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1970s – 1980s

It’s been great talking to ‘71ers about our 30ish reunion coming up May 30 - June 2, 2002. Met with Gary Barnes right after the holidays to discuss reunion plans. Gary has some great ideas after reflecting with his son about the awesome times of the 60’s…the old days according to his son. Let’s get a group together at reunion to discuss future reunions. I told Gary that I recently found a May 1970 Cynic which was a special edition following the Kent State shootings and escalation of the Vietnam War. He remembered this well as Cynic editor of the day. On the heels of this discussion, Greg Novak called to see what kind of music was planned for reunion – which is very important to Greg, given he was a founding member of the band, “Uncle Sam” who had a 25th reunion couple years back to a packed house. Greg gave me contact info on a new band called “Mister French” which plays 60’s rock much like Uncle Sam. (Jimmy Carter is still in this band.) They sound great, and will jam with the accomplished musicians from our class – I’m sure including Greg and Rick Semler. Rob Sydney wrote to say that he remembers well rooming with Jason Robards ’73 and says that we better not count on Jason’s hosting classmates in NYC – a reference to his youthful housekeeping days in the dorm. Rob also pointed out that there are plenty more men in our class “heretofore unheralded, that deserve ink in your column” in addition to Jason Robards, Dick Peisch, and Myron Grauer – even though he has fond memories of these guys. He pointed out that Arnie Brown wrote to me a year ago with news I never published. Sorry, Arnie! I just dug up your letter. Rob and Arnie Brown stay in contact with Doug Kerr ’72 (who works at Dartmouth College), Jay Keillor (a civil engineer with his own company) and Will Ridder (who lived in Alaska, working for State Fish and Game Department, recently retired and is now consulting). Willie got married for the first time a couple years ago. Rob Sydney also mentioned Tom Watkinson. He said, “Several of us have made our mark in the fast food and adult entertainment industries. Surely we deserve space too.” So there you go! What are you really doing, Rob? He reports that he sells SUVs “to folks who once celebrated Earth Day and got around in VWs, but now fret about getting stuck in two inches of snow at the mall.” Susan Hynes Taylor and I keep in touch via email. She recently visited Johanna Smith Ellis in NYC, and they met up with Patricia Lennox Kaufman – having dinner at Patty’s New York apartment. All three alums left each other with plans to attend reunion hopefully with the addition of Judy Wiendl Hood. Susan’s daughter was accepted into the MBA program at Dartmouth’s Tuck School. Susan has been making calls for reunion and discovered a ‘60’s photo of Barbara Jerry Hawes on a beach during a spring break – 1969+/-. We’ll have it available over Reunion Weekend. George Dorsey and his wife, Gail Burns, live in Texas, married since our last reunion. Michael Schacter lives in Armonk, N.Y., with his wife, Barbara, a psychotherapist, and sons Evan and Justin. Michael has a private practice in periodontics. He would love to hear from his UVM friends via email at mschact@ aol.com. Alan Kanter, M.D., wrote from Lake Forest, Calif., that his son, Adam, graduated from the UVM College of Medicine in May 2001. Dr. Harvey Bogin of Winfield, Ill., is in his 25th year of private practice. His twin daughters turned nine last June, and he and his wife celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in August. Annie Viets attended the reception in Stowe following UVM’s Ski Carnival in February, where she met up with Bill Davis and David Holton ’72 (who was quite entertaining I hear). Mary Jane Leach ’72 also writes that she sees Jason Robards occasionally in NYC and has had references about her orchestration in several Dutch and German publications. Mary Jane says she’s trying to get to reunion. And, Sandra Simpson has been working for the government as a civilian since 1993; however, she is still an active reserve in the U.S. Army. She may be on duty in the current conflict at an undisclosed location overseas at this writing. We’re glad she still plans on coming to our reunion. I had lunch with Joanne Czachor Magliozzi in Boston in January – never enough time to catch up. I’m counting on Joanne’s coming to reunion weekend – where Liz Mead Foster, Mags Caney Conant, Joanne and I can spend time together again. Don’t forget June 1st is our reunion dinner party on the ferry, the Adirondack, with great 60’s music and the Supremes sound-alikes (Liz, Mags, Joanne?) doing some of the ‘60’s greatest hits, including: “It’s in His Kiss.” Come back to campus and relive the good times.

The countdown to our class reunion has begun. By the time you read this, our reunion will be just around the corner. So, make your reservations if you haven’t already done so. The reunion will be a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, especially because we will be celebrating with the classes of ’71 and ’73. See what’s new at UVM. The reunion promises to be a wonderful time, and the weekend will be greatly enhanced by your presence. In the tour of potential colleges for his daughter, Frederick Burgess, his wife Nancy, and daughter Laura were on campus last June. They greatly admired the Old Mill, which has been beautifully renovated, and they were surprised by how much the trees had grown on campus, particularly around CBW. Laura Pratt Lane’s husband, Peter ’69, hiked the Appalachian Trail from Harpers Ferry, W. Va., to Mount Katahdin last summer. Charles Page married last July. His daughter, Alexis, is attending New England College in New Hampshire. This year marks his 25th year in business. Rachel Hamlen Koier retired after 25 years as an elementary teacher. She now works part time at her son’s garden center. Barbara Hillinger recently moved to Maryland to become program administrator for the Center on Population, Gender, and Social Inequity at the University of Maryland at College Park. J. Ellen Halsted is experiencing the empty nest syndrome with both of her girls in college. Lindsay is a senior at the University of Michigan, and Lauren is a sophomore at Michigan State. Ellen also went back to school to work on an EDS in instructional technology at Wayne State. She’d love to hear from her “old” friends. Robert Sadowski wanted to let classmates know that he is living in St. Augustine, Fla., and working for a tour company. He can be reached via email at robertfoy@yahoo.com.

Take a look at the reunion section of the UVM website (http://alumni.uvm.edu/2re/reunion.htm). You can find out what’s planned for May 30-June 2, who’s going, and who’s hoping to see you there. Anne Powers Taleff plans to travel east from her home in Albany, Ore., for the reunion. She’s looking forward to seeing her old friends, and she’s hoping to find two she’s lost touch with: Patty Magro Butterfield and Jennifer Pirro. Edward Thompson also says he’s planning the trip back to campus from Cresskill, N.J. He’s been a bank analyst since graduation and now is senior director in charge of Fitch’s analysis of Turkish banks. John Bishop has moved from Connecticut to North Carolina, where he’s working as a physician assistant at the Orange County Jail. He’d like to hear from his UVM friends at pacman@ntrnet.net. Anna Whitcomb Knight lives in Belmont, Mass., and spends her free time serving on the National Peace Corps Association Board and as co-president of the Mt. Auburn Hospital Auxiliary. Her son, William, is in the seventh grade. Charlotte “Charli” Cohen Lurie is director of children, youth, and camp at the Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island in Providence. She is in her 14th year as Judaic art specialist for pre-school through sixth grade at Temple Beth-El in Providence. She has lived in North Attleboro, Mass., for 25 years. Bonnie Christensen’s book, The Biography of Arlo Guthrie, received a rave review in the November 18, 2001 New York Times Book Review section. Paula Kenney McMahon wrote from Chatham, Mass., that she has two sons in college: Andrew is in his first year at UVM, and Casey is a sophomore at Skidmore College. Carrie Towne Sysko lives in Newry, Maine, with her husband, Jim, and daughter Julia. She’s a ski instructor and an award-winning kids’ coach at Sunday River Ski Resort. As a four-year breast cancer survivor, she is “smelling the roses and savoring every moment.” She would love to hear from friends at carries@ megalink.net.

Elizabeth Walton Guston lives in Westford, Mass., with her husband, Mike; son Mark, a high school senior; and daughter Lauren, a high school freshman. Elizabeth spends her time working, volunteering, and cheering on high school golf, field hockey, and basketball teams. Jim Hildebrand lives in Waitsfield, Vt., with his fiancé, Nancy Coombs, in a house they renovated last year. He commutes to IBM in Essex Junction, where he is in tactical marketing. Daughter Meghan attends UVM, and son Kyle is a senior at Bates.

Pamela Beckford Burns is in her sixth year of retirement. She is currently at home in Salem, Mass., raising her two children and loving it. She asked, “Where are Curly, Winkie, Bahama Mama, Fletch, and Kim B?” Michael “Fitz” Fitzmaurice is teaching skiing at Mammoth Mountain, Calif., with fellow graduate, Greg Vautour. Fitz’s wife, Heidi, does executive searches, and they both enjoy golf at Sierra Star Golf Club. Tom Harrington, MD ’79, wrote that he was sad to hear that UVM might be losing its track program. It brought back memories of life without football. He and his wife, Michele Ciecura (’78) Harrington, have been in Chesapeake, Va., for 12 years. Tom works in a busy internal medicine practice. They have two daughters, Meghan and Molly, who are both in high school. Tom ran the 2001 Boston Marathon proudly wearing his Vermont track singlet. Bob Gilbert has taken early retirement from Lucent Technologies and now works for Avaya Communications on network hosted solutions. He and his wife, Cathy Waugh (’78) Gilbert, and their daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, live in Warren, N.J.

Please write or send me an email with news for this column. I only received a few submissions for this issue, an all-time low since I became class secretary. Nancy Balin and her husband, Alan Sharpe, are living in Amherst, Mass., with their children, Benjamin and Sara. Nancy continues to practice ophthalmology. Michael Cote develops purchasing software and is still active in community affairs for the town of Leominster, Mass. Betsy Flood Fay wrote sadly of the passing of our classmate, Ellen Riley Bayles, wife of Michael Bayles ‘75, on September 17, 2001. Betsy and Cyndy Porter (’77) Carbone had planned to attend our 25th reunion with Ellen, but due to her illness, they were not able to come. Betsy wrote, “She will be missed by all of her friends and family.”

Stephen Monroe of New Canaan, Conn., plans to come to our 25th reunion. He is still in the newsletter business, covering healthcare business and finance. For Dorothy Bellhouse, last year was a year of change. She has expanded work responsibilities, and she married “a wonderful man” Hunter Ficke in June. UVMers attending the wedding celebration included Betsy Giovine Vogel, Laurette Moro De Cabia, Lynn Pearce Kelleher, and Patricia Balzer. Dick Johnson sent greetings to Tim Mulligan. Dick wrote, “Tim is definitely getting it done in California…a long way from Burlington, Vt., in the 1970s.” Rick Katz, wife Kari, and sons David and Nicholas, have been living in Green Bay, Wisc., for seven years. They look forward to contact with UVM friends who wander through the area. Patricia Densmore of Burlington, Vt., earned a state degree in legal nurse consulting in 2001. Andrea Howard Bonnar and husband Peter recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. On their way home, they visited Judy and Robert Wilkenfeld in their California home. Deborah Gould is director of special education for the Manchester, Vt., school district. She is also the guardian of a friend with special needs. Deborah’s son, Chris, plays baseball with the Vermont Seamonsters, based in Burlington. A high honors graduate of Burr and Burton Academy, he now attends Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, studying architecture.

Dear classmates, we noted last fall that Audrey Ziss Bath would no longer continue as class secretary. Unfortunate. I liked her style very much. It is an interesting twist that, just a few months earlier, Audrey and I had exchanged emails. In one, she observed that for all the vivid memories I still could recall of our years at UVM, I should be class secretary. And so, as a fill-in, here I am for one column. I recently met up with Karen Amet Fondry ’79. We had worked together in a UVM summer work-study program as members of a day camp counselor team in Washington County, Vt. She is now a clinical review administrator at Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Vermont. Over lunch, we reminisced about Converse 5th and Davis Brothers Garage…and kids: what we were and what we have. Labor Day weekend, my wife, Eileen Giguere Donovan, and our two children, Jenna and Jack, were invited to a gathering in East Montpelier, Vt. Participants included Maynard North ’50 and my parents, George ’51 and Constance Flint (’52) Donovan. ‘Twas a grand reminiscence of UVM fight song and “who was president of UVM your freshman year?” challenge. Earlier, I had collaborated with Professor North in recording guitar and vocals of some ‘animal songs’ for the Learning in Retirement program of the University of South Florida. Also in East Montpelier that weekend were Jim and Diane Cook (’83) Donovan and their daughters Robin and Karen of Winchester, Mass. In other news, Maryanne Coughlin Foley wrote to say that she is living on Drakes Island, Maine, with sons Patrick and Peter. Her husband, Bob, works for the Wells School District as community resource coordinator. Rick Katz wrote to say that he, wife Kari, and sons David and Nicholas are entering their seventh year living in the Green Bay, Wisc., area. They look forward to visiting with any UVM friends who may wander through the area. It was great to hear from Greg and Kelli Allen. (Greg is a former Christie 3rd co-habitant.) Are you still playing guitar, Greg? Greg and Kelli, with their daughters Melia and Emma, have relocated to Vernon, Vt., as of September 2000. For the summer issue of Vermont Quarterly, I will turn over the reigns to Brian Croteau. Brian wrote, “I have just volunteered to take over writing our class column. Since Audrey’s departure, the column just hasn’t been the same. Thanks, Audrey, for doing a great job. I am looking forward to hearing from classmates, and I will do my best to make sure that your news appears in a future issue in a timely way. So, please send your news to me either by ‘snail’ mail or email. My addresses are at the top of the column. Our next reunion is not too far away, and I want to get everyone thinking about getting in touch and coming back to campus for a big gathering of classmates. I want to especially challenge my fellow ROTC graduates to get off their duffs and exercise a little military leadership and make this happen. I look forward to hearing from lots of classmates for the next issue.”

Nancy Moore of Evanston, Ill., recently started her own consulting firm to assist non-profit organizations in organizing development and improvement. Lauri Gatto, son Dan, and daughters Kate and Caroline live in Albany, N.Y. Lauri is a human resources director. She wondered, “How’s the gang from 4th floor Wing?” Elaine Steele Maynes enjoys the trials and tribulations of owning her own business, Best Tile of Vermont, a ceramic tile store in Williston. She wrote that her old roommate, Candace Perrault Kjelleren, wandered in one day.

Robert Monniere enjoyed the Vermont foliage when he attended the annual Browington Bash with Dr. Dave Averill, who won the door prize. Go, Cats, go! Claire McCrea is enjoying life in Pennsylvania with her family. She is working for Runner’s World magazine as a copy editor and dreaming of skiing in the north country. Mary Cotrupi-Commander was asked to be the parent representative of her children, Brooke and Andrew’s, school as part of a four-person team traveling to the Surya Boarding School in Khandbari, Nepal, from Superior, Colo. Mary taught dental hygiene while there. Sheree Clark, principal and director of client services at Sayles Graphic Design in Des Moines, Iowa, recently visited Anchorage, Alaska, to judge the city’s annual advertising award competition. She also gave a presentation to members of Ad Fed. Sheree was also featured on a segment of “Living in Iowa” on Iowa Public Television, displaying her collection of vintage Blenko glassware. Margaret Faluszczak wrote from Troy, N.Y., that she is married with two children, Rickey and Emma Rose. She wrote that they began as foster parents and were blessed with a wonderful first child for a month. She continues to practice part time as a paramedic for a progressive municipal service. Roy Bishop bought a house in Colchester, Vt., in August 2001. He recently got his secondary math license and is currently teaching 7th and 8th grade math at Crossett Brook Middle School in the Waterbury-Duxbury School District. Dr. Kevin Hazen ’76 and I were married on January 26, 2002, in Charlottesville, Va. We plan to remain in Virginia to visit my sister, Jennifer Yonker (’79) Carey, who has a son at UVA.

Sara Coward Blum was appointed vice president at PostScript, where she will oversee management of the firm and continue to serve as account executive, senior art director, and Web master. She lives in Shelburne, Vt., with her husband, Jay, and daughter, Carolyn. David Grossbaum lives in Dover, Mass., with his wife, Debra, and their children Rachel, Jacob, and identical twins Talia and Sophie. David is a partner in the Boston law firm of Cetnulo & Capone, LLP. Candace Davidson Boudreau and family moved to Rockton, Ill., last summer so that her husband could pursue a new job. They have two daughters, Alexis and Gwendolyn. Candace wrote, “Sorry I haven’t stayed in touch with everyone.” Joseph Zabar and wife Julie Epstein (’82) Zabar moved to New City, N.Y., last August. Their son, Brad, is in kindergarten. Christopher Zimmerman wrote from Portland, Oreg., that he has been with Nike for the past five years. He is “having a ball” at his current position as general manager of Nike Golf. He frequently sees his hockey teammate, Ben Lord, who is director of advertising sales in Vermont for the Golf Channel. Steve L’Heureux lives in New Haven, Vt., where he owns and operates The Mac Doctor, specializing in onsite service of Apple Computers throughout central and northern Vermont. He enjoys spending weekends with his three sons. Steve sent greetings to his School of Natural Resources classmates and wondered whether Joan Driebeek Spasyk ever made it back to Vermont. Stephanie Cole Andrus is back in Vermont, living in Norwich. She and her husband, Bruce, and daughters Sarah and Erica think “the upper valley is a beautiful spot.” Since 1991, Tom Nuccio has lived in Nashville, Tenn., where he is director of music performance identification for Broadcast Music, Inc. He and his wife, Suzanne, were married in Nashville on July 22, 2000, and Bob Ellis ’80 served as groomsman. Elizabeth Nelson Egan recently moved to Harvard, Mass., with her husband, Rob, and daughters Emily and Mary. Brian and Karen Galfetti Zecchinelli have been very busy at the Wayside Restaurant in Berlin, Vt. Their sons, Nicholas and JP, both attend Berlin Elementary School, Karen’s alma mater. Andrea Rousseau enjoys her new job as corporate compliance auditor at South Coast Hospitals Group in New Bedford, Mass. She recently received CPA certification and combined it with her technical training for this new professional challenge. Andrea would enjoy hearing from her nuclear medicine classmates as well as teachers from UVM and Fletcher Allen Medical Center. Apologies to Sarah Wipfler Pictor, who was incorrectly listed as Susan in a past issue. Sarah teaches at Buffalo College, D’Youville College, and would love to hear from physical therapy classmates at pictors@dyc.edu. Jeff Milem was promoted to associate professor with tenure at the University of Maryland’s College of Education last year.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to keep us up to date on what you are doing. Those of you we haven’t heard from in a while, please answer the following question: What has the class of ’82 been up to this past year? Shelby Marston-Ainley is still enjoying life in Los Angeles. Last summer, she brought her two sons to Vermont for a visit. She enjoyed showing them the UVM campus and many “breathtaking” sights in and around Burlington. They were struck by the open spaces of “semi-rural” Vermont. Last July, Nancy Batty gathered with fellow alumni, Julie Jones, Alicia Good, and Peggy Bolton Crisman at the home of Bonnie Ouellette Niles in Danby, Vt. All five ran the annual Race for the Cure in nearby Manchester, Vt. David Krause is living in Northfield, N.H., with his wife, Barb, and his three children, Tucker, Alyssa, and Logan. David is a licensed land surveyor. He would like to hear from fellow UVMers. Amy Perkins Moore is currently living in Newport, R.I., with her husband, Jim, and their children, Meghan and Sean. They moved from Hawaii last summer, and Jim will be attending the Navy War College for the next year. Then, the family will be moving again to wherever the Army sends them next. Tracy East lives with her husband, Fred, in Palm Desert, Calif., and teaches Kindergarten at Amelia Earhart Elementary School of International Studies. Andy Wolf and his wife, Leslie, make a home for their son, Brenton, in Incline Village, Nev. Andy practices law there, and he sees many fellow alumni at Tahoe. Diane Caporale has been awarded a National Institutes of Health grant to continue her research on how and why Lyme disease is spreading to central Wisconsin. She is an assistant professor of biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Dr. Tony Rathburn ’81, G’84, and I got together for our annual holiday visit and gift exchange while he was in Vermont visiting his parents. Tony got married in Australia last June (it’s about time!), and, in August, he joined the faculty at Indiana State University, where he teaches classes in geology and oceanography. Dave Burhans and his wife, Jeanette Calder, still live in Bennington, Vt. They found themselves returning to the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall to cheer on daughter Heather at several invitational swim meets. This brought back many fond memories from the mid-1980s when Dave timed his wife’s swim meets in the same pool. Dave went back to RPI yet again in the mid-1990s to earn a master’s degree in engineering. (He imagines that some UVM friends find this amusing.) For the last six years, he has worked for a machinery service and engineering company in Springfield, Mass.; Jeanette is a CPA in a local firm. Dave enjoys staying in touch with his nephew, David Burhans ’99, a civil engineering major. Julie Cooper Desmond, husband Tom, and children Danielle and T.J. are now living in Orange County, Calif. This has been their eighth (and they hope last) move. Julie would love to hear from fellow UVMers in the area. Christine Doremus and husband Tom Hoyt announced the birth of their first child, a daughter, Tommi Christine, on January 23, 2001. Tommi has an older sister, Logan Lynne, who is nine years old. Christine was appointed Family Court Magistrate in Windsor County, Vt., in August 1998. Brenda Fox Grob, husband Kenneth, and their three sons are still living in Doylestown, Pa. Brenda continues to mix motherhood and a career at Johnson & Johnson with varying degrees of success. Ken still has his own business. They hear from Laurie Fairbanks Vien and her husband, Marc, quite often. Laurie just sent Brenda a gorgeous photo of UVM in the springtime that Brenda proudly displays in her foyer. Miriam Landis Babcock continues to teach at the Indian Moun-tain School in Lakeville, Conn. She is raising her three boys in Stanfordville, N.Y.

Greetings, everyone! Kathleen Huffman wrote to tell us that she and her husband, Scott, celebrated the birth of their son, Jacob Austin Huffman, in March 2001. Ted Flanagan has been appointed managing director of the Energy Coalition, a long-standing California non-profit agency that promotes energy efficiency in the state through both policy work and program implementation with traditionally under-served customers (low income groups, students, small businesses, and senior citizens). Cynthia Baldvins attended the wedding of Helen Shattuck ’85 and Dan Gillis in October. Also in attendance was Gail Couillard ’85. Tracy Simon recently became certified as a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) mentor to train new DARE officers. She wrote that she has spoken at several national conferences about her experiences surviving a near-fatal car crash caused by an impaired driver. Margo Wallace Druschel wrote to say that after more than 20 years in higher education, she has become the executive director of community service at Hamilton & Wenham, Inc., a non-profit with programs for children and elderly. She works in a gorgeous old building located five minutes from her home. Malcolm Caldwell is the proud stepparent of Christopher Doyle ’05. Natalie Ciccariello wrote that she really appreciated the training and experience she gained from her associates degree from UVM. Thanks for the email messages from Diane Parry Dooley, my old math buddy, and Kim Solomon Dooley (no relation, I think). Diane wrote from her classroom, where she teaches 5th and 6th grade in Vineland, N.J., which is in farm country in the southern part of the state. She wrote that her husband, John, is a farmer, and they have three daughters: Maggie, a 6th grader; Emily, a 3rd grader, and Abigail, a 1st grader. Having grown up in Vermont, she misses the mountains, but she feels fortunate to have a great family and group of friends. Kim and her husband, Tim, recently returned from Russia, where they adopted another child, their eight-month-old son, Logan. He was joyfully welcomed by his older sister, Larissa, who they also adopted from Russia when she was seven months old. She wrote that life is great and that their family is now complete with one boy and one girl. See you in the summer. Take care.

Dear class, I hope you have spent time with your family and friends in the winter months. I want to thank everyone for supporting UVM over the years; our school continues to grow through change, and it is important that we always have the support of alumni. I received a letter from Martha Monsivais McDonnell, who is living in Falmouth, Maine, with her husband, Joe, and children Brendan and Madelyn. Martha is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Dianna Gates Allen told me that she is living in Hyde Park, Vt. She has been a high school physical education teacher and coach at Hazen Union School in Hardwick for 17 years. Dianna has two sons, Jacob and Joseph. She misses her women’s basketball teammates and would love to hear from some of them. Cheryl Codair wrote that she is working for IBM in Massachusetts. She is blessed with three-year-old twins, Katie and Caroline. Cheryl wishes everyone a healthy and happy year. Congratulations to Jean Ahlstand MacKimmie and her husband, John, who welcomed their first child, Amanda, in November 2001. Jean lives in Amherst, Mass., and works at the University of Massachusetts. Finally, I heard from Katherine Miller, who is still living in Vermont and loving it. Katherine recently received her master’s degree in Waldorf education at Antioch New England Graduate School, and she is teaching at a Waldorf school in rural Vermont.

Susan Lackey was mentioned in Business People Magazine as one of the top five company leaders in the nation for business growth in 1999. Sue is director of business development for Tanner Companies, the Doncaster line of women’s wear, covering Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York. Scott Appleby recently formed an investment bank, Appleby Capital, specializing in financial technology. He is living in San Francisco with his wife, two sons, and a daughter.

It is with total sadness and disbelief that I bring you the news of the death of our classmate, David Steven Mazo, on January 31, 2002. Tragically, Dave died when the private plane in which he was traveling crashed in bad weather. Dave’s warm, friendly, and easy nature made him rich in friendships. This was evident at his funeral, which was attended by many of his SAE fraternity brothers. All of us fondly recalled stories of Dave, and Chris Fairfax delivered a beautiful eulogy. Dave is survived by his wife, our classmate Kelly Finn Mazo, and two children, Caroline and Samuel. For those interested, donations may be made to The Mazo Children’s Educational Fund, c/o Levin Ford & Taulekas, LLP Trustees, 1 State Street, Hartford, CT 06103. Karen Kirk and her husband, Doug Ziemke, welcomed their new son, Patrick Owen Ziemke, on July 14, 2001. He joins his sister, Grace, at their home in Smyrna, Ga. Holly Tapley Maroney and husband Denny had their second daughter, Cassie, on February 12, 2001. They live in Darien, Conn., with Cassie and their oldest daughter, Becca. Amy Hewitt is living in Grafton, Mass., with her husband and daughters Lucy and Grace. Amy works part-time as a human resources manager for a networking company, Vanguard Managed Solutions. Caylin Huttar is an acupuncturist in Ketchum, Idaho. Bruce Likly celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary this year with a three-week trip to Tuscany. He and his wife have a two-year-old daughter. They live in Wilton, Conn., where they run Kovak-Likly Communications. He would love to be contacted at blikly@klcpr.com. Denise Adams Wallace and her husband, Jeremiah, of Newburyport, Mass., welcomed their son, Liam Robert, into the world on November 20, 2000. Adam Tschorn is a writer living in Los Angeles, where he has worked on several game shows and cable television shows. He wrote, “I miss the girl I used to meet at the Pepsi machine. I hope she’ll see this note and call me.” Is that a classic, or what? Hang in there, everyone. May 2002 bring peace of mind to all of us.

Aaron Levin is pursuing a doctoral degree in statistics at the University of Connecticut. He and his partner, James, have been together for nearly three years. Aaron wrote that they were looking forward to doing holiday shopping on Church Street. Louise Toborg Merrigan of Medford, Mass., let us know that her daughter, Anneliese, was born in April 2000. Louise recently saw Betsy Weekes Kunz and Cynthia Mitchel ’89. Linda Giudice has been a director
of corporate operations in Moscow, Russia, for the past nine years. She recently transitioned to a consultant position for the Russian operations of Gallaher Group, Plc. Having worked on the privatization of the state-owned tobacco factory, she then worked on the successful acquisition by Gallaher Group last summer. Linda completed her MBA at the University of Chicago, graduating in March 2001.class of

Hello, ‘89ers! Hope you made it through the winter and are starting to see signs of spring wherever you may be. I’ve heard from numerous classmates via email, which is an easy way to keep in touch, and it was great to hear from many of you who have not written in before. The more varied the column, the better. While it is hard to start the column on a sad note, I must share that Martha Oliverio Wright sent me an email with the horrible news about her husband and our classmate, John Wright, who was in Tower 2 on September 11. While I did not know John well, he was a solid, kind, and well-grounded person, the kind of guy you wish there were more of. I know this was reported in the last issue, but since several classmates mentioned him when writing in, I felt we should all do the honor of paying tribute to him once more. I also want to thank his wife, Martha, for her courage in writing me with such unfathomable news. Our thoughts are with Martha and their three young children. Sarah Cioffi Crounse sent me an email with the news that she married Michael Crounse last September on a boat on the Hudson River. Her daughter, Sophie, was a flower girl. The Crounses live in upstate New York, where Sarah teaches high school French and Spanish. Sarah also reported that Ellen Stecklow Marcus, who lives on Long Island with her husband and two sons, works in New York City and that Wendy Bellin Donovan lives in Hartford, Conn., and has a new daughter, Grace Alexandra. Sarah sent New Year greetings to Ellen, Wendy, Corinn Thompson, and Michael Pollio, and she would love to hear from Christina Sekerak Donovan. David Majcen wrote that he is enjoying life in Boulder, Colo., with his wife, Donna Trinko (’88) Majcen, and their son, Drew. David has his own financial lending business, and Donna is in marketing with Agilent Technologies. David sent his deepest sympathies to the Wright family: “John was a great friend and will be missed by all.” Alexandra Petas Pappas attended the beautiful September wedding of Chris Pirie and Bill Martuscello at their home in Quaker Hill, Conn. Katie Davis Haley and her husband, Don, and Jeanine Buckley Perrone and her husband, Dean, were all in attendance. Alex, Chris, Katie, and Jeanine were roommates at 69 Grant Street. Jessica Fahey Durkin lives in Westford, Mass., with her husband, Joe, and children Melissa and Michael. She is a financial manager for Hyperware, a German software company. Mary Jennings Hoyt lives in Seattle, Wash., and earned her MSW from the University of Washington in 1999. She works at Harborview Hospital in the mental health department, and she is married to Jack Hoyt, a college head track coach. Michael Chapman lives in Gorham, Maine, with his wife, Shari, and daughters Lindsay and Carley. Michael works for ReCellular, Inc., a wireless handset manufacturer. Christine MacDougal lives in Charlestown, Mass., and she welcomed a new son in March 2001. Congratulations to Tracy Hauser Scarrow, who married James Scarrow in October 2001 with many UVM alums in attendance: Mike Cavanaugh ’88, Mark Lanoue, Jeannine Ritchie, MD ’93, Scott Barnet, Mike and Kathy Knisley Wood, and Jennifer (’92) Gittleman. They spent their honeymoon in South Africa and Namibia, and they now live in Washington, D.C., where Tracy works as a special assistant to the chief judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals. It was great to hear from Keith Wegan, who is happily living in Boulder with his wife and fellow ‘89er, Jennifer, and their daughters, Kaitlyn, Kristine, and Madison. Keith is a managing partner for Ventura, Inc., a venture capital firm, and several charities, including JJJ Foundation, Inc., and WOW! Children’s Museum. Jennifer is at home with their girls and also volunteers as a board member for Character Matters. They enjoy many of the great outdoor activities Colorado has to offer and would love to see any UVMers who venture out their way. I received a nice email
message from Michael “Bucce” Buccellato, who lives in Burlington and is working for Fisher Scientific as the sales/service associate in charge of the UVM contract. He services all the life science labs and enjoys getting his Green Mountain coffee at the bookstore. I missed the chance to see Randy Markey in Cleveland, Ohio, but he sent me a photo of his beautiful family: wife, Molly, and children Max and Isabel. Elena Kraus Shulman is finding much success in the world of publishing, and she expects to publish her own short book of poems this spring. She and her husband, Tony, live in Reno, Nev., with daughters Allie and Samantha. Finally, congratulations to Diane Peligal O’Halloran, who welcomed a baby girl, Zoe, into the family last November. Diane lives in Berkeley Heights, N.J., with her husband, Kevin, and children Annie, Jack, and now, Zoe. Whew! This is a good round of news. Keep it coming. Please remember to avoid disappointment at not seeing your news in the next issue, please get it to me by the beginning of April. Lead time is long for getting class notes published. Thanks so much to all who got in touch. All my best.

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