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Adrian Del Maestro


Building the World’s Smallest Faucet

We all know intuitively that normal liquids flow more quickly as the channel containing them tightens. Think of a river flowing through narrow rapids.

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UVM Breaks Ground for STEM Complex, Largest Capital Project in University History

The University of Vermont officially broke ground May 15 on its $104 million STEM project, the largest capital project in UVM history.

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Matt Flego


Local Inventors Pitch It, Fab It

Matt Flego makes cool-looking stools that have a wooden seat atop an intricate maze of thick metal, instead of legs. If Flego could trim his manufacturing cost, he said, he could keep his price at a more consumer-friendly $185 each. To do that, though, he needs equipment that he can’t find: a small-scale, computer-adjustable machine that bends and cuts wire. Right now, to create the twisted-metal base, he sends the wire out to a larger manufacturer.

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UVM student design


UVM Students Design for NASA

As many students across campus close out the semester with final presentations to professors and peers, a team of four students has been preparing to show their work to a different audience: NASA engineers.

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A land-cover map developed by the Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL) using satellite imagery and other high-resolution inputs.  This type of map facilitates study of tree canopy and its relationship to the built environment, helping guide long-term monitoring and efforts to maintain and improve a community's green infrastructure.


Spatial Analysis Lab Receives $400,000 Contract to Map Delaware River Basin

The Rubenstein School’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL) has received a $400,000 contract to map land cover in the Delaware River Basin. The University of Vermont (UVM) funding is part of a larger $1 million grant the William Penn Foundation awarded to Shippensburg University and includes a collaborating scientist from the U.S. ...

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Before Bridges Fall Down

At the height of rush hour, on the evening of Aug. 1, 2007, an eight-lane steel truss bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis suddenly collapsed. Dozens of vehicles plunged into the water, and 13 people died.  Eric Hernandez, an expert on structural engineering at the University of Vermont, wants to make sure this ...

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