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Class Secretary: dgsouthard@juno.com
Brian LeClair has been appointed secretary and counsel to the Corinthian Yacht Club of Marblehead, Mass. Brian said that this appointment blends his vocation with his favorite avocation. Brian and wife Linda’s children, Lindsey and Michael, are also avid sailors. James Keeler of Shelby Township, Mich., wrote that when starting up a Stephen Ministry Program in his local church two years ago, he ran into UVM friends George Randall and his wife, Barb. He wrote, “It turned out that George was an old ATO member as was I, just seven years ahead.” Sandy Luckenbill’s daughter, Kristen, was chosen Goalkeeper of the Year by the Women’s United Soccer Association. She was in the South All-Star starting lineup for the All-Star Game held in Portland, Oreg.

Class Secretary: sarah.sprayregen@uvm.edu
Call it early senility, a faux pas, or whatever you like. In the last ’71 Class Notes (Fall Vermont Quarterly) I mentioned that Susie Campbell was voted vice president of our class. I should have said that Annie Viets is vice president, and Susie, as ’71 class rep to the Ira Allen Committee, will serve as the agent in the UVM Fund for our class. Gary Barnes is our new president. Bob Hawes’ name was never on the nominating slate for president, but I propose that Hawsie take on duties as assigned. I will remain class secretary unless I’m fired after this mistake. We should all remember that the function of our class officers is to keep us connected in between reunions and to serve as chairs of our next reunion in 2007. Our class was also recognized with a tree in the Alumni Arbor on main campus for our stupendous reunion gift efforts. Sandra Simpson wrote that she will be leaving the 126 degree weather where she has been stationed and moving to Kaiserlautern about 60 miles south for a new job. She wrote that this is not a deployable job and that she might even get to work a normal eight-hour day and possibly something that resembles a vacation. She was not sure whether her system could handle it. Susie Campbell has a new job at Lifeline System as manager of medical marketing. She will be launching a new initiative focusing on cardiac patients. Her new email address is scampbel@lifelinesys.com. Jim Taylor and Barbara Potter ’76 hosted a political reception for Anthony Pollina, a candidate for Vermont lieutenant governor. Part of the program was a preview of the television commercials they produced for the campaign. They’re awesome! Joe and Martha Baker (’72) Forgiano stopped by Grasse Mount in August when they were dropping off daughter Rebecca ’06. Joe is executive vice president with Mead/ Westvaco Corp, and Martha is principal of the Oneonta Middle School in Oneonta, N.Y. It’s great to see more legacy parents from our vintage getting involved on the parent side of UVM. Over Homecoming & Parents Weekend, a group of us got together for a fun breakfast at the North Hero House Inn (remember Walt Blasberg?). It was a glorious day, but the best part was that Walt was on hand, and Bill and Mary Beth Siska Rust, Bob and Barbara Jerry Hawes and their daughter, Heather, with her friend, Paul, came up, as well as Annie Viets and Mags Caney Conant and my fiancé, Richard. We had tons of laughs, and it was fortunate that we were able to get together on short notice and at such a lovely spot in North Hero. Bruce Ferguson was also up over Homecoming/Parents Weekend, although I ended up only speaking to him on his cell phone. He was visiting son Sam ’05, who invited me to a frat party at Alpha Gamma Rho. Can’t remember the last time I was invited to a frat party. I plan on seeing Rob Sidney and his wife, Ann, and son Andy ’06 mid-October in Burlington. Liz Mead Foster informs me that she’s been selected (lottery system) to run in the New York City marathon November 3. Liz was doing her long run Sunday of Homecoming Weekend, so we missed her at the North Hero House Inn. Jason Robards is still missing. Has anyone heard from him or seen him in Columbus, Ohio, Minneapolis, New York City, or maybe he’s moved to Peru?

Class Secretary: dstern@zoo.uvm.edu
Hi, everyone! It is very easy to see your news in print. Just email me or submit it to the alumni office right on the web. Just follow the links to the alumni section from the UVM homepage found at http://www.uvm.edu. My son, David Moss ’02, graduated from UVM in May and is working here at UVM as an admissions counselor. Paula Lemerman is busy raising her kids and working in St. Louis, Mo. Her family are all big Cardinals fans and have enjoyed going to games, even though the summer was very hot and humid. Paula is active on the boards of trustees at both her synagogue and her children’s school, the Solomon Schechter Day School of St. Louis. Carol Stewart has been associated with the Peace Corps, first as a volunteer and then as a nurse practitioner, for the last 11 years. Now, she is working as a clinical nurse specialist at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu

Class Secretary: ricewinner@aol.com
I am already looking forward to our 30th reunion in 2005, which will be held in conjunction with the classes of ’75 and ’76. If you have a special message you want to send to someone you knew at UVM, use this column. I did hear from Laurel Parker Persico of Morrisville, Vt., who is co-owner with her husband, Patrick, of Plum and Main Restaurant in Johnson, Vt. Their oldest son, Lyman, graduated from UVM in May with a B.S. in environmental science. Lyman was the recipient of the Geology Department’s “doll award” and was part of the John Dewey Honors Program. Also a Vermont scholar, he is now working as a research assistant in UVM’s Geology Department. Laurel also noted that their other son, Chris, is a junior at People’s Academy and is working on his Eagle Project with loons on Lake Eden. Laurel still raises Arabian and half-Arabian horses. Susan Nadeau Pelley is moving to Santa Fe with her daughter. Susan hopes to develop her creative side and to celebrate turning 50.

Class Secretary: dinachild@aol.com
Nancy Danielson Bird and her husband, Bob, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on September 11, 2001. She wrote that it has been a year of much gratitude for their family. Her son, Charlie, is conquering Hodgkin’s disease. Daughter Liz taught school in Samoa last summer. They are blessed by family friends, and hopes of health and peace. Mark Holden has retired as vice president of Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Co. and started M.A. Holden Consulting. Mark and his wife, Sue, are planning more time for golf in Vermont in the summer and Florida in the winter. They live in Essex Junction, Vt. Pamela Collier Hunt has been married to her husband, Herb ’74, G’78, for 28 years. After living in Colorado and Pennsylvania, they returned to Vermont in 1987 when Herb took a faculty position at UVM in the business school teaching accounting and taxes. Pamela is a full-time mom to their 15-year-old son with special needs. After more than 14 years back in Vermont, Herb took a position on the faculty at California State University at Long Beach, so the family has relocated there. They were looking for a milder climate, and they definitely have found it. Candace Lovely shared some photos of herself doing water ballet in her backyard pool. She sent her painting “Changing Classes” to UVM last fall. You can check the painting out at her site: http://candacelovely.com/images/ changingclasses.jpg. Bert “Chip” Roleau greatly enjoyed reading about Chip Lacasse in the Vermont Quarterly. He lives in Los Altos, Calif., and reports that he has never had a “bad” snow day in California. He misses skiing the slopes of Vermont, but not the ice. Claire Tessier wrote that she was promoted to full professor of chemistry at the University of Akron. She has ended her three-year term as assistant chair of her department. At the invitation of Professor Chris Allen, she presented a seminar at UVM in July 2001. She had a great time renewing ties with old professors and meeting new faculty. She was happy to see the department active and growing. Claire has been married to Wiley Youngs for 25 years and has an 11-year-old daughter, Jessica. Cindy Dattman Roberts has moved to Naples, Fla. Her husband, Jay, an otolaryngologist, has taken a position at the Cleveland Clinic there. They will spend their summers in Pittsford, N.Y. Daughter Emily is transitioning to 7th grade in Florida, and son Jay is in his first year at Babson College and a member of the golf team. Cindy is hoping to hear from Peggy Donaghy Huseby and Marty Dougherty. Cindy is in contact with Kathy Bowers, who is a dermatologist in private practice in Concord, Mass. She reported that Kathy was on the way to Colombia to adopt a baby girl. Her son, James, is 10.

Class Secretary: pbeekman@clarkson.edu
Congratulations to Oney Smith on his promotion to associate professor of biology at Hood College in Frederick, Md. This promotion also included the granting of tenure. Oney’s interests and research focus on the biology and control of insect-transmitted plant viruses. In collaboration with the foreign-disease research unit of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service at Fort Detrick, he has mentored biology and biochemistry majors in a broad range of undergraduate research projects. He is one of three editors and writers of Virus-Insect-Plant Interactions, a book for researchers, teachers, and students, published by Academic Press in 2001. There has been a change in my life, too. After 13 years of development at St. Lawrence University, I’ve moved down the road 10 miles to Clarkson University. Please note my new email address for “Class Notes” submissions.

Class Secretary: jacober3@cox.net
Robert Kershner, MD ’80, wrote that he was recently selected as one of the top ophthalmologists in America by the Consumer Research Council of America. He was honored as a recipient of a national leadership award by the U.S. Congress, nominated for chief of staff at Northwest Hospital in Tucson, Ariz., and nominated by the Bush administration for consideration as Surgeon General. He is also being honored this year with a Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. Robert and his wife, Jeryl Dunsky Kershner, MD ’80, live in Tucson. Bill Klipp and his wife, Linda, looked forward to attending our reunion to see old friends and SAE brothers. Bill retired four years ago as a senior executive of Charles Schwab & Co. In between their continuous vacation travel, they call San Francisco their home base. Deborah Lewis “Lew” Thompson enjoys getting the Vermont Quarterly and reading about what classmates are doing. She wrote, “I am envious of those still close enough to get together often. I wish I could have made it to our 25th to see everyone. I bet we haven’t changed a bit.” Deborah and her husband, David, are living in Florida. She is currently working for Sun Trust Bank, and David is a chef at Café Margaux. She misses the mountains and our classmates, and she would love to hear from UVM friends.

Class Secretary: bcroteau@earthlink.net
Patricia Houghton Conly works as a dental hygienist in th practice of Dr. Richard Kozlowski in St. Johnsbury, Vt. She and her husband, Doug, live in Lyndonville, Vt., with their children, Patrick and Melissa. Susan Perkins Stark spent the last 20 years in various positions on Wall Street. For the past eight years, she has specialized in investing in healthcare equities, and she now works for a large independent investment counselor. Along the way, she has performed parachuting stunts in air shows. She co-founded the largest aviation business serving the skydiving industry and the largest and best parachute center in Florida, Skydive City. Susan lives in Los Angeles, Calif., with her children, Madeleine and Robert. Keith Allen would love to hear from the crew from Hamilton ’74, ’75 and Simpson ’76 and the infamous 380 Main Street. If any of them are in the area (Norman, Okla.), Keith hopes they’ll stop by. Ida Schaper McNamara enjoys living in Colchester, Vt. Both daughters are in college, including daughter Sarah ’03. Ida would love to hear from old friends from Davis 4. Jodi Groberg Hodorov is living on a small kibbutz in Northern Galilee in Israel, “the part of the country that most resembles New England.” She is a physical therapist in a socialized medicine clinic in a nearby town and she works with a special class for severely-handicapped young people near her kibbutz. She is raising four children (the first is already a soldier). Jodi has been in contact with Robin Gritman Santy and Rae Goldberg (’77) Kliman thanks to email. She would love to hear whatever happened to Steve Funk. Jayne Butler Marsh is teaching at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College in the social behavioral sciences early childhood program. She also trains and consults in various early childhood areas. Jayne lives in Cumberland, Maine, with her husband of 22 years, two sons, one of whom has just been accepted at Rockport College. Her youngest will be entering high school this year. Jayne’s husband is president of Omnia Technologies, a computer company. Sarah Hilton Freymann has been living in a small town in central Texas for the past eight years. She teaches health law to graduate students in healthcare administration at Trinity University in San Antonio and lectures throughout the South with various professional societies. Mark Fieldstein and his wife, Susan, enjoy watching their three teenage daughters, Jordan, Katie, and Camie, grow up. They live on the North Carolina coast in Wilmington, and Mark had a great time reminiscing about Burlington with a St. Michael’s grad in the area. Mike Hoisington graduated from Gordon Conwell Seminary in 2001. He was installed as pastor of Community Baptist Church in Downington, PA. College sophomore sons Ben and Nathan helped with the move. Dawna Cobb has worked in the Maryland Attorney General’s Office for the past 12 years. The last nine have been spent serving as counsel to the University of Maryland dealing with student and faculty issues. She wrote that as a student she was unaware of all the legal issues generated on a college campus. Heidi Soons has been principal harpist with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra for the past 24 years. She also teaches harp lessons at UVM. David and Janice White-Leif live in Westwood, Mass, with their daughter, Amanda, and son Danny. They are active in local politics and land conservation efforts. They recently celebrated their 21st anniversary. Janet Reynolds of Stowe, Vt., is developing a school-wide program for K-12 concerning multi-culturalization, tolerance, and sustainability. Joy Mottel is retired and living in Florida, where she plays golf and enjoys bike riding at the beach.

Class Secretary: beth.nutter@vtmednet.org
Ted Janeway and his wife, Marijke, live in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. They have three children, and their middle daughter, Caroline, is in her first year at UVM. Ted is employed by NYK Line, one of the world’s largest ocean shipping and logistics companies. James Donovan wrote from Westford, Mass., that his daughter, Melissa, just completed her first year at UVM. Twin brother Jimmy is at Springfield College, and younger brother Sean is a sophomore in high school. On a personal note, I was married to George Gamache in Burlington last August. We were fortunate to have many fellow Pi Phis in attendance, including Mary Kay McGuire Conte, Susan Thomas Englander, Anne Trask Forcier, Janet Owens ’81, and Julie Howell ’82.

Class Secretary: ky3e@cstone.net
Your class secretary and husband Kevin ’76 recently bought a Piper Cherokee airplane. Kevin has his pilot’s license, and I plan on taking lessons (to land the plane!). I recently spoke with Mary Thomsen Russell, who has returned to W. Hartford, Conn., after living in the Philippines for three years. Mary has been in touch with both Kathy Borda Compton and Kathy Brown ’79.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Karl Turner and his wife, Judy, welcomed their new son, Hayden Francis, into the family on November 1, 2001. The family lives on Camano Island, Wash. Jolinda Hirsch LaClair left Senator James Jeffords’ office after 15 years to accept his nomination to become state director for USDA rural development in Vermont and New Hampshire. She also serves as a member of the UVM Extension State Advisory Council. Jolinda lives in Middlesex, Vt., with her husband, Rob, and children Chelsea and Tucker. She keeps in close touch with Sherry Nisenholtz Schoenberg, Pat Mounton-Powden and Betty Skelton (’82) Gilbert.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Gretchen Mikeska of Scarborough, Maine, has a new daughter, Iris Rae, born February 28, 2002. Steve Olson wrote that he, Eric Riddleberger, and Jim Hansen have enjoyed six straight years of the “steep and deep” with a February trip to Lake Tahoe. They were reunited in Chautauqua, N.Y., last summer for Eric’s wedding. Jeanne McDonough Peine wrote that after talking about getting together for several years, she and her dearest UVM friends made it happen in 2001. Jeanne and friends Valerie Murphy Hickey and Kathy Taggart Otten got together for a mini-reunion in Portland, Maine, and they enjoyed catching up and reminiscing about UVM. Amy Hathaway Hamblett moved to Vermont in 2000 with her husband, Malcolm, and children Ben and Rebekah. She lives in the hometown of Debbie Renn, and they enjoy the community atmosphere in South Londonderry, Vt. Karen Gage Bensley, husband Dean, and sons Gage and Ethan live in Kittery Point, Maine. She hopes to visit Burlington soon to see her niece, Emily, who is now enjoying college life in the area. Joseph D’Amore, M.D., recently returned to the East after spending seven years in Salt Lake City. He is a family practice physician in private practice, and he shares an office with his wife, Kim, a plastic surgeon. They have three daughters, Taylor, and twins Lauren and Kendell. Gail DelBianco and her partner, Cia Roenford, opened Curves for Women, a fitness and weight loss center in Asheville, N.C. They are also managing a KOA Campground. Gail invites UVM friends to come visit her in the mountains of North Carolina. Thomas Gates of Pennington, N.J., wrote that “things are terrific.” His son, Ren, is playing hockey, and daughter Sheridan is a dancer and actress. They love visiting his five siblings in Vermont. Thomas sent greetings to everyone from Coolidge Hall in 1978, asking “Is it Thursday night yet?” Denise Butterfield O’Donovan and family returned to the U.S., after four travel-filled years in Germany. They spent two years in Colorado, where Lt. Col.. Tom O’Donovan commanded the 52nd engineer battalion in between ski trips to Breckenridge. Tom was then selected to attend the U.S. Army War College. The family will be moving again to an undetermined location. Thomas Phillips has worked with individuals who are homeless, mentally ill, HIV-infected, and substance abusers in Boston and New York. He manages a busy center for ex-offender females in New York City, and he recently presented at Columbia University’s 10th annual National Roundtable for Women in Prison, with featured speaker Angela Davis. He also recently returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia, which began several hours before the 9/11 tragedy. Andrew Wolf wrote that there are lots of UVM alums in Lake Tahoe. He still skies with Rick Topper and Didi Cole Driller and many others. Jean Gray Cropper has spent the last nine years writing an art and craft book, magazine articles, selling her art through galleries, and teaching workshops in hand papermaking and hand bookbinding. She is back in school retraining in graphic design, which she finds fun and challenging in combination with raising her son, Alex. She wrote that Sydney, Australia, is a lovely place to live and she invites classmates to look her up there or send her an email message at jean@kropper. com. Amy Perkins Moore, husband Jim, daughter Meghan, and son Sean moved from Hawaii to Newport, R.I. Jim is a student at Naval War College. Amy and Sean enjoyed watching the UVM field hockey team play at URI. Sara Fein Levite lives in Cumberland, Maine, with her husband, Shai, and sons Ben and Jake. She maintains a part-time psychotherapy practice while helping her husband with their landscaping company. Alison Riley Clark of South Strafford, Vt., is having fun keeping up with her daughter, Emily, an ice hockey player, and sons Brendan and Stephen, freestyle mogul skiers. She stays in touch with Tori Ryder, Ellen Gray, and Darcie McCann, part of the McCauley Hall gang. Peter Cassels-Brown saw her
at Mad River. Alison sent greetings to Robinson Hall alums. Diane Caporale-Hartleb and husband Chris have both been promoted to associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Both are faculty members in the biology department. Diane teaches molecular biology and genetics, and Chris teaches fisheries ecology and aquaculture. Elizabeth Allen enjoys her international marketing consulting firm, traveling and working on creative projects while living happily in Southern California with husband Steve, two children, and three dogs. Bradley Hall relocated his family to Burlington, Vt. He has been running around the U.S. during the week for business, but returns home to Vermont to his family on the weekends. David Rocchio sent greetings to classmates from Stowe, Vt., where he renovated a house. He has a son and wrote that he misses his UVM friends and “remembers it all so well.” Andrew Burns of Sunbury, Ohio, is working in real estate. He bought a gift shop in Westerville, Ohio, and recently moved back to the home his parents built, where he grew up. Heather Newman Greenwood and family have been active in New England golf. Her children love the game, and her husband is president of the N.E. Golf Association. Heather looks forward to playing in the women’s NE amateur championship. She often hears from Beth Lihatsh Roberts from Penn State, where she and her husband, Bob ’83, live with their four children. Victoria Shinagel-Buidihas is training for her fourth marathon to be run in Venice, Italy. She enjoyed reconnecting with Kathleen DeCaracena Bliss, who is married to Bill Bliss. They live in Concord, Mass., with their children, Will and Jackie. Kathleen Allard Whelan wrote that she was among a group of UVM women who first met on McAuley 1st, who had a mini reunion in the fall of 2001, present were Fran Gregg Rathke, Cynthia Coppage, Deb Frown Rogan, Lesley Theall, Kim Fialkoff Vorlihon, Holly Hackman, Kim Tomlinson Hayward, Lisa Paradis, Kathy Paker Dzuricky, and Jen March MacAdoo. They stayed in Stowe at Kim Hayward’s parents’ home and enjoyed hiking, laughing, and catching up. They enjoyed a surprise visit from their old RA Karen Moore. They’d love to hear from other McAuley friends. Christine Miller Koonz and family are living near Dayton, Ohio. She works part-time as a staff RN in the local emergency department. She enjoys staying home with her three children, Ken, Dave, and Katie, as well as helping in her profession. Her husband is stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Leslie Dierdorff Powell and husband, Russ, live in Centennial, Colo., with their children, Evan, Caroline, and Scott. She earned a master’s degree in deaf education in 1988 and taught kindergarten at the P.O. School for the Deaf for five years. She’s not a stay-at-home mom. Leslie wonders whatever happened to Beth Baxter, Debbie Cross, Martha Glasicki, Kay Ferland, Calla Blessing, Maggie Knox, and Ruby Reyes. Jeffrey May of Fraser, Colo. enjoys cross-country skiing, biathlon racing, and raising his two-year-old daughter, who loves to ski. Karen Jenne of Derby Line, Vt., would love to hear from others who lived at Tupper 2. She keeps in touch with Shannon Blanchard, her former roommate, and reports that she is doing well. Jane Pearl Burrill and husband Rodney recently purchased Sunny Brook Cottages in Albany, N.H. Their web-site address is www.sunnybrookcot tages.com.

Class Secretary: jrice@tds.net
John Kiremidjian and his wife, Gail, welcomed their third child, Brian Mead Kiremidjian, on July 13, 2001. He joins his big brother, Jake, 6, and sister Kelly, 3. John wrote, “There is no longer a semblance of peace and quiet around the house.” Scott Stevens of Simsbury, Conn., was appointed director of development at Westminster School. He is a 19-year veteran of their faculty, where he has taught English and most recently was dean of student life. Scott lives on the Westminster campus with his wife, Amy, and their three children. Nancy Snow Kurrelmeyer of Whiting, Vt., has worked for a number of major pharmaceutical companies developing electronic/computerized processes for their submissions to the FDA and health authorities worldwide. She has written novels, short stories, and poetry and has done wildlife photography and hiking. Nancy gets together with Sue Thatcher often. Wendy Hillman MacPherson wrote from Portland, Oreg., that due to lots of snow in the mountains her children are becoming great skiers. Gretchen Gannon Paulsen and husband Marshall are enjoying raising their three children in Richmond, Vt. Marshall has a great time playing banjo, most recently at RiRa on Church Street in Burlington. Marie Cross Ostoyich of Hannacroix, N.Y., loves to stay in touch with UVM friends. She and her family enjoyed visiting Martha Davidowicz Conway and husband John at their home in Arizona. Tucker Baldwin Murphy of New Canaan, Conn., has been skiing with her UVM buddies often. Margot Ladd Brady and family joined the Murphys for a camping weekend in New Hampshire. Julie Collier Edelson is juggling part-time file-based case management/ergonomic consulting with raising an active three-year-old. She keeps in touch with Steven’s godmother, Mary Handy (’80) Grunvald as well as classmates Laurie Austin and Betsy Dirmaier Baird. The Edelsons enjoy living in Virginia, which “feels more like Vermont each year, only milder.” Melbourne Boynton, M.D., of Rutland, Vt., received an award for research on ACL tears in women skiers at Killington Mountain. Chris Lizza is owner/operator of the Mono Market in Lee Vining, Calif. Chris returned from the first-ever U.S. Ski History Congress in Park City, Utah, where he presented a paper on the development of ski teams. Joan Marsh-Reed of Vergennes, Vt., started a new job at Neuropsychology Associates in South Burlington after 17 years in the medical psychology department at Fletcher Allen Health Care. She is a board member and membership chair of the National Association of Psychometrists. Lynn Sorg Bell of Summerland Key, Fla., has been fundraising for an elementary school playground. Ellen Berge lives in Isle of Palms, S.C. She works in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. She currently is in an orthopedic manual therapy residency program through Kaiser. Michael Radcliffe has completed 22 combat sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was recently promoted to lieutenant colonel as a member of the 93 bomb squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Jeannette Ford Mitchell of San Jose, Calif., resigned as director of national accounts for a security firm to homeschool her daughter. She has also fulfilled a lifelong dream of riding horses in jump competition, finishing seventh in Northern California as an AA Jumper after 20 years off to work and raise children. Dr. Linda Sell Steil welcomed her fourth child in July 2001. She travels extensively in Europe, working with a semi-professional football team and teaching at the University of Darmstadt in Germany. In addition to two full-time posts, Andrew Ward is an adjunct professor in the department of law, politics, and society at the University of Evansville in Indiana. Craig Leggett moved from Woodstock Vt., to Albuquerque, N. Mex., last year to become project manager for the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management, making the link between a healthy environment and a sound economy. The Rev. Rebekah Somon-Peter married Jerry Ganzales on July 21, 2001, at the church where she is pastor. She recently completed a term as president of the Rawlins Church Clergy Association. Rebekah and Jerry have taken up downhill skiing again, reminding her of her days at Smuggler’s Notch. She wrote that she loves her Vermont memories. Elizabeth Jefferson White wrote that she, Judy Sherrard Quenzel, Kathy Haight Davis, Carol Bergeron, Laura Fairfax McDonogh, Donna Fellows McPherson, Cindy Perrin Franklin, and Barb Weiss Cornelius enjoyed a weekend together in Maine in celebration of turning 40. Robin Lux McDonald of Norfolk, Mass., sent news that she, Patty Demarcken Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan ‘82, and Chris Zockett attended an April banquet in honor of former UVM head swim coach Joe Fischer. She also let us know that Joanne Handy Summers and husband Jim recently welcomed a new daughter, Mary Alice. Deborah Noyes Robinson wrote from Barre, Vt., that she completed her MSN degree and was promoted to associate professor of nursing and granted tenure at Vermont Technical College. She also works per diem in maternity at a local hospital. Scott Kane of West Granby, Conn., wrote that he and his wife, Diane Lombard Kane, are enjoying life with their sons, Roscoe and Buddy. Scott is an actuary with Aon Consulting, and Diane is finishing her master of education degree in special education at the University of Hartford. They occasionally see Pete and Karen Fitzgerald; Noel Brown and his wife. Maureen; Sidney Boyd and his wife, Kris and Katie Ballard, Keith and Gen Streeter, and Sharon and Lance Lawyer. Scott sent a special hello to Beth Hasker, Allison Rood Judge and Dan Cunningham. Victoria Thomas Godfrey reported that she accompanied Claire Finger Spofford, Katie Donahue Vandewater, and Susan Blatt Summers to see the play, “Mama Mia,” in Boston. They all had fun and have been singing “Dancing Queen” since they returned from the show. Lisa Wright Hummer and husband, Chip, announced the birth of their son, Charles DeWitt Hummer IV (Case), born January 15, 2002. Case joins newly-adopted sister, Talley Anne, born May 29, 2001.

Class Secretary: angleresearch@worldnet.att.net
Martha Luneau Bach wrote from Kansas City, Kans., that she planned to visit Abbe MacLise in Chicago to celebrate “the big 40.” Joining them was Paula Biestek ’83. Mark Saba escorted his wife, Karen, who as a board member of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce spearheaded the idea of raising money for businesses affected by September 11, to “Ground Zero” and handed out checks to several businesses located there. He wrote, “We experienced first-hand the devastation, yet saw how quiet and reverent the site is.” Kim Solomon Dooley and her husband adopted their second child, Logan. They traveled from Crystal Lake, Ill., to Russia to bring home the seven-month-old. Their daughter, Larissa, was also adopted from Russia. Kim wrote, “We’re quite happy! “Peter and Jeanne (’85) Alexander wrote, “We were saddened by the loss of a great man, Dan Dyer ’24 in July 2001. Dan was Jeanne’s grandfather. The Alexanders live in Newport, Vt., with their daughters, Katie and Liz. Claire DiPietro Sierra built a home in the mountains of southern Oregon in Cave Junction. She lives there with her partner of seven years and two wolf dogs. Claire has a private practice in arts therapy/life coaching/ counseling after receiving her master of arts degree in expressive arts therapy at Lesley College in 1989. Joann Forgit moved to Chicago to attend the Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University. She received her MBA in 1999. Joann welcomed her first child, Kathryn, prior to graduation. She has since returned to Massachusetts to work as a vice president of sales and marketing at a medical software company. She welcomed her second child, a son, Ryan, on August 10, 2001. The family lives in Gloucester, Mass., where they enjoy boating and beach parties with Sarah Fay and Ellen Rosencrantz. Cheryl Deyton is still living in Asheville, N.C. She sees Greg Blais often. Ann Keck-Hall of Nassau, Bahamas, wrote, “Hey, FFWRs! How about a reunion at groovy UV in 2003? We can even out the brownie squares in the pan.” Christine Peleszak Baron wrote from Brighton, Ill., that she was preparing for her first marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She invites UVMers to “take the challenge” and become involved with the largest endurance sport training program in the nation, which is also fundraising for a good cause. Dawn Lawson Re of Chappaqua, N.Y., has done an 111-mile bike race in Arizona for the past two years, also to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year’s time was seven-and-a-half hours, and she received donations from several UVM alumni to help the effort. Enerino Caruccio is currently living in Tokyo, where he is finance director for GE Plastics in Asia. Sarah Flaks bought a 200-year-old house in Hallowell, Maine, which she is renovating. Joan McDermott Clowes saw Maggie Railsback in the summer of 2001. Meg was visiting from Thailand. Joan also sees Henry and Lisa Reitzas Pildner on the Cape. She sent greetings to Don Phinney “wherever you are!” Ellen Fraser Peters and husband, James, of Newfane, Vt., welcomed the birth of their twins Jameson Robert and Molly Elizabeth on February 16, 2002. John Brockington wrote from Saco, Maine, that he and his wife, Cathy, and their twin daughters Meredith and Morgan had a great visit with Jim MacKay, his wife, Mary, and their sons, Jimmy, Michael, and Mathew, when they were on vacation in Maine. Michelle Richard Morningstar wrote from Smithfield, Va., that Vicki Smith Long, her husband, and their three sons visited her family last winter. Michelle and Vicki enjoyed the chance to catch up while their children enjoyed getting together. Barbara Langworthy Reis is still living on Nantucket Island. He daughter, Sophia Elizabeth, was born on September 21, 2002. Daughter Samantha is 11, and son Steven is eight. Both are involved in sports and are doing well in school. They hope to visit UVM soon. Peter Mills lives in a fully-solar home on a water catchment on Hawaii Island with his wife, Phoebe, as well as a mule, horse, chickens, dog, cat, and an undetermined number of geckos. His new book, Hawaii’s Russian Adventure: A New Look at Old History was released by the Honolulu: UH Press last April. Alan Overton wrote that since September 11, he has been flying an F-16 Noble Eagle on sorties over the Eastern Seaboard for the Vermont National Guard. Other UVMers involved with this effort include Hank Harder, Steve Cary, Terry Moultroup, Barent Rogers, Phil Murdock, Scott Baldwin, Dave Smith, and Mike Bouvier. Debra Ciufo Comar of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, keeps busy as a “hockey mom” to son Stephen, who plays for a “mini mite” team as part of the Youth Hockey Association of America. She hopes that he will play for UVM someday. Debra loves her work at Aetna Life Insurance Company, where she manages a team of analysts and counselors who adjudicate long and short-term disability claims. Andrea Trachier Ambros of Hartland, Vt., enjoys taking her two children to ski competitions over the years. She wrote that Marshall is one of the best Nordic combined skiers in the East, while Alexandra is involved in alpine racing. Alison Lowell of Winchester, Mass., had worked in the emergency department at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston for the past 18 years. Three years ago, she started a massage therapy practice specializing in injury and deep tissue work. She wrote that the career change “was the best thing in the world. Life is good.” Lorraine Betz Kelm wrote that she and her family have returned to Vermont after seven years in Minnesota. Her husband, Bob G’91, is an assistant professor in the College of Medicine. Lorraine stays at home with their sons, Christopher and Nicholas. They began homeschooling when they settled into their Milton, Vt., home.

Class Secretary: roth_barb@yahoo.com
Congratulations to Timothy McCabe and his wife, Miwa, on the birth of their son, Brennan. Tim lives in the Northern Alps of Japan and is a business consultant. Julie Mathys Robartes told me that she has been married to her husband, Jay, for 13 years. They have four children: Dan, Erin, Andrew, and Hayley. The Robartes live in Medfield, Mass., where Julie is a full-time mom and loves it, but she’s looking forward to going back to work in the future. Julie is in touch with Ann Daughaday ’86, who is living and teaching math in New York, and Gretchen Collins, who lives in Connecticut with her husband and twin girls. Finally, Brian Cute wrote to tell me that he is a telecommunications attorney living in Farifax, Va., with his wife, Cynthia, and two children, Connor and Rylie. Brian regularly sees Scott Brodie ’86, Richard Mastoloni ’86, and Bruce Kinnaman and stays in touch with John Krigbaum ’86, Andy Wheeler ’86, Hunter Bahr ’86, Adrian Rosso ’86, Michael Ojemann ’86, and Bill Robinson ’86—the Dorset Street Farm crew aka the Kiselican Brothers.

Class Secretary: class86uvm@aol.com
Ana Guigui wrote to say that she is a singer/songwriter/actor based in Los Angeles. She signed with Taste Records, and her CD single “Forever” climbed to number 31 on the top 40/AC New Music Weekly charts in 2001. Ana also tours with Christopher Cross as a keyboardist/vocalist, and she has recorded and/or performed live with Ben Folds Five, Chip Taylor, Jon Secada, and Deborah Gibson. Ana was musical director for the off-Broadway production of “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” for many years and she played the role of Celeste Romano at the Henry Ford Theater, also playing regionally in “Behive” and touring with “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.” Ana holds acting credits as a co-star in CBS’s “JAG” and a recurring role as Penny, the waitress, on ABC’s “General Hospital.” Dr. Ron “Freddy” Epstein and his wife, Jesse ’91, welcomed their son, Colby Burton Epstein, into the world on May 24, 2002. Ron teaches fifth grade at Mary Hogan School in Middlebury, Vt. Gail Welsh let us know that a group of UVMers recently spent a long weekend together in Sanibel, Fla., sunning, surfing, and catching up on old times. The group of nine included Sue Browning-Claire, Lisa Brest-Daley, Fran Moore-Eddy, Karen Hardock-Ross, Alice Stifter-Bartram, Julie Kully-Faryniarz, Amy Nostrand, Evie Sleischer-Katz, and Gail Masciantonio-Welsh. Their weekend of leisure and frivolity has become an annual tradition. This was their third gathering, and they missed those who couldn’t attend. Monica DiCarolis sent an email message to update us on herself and some fellow alumni. Monica lives in Burlington, Vt., with her husband, Steve DiCarolis ’82, and she is thoroughly enjoying staying home with her son Ben after ten years of selling real estate in the area. Karen Fitzgerald is living on Bainbridge Island, Wash., with her husband, David, and their sons, David and Ryan. The Fitzgeralds get back to Burlington every year to catch up with family and friends. Amy Harris ’85 and husband David recently moved from Michigan to open Café Piccolo in Burlington, Vt. Their son, Elijah, loves first grade and helping mom bake goodies for the restaurant. Ann Harrington ’84 and her husband, Steve, live in Burlington, Vt., with their daughter, Willa. They also keep in touch, usually via play dates, with Louise George, husband John, and sons Jake and Joseph. A gathering of friends last summer at Monica’s house also included Lany Meeks Zikakis ’85 and her three sons. Lany lives in San Diego with her husband, Alex. It was a crazy day that included six moms and 12 children.

Class Secretary: ssrey@optonline.net
Thanks to Robin Peters for writing to say that she and her husband, Rick, just celebrated the 2nd birthday of their twin girls, Rachael and Megan. They are living in Severna Park, Md., just up the river from Annapolis, and are enjoying time on the water. She would love to hear from UVM classmates. I also received a brief email message from Rich Woodard, who is living in San Francisco. He mentioned some of our other classmates on the West Coast—Eric Kent, Stu Natch ’88, Alex Paine, Greer Green (’88) Westerink, and Paul VanDeCamp. Congratulations to Keri Wolfson Craft and her husband, Kinson, on the birth of their second daughter, Riley, last January and to Phil and Lisa Gorrivan on the birth of their son, Charles, last summer! Sharon Sama and her husband, Geoffrey Leggett ’78, live in Pomfret, Conn., with their children, Ned, Harrison, Grace, and Jack. Sharon runs her public relations business out of their home, and Geoffrey is director of development for Pomfret School, a private secondary school.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Patricia Gill Camelio of Falmouth, Maine, was promoted to senior vice president in the commercial lending department of Peoples Heritage Bank in Portland. She will continue to serve as a commercial lending relationship manager. Doug Benerofe let us know that he is a senior editor for the toy and children’s publishing company, LeapFrog. He lives in Oakland, Calif., where he is currently working on his first novel. On a sad note, we received news that Richard Alden died on May 5, 2002. He had been employed by Tillinghast-Towers Perrin in Simsbury, Conn., as an actuarial analyst. He loved UVM and was an avid sports fan, returning for basketball and hockey games every year.

Class Secretary: kbswindell@yahoo.com
We really are getting close to our 15th Reunion, which definitely means we are getting older—no matter how you look at it. My apologies for the lame (OK, non-existent!) column last issue. I was on vacation when the deadline came around, and I totally missed it. Thanks to all who wrote and are patiently waiting to see their names in print. Life has been good for Kevin Hench, who sent an email message about his good fortunes in Hollywood. His girlfriend, Heather Juergensen, co-wrote and starred in the great movie, Kissing Jessica Stein, and Kevin has been busy writing for film and television, even making some TV appearances on the F/X Network and Fox Sports. He has kept in touch with Michael Berlly and Roger Pliakas as well as Paul Tulikangas, Tony Reilly, and Jeff Schulman. Great to hear from you, Kev. Bob Anderson lives in Winston-Salem, N.C., with his wife, Donette, and their three children, Ryan, Avery, and Kathryn. Bob received his MBA in 1995 from Notre Dame and is currently senior home loan consultant for Country Wide Loans, Inc. The Andersons see Brian Eaton and his family every summer in New Hampshire. Brian and his wife, Lydia, are building a house in Squam Lake in New Hampshire (aka “Golden Pond”), where Brian is the controller of Castle Springs Water Company at Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, N.H. They have two daughters, Eleanor and Elizabeth. David Fishman married Robin Zucker in the fall of 2001 at Sea Ranch, Calif., overlooking the Pacific Ocean. UVMers in attendance were Charlie Warrell ’88, Mike Harding ’88, Stacey Bosick ’91, John Zouck, and Julie Warrell. After a two-week trip to Thailand, they returned to their home in San Francisco. Cullen Arlington Curtiss married Toner Mitchell on Lake Erie in Canada in September 2001. Jamie Kahn Gordon was a bridesmaid, and Amy Harris Carlisle would have attended had she not been so close to her due date. Cullen and her husband live in Berkeley, Calif., where she is working on a novel. Lawrence Kopp was married in March 2001 to Lim Pau Pau (Vicky, for short), who is from Jakarta, Indonesia. They live in Forest Dale, Vt., where Lawrence is self-employed as an independent financial services rep. Dino Capello and his wife, Valerie, live in New Orleans. Dino is running an internet application design company, which he founded about five years ago. They would love to hear from their UVM friends, especially if they are visiting New Orleans. Hank DelMonico lives in Foxboro, Mass., and works as a pharmaceutical district sales manager with Pharmacea Corp. He keeps in touch with Heather Hewitt Main. Heather and Hank were Charlie and Kitty Catamount together during their time at UVM. Hank says hello to all his friends and can be reached at henry.t.delmonico@pharmacia.com. Hope Fisk Paulding lives in Germany with her husband, Tim ’93, their twin sons David and Matthew, and their daughter Sarah. Lisa Bulman Mullen and her husband, Rich, welcomed Tucker James into the family last January. Along with daughter Taylor, the Mullens live in Delray Beach, Fla. Nathan Graham lives in North Yarmouth, Maine, and was recently named vice president in the finance department at Banknorth Group in Portland. Congratulations to Maureen Kelly Gonsalves and her husband, Dave, who welcomed Brian Terrence into the family in August 2002. He joins brother Daniel in the family’s Watertown, Mass., home. Cammy Stone VanNess and her husband moved from Chicago to Minneapolis last year, but their big news is the birth of their twin girls, Abby and Ellie, in December 2002. Cammy left her job as an underwriter at Chubb Insurance and became a full-time mom. She added that she thought underwriting was a lot of work! Maureen O’Donnell Whitney had a baby girl, Emma Kather, in February. Emma joins older brother, Jack and Aidan. After living in Germany for three years, Stephen Fleet and his wife, Lauren, have settled in Wolfeboro, N.H., with their two girls, Kelsey and Meghan. Andrew Overfield sent along a picture of him and Meg (’86) and Jay Connors ’87 and what looks to be a safely-sedated cheetah at the Mokolodi Game Park in Bostwana. Andrew was a foreign area officer with the U.S. Army, and Jay is the defense attaché in Botswana. Andrew and his wife, Paula, now live in Washington, D.C. Best wishes for the New Year, and please keep the news coming especially as our 15th draws closer. Peace.



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