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The UVM Style Guide

The UVM Style Guide exists so that 1.) UVM departments may refer to it for approved university-wide style elements including fonts, graphics, rules, borders, paper stock, print guidelines, etc. and 2.) Non-UVM affiliates may be able to reference these same institutional standards. Whether designs are done in-house or external to UVM, the style guide ensures that the university's look and feel can be reproduced on all communication materials.

Explore the Style Guide on the Print & Mail Center's Web site.

Using the Style Guide, Example Scenarios

  • Your group wishes to order a replenishment of personalized business cards and letterhead, and they intend to use a Burlington-based design firm that is not affiliated with UVM. The style guide provides sizes, fonts and logo standards in detailed form for all components of these documents. Specifications can be provided to any graphic designer who can then produce results already established and sanctioned by UVM.
  • You are compiling a PowerPoint presentation for a colleague's conference debut. The style guide offers templates that allow flexibility in design, but create a consistent university look and feel.
  • Your UVM department is hosting an event and you intend to hire a design firm to create invitations. The style guide offers guidelines for creating a horizontal card, a vertical card and a card featuring art. Guidelines feature tips such as the size, font and placement of a header, the position of the title, and specifics on logos, borders and font.

The UVM Style Guide offers standards on the following design elements and topics:

  • the approved main and supporting fonts
  • the UVM color palette
  • the logo
  • campaign publications
  • the campaign logo
  • campaign stationery
  • campaign publications
  • admissions publications (the viewbook, general publications, envelopes, etc.)
  • invitations
  • newsletters (varying options)
  • brochures (varying options)
  • stationery (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, labels)

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