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Upcoming Events

Monday, Dec. 8, 2014

UVM College of Medicine Global Health Series: "Human Trafficking: Context, Signs, and Vermont's Local Response Options." Edith Klimoski, director, Give Way to Freedom. Sullivan Classroom, 200 Larner Medical Education Center. 5:30 p.m. Information, RSVP: audree.frey@uvm.edu.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014

Physics Colloquium: "Numerical Studies of Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnetism." Keola Wierschem, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University. 003 Kalkin Hall. 4:10 p.m. Information.

Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

Stuttering Support Group: School-Age Kids Who Stutter. A free support group for kids ages 8-12 and their parents held the second Thursday of every month. Pomeroy Hall. 4:15 p.m. Information: 656-0250.

Friday, Dec. 12, 2014

Closing Date for Two Fleming Museum Exhibitions. Last week to see "Civil War Era Drawings from the Becker Collection" and "Kara Walker: Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated)." Fleming Museum. Information.

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: "Sports and Military TBI: Pathways to Neurodegeneration." Ann C. McKee, professor of neurology and pathology, Boston University School of Medicine. Davis Auditorium, University of Vermont Medical Center. 10:30 a.m. Information: (802) 847-2124.

Research Studies:

Why are men underrepresented in weight loss research? Help us find out!

This study investigates beliefs about obesity and barriers to weight loss for men. Our "crowdsourcing" website -- TheGreatWeightDebate -- hopes to generate new hypotheses as users both answer and ask new questions. Please head to the site, answer some questions, ask some questions and forward on to others! (Please use a browser other than Internet Explorer.)

Effects of quitting study

Former smokers wanted for an effects of quitting study. Four weekly visits, flexible scheduling. Compensation up to $215. Primary investigator: Dr. John Hughes. Information: effects@uvm.edu, 656-4849.

Healthy volunteers for vaccine study

Healthy adults aged 18 - 50 needed for dengue fever vaccine research. During the one-year study, participants attend vaccinations and brief follow-up visits at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Volunteers receive up to $2,030 in financial compensation. Information: 656-0013; UVMVTC@UVM.edu.

Food study

We seek male and female volunteers to participate in a study to better understand the role of milk fat as an integral part of a balanced diet. If you are age 18-40, not on prescription medication, not currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant, if female, with consistent dietary habits that include dairy products you may qualify. All food for this 8-week study will be provided and $1,000 will be paid upon completion. Information: foodstudy@uvm.edu, 656-8353.

Research volunteers needed for a nutritional study

Healthy women (50-60 yr) are needed for an 8-week NIH study of how the brain is affected by the type of fat you eat. Participants will receive all food for 8 weeks and $1,000 upon completion of the study. Information: dietandbrain@uvm.edu, 656-9093.

Menopause and the brain

Seeking healthy 50-60 year old postmenopausal women for a one-visit research study (approx. three hours in length) to help us understand how menopause affects the brain. This University of Vermont study will consist of a brain MRI, computer memory tests, questionnaires, and the collection of blood for hormone and DNA analysis. You may qualify if you are a healthy non-smoking woman and not currently taking anti-depressants. Participants will receive $50 compensation. Information: menopauseandbrain@uvm.edu, 847-8248.

Down syndrome sibling relationship and anxiety study

Seeking young adult participants for an undergraduate honors thesis research study investigating anxiety in siblings of individuals with Down syndrome and siblings of typically developing individuals. You must be between the ages of 18-29. You must have either a biologically related sibling with Down syndrome, or a typically developing biological sibling. You will be asked to complete two online surveys measuring anxiety and sibling relationship quality. Approximate completion time is about 20 minutes. Responses will be stored on a password-protected laptop that only the principal investigator has access to. Information: Katie.McCormack@uvm.edu.

Physical disabilities and transportation research study

Participants needed for physical disabilities and transportation focus groups. Would you be interested in taking part in a focus group meeting hosted by UVM researchers about transportation for people with physical disabilities in Chittenden County? To participate, you must be a resident of Chittenden County. Information gathered during the focus group will help to inform a survey questionnaire that will be distributed in the upcoming months. The goal of the project is ultimately to improve transportation for people with physical disabilities in Chittenden County. The focus group will last about an hour. $10 gift cards are available for participants. Information: transitproject@uvm.edu (include "Disabilities" in the subject line).

Emotion regulation study

The Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families is looking for families with children between the ages of 7 and 17 to participate in a new study on emotion regulation. Eligibility: three biologically-related family members over the age of 7, including one parent, must be willing to participate. Children both with and without emotion regulation difficulties are eligible! What does the study involve? Three study visits that will include: computer games (with eye-tracking and heart rate monitoring equipment); clinical interviews on both parent and child's mental health; cognitive assessments; online questionnaires; saliva sample for DNA; blood draw for lipids, glucose, and insulin levels. Compensation is $100 plus travel expenses. After-school, evening or weekend study visits available. Information: (802) 656-5135, merelise.ametti@med.uvm.edu.

Hormones and cognition research study

Seeking healthy 60-70 year old women for a one-visit research study (approx. 3 hours in length) to help us learn about how the brain is affected by hormones throughout life. This University of Vermont study will consist of completing questionnaires, computer memory tests, and the collection of a cheek swab for DNA analysis. We are seeking healthy, non-smoking women who are not currently taking anti-depressants. You will be compensated $25 for the visit. Information: (802) 847-4081.

Kids and parents project

Participants are needed for the Kids & Parents research study -- a study at the University of Vermont about families. We're looking for families to participate who have a 9- to 11-year-old child whose parents are married to each other. The study involves two 2- to 3-hour lab visits approximately two weeks apart (Visit one: mother and child; visit two: mother, father, and child). Families will receive $100 for visit one and $150 for visit two. Information: (802) 656-4722.

Healthy weight management program for teens

Are you (or is your child) 12-18 years old and concerned about being overweight? Researchers at the University of Vermont are looking for participants for a free weight management research program. You will receive: nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral instruction; complete body composition and fitness profile; compensation for time and travel. Information: (802) 656-3817.

Fluency research study

Seeking children ages 3-5 who have typically developing speech and language. Children who do not stutter are invited to participate as control participants for a research study of emotional variables and stuttering. Study will involve two appointments at the Eleanor M. Luse Center at the University of Vermont. The appointments include assessments of language and parent questionnaires. Compensation and free evaluation for participants. Information: (603) 770-7814 or darcy.james@uvm.edu or gmarcott@uvm.edu.

Asthma clinical trials

UVM Vermont Lung Center located at the Medical Office Building at Fanny Allen Campus, 792 College Parkway in Colchester; is recruiting volunteers for asthma clinical trials:

  • Pfizer: Biomarkers in Uncontrolled Asthma: Asthmatics using Advair or Symbicort ages 15-70 yrs; visits: 2-3; compensation: up to $250.
  • Endotyping Asthma Phenotypes: Asthmatics 18 - 65 yrs with a BMI over 30; 1 visit; compensation: $200.
  • Soluble Interleukin -- 6 Receptor Production in Asthma: Asthmatics 18-65 yrs.; visits: 2; compensation: up to $150.
  • SAPS (Smoking Asthmatics Cohort Study): Asthmatic smokers ages 18-50 yrs.; visits: 2; compensation: up to $175.

Information: kathleen.dwinell@vtmednet.org, (802) 847-2193.

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