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Differences make us stronger
Thank you very much for your heartwarming and inspiring profile of Bill Tickner in the Winter issue. When I attended UVM there were no such role models for gay students, and I salute Bill’s courage to “come out” at such an early age. For me, I was ashamed of the way I felt about my sexual orientation and yearned to fit in with a predominantly heterosexual society. Needless to say, it took me much longer to do what Bill did.
It is certainly encouraging to know that UVM is a school that not only tolerates, but embraces differences in its student body. For Bill to risk the acceptance of many of the people in his life to do something that was true to his nature, he is a true inspiration to anybody wanting to express the fullness of their individuality. As Bill mentioned in your article, “Differences make us stronger as a community.” How right he is.

Thanks again for your excellent article, and best wishes to Bill for helping break through social barriers and pioneer a pathway of acceptance for future gay students at UVM.

Samuel H. Cole ’86
Boulder, Colorado

A to Z addendum
I very much enjoyed your UVM A to Z in the spring issue. You mention Wilbur Fisk and his connection to Wesleyan University, but before he went there as president, he was named president of Wesleyan Academy in 1825 when it moved from Newmarket, New Hampshire, to Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Rev. Fisk was held in high esteem at the academy — there are several portraits of him, and a building named in his honor. Wesleyan Academy became Wilbraham Academy, and in 1971, merged with Monson Academy to become Wilbraham & Monson Academy, celebrating 200 years in education in 2003-04. In a quick review of our records, I find we have many alumni who have gone on to receive undergraduate or graduate degrees from UVM.

Rita Carey
Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Wheeler heritage
Many thanks for your fine coverage of my visit with my wife, Barbara Bernache-Baker, to the home of my great-great-grandfather and former UVM President John Wheeler (Winter 2002). Your readers might be interested to know that President Wheeler’s father, also a John Wheeler, was a wealthy Orford, New Hampshire merchant whose store is still operating there. A dormitory at Dartmouth College is named after him in gratitude for his paying Daniel Webster’s fee ($14,000 I believe!) in that famous Supreme Court case.

I confess that, although I am listed with the UVM Class of ’54, I actually transferred back to the University of Virginia and received my bachelor’s degree there in 1953. I trust this confession will not remove me from your list to receive your fine magazine!

Jeffrey John Wheeler Baker
Ivy, Virginia


Thanks to the many who contributed to Vermont Quarterly’s voluntary subscription drive. Your financial gifts will be put to use enhancing the editorial and visual content of the magazine; and your kind comments make fine wallpaper for the office. Casting modesty to the wind, we wanted to share a few:

I’m finding the Quarterly well written, bringing me the latest happenings on campus and around Vermont. It’s the next best thing to being there.
Jean Penoyer ’57

I enjoy the Quarterly magazine very much and have only praise for the quality of it. My hats off to those who so diligently make it possible for us to keep track of old friends and many great years at UVM, plus recent changes.
Catherine M. Peterson ’42

I enjoy your articles — particularly the sports-related ones as we seem to get limited coverage on UVM sports except when playing local teams.
William J. Buckley ’41

It’s getting better every issue.
Janet Wood ’42, UVM parent

Keep up the good work! I look forward to each and every edition of the Vermont Quarterly. It’s the only link to most of my classmates and I find the articles interesting and well written.
Robert A. Monniere, Jr. ’80

Excellent publication!
Rene Vargas ’75

I’m a long way from Burlington and UVM. Your magazine is most enjoyable and makes me feel closer to Vermont and UVM. Thank you!!!
Jim Young, UVM parent

The Winter 2002 issue is a marked improvement in format. The chosen articles are informative, timely, broad in scope, and entertaining. Pictures in color are excellent. Surely, alumni will become much more eager to know what’s happening at UVM.
Evelyn Allyn McDonald ’39
Essex Junction, Vermont

I’m making this gift because the ad was so amusing and the magazine has improved so much.
Penrose Jackson ’70

After 32 years in Australia, half a world away, and 48 years away from the UVM I knew, the Quarterly brings me back to my undergraduate years as a sweet time out of time. Thanks.
Don Novick ’54

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