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'60 Things have been very active and social at UVM recently, starting with the Gala last November at the Billings Student Center, honoring Ed and Nancy Colodny and introducing UVM’s new president, Daniel Mark Fogel, and his wife, Rachel Kahn-Fogel. I attended two other events on campus as well. In January, there was a great reception at the Fleming Museum, one of four openings for the Andy Warhol exhibit put together by Janie Cohen, the new director at the Fleming. In early February, I attended the dedication of a Steinway grand piano at the Recital Hall in the Music Building. The piano was a gift from Ed and Nancy Colodny, with a number of alumni contributing as well. It was a delightful afternoon with members of the Music Department playing Liszt and Chopin as well as jazz selections. A number of our classmates, including Helen Riegels Mackey, attended these events.
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'61 Dr. Joan Tyler Mead is alive and well and currently living in Monroe, N.H. She has retired from her position as dean of the college of liberal arts at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va.. She now spends countless hours gazing down at the Connecticut River from her family home high above.
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Greetings, all! Hal Frost and his wife, Beverly ’66, moved back to Vermont after 15 years in Los Alamos, N.Mex., where Hal worked as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory after having received his PhD from UVM in 1974. Now he has his own studio in Sheffield, where he paints in oils and acrylics. In November 2002, he had his first art show in Littleton, N.H. He is also writing free-verse poetry. Hal and Beverly are living in the village of Sheffield and enjoying the country life. Their son, Harry, lives in Burlington and is a 1987 graduate of Johnson State College. Abbott Brayton and Phil Spillane ’80 bought a share of Bell Financial from David Bell ’59 after his retirement. Last fall, I took my aching back for a little physical therapy. After some questions at my initial visit with the therapist, Jessica, we discovered she was the daughter of Liz Hochner and Rod Hill ’63. What fun to make this discovery. Small world. I hope to hear from more of you as we approach our 40th reunion.
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'66 David Neumeister, DDS, became the first vice president of the American Dental Association during the organization’s 143rd Annual Session. He practices general dentistry in Brattleboro, Vt., and lives in Vernon, Vt., with his wife, Betsy. They have three children and two grandchildren.
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'67 After 18 months of construction, Hannah Evans moved into a house that she helped design early this year. In November, they won a statewide AIA design award. Hannah wrote that Colorado UVMers recently gathered at a downtown Denver restaurant for food, drink, and frivolity, then moved next door to see the new Warren Miller film, “Storm.” Happily, and contrary to general expectations, she was not the eldest alumna in attendance. Martha Earle Gilbreath, a teacher at Ridgetop Elementary School in Austin, Tex., works with high-functioning autistic and Asperger’s syndrome children using a program called SCORES, Social Communication and Resources Services. For nearly 30 years Richard Sachs has been working at the Congressional Research Service, a policy analysis office of the Library of Congress that does public policy research for members and committees of Congress. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife, Maryetta, who is on the faculty of the Washington School of Psychiatry and maintains a private psychotherapy practice. Their son, Dan, is completing his first year at UVM and their daughter, Lauren, a student at Tulane, spent part of this year on a program called Semester at Sea, run by the University of Pittsburgh. An avid bicyclist and swimmer, Richard has taken part in triathlon racing for the past three years. The Rev. Lloyd Vannorden wrote that he retired in June. He will move to Grantham, N.H., when his wife, Lory, retires in 2004.
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'70 Barry Stone wrote that for the past 16 months he has been working as a Washington State Ferries captain with a graveyard crew. He has a regular crew that moves around Puget Sound with him to relieve other graveyard crews so they can have days off. In May 2003, he will mark 25 years with Washington State Ferries. Prior to that, Barry worked for 15 years with Lake Champlain Transportation Co., some while he was attending UVM. Barry was able to attend his 40th high school reunion from Burlington High School, but he hasn’t been able to make any UVM reunions yet.
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'71 I haven’t heard from many classmates. So, I will write about people I have come in contact with the past few months. To begin with, our class president Gary Barnes, whom I see occasionally in town with wife Maureen Smith, reported, “Happy news from our household. Our son, Tyler, has just gotten engaged to Megan Hildebrand ’03, a wonderful gal, and we could not be happier. She is local and will graduate this spring. Tyler continues to teach and coach at Northfield Mount Hermon. Maureen is now working as a personnel administrator with the Vermont Department of Health on such esoteric issues as determining appropriate leave and benefit policies for health workers who take on the bio-terrorism fight.” I have also spoken with Megan Milowsky ’00, one of Marc Milowsky’s kids. She’s thinking of returning to a graduate program at UVM. Marc’s daughter, Molly, has transferred to UVM, too. How many more Milowskys can we have? Maybe Marc can get hold of Martha White Tenney and Don ’70 to get copies of the pictures they took at reunion. I heard they got some great shots. Marc sent me a funny email. I’ll reprint some of it here for laughs. “What a difference 30 years makes: 1972: long hair; 2002: longing for hair. 1972: KEG; 2002: EKG. 1972: going to a new, hip joint; 2002: receiving a new hip joint. 1972: Rolling Stones; 2002: kidney stones. 1972: whatever; 2002: depends.” Leslie (Helen while at UVM) Steeves wrote, “I’m now on the faculty of the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I’m married to Dan Reece (from Iowa, no connection to Vermont) and have two daughters, Fekerte and Anna. My research relates to Africa, so we go there as often as we can. I’ll be in Ghana part of this summer.” I also saw Steve Ralph in Pasadena, Calif., in November. He’s still CEO of Huntington Memorial Hospital—an amazing guy. Next time I visit, we’ll get a group of UVMers together in Pasadena, including Frankie Hampson Stearns (’73) and husband Craig, who, I remember, started at UVM. Dorothy Seale Brown of Colchester, Vt., wrote, “I volunteer as a certified ombudsman for long-term care with the Vermont Legal Aid.” Haven’t heard from Paula Christofoletti lately. She helped out so much with our ’02 reunion and in the end couldn’t make it back to campus. I thought of Paula when I read Dorothy’s note. Myron Grauer called just before the holidays and sounds well. He’s very busy teaching at Capital Law School. Annie Viets is teaching at the UVM School of Business, and I hear her classes are always full. She’s working on an exciting new curriculum for the school, but I’ll let her describe it better in the next issue. Mags Caney Conant left me a message that her winter has been hectic. She still teaches at the Burlington High School and pops into the Fleming Museum as much as possible. I missed her at the Warhol Preview Reception in January, which was great fun. My fiancé and I have a picture from the event with Marilyn Monroe. Richard still likes me better. Before the holidays, Liz Mead Foster had a wonderful open house to display her stationery products. Great fun to see her. She stays in shape by practicing for marathons. Liz will be running in the Boston Marathon in April and will be making the “family relay” at the Burlington City Marathon Memorial Day weekend this year. Way to go, Liz! I saw Joanne Czachor Magliozzi in Boston with daughter Anna and husband Tom. It was a hoot to reminisce and to talk about kids and cars. I miss Jason Robards and Tom Reilly. Haven’t had a NYC dinner in a long time. I’ll be in Rome, Italy, the end of February to visit my daughter, who is gainfully (sort of) employed in the Eternal City. I will introduce my two boys to the antiquities, which I so enjoyed my senior year at UVM. I’m also traveling to Spain the end of March. And, I still work at UVM and remain engaged. I look forward to meeting more of you on the road or up in Vermont. Lots of great things happening here on campus.
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'72 Stephani Palmer Fetterolf has been an educator in Toronto, Canada, since 1974. Her son works for IBM there, and he has been accepted into a master’s program at UVM. Roderick Stackelberg is the Robert K. and Ann J. Powers Professor of Humanities in the Department of History at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. His book, The Nazi Germany Sourcebook: An Anthology of Texts, co-authored with Sally A. Winkle of Eastern Washington University, was published by Routledge this year. His previous book, Hitler’s Germany: Origins, Interpretation, Legacies, was published in 1999.
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'74 Hi, everyone. I am writing this after the latest 20-inch snowstorm. It reminds me of the awful winter I experienced during my first year at UVM, 1970-1971. I lived in Chittenden Hall and braced myself against the howling wind when I walked to the library. That year, more than 110 inches of snow fell in Burlington. I was so happy that Billings Center’s coffee was always hot, although bitter. Well, my two kids, Audrey and Dustin, are doing well and keep active in church and extracurricular activities. My wife, Anna, and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary last spring. I continue to do sales and marketing for a newspaper. I still have not written that novel I promised to my UVM friends many years ago. News from other classmates is thin. Leigh Rosenberg Ernest was a featured artist at the October 2002 Kansas City Artists Show All exhibition with a work entitled, “Red Abstract.” The exhibit was part of a project of that city’s Artists Coalition. Ann Perrigo Morissette is now in her 29th year as a first- and second-grade teacher in Middlesex, Vt. Her husband, Ron, works as a special educator and part-time police officer. She noted that they are “adjusting to the empty nest syndrome as our third and last child entered UVM last fall.” Their son, Ryan, is following in the footsteps of his two sisters and enrolled in the UVM School of Nursing. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, graduated from UVM in 2000 and is a traveling RN working in Santa Barbara, Calif. Daughter Laura is a junior in the same school. Ann also wrote, “We are living in a log cabin that we built in 1996 on a 30-acre parcel in Middlesex. We have one of the best views of the Worcester range and feel blessed to live in such a beautiful spot.” That’s it, folks. Please send future news to my new email address noted below.
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'77 Hello to the class of ’77. I hope all of you had a good winter. Last fall, I attended a gathering in the Boston area to meet President Dan Fogel and his wife, Rachel Kahn-Fogel. I was most impressed with his vision of UVM, his remarks about the current state of affairs, and how President Fogel will enrich our alma mater. It is my belief that UVM is in very good hands. Colleen Morey has been named Educational Leader of the Year for the State of Connecticut by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. She creates service learning projects for at-risk children and character development/leadership programs for children in grades K-12. Last August, Cheryl Conner Stafford, her husband, Doug, and sons Mike and Pete came to visit me in Rhode Island. They were in New England visiting family and also looking at colleges. We went to the beach and had dinner in Galilee (a quaint seaside area in Rhode Island’s south county). It was wonderful to see Cheryl and her family again. Christopher Chilelli married Laurie Murphy last February. They live in Friendswood, Tex. He and his wife both work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Chris works in the educational distance learning section as a senior instructional designer. He has just received NASA’s Group Achievement Award with the Distance Learning Outpost Team. Chris wrote that the weather in south Texas is great, and the flowers are still blooming. I encourage you to send me an email with your class news. Enjoy the spring!
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'79 Janice Finkbohner McHale retired as a lieutenant colonel and aviator in the U.S. Army in 2000. Janice and her two sons, Casey and Riley, are joining her husband, Brigadier General Timothy McHale, at their new duty station in Seoul, Korea. Ross and Elyse Federman Gottlieb are co-owners of a uniform business in New Britain, Conn. They have a son, Jeremy.
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