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Class Secretary: tessa929@aol.com
Lisa LoTurco and Richard Quinby were married on October 13, 2001, in Lexington, Mass. UVMers in attendance included Cristina Palumbo Hurley, Jonathan Cain, and Ruth Shammas Black. Charlotte Henry married Kristian Barrowman on September 22, 2001, in Jeffersonville, Vt. Charlotte’s twin brother and fellow alum Guy Henry was among the West Coast alumni who missed the event due to travel complications. Kathy Herrlich, Shari Halek ’83, and her husband Greg, were among the guests at the outdoor ceremony. Charlotte sent congratulations to Jon Otto ’92 on his marriage and first ascent of Mount Nustagh Ata, East Ridge, China, and the subsequent publishing of that climb in American Alpine Journal. Jon and his wife are warmly invited to visit Charlotte and her mountaneer husband Kris at their home near Smugglers Notch, where Jon should know the “ice is nice!” Congratulations to Matt Glass and his wife, Jennifer, on the birth of their first child, Jessica Lynn, on April 19, 2002!

Class Secretary:laurie@ottawaathleticclub.com
Carol Rudd Lauzon received the 2002 New Achiever Award from UVM’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Carol has an international reputation for her pioneering work in microbiological entomology. She teaches in the department of biological sciences at Cal State Hayward, where she was recently appointed director of the Microscope Graphic Imaging Center. Brendan Burke and his wife, Tiffany, enjoy living in Denver, Colo. They invite classmates in the area to look them up. Lisa Rider Barton of Vancouver, Wash., welcomed her fourth child, Amelia Grace, last June. She enjoys spending time at home with her children. Last year, B.J. Beck of West Newbury, Mass., rode in the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Bike Ride, 500 miles in six days. In June 2002, she participated in the Europe AIDS Vaccine Ride, seven days from Amsterdam to Paris. She challenges other alumni to join the team.

Class Secretary: mcklem2@aol.com
Kaaren Sprague Meyer and her husband, John, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Kay. Kaaren and John already have a son, Jack, who is happy to have a younger sister. Bill Hoey and his wife, Melissa, were married in December 2000. Michael Gilbert was Bill’s best man, and other UVM alumni in attendance were Lori Cottrell ’92, Robyn Darling ’92, and Allison Ranta ’97. Bill and Melissa currently live in Marblehead, Mass. Tracey Hutchinson wrote in to send all her best to Kyle McDonough ’89 and Pam Shea. Tracey said that she is enjoying life on the North Shore and hopes that 2002 is proving to be happy and healthy for all. Kristen Lovering and Tom Zoller ’93 happily announced the birth of their first child, Kaitlyn Anne, on December 7, 2001. Adam and Alison Steers (’95) Hubbard live in Brattleboro, Vt., with their new son, Ethan Cole. Adam recently completed his master’s degree in landscape architecture at UMass, and together Adam and Alison run a design/build firm.

Class Secretary: jgates@snowshore.com
Attention, class of 1993! Our 10th reunion is right around the corner, so mark your calendars for the weekend of May 29-June 1, 2003 and plan to be in Burlington. We want a great turnout, so book early and plan to attend. As a kickoff to our 10th reunion year, Keri Cunningham O’Brien announced a North Creek rafting trip reunion on September 28, 2002, to allow classmates to relive the original journey that took place during our senior week. Keri’s family business, Hudson River Rafting Company, will again guide the daylong trip down the Hudson, and free camping will be provided behind the Cunningham’s barn. Rob Jamison has kindly promised to lead the campfire sing-alongs and conduct his famous marshmallow grilling seminars. For more information, contact Keri at fobkob@ aol.com. Kevin O’Donnell wrote from Breckenridge, Colo., that he moved into the coaching side of the mountain bike racing industry and has opened his own strength and conditioning business. Julie Croman Fagan sent greetings from Newbury, Vt. She teaches prenatal education and childbirth classes part-time between the full-time task of parenting two little boys. She still manages to find time to cross country ski, swim, and write short fiction. Andrea Eells wrote from Seattle, Wash., where she is staying at home full time, looking after her young son, Isaac, who celebrated his second birthday in April. Andrea volunteers with pregnant and post-partum women to maintain her physical therapist license. Emily Wise Haskell announced the birth of her son, Charlie, in November 2001. Kevin Swan sent news of the birth of his first child, Ethan Jay, on August 9, 2001. John Smyrski and Mary Kay Wieler announced the birth of their first child, Jake, who was born on July 22. John reported that Mary Kay has resumed her duties as sales director at Fluent Inc. in Lebanon. Meanwhile, he is building a new addition to their house and handling laundry duties. Tom Zoller and Kristen Lovering ’92 of Williston, Vt., announced the birth of their first child, Kaitlyn Anne Zoller, on December 7, 2001. Coree Greenbaum Kirsch and husband Ned welcomed their new daughter, Abigail, on December 21, 2001. They live in Essex, Vt. Scott and Abbey Chase Chinitz welcomed a new daughter, Alexa Remi, on November 12, 2001. Chris Lodge and his wife, Suzanne, have a new son, Liam Byrnes Lodge, who was born in November. Congratulations on all the new arrivals! Wedding bells were ringing for several classmates recently. Lilly Oates married Erik Rosengard in Boston last July. Jennifer Tuerk was married on October 21, 2001, in Santa Cruz, and Jennifer Boland Jared was there to witness the proceedings. Jen herself was married to Scott Jared on June 23, 2001. Sue Oziemblewski married Curtis Fetter on November 11, 2001. Tara Johnson wrote of her engagement to Charles McDevitt of Melrose, Mass. They plan to wed in September. Meikel Buzzi is engaged to marry Keith Brewster on May 31, 2002. Alysia Krasnow recently wed Timothy Butler on October 7, 2001. UVMers who attended the wedding included Jessica Atkins, Ivey Dennen, Nikki Duval Fortier, Molly MacPherson ’92, and Meredith Curtin ’95. Congratulations to all! Emily Windus Sarles and her husband, Rich, bought a house in Somerville, N.J., where they enjoy life with their children, Laura, Jack, and Richard. Emily loves hearing from UVMers, especially Alison Egan Fisk, Elizabeth Koch Moss, and Lauren Swick (’92) Jordan. Andrew and Sofia Hirsch and their daughter, Eva, sent greetings from Middlebury. Sofia is playing violin in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, and Andrew teaches at a nearby elementary school. Nicole Piscatelli is enrolled in UVM’s College of Medicine. Sarah Wisely began studying at Tufts Veterinary School last fall. Dallas St. Peter began seminary studies at Mount St. Mary’s in Maryland last fall. Sherry Lynn Lee is living in New York and practicing medicine at Albert Einstein Hospital. Gina Piazza sent greetings from New York City. She was home the fateful morning of September 11 and was able to go to Ground Zero to lend a hand, “a most profound experience.” She sent her deepest sympathies to all UVMers affected. Jamey Fidel and Rachel Rosenblum were married August 4, 2001, in Goshen, Vt. Many UVMers were in attendance for the weekend festivities, including Rebecca Mawer Montgomery, Kaysi Contreras, Francine Stephens, Jenny Hyman, Jill Klein ’94, Andrew Hirsch, Sophia Hermance Hirsh, Kyle Kennedy, Arvind Panjabi, Tim Haubner, Brian Knight, Jamie Zelley, John Podewils, and Jason Koornick. Jamey and Rachel recently moved to Basalt, Colo., where Jamey is conservation director and staff attorney for the Aspen Wilderness Workshop, an environmental non-profit organization. Rachel is an ESL and Spanish literacy teacher at Basalt Elementary School.

Class Secretary:
I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer. Please send or email me the details of your weddings, vacations, or impromptu UVM reunions so I can include them in the next Vermont Quarterly. Lisa Baillargeon wrote to me from Scottsdale, Ariz., where she is a clinical nurse educator for an international medical product company. Until recently, she had been living in Oahu, Hawaii, where she hung out with fellow UVMers Kurt Dittrich ’94, MD ’99, and Michael Maley, MD ’00. “There are tons of UVMers here in Arizona,” wrote Lisa, including Damon Walsh and John Sidman ’93. Lisa returned to Vermont in May for the wedding of Suzie Plant ’93 and Chris Smith. In early March, a number of UVM graduates living in and around the Boston area took part in the UVM Service Day and volunteered to help out at the Pine Street Inn. Andrea Allen ’80, Kelly Burke ’98, Eric Burt ’80, Rob Cronin, Steven Davis ’89, James Downes ’98, Jessica Bain (’95) Foley, Erin Gurry, Todd Kathan ’98, Margaret Lowe ’84, Natalie Mead ’98, David Prothero ’93, Addie Spongberg ’98, Keith Stephan ’99, and Ryan Weiss ’97 were some of the alumni who volunteered their time.

Class Secretary: vspappas@mindspring.com
Hello, class of 1995! Adam ’92 and Allison Hubbard now live in Brattleboro, Vt., with their new son, Ethan Cole. Adam recently completed his master’s degree in landscape architecture at UMass. Together, they run a design/build firm. Chris and Shannon Fitzgerald Nelson lived in Switzerland for a year before moving back to the U.S. In July, they welcomed the newest addition to their family, a future UVMer, Connor Christopher Nelson. The Nelsons live in Richmond, Va., where Chris is a lawyer for Phillip Morris USA. Lindsey Ronald and Gregg Hall were married at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt., on September 8, 2001. UVM alumni in attendance included Andrew Fisher, Meg Grant ’99, Brandon Whittaker, Rory Whittaker ’96, Erik Meyers, Karen Toll Moses, Justin Moses, Erika Nelson, Jill Rosenblum ’94, Will Tidman, Maria Marston, Matt Siegal ’94, and Dana Auslander. On October 27, 2001, Peter Keith married Holly Elmes ’96 in Princeton, N.J. Groomsmen included Ryan Clinton, Chris Ford, and Matthew Losse. Other UVMers in attendance included Lisa Goodrich, Matt Groman, Juliette Gilkes, Blake Latta, Randi Tinkelman, Kelli Shonter, Ann-Marie Vannucci, Tim Abrahamsen, Joe Nastro, Lisa Kiniry, Jamie Hosker, and Mike Shean. The newlyweds traveled to Fiji for their honeymoon and had a wonderful vacation. Peter is currently selling mutual funds for RS Investments in San Francisco. In his spare time, he works on the 4th edition of his comic book Super Ferret. Chris Ford popped the question to Kelli Shonter right after the PATRIOTS WON THE SUPER BOWL. They are planning a summer wedding at UVM. Bill Wright is a webmaster for ING in London. He wrote, “London is wonderful, but I will miss going to Red Sox games at Fenway Park.” Josh Baron is a film editor in New York City. He recently worked on “Grateful Dawg” and “Blade 2” and will spend the summer in Boston making a documentary on the history of Fenway Park.

Class Secretary: jcgent@ameritech.net
Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice summer. We haven’t heard too much from our classmates this winter. Please be sure to email or write with your whereabouts and news. Kristen Miller Feren and her husband have been teaching at an American school in Alexandria, Egypt, since August 2001. They have explored the pyramids, been diving in the Red Sea, and taken a Nile cruise to Luxor and Aswan. They also attended a teaching conference in Thailand in March. Kristen and David can be reached at d_feren@yahoo.com. Derek Frederickson and Fabienne Luzena ’92 were married at a gallery loft space in New York City on February 2, 2002. The event was well attended by UVMers. Congratulations! Taryn Campbell married Tim Hunt on August 4, 2001. They live in Derby, Vt. Taryn is a dental hygienist in Littleton, N.H. Steve and Lauren Czuczka (’94) Rosen are the proud parents of a baby boy, Dylan Jake Rosen, who was born on January 30, 2002. Congratulations! Annabel Khouri will be in Ghana, West Africa, this summer with Operation Crossroads. She will lead ten volunteers, and together they will be working on a women’s development project near Cape Coast.

Class Secretary: lee@idealfit.com
Hi, everyone! First, I have some sad news to report. On April 16, 2002, we lost our classmate, Erin Kearn, who passed away after suffering from a brain aneurysm. She was a wonderful friend to many and an amazing person. Contact me for information about a fund that has been set up in her memory. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. She will be missed. I want to apologize for not getting some information I received into the column sooner. I will be better about it in the future. On a brighter note, I have lots of news to report. Kim Barker wrote, “I have never written anything for Vermont Quarterly, but recently, two really cool things happened to me. On March 24, my 70-year-old father and I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was amazing! After the climb, we went on safari in the Serengeti. The night I returned home from the trip, my boyfriend proposed, and I am now engaged to Jake Ries of Walworth, Wisc., in fall 2003. Jake is a financial advisor, and I work in health promotions for an HMO in Madison.” Elizabeth Dawson married Paul Holland, a University of Wisconsin graduate, in Boothbay, Maine, on September 2, 2001. Whitney Brown ’96 was a bridesmaid, and Mary Kelly, Hannah Regier, Megan Kelton ’96, and Sonja Kenny ’96 were also in attendance. Elizabeth and Paul plan to leave for Mongolia as Peace Corps volunteers this summer. Jim Parker has been living in Burlington and working as the head of customer service at Climb High. He shares an apartment with Brian Sheehan, and they are the Burlington welcoming committee (and lodging) for all their friends who come back to visit. Brian was recently promoted to head chef at Leunig’s Bistro, so be sure to stop in and sample some of the new menu. Jim is moving to Boston in June. Kara Mirak married Nicholas Chareas in Boston on September 15, 2001. Posie Haeger, Vandy Champion ’98, Deb Rosenblum ’98, Katherine Delucia ’98, and Jamie Dall all came. Kara and Nicholas now live in Medford, Mass. Katie Wyle recently returned from a Fulbright year abroad in Hamburg, Germany, teaching high school English and studying Western literature. She is now back in the Bay area, running an after-school program at a school near San Francisco. Gretchen Wallrapp is living in Orlando, Fla., working as a mutual fund wholesaler for Fidelity Investments. Jon Stremmel and Kelly Fox moved from Boston to Syracuse, N.Y. in January 2001. Jon’s company, Marsh & McLennan, transferred him, and Kelly is now a web/graphic designer with Time Warner. They were married on October 20, 2001, in Cazenovia, N.Y. Melissa Caron was the maid of honor. Sarah Strife is engaged and planning to marry on November 16, 2002, in New York City. She still lives in Greenwich, Conn., and teaches 5th grade at The Rippowam Cisqua School in Bedford, N.Y. That’s all for now. Please send me any new information you want to report, and don’t forget to check the UVM web site for photos of our reunion. There may be one of you!

Class Secretary:hlynch@hs.pr.com

Hi, everyone! The countdown has begun for our 5th reunion. I hope that everyone will be able to make it. Many classmates have written to me recently with fun and exciting news. Danielle Hathaway Peters wrote, “I moved to Boston about a year ago. While I miss Burlington, I am thoroughly enjoying living in the city. I can’t wait to see everyone at our class reunion.” Sarah Betts spent last winter teaching and skiing in the Jay Peak area. She loves life in the North Country and is looking forward to buying some land in the area. James Richards is still working with the GE audit staff. He spent several months working with GE Power Systems in Atlanta, and since February, he has been in Brussels and Amsterdam with GE Capital’s equipment leasing business. He is having a great time traveling to Prague, Barcelona, and Dublin, but he is looking forward to getting back to see everyone. Rachel Farkus is teaching English at an elementary school in Taiwan. She plans to attend graduate school this fall to pursue East Asian studies. Brad Kurtz is head of marketing at TMS, Inc., the controlling transportation vendor of the Republican Convention, the Super Bowl, and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. He would love to hear from classmates via email at bkurtz@tms-llc.com. Stephen Wallack continues to enjoy working in commercial real estate in Chicago. He was recently on the East Coast, visiting some UVM friends in Boston. Natalie Mead is in Boston, working with Parrish Prell (’97) Blaska at Cambridge Computer Consulting. Allison Martin received her master’s degree in speech pathology from UVM in 2000. She is in North Carolina with Jodi Luster, who is at UNC Law School. Nicole Pelissier is living in sunny Los Angeles. She keeps busy as vice president of Smart Heart & Health. There was a mini-UVM reunion in New York last April to celebrate the birthdays of Kelly Pillman and Meghan Kelley ’99. Kelly let us know what some of the attendees have been up to: Whitney Wigton lives with Kelly, Laura Benevento, Tara Hanley ’99, Kate Morton ’99, Amity Lippes, and your class secretary. Whitney works at The Grace Institute, a not-for-profit company in New York, and Kelly started her own jewelry business KEP Designs (www.kepdesigns.com). She has been selling her jewelry in boutiques in New York, Palm Beach, Nantucket, the Vineyard, and all over the country. Kelley, Whitney, Kristie Donahue, Laura Benevento, and I are going to Nantucket for July 4th, and we hope to run into other UVMers. We recently spent time enjoying the sunshine in Boca Grande, Fla., with Webb Thompson, Melissa Weier ’00, and Margaret Hill ’00. Frank Coulson, Jake Goldberg ’97, Chuck Salzman, Adam Levy, Kevin Donner, Brian McPhilemy, Eric Kraus, and Mike Murphy attended the annual Stowe, Vt., ski weekend at the Stone Hut last February. They had a great weekend of skiing at UVM’s home mountain. Scooter Pegram will be completing his PhD at Louisiana State University in December, then returning home to Montreal, Canada, to work. He wrote, “It will be cool to be called ‘Dr. Scooter.’ It sounds like a cartoon character.” He will be happy to be near Burlington again after three years in the Louisiana bayous. Brian Sommer graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in May 2001 and then took the bar exam. He has decided to stay in his native Pittsburgh to join the firm of Hergenroeder, Rega, and Sommer, where his father and godfather practice law. He retired after three years as a high school rowing coach, but still finds time to row himself. Ben Roberts lives with Tom Crapser and spends the majority of his time with Andrew Cho ’97, Ben Fisher ’97, Mark Robertson ’96, and Rob Balchunas. He has been a trader with Bank of America since moving to San Francisco. He wrote that he visited with Jason Lanstrom in Minnesota and caught up with Todd Kathan, Adam Gurry, Jim Downes, Todd Gochman, and Mark Rosen. Mark lives in Brookline, Mass, and he is a CPA with Carlin, Charron and Rosen, LLP. He recently got engaged to Jennifer Weisberg. John Scicszka and his fiancée Kara Wendell live in Norwood, Mass. They plan to marry on September 28, 2002, in Manchester, Vt. John is a consultant and salesman for Pitney Bowes, Inc., in Framingham. Elizabeth Arena will begin medical school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., this fall. She received an MA in bioethics from Case Western Reserve University in 2001. Jessica Greenwood is pursuing an MS in evaluative clinical sciences at Dartmouth College. She frequently sees Nate Stetson ’00 around campus. Congratulations to everyone who is engaged or recently married. Heather Gilbert Kuney married her husband, Ramel, on August 22, 1998, right after our graduation. They recently bought their first house in Elmore, Vt., and welcomed their first child, a son, Reirdon Allen, on June 22, 2000. Heather has worked with KPMG since July 1998, and she is currently pursuing her CPA license. Liz Thurber and Jason LeBeau were engaged in April 2001. Jason works for the Visiting Nurses Association in Colchester, Vt., while Liz is a choir teacher at Middlebury Union Middle/ High School. Vandy Champion, a Boston attorney, wrote to let us know that Kat DeLucia and Jamie Dahl are engaged to be married in August as are Jean Armour and Jason Lewis. Carrie Raisbeck and Jason Landstrom were married in January 2001 in their home state, Minnesota; Peggy Philip and Tim Madden of Boston got engaged last December; and Addie May Spongberg and Ryan Weiss ’97, also living in Boston, are engaged; Jenny Wallace and Matt Meyers are planning to wed in November in Charlotte, N.C., Jenny’s hometown; and Julie Coyne ’96 is engaged to Justin, whom she met at UCLA. Carrie Raisbeck received her master’s in speech pathology from the University of Minnesota in 2000. Peggy Philip received her master’s in social work from the University of Chicago in 2000. She now works in development at Mass. General Hospital. Trista Mann Hutchins and her husband, Roy, hosted a holiday party the weekend of December 7, 2001, at their home in Waterville, Vt. UVM grads attending were Alison Schwartz, Ruby Clark, Aimee Young Tucker, Heather Crowe, and Kerrie Joseph Finn. The UVM crowd and their significant others have gotten together for a weekend of fun every December since graduation. Jeremy Kudesh is living in Princeton, N.H., and working as a journalist for Bloomberg News. He recently attended two UVM weddings, including Russ Stevens and Ingrid Noyer as well as Mike Cichanowski and Kate Loflin ’99. Among those in attendance were Mark Isselhardt, Kip Bovey, John Murtha, Justin Martin, Mike Chamberland, and Paul Ruderman. Mike Cichanowski is a graphic artist in Washington, D.C., while his new wife, Kate, is selling for hotjobs.com. Paul Ruderman is off to Barcelona to teach English. John Murtha is working for the tourist bureau in Colorado, while Justin Martin recently gave up his hockey career to work as a mortgage broker back in Vermont. In other news, Ollie McArdle is in the Ukraine working for the Peace Corps. Mike Bryce got engaged in June 2001 to Eva Rowley. They live in Burlington, Vt., and work for General Dynamics. Erin Taylor married Anthony Taylor on June 1, 2001, in Colchester, Vt. Many UVMers were there, including matron of honor Liza Riggs MacAuley, bridesmaid Jennifer Berry Aldrich, and Amber Allen, Alda Speroni, Courtney Bealko ’97, Dave and Andrea Ellis Schroeder. Please continue to write in with your updates. I hope to see you all at our reunion in May 2003.

Class Secretary: spitlak@hotmail.com
Hello, UVMers! Summer is here! Some exciting updates this time. On April 15th, quite a few UVMers roughed up the streets of Massachusetts and ran 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to downtown Boston. Please congratulate Megan Bedford, Lindsey Cronin, Lyssa Sher, and Dennis Terravainen ’97. All runners finished successfully. There was a big NYC/Boston crew that gathered on Commonwealth Avenue to cheer them on. Some of the alumni in attendance included Fiona Mahoney, Christine Mahoney, Leigh Summers, Lisa Black, Stefan Frey, Jason Boshart, Craig Peper, Greg May, Randy Fallis ’97, Dan Martell ’97, Brad Smith, Chris Rose, Phil Signoroni, Casey Hall, Mark Allen, Chris Frier, Andrew Feibelman, Chris Pereira, Ken Boggis ’98, and me, just to name a few. Jessica Porter moved to Boston in March and is working as a legal assistant at Holland & Knight. Welcome to the area, Jessica! Greg Lewis is engaged to be married in July 2002. I will give you all a detailed update after the wedding. Good luck to Greg and Kelsey! On December 22, 2001, Andrew Stolfi married Kathryn Mary Woodward of Brookfield, Wisc. The couple spent their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. They are both pursuing law degrees at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Stolfi, congratulations and best of luck to you and your bride! Well, that’s it for this time, but please send me more updates. It is hard to believe that just three years ago we were celebrating graduation. Time flies; that’s for sure. Get out there and enjoy summer!

Class Secretary: marzydotes12@hotmail.com
Greetings! It has been great hearing from so many of you these past few months. Julie Innes is engaged to marry Francis Caruccio on October 5, 2002, in Charlottesville, Va. Julie is currently working at the SUNY Geneseo. Congratulations, Julie! Another HESA 2000 graduate, Mollie Monahan, continues to keep in touch with all of her classmates. Erin Farrell is currently working as a full-time physical therapist at Genesis Mountain View Center in Rutland, Vt. Eileen Narcotta has been named assistant soccer coach at Ball State. Good luck, Eileen! Wedding bells are ringing for Keri Merchant and Andy Braley. They were engaged on February 16, 2002. Andy is living in Syracuse, N.Y., where he is attending law school, and Keri is living in Boston and working at Boston University. Congratulations, Keri and Andy! As of last fall, Jack Kenworthy was teaching marine science at the Cape Eleuthra Island School in the Bahamas and developing protocol for appropriate design for the school and the Bahamas. Rayna Freedman teaches third grade in Mansfield, Mass., and she is enjoying Boston. Please keep sending your news and updates. Have a safe and relaxing summer.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Kate Svitek died in a snowboarding accident on Mount Bachelor, Oreg., on February 9, 2002. Her family and friends gathered in Pennsylvania in March to celebrate her life. Kate’s amazing spirit and passion for the outdoors will live forever within the hearts of everyone who loved her. Ryan McLaughlin wrote that he and Andy Kurtz were both employed by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. They were fleet supervisors responsible for Olympic vehicles. Ryan wrote, “All the snowflakes and ‘light the fire within’ stickers on the vehicles were our doing as well.” They plan to stick it out in Salt Lake City another year.

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