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AERO Delivers Unprecedented Performance at 2016 IEEE/SAE Formula Hybrid International Competition

Competing against teams from Georgia Tech, Michigan and Princeton, UVM’s Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) once again delivered at the IEEE/SAE Formula Hybrid International Competition (FHIC) that took place this spring at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. For 2016, the team won the IEEE Excellence in Electric ...

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Christelle Vincent


A New Map of Mathematical Objects

An international group of mathematicians, including two researchers at the University of Vermont, has released a new kind of mathematical tool: an online atlas that provides detailed maps of previously uncharted mathematical terrain.

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Clark’s Health Economics Work in Department of Surgery Leads to IBM Personal Technology Project

When IBM’s inventors heard about Eric Clark’s data-driven healthcare projects at the University of Vermont, they asked him to join their efforts to develop personal technology that will help doctors take care of patients.

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Metal of Honor

Ask Benjamin Kagan ’18 about his research work and be ready to pay very close attention. It’s — wait for it — “organometallic synthesis with a specific focus on the synthesis of hafnium metal complexes.”

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Deke Ludwig


Body Electric

Ever played with K’nex? If so, you know how the construction set, a classic for any child growing up in the ’90s, can create more than just toys. It can build rollercoasters, architectural grandeurs worthy of Frank Gehry — and for Deitrich “Deke” Ludwig ’17, an electric truck.

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Cullen Jemison


Engineer to Entrepreneur: Undergrad Designs Custom-Grip Mouse

Cullen Jemison ’19 plans an aerospace career to use his engineering and computer skills. But before he launches it, he’s gaining experience in a different kind of liftoff — as an entrepreneur.

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