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'31 Freda Fishman Stroh wrote from Providence, R.I., that many members of her family are alumni of UVM, including Samuel Fishman ’34, Gertrude Fishman Coen ’36, and numerous cousins and their offspring.

'32 Caroline Howard Williams wrote that she has reached Franklin, N.C., via Charlestown, N.H.; Lake George, N.Y.; and central Florida. She expects to remain in North Carolina. She noted that it’s “a beautiful country.”

'33 Elizabeth Aiken Martin of Stowe, Vt., turned 92 on April 15, 2002. She has two great-grandchildren.

Kay Shaw Johnston wrote that she has lived in Montpelier, Vt., since 1936. After the death of her husband in 1999, she sold her home and moved in with her sister, Agnes Johnston ’31. She reported that her daughter, Ann, graduated from UVM in 1963, and her son, Scott, is now attending UVM. Kay has kept in touch with Shirley Muse Mairs and Luna Warren Thompson, and Marion Waite lives near her in Montpelier, Vt. Herb Selib sent news too late to be included in the last issue. He reported that he and his wife, who is a graduate of Brown University, have always attended UVM reunions and that she feels like a foster member of our class. Herb will be 90 in 2003. He wrote that, although they have had to slow down some, they still travel a lot. Their son, David ’62, went to Columbia School of Business. I just received news from the university that our scholarship fund, established at our 50th reunion in honor of Jack Libby, has awarded scholarships to two recipients, both seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fund. The death of several of our classmates has been reported over the past year. Personally, I am especially saddened to learn about Geneva Wilcox of Mount Dora, Fla. Geneva was a distant cousin of mine, and we have always kept in close touch. She was born in Brookfield, Vt., and lived there until she moved to Florida. She lived a very active life in Mount Dora until recently. My big news is the birth of our 21st great-grandchild, Emily Anne Bloom, daughter of Martha Hauke (’93) Bloom and husband Matt, on December 27, 2002. They live in Colchester, Vt., and have a daughter, Amanda, who is nearly two.

'35 Joe Wool continues to meet with Norm Blais, Al Sharon, and Phil Gould at the Penny Cluse Café in Burlington every month. They enjoy talking about UVM.

'36 Thanks to the Class of ’36 Scholarship Fund, six UVM students received a grand total of $24,300 in awards this year. Five of the six students were from Vermont. Four of the six were from the College of Arts and Sciences, and two from the College of Education and Social Services. Three received $4,100, and three others, $4,000.

'37 Kay Babbitt called to say that Marguerite Bean Fiske relocated to Kittery Point, Maine
after the death of her husband. Phelps Pond wrote to say that he has moved to a retirement community, The Forum, in Dallas, Tex. Margaret “Peg” Lockwood sent the sad news that Marian “Dolly” Bartlett Gave passed away recently. Dolly, as you may recall, had been nominated to compete as one of our class beauty queens back in 1936.

'38 We are grateful for word from Don Bartlett on behalf of Dorothy Spelman Bartlett. Don cares for Dorothy in their Plattsburgh, N.Y., home and wrote that he enjoys Vermont Quarterly. Your secretary was honored to be named Volunteer of the Year 2002 by the local RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program). Beatrice Ball Phillips is proud that her daughter, Nancy Phillips Nash, is a UVM alumna in the class of 1978. Bea is also grandmother to three more alumni. Her university heritage extends back to post-Civil War days, when her great-grandfather attended some classes at UVM. If you enjoy reading about the class of 1938 in “Class Notes” keep in mind that you gotta write ’em if you’re gonna read ’em.

'39 The Class of 1939 Scholarship Fund helped four UVM students this year, two from Vermont, one from New York, and one from Texas. The amount of scholarship support from the fund totaled $8,500. Thanks to all who contributed to this scholarship during the past year.
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