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Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Fraser Drew has moved inland from the Buffalo waterfront to a new house in Williamsville, N.Y. He hopes to attend his 70th reunion next spring.


Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
A cute item was received from our loyal classmate, Phil Gould, and I want to share it with you. He wrote, “Ninety-one-year-old Phil Gould and eighty-eight-year-old Joe Wool ’35 meet every Tuesday morning at Libby’s Diner for breakfast and always talk about the good old days at the university.” Right after that came, I called our classmate, Betty Lane Bradish, who had already sent in news of herself a while ago. She is responsible for the following items, which saved the day: Jean Kinlock Smith, who coordinated our 65th reunion class dinner at Wake Robin, is still living there. She is in a wheelchair, but still able to do many things. She is happy in her life there. Leona Warren Thompson is now living in Middlebury, Vt. Ila MacKenzie Crowley, who was
originally in our class, is now living in Pillsbury Manor in Burlington. Personally, I can report that Ruth Tarleton Elmendorf, who was a close childhood friend of mine in Brooklyn, N.Y., has been living in Boulder, Colo., since the death of her husband. She wanted to be near her son and daughter-in-law. Ruth is a member of our class, and I am still in touch with her. Finally, the Mississippi cruise from St. Louis to Minneapolis happened in September to celebrate my 91st birthday. We had perfect weather, and a good time was had by all.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Marion Giddings Cook wrote from Burlington, Vt., that Winston Gibson died in August in Maryland. His wife, Ethel Cook Gibson ’35, predeceased him. He is survived by four children.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
With sadness I report the death of Jean Young Hartline after several years of illness. We were close neighbors on South Union Street in Burlington during high school and college days. Jean is buried at West Point beside her husband, U.S. Army Col. Henry Hartline. Last July, I enjoyed a cruise in the western Mediterranean along the coasts of Italy, France, and Spain, with stops in Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangiers. The arid landscape of North Africa with temperatures around 105 F made me appreciate the green hills and valleys of Vermont even more.

Class Secretary:
Thank you, Fred Gear, for letting me know that you had learned indirectly that Marion Yerks Bedford is well. Hope that means you will be attending the reunion, Marion. Fred had also heard from Dr. Deane Mosher, who gave him the sad news that his wife had died on August 21. Deane himself is not in the best of health and does not expect to be at our reunion. By the time you read this, I hope that many of the rest of you are making plans to be on the UVM campus for our 65th reunion in May. Also, I hopethat everyone has responded to the request for data for a memory book. Co-chairmen Fred Gear and Bud Spaulding have attacked their responsibilities with vim and vigor, and it’s up to the rest of us to support them and heed their “ALERT.” Personally, your correspondent looks forward to getting together with classmates and gathering all kinds of news of the class of 1938—straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. As Fred reminds us, “No one’s greater than a ’38er.”

Class Secretary: msminck@webtv.net
It’s time to congratulate Jerry and Lucille Jerard on their 63rd wedding anniversary. Jerry keeps busy collecting old milk bottles, pens, and postcards, while Lucille volunteers at the hospital, soup kitchen, and nursing homes. Arthur Sylvester wrote that he has been reappointed to the Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission by Governor Dean for a term of six years. The commission works with the U.S. Corps of Engineers in the maintenance of the several dams located throughout the Connecticut basin. Louis Pierce said that he enjoys our column.

Class Secretary:
A letter from Robert Linsley of Birmingham, Ala., brought back memories of our classmates who served in World War II. He described his association with Richard Robinson, remembered at UVM as “Red,” our class president. Both men were assigned to the 33rd squadron of the 22nd bomb group. Bob joined the group in San Francisco in early 1942 as a navigator, and Robbie was one of the first members he ran into. They operated out of bases in North Queensland and Port Moresby, New Guinea. Robbie became a flight leader, later rising to full colonel. He was killed in a crash in or near the Philippines in 1944. Bob wrote, “I liked and admired Robbie, and I think the entire class of 1940 should, too.” The Class of 1940 Scholarship was established in memory of our classmates who gave their lives in World War II. If any classmates have records of the war that they would like to share in Vermont Quarterly, please send the information to me. The total amount in the Class of 1940 endowment is $115,826. The amount available for student scholarships for 2002-03 is $3,725. There are five student recipients, all seniors, with majors in business, environmental studies, mechanical engineering, and professional nursing. Jean Brehmer Swain wrote from Rutland, Vt., that she has two great-grandsons. Jean Butler Pye and husband Bill ’41 enjoy news from UVM. They are adapting creatively to life in a condo with a view of woods, open fields, and the lovely Farmington River. Jean happily reported the arrival of their 10th great-grandchild in June. Like many of us, they are anticipating a return to the UVM campus in 2003.

Class Secretary:
One of our Boulder men, Dick Healy, sent a press clipping highlighting that he is still “part of the Chain Gang.” In 1964, he started holding stakes at one of his son’s high school football games, and he has been doing it every season since. “It’s the best place to watch the game,” he said. Because Dick was a high school and college basketball referee for 55 years, he is no stranger around game officials. His wife, Marjorie Witham (’43) Healy, and he are planning to attend her 60th reunion. Rae Sheehan Cummings reported that she flew to Edina, Minn., to watch her niece, Capt. Patty Sheehan, skillfully lead the USA team of professional women golfers in a three-day international competition to reclaim the coveted Solheim Cup from Europe’s group of experienced players. Jane Hadley wrote that her son, James, MD ’70, was one of 13 members of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery to receive its prestigious Distinguished Service Award at the annual meeting held in San Diego. In a phone conversation, Ray Laramie reported that he won two gold medals for shooting a record number of successful basketball shots on May 29th in the St. Louis Senior Olympics for competitors aged 80-84 years. His wife and he came to attend his 65th reunion at Fair Haven, Vt. High School during its 125th anniversary in July. While in New England, they visited several relatives and friends. Ray exercises three times each week at a gym and encourages classmates to follow his regimen.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Several classmates attended a memorial service at Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vt., for Chester Partridge. Wake Robin had been his home for many years. Our sympathy to the family of Georgina Greene Hurd, who died recently at her home in Morrisville, Vt. Roger Hunting retired from the Air Force after World War II, then graduated from Columbia Law School and practiced law in New York City until 1984. Now retired, he lives in Richmond, Va. Louise Rugg Grover finds the Quarterly “informative and interesting.” She and her husband are now living in a life care facility, which he founded. Sigmund Sysko enjoys visiting UVM and remembering “Kake Walk, Southern baseball trips, and the isolation of the Engineering Department.” He also wrote, “It would be enjoyable to read about the early ’40s when war was imminent and the student body was ready for duty.” Margaret Ward Pollard retired from teaching in 1982. She was a high school business teacher in Vermont and Connecticut. Margaret lives in Danville, Vt., where she is “pursuing interests in gardening, reading, hand crafts, and word puzzles.”

Class Secretary: junevt.@sover.net
Greetings to one and all! We are both staying well and happy. Red recently attended his 65th high school reunion in Rutland. Of the approximately 40 people who were there, several were UVM graduates, namely Jean Butler Pye and husband, Bill, Art Wolk, Bill Pratt, and Jean Brehmer. I was sorry that I wasn’t present to chat and reminisce with both “Jeans,” who were members of Tri Delta with me. We were saddened to learn of the death of classmate, Alfred Arnee, on August 2, 2002. As we recall, Alfred worked in the Billings Library during his undergraduate years at uVM. He was a gentle and kind man. After graduating from UVM, Alfred earned his master’s degree from Suffolk University in Boston. He was a retired educator, funeral director, and real estate broker. He was also a U.S. Army veteran, serving during World War II. We extend our condolences to his wife, Louise, and to his two daughters. Helena Anderson Bair wrote that she worked hard as a volunteer to get Civil Union legislation passed in Vermont. She commented that this was the most important issue to become a part of Vermont since women got the right to vote. However one may feel about the Civil Union legislation, I, for one, applaud Helena’s pro-activism for what she believes. As we get older, it is so much easier to sit back and let other people make decisions. Ralph Goss wrote that after a career in the USAF, he and his wife are now happily retired in Shelburne, Vt.

Class Secretary: woody21@prodigy.net
Shirley Price, retired MD in Evansville, Ind., has sold the farm, where she lived for 30 years, 10 years ago. “There were always fences to mend and gates to fix,” and Shirley could no longer ride her many horses. She moved closer to town, where there is still a little greenery and “an old-lady cat.” Jean Davison is at Wake Robin, a retirement community in Shelburne, Vt. She loves it, has a garden, sees the lake, and has lots to do, including research at UVM. Jean was planning to teach a course on something Roman at Wake Robin this past fall, a small event, she thought, until she heard that nearly 50 fellow trilliums signed up. Helene Levesque Harper, a fellow classics student of Jean’s, is moving from her home in Hobe Sound, Fla., to live in North Dover, N.J., with her son, Bill, and her granddaughter, presently a senior at Penn State. Priscilla Perkins Johnson, who, we have been told, lived for several years in a health facility after suffering a stroke, has died. Another sadness has come to our attention from Raymond Brown, husband of Mary Strauch Brown. They had attended one of our reunions in the ’90s, and Mary had helped to make our Friday night dinner a great time. Ray wrote that Mary had died last March. Esther Gustafson Torberg and her husband still live in their long-time home in Easthampton, Mass. They travel in the spring and fall, often visiting their son and his family in Michigan. Another daughter and family are some distance from their parents, and a third daughter is 10 miles from home. Esther can boast nine great-grandchildren. Lynn Eimer Vreeland and Howie V. now live part-time in Burlington and in western New York.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu

Class Secretary:
Mary Jean Dunsmore Cox spent the summer at her home in St. Albans, Vt., but will leave soon for the sunny West. She will be with her son, Glen, in Reno, Nev., through Christmas. The rest of the winter, she will be in the San Fernando Valley, where she lived for many years.

Class Secretary: rdharper@comm.umass.edu
The class of ’47 had a small but enthusiastic turnout for our reunion. The following attended: Patricia Buckingham Ballou, Dorothy Frazer Carpenter, Torrey Carpenter ’48, Mae Johnson Corbett, Joseph Corbett ’43, Jean Carlton Denton, Cleveland Denton ’44, MD ’48, Paul Fraser, Paul Fraser, Jr., Mary Mitiguy, Ruth Post, Joanne Stevens Riley, Wendell Ryan, Betsy Kipp Thurber, and I. Rosalind Muney wrote, “I have been living in Cape Coral, Fla., since I retired from the Board of Education in New York City in 1992. At this point in time, I’m downsizing into a coach home in Fort Myers. My cousins, the Bernard Lismans, have moved to Fort Meyers and are nearby.

Class Secretary: normangjohnson@earthlink.net
Although retired from American Airlines, Frank Skirball is still employed by Office Depot in Tulsa, Okla. He has traveled to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, with London being his favorite city. He has four step-children and two step-grandchildren. Frank would like to hear from his UVM fraternity brothers. “Life is great,” wrote Florence Mueller Howes, who has retired from teaching in Springfield, Mass, and from the Yarn Tree Store. She now lives in Canaan, Vt., and is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, the North Country Spinners, and AmeriCorps. She has three daughters and a son. One of her daughters is in China studying Chinese medicine. Florence is one busy retired UVMer. After 20 years of retirement in Florida, Grace Fox Jordan turned the tables when she returned northward to live in Massachusetts. Enough of those cockroaches and alligators. In addition to Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Italian cruises, she still motors to USA national parks, state capitals, and presidential libraries. Grace has five children and 10 grandchildren. Spare moments are spent doing needlepoint, knitting, crossword puzzles, and reading. During a recent family gathering in Burlington, Mona Lee Glasston Hirschberg was amazed at the beauty and growth of UVM. She has retired from teaching and now enjoys concerts, opera, ballet, theater, travel, and reading. Mona has traveled to USA national parks, Alaska, Hawaii, and Trinidad, and Tobago for Carnivale. She hopes to see many college buddies at our 55th reunion. Rosemary Bristol Bryden and husband Stanton have retired from the insurance business and have joined the multitude of UVM snowbirds who migrate yearly between Vermont and Florida. Golf, swimming, gardening, and maintaining two houses provide physical challenges, while travel to England and Newfoundland has satisfied the wanderlust. Rosemary and Stanton have five children, 13 grandchildren, and two great-grandsons and proudly announce UVMers in the Bryden bloodline. Clarence Burke, though retired from Westinghouse Electrical Corporation, is still active in the workplace by helping his son with a convenience store and rental properties. He has five children, 11 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Clarence remembers involvement with the Norwegian pine our class donated for campus beautification. Edward Nash, M.D., has retired from pathology and general family practice. He was associated with Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, N.J. In retirement, he makes himself available to Medico Legal Opinions and also enjoys playing golf, cooking, and reading. Edward has four children and five grandchildren. Following retirement from the Hempfield area schools, Marie Farrow Forehan traveled far and wide before settling down to the pleasures of church work, quilting, genealogical research and serving as the Historical Society librarian. She has four sons, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Ted Battles, though supposedly retired as a sports editor of the Midland Reporter Telegram, takes trips, and writes stories and vignettes, which he submits to the local newspaper. The latest vignette relates Ted’s heart attack on the Taos ski slope. Ted also arranges ski trips for the Flatlanders Ski Club. He has two sons and three grandsons. His genealogical search revealed relatives during George Washington’s time and relatives who were military during the Civil War. Edris Verall Hughes now lives the closest one can get to paradise—Kauai, Hawaii—following retirement from the Ventura, Calif., school district. She has cruised the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Hawaiian Islands. Edris also volunteers at the national Tropical Botanical Garden and the Community Elderly Care Home. She belongs to Kauai’s Navy League, church groups, and the Republican Women’s Club. Her hobbies are photography, arts and crafts, and playing mah jongg. She has six children and 18 grandchildren. In July, there was a mini-reunion of Warner House residents, who had lived in this private dorm on campus when they were students. The gathering was hosted by Millie James (’49) Rooney at her home in Weybridge, Vt. Those present included Margaret Larabee Carter, Ruth Esser Strong, Iloene Flower Brennan, Gracile Flower (’50) Lord, and Millie James (’49) Rooney.

Class Secretary: ejoc@webtv.net
Charles Kempter received a certificate of recognition from the French government for his participation in the Normandy landing and contributions to the liberation of France during World War II.

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