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Class Notes 1950s

Class of '50
Charles Carleton and his wife, Mary, took a Volga boat trip recently. They visited Moscow and St. Petersburg among other places. I hope to hear from more of you for the next issue.

Class of '51
There was only one piece of news for this issue, but it is great news. Polly Buttrick Ketro had major surgery in August, and she is doing very well. She is currently recuperating on her family’s farm in Swan Lake, N.Y. She was sorry to have missed our reunion, but she enjoys reading the memory book. We hope to see you soon, Polly. Please send me your news for the spring issue of Vermont Quarterly.

Class of '52
Suzanne Clark Richardson of Canaan, N.H., and her husband, Lamont, went cross-country skiing in Finland with Elderhostel, spent a week in France on a canal boat on the Yonne River, and a week in Charleston, S.C., at the Women’s Tennis Tournament. For the fall, she created a curriculum for the elementary and high school classes as a trustee in Windsor, Vt. Kenneth Miller moved to Dallas, Tex., to be near his daughter, Valerie, and her family after the passing of his wife, Priscilla. He would like very much to hear from UVM classmates and fraternity brothers. Marilyn Murdock Schten of Madison, Wisc., reported that five of her nieces and two nephews are UVM graduates. Since retiring, she does volunteer work at her church, and she enjoys being a docent at an art museum. She and her husband visited New Zealand and Australia, and climbed down the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Christine Oliveto Davis of Lutherville Timonium, Md., and her husband have enjoyed Elderhostels in Spain, Sicily, and a favorite skiing one in Bethel, Maine. Last year, they traveled to France for a grand nephew’s wedding in Lalandusse, close to Bergerac of “Cyrano de” fame. They also took a two-week tour of France (Paris, Brittany, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyons, etc.). Their two grandchildren spent July in Indonesia with their parents and then journeyed to Baltimore to spend August with them. They are looking forward to our special May reunion, and I hope you all are, too. Dr. J. Lawrence Ainsworth of Ann Arbor, Mich., is a retired Presbyterian minister doing interim work at the Presbyterian Church on Dayton Avenue in Ferndale, Mich. Perry Goodell of Littleton, N.H., traveled with his wife, Eschol ‘48, Rachel Kinne (‘49) Farrar, and Madaleen Ellis ‘50 with Elderhostel along Lewis and Clark’s route from St. Louis, Mo., to Astoria, Oreg. Shirley and Rob Fallon of Duxbury, Mass., celebrated their 50th anniversary in Bermuda on August 25th. They have five sons and six grandchildren. Bob enjoys skiing, and Shirley, tennis and singing in a mixed chorus. Both enjoy playing golf together. Dr. John Ross of Raleigh, N.C., retired in 1985. He travels via auto to Montana and Wyoming in summers for fly fishing and camping, and he keeps in shape by weight lifting, doing yoga, square dancing, and sailing. Mary Jane Borah Healy of North Hero, Vt., just developed a web site — www.minisby.maryjane. com — for marketing handmade accessories for dollhouses. Jane Wilson Durie and husband Rob have moved to an active retirement and golf community in Roseville, Calif., and they would love to hear from UVM alumni. She got together with Jeanne Newmeyer Michael and Nancy Leming Brown at their 50th high school reunion in Washington, D.C. She has an annual lunch in Palo Alto with several other UVM alumni and keeps in touch with Mary Bulen, who lives near Phoenix and buys signed children’s books through Harriet Carlton. Peter Shrope of Sarasota, Fla., sadly reported the passing of his close friend and our UVM classmate, Robert Myrick. Edgar McWilliam of Grafton, Vt., is president of the Fire Association, lister for the town of Grafton, and a church trustee. He sees Gordon Browne, Robert Carter, Roy Webers ‘53, and Bill Bigwoods ‘51. Nancy Varn Greig and husband Ray live in Hendersonville, N.C. They’re enjoying their senior years immensely. Warren Bergstrom of Monticello, N.Y., divides his busy time as a county parks commissioner, bicycle club organizer, golfer, cross-country skier, and participant in Elderhostels. Ona Lyman and his wife, Rose-Marie, were married June 4, 2001, following the deaths of their former spouses. They are active in volunteer work in Grace United Methodist Church in Aberdeen, Md. Helen Lauber Miller of Lancaster, Pa., is regional trustee for Mom’s House, Inc., national headquarters in Johnstown, Pa. They have 14 houses in five states providing free childcare and other support services. Patricia Hammond Foot retired to Orleans, Mass., on Cape Cod. In summer, she sails to Little Deer Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine. Patricia and her husband have eight children and 13 grandchildren between them. Trudy Wolf of Waitsfield, Vt., is busily arranging our 50th reunion, and she looks forward to seeing you all at our special weekend, as do I.

Class of '53
From California, I am volunteering to report the news for our class, at least until the next class election. As I was sweeping up the yard under our evergreen Chinese elm tree this morning, I thought, fondly, of that tall canopy of elms on the UVM Green, back when we were college kids. Even when the branches were covered with snow, they were beautiful. That was nearly 50 years ago. The elms have fallen to disease since then, as have too many of our classmates. Our losses have been sad, indeed, and we think of our friends with fond memories. Those of us who are still “alive and kicking” should prepare for the big half-century reunion in 2003. Until then, let’s keep in touch. I have only one news item for this issue. It’s from Charles Kimball, who let us know that, after working for GE as a financial analyst for 47 years, he has now retired. Charles makes his home in Redding, Conn. For the next Vermont Quarterly, please send your news to me at the address above.

Class of '55
Little news has been received from you ‘55ers. What’s going on in your lives as more and more near retirement time? I would so love to share news with our classmates. As I write this, I’m getting geared up for my annual Tri-Delt reunion on November 3rd. Every year it gets better and better. A special gathering always. We have learned that Margaret McGowan Shirley of Portsmouth, NH., recently participated in the annual reading and scoring of the College Board’s AP exam in English literature. Margaret has retired from teaching writing and women’s studies at UNH. She has been a faculty consultant for the College Board for six years. Happy New Year! More anon.

Class of '56
Gene Levin is in his 35th year of teaching physics and introductory astronomy at York College, part of the City University of New York. He has published another novel, The Devil’s Grandmother. Dr. Levin says he’ll keep at it until he does it right.

Class of '57
News from you would be reassuring as we feel our boat rocked by recent events. It’s great to hear that class members are using their talents and education to good ends in our so-called retirement years. We are happy to pass on news from Margaret Rotanelli Daronco that she is the author of books for kindergartners to second graders that are intended for use by teachers in small group settings to teach reading. Mickey is living in Bronxville Heights, N.Y. Dr. Steven Kanor of Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., has received the 2001 Player of the Year award from the USA-TLA (Toy Library Association) for his outstanding work in designing toys for severaly disabled children. Steve, a doctor in bioengineering, helps market his toys through the website, www.enablingdevices.com. The toys are a labor of love for Steve.

Class of '58
Dear classmates: It is difficult to meet the deadline for this issue. Our world has changed so much; however, our lives are constantly connecting as this recent letter from Ray Bello ‘64 illustrates: Pat Fagan ‘58, co-owner of the Highlander, the finest men’s clothing store in San Diego, had his car stolen recently. To settle the insurance, he had to have his signature witnessed by a State Farm agent. He found the closest office a short walk away and the agent was Ray Bello ‘64. Ray, who has been a State Farm agent for 28 years, helped Pat settle his claim. Pat is in the process of getting a new car and transferring his insurance business to Ray’s office. God bless America!

Class of '59
Roy McMahon of Green Valley, Ariz., wrote that he and his wife, Martha Monteith (‘56) McMahon celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary with a trip to Santa Catalina Island. During July, they continued their celebration with an inland tour of Alaska, followed by a cruise back south to Vancouver. They currently are planning another cruise. Roy and Martha would love to hear from UVM classmates. Judith Collins Stoehr of Fitchburg, Mass., reported that she continues to enjoy working and living in central Massachusetts. She wrote that she is the grandmother of three. Leola Amena Bedsole wrote from Ashland, Va., that she and her husband are both retired. They enjoy traveling abroad as well as to see their children and grandchildren in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and northern Virginia.

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