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The UVM Style Guide

The UVM Style Guide exists so that 1.) UVM departments may refer to it for approved university-wide style elements including fonts, graphics, rules, borders, paper stock, print guidelines, etc. and 2.) Non-UVM affiliates may be able to reference these same institutional standards. Whether designs are done in-house or external to UVM, the style guide ensures that the university's look and feel can be reproduced on all communication materials.

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2016 Changes to the UVM Style Guide

As we begin to revamp the University of Vermont’s creative communications, it’s important that we all adhere to the same set of style and design rules. The University of Vermont Creative Style Guide website serves as an excellent resource. As more and more creative work comes to life, this guide will evolve—so please refer to it periodically. This contains the most current direction on:

  • creative positioning
  • type usage
  • creative tone
  • color palette
  • photography
  • enhancing elements
  • logo guidelines

Until the new Style Guide is further realized, the pre-existing UVM Style Guide can guide you on:

  • athletic marks
  • athletic wordmarks
  • stationery (fonts change to come)

Last modified May 24 2016 04:13 PM