can be reached via email at allyson.radler@ equant.com. Congratulations to Jonathan Alden and Cheryl Cote, who were married on September 28, 2002 in Manchester, N.H. UVMers in the wedding party were Richard Gent, Jeremy George, Amy Miller Farley, Katie Gillis, and Karen Albertson. Other UVMers in attendance were Dana Niles, Phaedra Saltis Yachimski, Matt Gagnon, and your secretary, Jill. Unfortunately, John Flint was unable to attend the wedding celebration, because he was attending a celebration of his own that weekend. John was busy getting his wings as he graduated from the U.S. Air Force undergraduate pilot training program on September 27, 2002. Congratulations, John!

Class Secretary: lee@idealfit.com
Brendan Burke and Jennifer Sherer ’98 were engaged last May. They have set a date in July 2003 for their wedding, which will be held in Stamford, Conn. Allyson Foley moved out to the Bay area after getting her master’s in clinical nutrition from NYU. She is now working in Oakland, Calif., as a wellness specialist. Allyson recently got engaged to Ryan Johnson in Lake Tahoe. They are looking forward to a Vermont wedding in Stowe next September. Currently, they are living in Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco and enjoying the beautiful weather. Allyson regularly sees Lydia Wright, Randy Flood ’98, Helen MacIntyre ’00, and Carey Baldwin ’98 and has visited with Jill Volden, who is living in Boston. Jill just got engaged to Jeff Harris, and they will be getting married next August. Also, Jess Morton is doing well. She moved out to LA in September. Megan Bedford ’98 and Dan Martel will be getting married in September. Leslie Haines and Jabez Boyd ’96 were married in Stowe, Vt., in June 2002. They had 56 guests from UVM classes of ’96 to ’98. Michele Bahnik married Kevin Mercier on July 27, 2002, at the Oheka Castle in Cold Spring Hills, N.Y. Bridesmaids included Kristin Waxler, Jackie Finard Hughes, Joanna Petringa, and Karin Lavangie. Other UVMers in attendance included Karen Fishman Lefkowitz, Kerry Turner, Julianne Ward, Jessica Stillman, Kristen Lacey, Katie Jackson, Mark Smaldon, Greg Sturcke, Adam Devine, and Claude Bahnik ’94. Deborah Finkelstein recently got engaged to Dr. Joshua Lenchus. The wedding will take place on January 12, 2003 in South Florida. Jennifer Braver ’98 will be one of the bridesmaids. There will also be several other UVMers in attendance. Presently, Deborah lives on South Beach and works as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit at JMH. She is also a graduate student at FIU. After spending four years in San Francisco working as a researcher at the American Society on Aging, Emily Franks has begun graduate work at the Columbia University School of Social Work. She plans to continue her work in the field of aging as a “macro” social worker, focusing on social issues as they relate to other adults. Dana Horowitz received her master’s degree from the Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City in May 2001. She currently works as volunteer coordinator of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. Sarah Strife is engaged to Michael Barnwell and planning a wedding for November 16, 2002 in New York City. She recently moved from Greenwich, Conn., to Red Bank, N.J. Sarah is taking the fall off from teaching to get ready for the wedding, but plans to go back to teaching in January. She was recently in Michigan for Liz Meehan’s wedding. She wrote that it was great to see many UVM friends, including Lora Marzilli Webster, Carrie St. Amand Giordano, and Alison Wise.

Class Secretary: hlynch@hs.pr.com
The countdown has begun to our 5th reunion! If you haven’t done so already, please mark your calendars, because the weekend of May 29-June 1 is guaranteed to be a blast. The reunion committee has spent months planning fun events, which everyone will enjoy, so make your reservations early. I look forward to seeing you there! Jodi Luster wrote, “I attended Kat DeLucia and Jamie Dall’s wedding in August. It was great seeing the strong UVM turnout, including Posie Haeger, Debbie Rosenbloom, Kristen Matthews, Jess Dixon-Streeter, Vandy Champion, John Flakes, Kara Mirak, Brad Kutz, and John Carolyn. Whitney Wigton was also at Jaime and Kat’s celebration. After moving to Portland, Maine, she has begun working with her family as a senior recruiter at their staffing solutions agency called Talent Tree. While she missed the girls in New York, she said that she frequently sees everyone and is looking forward to heading back to Burlington for our reunion in May. Vandy Campion wrote to let us know that Jean Armour married Jason Lewis in Aspen over Labor Day Weekend. She said it was a beautiful weekend and a mini-UVM reunion, with Debbie Rosenbloom, Kat and Jamie Dall, Jess Dixon-Streeter, Kristen Matthews, Liz Moore, Rob McRae, Lyla Zepplin, Dave Z., Pete Lee, Jeremy Walker in attendance along with Vandy. Vandy also wrote that Debbie and Trevor Stevenson recently moved to Denver, and the three of them are neighbors. Laura Beneveto plans to marry next summer in Westchester, and Kelley Pillman and Whitney Wigton will both be bridesmaids. Kristie Donahue is teaching third grade in Boston and has been given her own classroom. She will be maid of honor next summer in Jen Scherer and Brendan Burke’s wedding. Other UVMers in the wedding are Amity Lippes, Katie Jackson, Kelly Burke, Peter Rand, Rob Slocum, and Tim Walsh. Lindsey Hascall Maxwell wrote that she can’t wait for reunion. She celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary on October 17, and her daughter, Taylor, turned a year old on October 29. She hopes to see everyone at our reunion. Since graduation Danny Owen has been the art director for a weekly magazine in the Hamptons called Dan’s Papers. After leaving the publication, he became the creative director for an entertainment website called onelevel.com and then moved on to being an associate producer on the ESPN television show “The Life.” For the past year, Danny has been tour manager for the very successful national touring act, Robert Randolph and The Family Band. He still lives in Brooklyn. Ellie Marvin wrote that not much has changed in her life. She’s still studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she has been acting as well as doing set designs. She was heading to Aspen and Denver to visit Mary Byrne and do some skiing. Congratulations to Kelley Pillman’s jewelry company, KEP Designs, which was featured in the New York Spring 2003 Fashion Week throughout numerous runway shows. Her pieces were exclusively highlighted in Lilly Pulitzer’s first runway presentation. Her semi-precious designs can be found in high-end specialty boutiques nationwide or by logging on to www.kepdesigns.com. Many of you perhaps have seen her jewelry shown on NBC’s fashion correspondent, Lloyd Boston on “The Today Show.” Kelly is looking forward to spending a fun weekend in Vermont with Kristie Donahue, Meghan Kelley, Whitney Wigton, and Laura Beneveto, and me. Please continue to write in. I hope that you will all be able to come back to celebrate our reunion.

Class Secretary: spitlak@hotmail.com
Laura Ceplenski is engaged to be married. The wedding will take place in Bermuda in two years. Congratulations, Laura! Deborah (Doobie) Fair was married to Michael Languasco on September 28th at the Basin Harbor Club. The couple spent their honeymoon in Jamaica, and they are now living in Milton, Vt. Roger Cummins officially tied the knot on August 24th. It was an amazing day, and Andrew Josefek, keeping to his usual behavior, took it upon himself to sing a solo at the reception. Roger and his bride, Anne, are now living in Hoboken, N.J. Lisa Barrera was also married in August. Lisa and her husband wed in Virginia, where they live. Becky Pfaffenbach and Micah Dean were married on June 15, 2002, in Syracuse, N.Y. They now live in Beverly, Mass., just north of Boston. Micah just finished his master’s at Cornell University and started a job with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries in Gloucester, Mass. Becky recently received her master’s from Penn State. Lots of UVMers were in attendance at their wedding: Scott Summer ’98, Elizabeth Reisz, Michele Madera Summer, Jill Evans, Torrey Farquharson, Christy Royer, Jon Leeuw, Dan Healey, Dan Barnett, Chad Ryan, Gordon Daniell ’00, Corey Nichols ’00, and Joelle Bush ’00. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Elizabeth Reisz and Gordon Daniell ’00 were wed on October 5, 2002, in Louisville, Kent. They recently moved back to Louisville after living in Palo Alto, Calif., for the past two years. A special congratulations goes out to Neil Smaldon for passing his third and final CFA exam. This is a remarkable feat for someone of his age. It is great to hear from so many of you. Please keep the news coming.

Class Secretary: mikeycc@hotmail.com
Stephanie Malone was married to Alexander Teeter on August 10, 2002, in Cleveland, Ohio. Members of the class of 2001 in attendance were Katie Lowre (bridesmaid), Lisa Stoddard (bridesmaid), Erin Guertin, Colleen Guertin, Kelley O’Donnell, Mara McManus, Jessica Halford, Wendy Lyons, Allison Gold, Erin Kaechele, Ari Ajemian, Filiz Soyak, Mike Fabrizio, and T. J. Palvino ’98. Stephanie wrote, “It was a great evening!"

Class Secretary: hilary.dixonstreeter@ey.com
Hello Class of 2001! I just returned from Homecoming Weekend where I saw many of you. It was great being back in Burlington reminiscing about our college days. Congratulations to Brooke Alexander, who just became engaged to Bill Raisbeck ’00. They are currently living in Chicago. The wedding will be next August in New York City. Congratulations also to Stephanie Malone, who was married in August to Alexander Teeter in Cleveland, Ohio. Others from the class of 2001 in attendance: Katie Lowre (bridesmaid), Lisa Stoddard (bridesmaid), Erin Guertin, Colleen Guertin, Kelley O’Donnell, Mara McManus, Jessica Halford, Wendy Lyons, Allison Gold, Erin Kaechele, Ani Ajemian, Filiz Soyak, Mike Fabrizio, and T.J. Palvino ’98. Good luck to Martin Wilde and Sarah Laidlaw who are moving for the winter to Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, just south of the Arctic Circle. Martin will be playing hockey in the Swedish Elite league while Sarah learns Swedish. Andreas Moborg is also playing hockey. He is playing for the Coventry Blaze in England while he pursues his MBA. Several of our classmates have decided to return to school: Lindsay Cutter is studying elementary education in Boston; Kathy Elias is studying for her Master’s in social work at UNC Chapel Hill; Pam Morse is in her second year at Columbia getting her master’s in social work; Jennifer Dwyer is studying for a master’s in environmental policy at Harvard; and Carly Marsh is getting her masters in art education at Lesley in Boston to name just a few. Allison Conway is doing the NYC teaching fellowship and living with Becca Cohlan, who is working for an advertising firm, Telerep. Also in New York is Shira Tabib, who is working for Antar-com. Jordan Budda recently began work with the same firm. Maggie Sposato and Heather Johnson just made their move from Connecticut to Brooklyn. On the west coast, Josh Hansen is still living in San Diego, working for his father and Hansen Surfboards. Erin Loskutoff was to have gone to Uzbekistan but that was cancelled due to the war in Afghanastan. In May she left for Mongolia with the Peace Corps. She has been elected to give a speech at the Peace Corps swearing-in ceremony, in Mongolian, in front of the Peace Corps staff and Mongolian diplomats. The speech will also be broadcast on Mongolian TV. Thanks to everyone who contacted me and I hope to hear from the rest of you soon!

Class Secretary: jenniferkhouri@yahoo.com
This is my first official Class Notes entry, so I will try to fill you in as best I can. Soon after graduation, Adam Wolk began his career at the New York City brokerage firm, Bear Stearns. He also informed me that both Adam Dehaven and Andrew McDonell are working in Massachusetts for SunLife Financial. Liz Wood recently moved to Barcelona, Spain, to teach English as a second language (ESL). Closer to home, Jessica Powers has been working as a biomedical technologist at Boston Medical Center. Thanks to more experienced Boston alums (class of ’99), many members of the class of 2002 (well, as many as other classes) gathered at Tia’s in Boston to meet, greet, and reminisce. These alums included Dave Levin, Becca Count, Sarah Bombardier, Andrew Fleming, Nicole Hintlian, Sarah Clark, Claudia Silva, and Jess Krick. When you get some time, drop me an email and let me know what you’re up to.

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