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1930 - 1940s

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Thanks to Hilda Sturdevant and Betty Woodward Davis for sending in news for this issue. Hilda reported that she lives near Philadelphia, and she is able to attend cultural functions there, which she enjoys. As usual, she will be at her camp in Grand Isle, Vt., where her daughter, Deborah, will join her this year from her home in Costa Rica. Deb has been studying Inca civilization in Peru. Her son is busy with his original educational games, two of which sell at Barnes & Noble. Betty still lives in Lakeland, Fla., in The Estates retirement complex. Her husband, Howard “Hip” ’32, passed away in 1992, but she still enjoys her life there. Both Hilda and Betty would welcome any classmates visiting their areas to stop in. Personally, I wanted to report that our 19th great- grandchild joined our family from Guatemala, adopted by our granddaughter, Karen Venner. On a sad note, we learned that our loyal classmate, Chet Eaton, passed away at his home in Rutland, Vt. Chet was very active in many fields, but especially in alumni affairs. At our class dinner during our last reunion, he was elected class president. I am sure that members of our class join me in extending sympathy to his family. Classmates, please send in more news for the next issue. I guarantee that even a small item will cheer someone up.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
I am sad to report the death of Helen “Bunny” Miller Swift on January 11. Adelaide “Jackie” Lockwood Cass let us know that she is living in Brunswick, Maine. Jackie is enjoying good health, and she enjoys having her daughter live nearby. Susan France Taylor moved to a retirement home in The Woodlands, Tex., near Houston. She enjoys seeing her family, volunteering at the hospital, and playing bridge. Her electric scooter helps her get around. Louise Goodell Hills of West Swanzey, N.H., wrote that she is a proud graduate of UVM. Charles Howe spent winters in Arizona for the past 25 years. He spent last winter in Lakeland, Fla., with his son, Richard.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Elizabeth Downer reminds us all that the Vermont Quarterly is “doing just fine.” Libero Giardi sent along his regards with a gentle note that playing golf isn’t as much fun as it once was. I certainly go along with that. What used to be a long putt is now a short drive. Loraine “Larry” Spaulding Dwyer, a Burlington native, is now a resident of Underhill, Vt. She said that Burlington is not the way it used to be during our college days. Is it better now or then? It is with regret that we note that Helen Carpenter Workman passed away in December 2001. Helen will be remembered in the WCAX viewing area as the hostess of the “Mixing Bowl” (1955-1966). Helen shared many recipes and interviewed many famous personalities. She was also executive director of the Chittenden County Red Cross.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Editor’s note: Gwyn wrote this column in April. We are sad to report that she passed away on April 25, 2002. Our 65th is over and considered a great success. “Who would ever have thought in the Campus House days of the ‘30s,” remarked Kay Babbitt, “that we would live so close 65 years later as to have an occasional glass of wine together.” We received a letter from Martha McGillicuddy Riley saying that she was sorry not to be at our reunion. She is doing well but doesn’t go far from home. I missed seeing many of you. Vermont is year-round, so come see us anytime.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Roger Beadle, who is retired from the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, wrote from his home in Derby Line, Vt., that he and his wife, Alice Whitney (’39) Beadle, have done a lot of traveling, including trips to Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe, among other places. Roger frequently visits nursing homes, where he plays his harmonica, and Alice has been doing volunteer work at the hospital in Newport. They stay in close touch with their son and daughter and two grandchildren. Marion Hill Powell lives in Stuart, Fla., with her husband, Platt, MD ’39. They have two daughters and a son, all of whom followed their parents’ footsteps and became UVM students. Each of the three has two children, and there is also one great-grandchild. Marion has attended 12 Elderhostels with her sister, and one last November with her husband in Daytona Beach. She is active in Registered Nurses Retired and also enjoys playing golf. Marion’s volunteer activities include knitting watch caps for sailors and a much smaller version for newborn babies. She looks forward to our next reunion. Ethel Stroh Harris is living permanently in Florida, claiming Sarasota as her residence. She enjoys being part of the annual UVM get- together in Longboat Key, and when she wrote in mid-winter, she was looking forward to seeing Ferne Bristol (’39) Williams in the near future. Frances Hennessey Anderson, who lives in Groton, Mass., has an enviable record of family members who have chosen UVM as their alma mater. In addition to a grandson, currently a student in the class of 2005, Fran’s two daughters graduated in 1974 and 1979, and a son, in 1975. Also, a son-in-law graduated in 1976 and a daughter-in-law in 1978. That impressive list should guarantee an Anderson family representative for almost every reunion for years to come. Janet Rockwood MacLean of Punta Gorda, Fla., enjoys writing, traveling, sailing, and seeing her grandchildren. Beatrice Ball Phillips does not appear to have slowed down any since we last heard from her. She is still active in “Wise Owl,” America Reads, and RSVP. She finds her weekly work with first graders at Troy School very rewarding, and she continues to play the piano at school functions and in church. It was reassuring to learn that Frederick Gear is very much aware that the class of 1938 is coming ever closer to its 65th reunion. In his own words, here’s the message from our acknowledged reunion guru: “With 1938’s 65th reunion nearing the horizon, Freddy is trimming the wick so there will be LIGHT come January 1, 2003. We’ll be back. Yowsah!” We like your spirit, Freddy, and we hope there will be widespread enthusiasm among the class members as they are inspired by the words of Fervent Fred. Your secretary cannot restrain herself from announcing that for the first time she is a great-grandmother and proud as punch. The wee one bears the somewhat hefty title of Zebulon Charles Tibbets, but that has been rapidly abbreviated to “Zeb.” There’s one advantage to being an octogenarian and a great-grandmother. You are automatically entitled to bragging rights.

Class Secretary: minck@webtv.net
Bernie Lisman wrote me that he and Natalie had a little get together in Fort Meyers, Fla., with John (’38) and Martha Rist Suitor. Ed Jacobson was in Whiting, Vt., last winter. Arthur Silvester of Vershire, Vt., is teaching two courses at the Community College of Vermont. On a sad note, I am sorry to report the passing of two of our classmates, Walter Glass and Nathan Abbott.

Class Secretary: marytanner@earthlink.net
Reports of violence, tragedy, and monstrous forces of destruction constitute a very large part of today’s news. This little column, however, will remain stubbornly cheerful. The class of 1940 Memorial Scholarship fund continues to ease the burden of the rising cost of a UVM education. A thank you letter from a Dean’s List recipient stated that the financial help makes it possible for her to continue her education in the business school. An appreciative engineering student let us know that he spent his spring break working on trail maintenance on the U.S. Forest Service land in Kentucky. The endowment principal in the scholarship fund is $115,821, and $12,000 was allocated to seven undergraduates this year. All are doing well academically. Their major fields of study include English, business administration, environmental sciences, nursing, and mechanical engineering. Bob Dunning keeps as busy as he wants to be as chairman of buildings and grounds in the retirement community where he lives. He was glad that his contribution to UVM added one more number to the list of the class of ’40 donors. Ruth Eldridge Adams loves getting the Vermont Quarterly and can’t believe we have so few classmates left. She enjoys an active life: golf, tennis, bowling, volunteering, and participating in church activities. I remember Louis Zambon with awe. If my memory is correct, he was the highest-ranking student in our class. After more than 60 years, I was delighted to hear from him. He and his wife, Myrtle, enjoy good health. Their travels regularly bring them back to Vermont for grandchildren’s weddings and visits to his sister at Wake Robin in Shelburne. The family includes 13 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Louis views Washington with great interest, since his nephew is Vermont’s Senator Patrick Leahy. True to his old Vermont heritage, Louis remains a strong Republican. “Do you remember when Vermont and Maine were the only two states that voted for Landon of Kansas,” he asked nostalgically. Since 1940, Louis has completed a career as a flying officer with the Air Force, retiring with the rank of colonel. This was followed by positions with General Electric, American Airlines, and as managing director of three oil fields. At age 60, he took a different path. After completing his studies at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, he is now an ordained Methodist minister. Don’t forget to send news of your activities and your view of UVM today. You can follow developments on the internet. The year 2005 is fast approaching, our 65th reunion.

Class Secretary: maywoodak@aol.com
In addition to serving on the board of overseers of Hancock Shaker village near her home in Pittsfield, Mass., Grace Meeken Hutchins reported that she collects antique ephemera, including postcards, documents, and other artifacts. Betty Cole Milazzo sent me an email message letting me know that she spent Easter with her daughter and enjoyed spring in Vermont. Dr. Edward Eaton wrote that after retiring from 25 years of teaching agricultural engineering at Cornell University, he spent 20 winters in Florida. He is now glad to be living full time in Vermont. Edward and his wife live at “The Homestead” in Franklin near their cottage on Lake Carmi, and they enjoy visits from their large family, which includes eight great-grandchildren. Thomas Crimmin reported that although he is semi-retired, he still continues to prepare nearly 40 tax returns yearly, despite not being computer-oriented. In 1998, he and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family, which includes 11 grandchildren. Francis Nye wrote that the high point of 2001 for him was celebrating our 60th reunion with classmates, friends, and cousin Dan Dyer ’24, who passed away last July at age 100. In late March, Shirley Griffin Mayforth passed away in Bristol, Vt., after suffering a long illness. She will be sadly missed by her four surviving children, friends, and our classmates.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Lucille Clark Myron was not able to join us for our reunion. She is always delighted to read news of former classmates in Vermont Quarterly. She wrote that she and her husband “try to keep aging brains active” by attending Elderhostel, volunteering at their library, and, of course, doing crossword puzzles. Sigmund Sysko wrote, “Life in Maine with its varied environment is continually exciting but returning to landlocked Vermont to meet old friends and classmates is a special joy.”

Class Secretary: junevt@sover.net
Good news! We have heard from quite a few of our classmates this time around. Dr. Murray Levin wrote that since retiring from surgical practice, he has been a busy volunteer: 17 years as a third grade teacher’s aide and 12 as a trustee on the local library board. John Williams was happy to visit Ed O’Connell recently in La Quinta, Calif. He reported that Ed is “living life with a will.” John also watched his airline captain daughter, Sandy, skydive a huge American flag into three air shows. He visited Julia Fletcher Peet in Morristown, N.J., where he said she is a community treasure, working in a soup kitchen, fundraising for the renovation of a theater, and serving as a member of the EMT Auxiliary. Ruth Blumenthal continues to enjoy retirement in the Catskill Mountains, while Mary Lawrence finds that her time is completely taken up with freelance proofreading. The “Golden Years” find John and Doris Squire Goss glorying in their four children and six grandchildren. They are looking forward to our 60th reunion. As one might expect, their “life has been full of music, crafts, athletics, jobs, friends, and family.” Pam Frabotta Cawley, who lives in Shrewsbury, Mass., is an active member of the senior citizen groups there as well as St. Mary’s Church. We were glad to hear that Ruth Newell is still in excellent health and works part time taking care of elderly friends who are less fortunate. She enjoys swimming and exercising her dog. Unfortunately, we have sad news to report as well. We extend our condolences to the families of two of our classmates. Dorothy Franklin Cole lost her dear husband of 55 years in May after he had waged a lengthy struggle wth CHF and Parkinson’s. She was very grateful for the wonderful support of her children and grandchildren who live close by. Classmate Charles Larson passed away in February 2002. Charles received his master’s degree in forestry from UVM in 1943. He stayed in Burlington to complete research in his field and taught several courses. Dr. Larson had a very distinguished career and went on to do UVM very proud.

Class Secretary: woody21@prodigy.net
We received a thoughtful message about patriotism from Julia Averett Peet. She reminded us of what it was like growing up with the pride of being an American. She wrote, “I’ve missed that feeling in my compatriots over the years. September 11, 2001, has caused a rebirth of patriotism that seems right.” Hope to hear from more classmates for the next issue.

Class Secretary: alumni@uvm.edu
Shirley Lampman Heald returned to UVM in October for the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the music department. She enjoyed the visit with other music students of the ‘40s. Shirley lost her husband in 1999. She makes her home in Clarence, N.Y., and Haines City, Fla.

Class Secretary: histories@mymailstation.com
We received a note from Catherine Zwick Keefe letting us know that she is enjoying her tenth year in Maine, and she especially likes being close to the beaches. She keeps very busy with her 13 grandchildren, also serving as treasurer of the local library. Her oldest grandchild graduated from law school this year, and the youngest will be starting kindergarten. Catherine enjoyed a trip to Ireland last fall with her five daughters. A reminder to all: I’m waiting for news from the rest of you. Hope many of you were able to attend the Green and Gold Luncheon at Reunion.

Class Secretary: rdharper@comm.umass.edu
I’m writing this column before Reunion, hoping that everyone will come. You’ll be reading this after Reunion and remembering how much fun it was. Anita Ross Pinney sent a picture of her extended family to share at Reunion. She regretted that Vermont and California were so far apart. Virginia Donaldson, MD ’51, wrote that she was still active as an emerita professor of pediatrics and medicine at The University of Cincinnati.

Class Secretary: normangjohnson@earthlink.net
Torrey Carpenter, our class president, after a short period of retirement and a move from Cliff Street to South Prospect Street in Burlington, Vt., is now working for the Ethan Allen Club. Torrey and Duck Frazier (’47) Carpenter have traveled to France, Austria, Ireland, England, and New Mexico. Summers are spent on Lake Carmi, Vt. They have four children; two are UVM graduates. Florence Mueller Howes took a class in conversational Chinese with Professor Diana Sum through Interactive TV at UVM. Everett Andrews is a semi-retired farmer in Richmond, Vt. He has four daughters, two of whom graduated from UVM, and one great-grandchild. Everett’s travels have been to Kansas, England, and Belgium. He reads and collects Civil War books. Betty Whitney Bolognani has launched a new career as a representative in the Vermont Legislature. She loves it and finds it an incredible experience. Audrey Bidwell Woods has retired from teaching in New England schools, but she occasionally does child care in her new home in Pennsylvania. She reads, exercises, writes, and visits her two daughters and two grandchildren. Audrey remembers and comically reminisces about Warner House and her UVM days. George Henderson is involved with the St. David’s Episcopal Church scholarship program, which awarded more than $85,000 to students of all ages who wish to further their education. Ed Jenkins, MD, retired from cardiothoracic surgery and proudly announced the arrival of his fifth grandchild. He has been on medical missions to Brazil, Nepal, Tanzania, Ecuador, and Paraguay. While at home in Tulsa, Okla., he enjoys golfing, reading, gardening, and exercising. Marjorie Clark Page, a retired kindergarten teacher, has four children and four grandchildren. She has traveled to Crater Lake, Glacier National Park, and to the Isle of Barra, Scotland, and she recently celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary. Alice Poulopoulos Coyne wrote from La Jolla, Calif., that she has retired from teaching. She has traveled throughout Europe and Asia, enjoying a most memorable visit to Russia. Alice is also active in the Salvation Army Auxiliary and Scripps Hospital Auxiliary. She has a son and two teenage grandchildren. Blanch Parker Perkins now lives on the shore of Lake Waukewan in West Center Harbor, N.H., after a teaching career in Vermont. She devotes her free hours in retirement to community and church services. Blanch has three children and four grandchildren. Richard Evans of Newark, Del., is still writing poetry and short stories that touch upon historical events.

Class Secretary: ejoc@webtv.net
Mary Stamatiades Byrnes of Brushton, N.Y., and her husband are both retired educators, Mary, from St. Lawrence Central in Basher Falls, N.Y., and her husband, from SUNY Potsdam. They have six grandchildren. Bill Matthews and his wife, Jean, continue to live in their home in St. Ansgar, Iowa, but their travel is limited due to health. Bill, a native Vermonter, has happy memories of the Green Mountains and “dear old UVM.” He sent regards to all. Adele Cohen ’49 of Newtonville, Mass., continues as sole proprietor of The Paper Tree, an invitation and stationery store. She wrote, “Travel with my husband is a necessary part of our lives. Our last trip to southern France and the Amalfi Coast was great.”

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