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Frederic Sansoz


Super Strong Stretchy Silver

Try bending your iPhone in half. Or roll up your tablet like a scroll. Or wrap a touchscreen TV around a pole. Didn’t work out so well, did it? That’s because the ceramic material used to make many of today’s touchscreens has only two of three needed qualities: it’s conductive, it’s transparent—but it’s not flexible.

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professor Peter Henne


Book Reveals Why Support of U.S. Global War on Terror Has Been Lukewarm

If President Donald Trump’s administration hopes to pressure Muslim states into supporting the U.S. Global War on Terror, they would be wise to consider the findings in a new book by Peter Henne, UVM assistant professor of political science. Henne, who joined the UVM faculty this fall after working on the staff at the Pew ...

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Buskiewicz's Study Reveals Potential Key to Alternative Lupus Treatment

Only one new drug has become available over the past 50 years for the estimated 1.5 million Americans and five million-plus people worldwide suffering from lupus, but new research has identified a previously unknown mechanism involved in the immune response that could provide an alternative therapy target.

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Meet a Scientist: Krementsov Studies Gut Bacteria-M.S. Link

Think of the immune system as the shepherd, and bacteria as the sheep, says Dimitry Krementsov, Ph.D., assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Immunobiology at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. Since it’s “constantly monitoring,” the immune system is the authority on what in the body ...

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A participant in the NFL's PLAY 60 program prepares to take off at the start of a running event.


New Study Shows Effectiveness of NFL PLAY 60 Program on Youth Fitness

The National Football League (NFL) Foundation has invested heavily in its NFL PLAY 60 initiative to promote fitness and health among youth over the past decade. Its impact on childhood fitness and obesity levels, however, has lacked scientific evaluation – until now.

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mountains with trees


Study: How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Clean Water)

Mountains are far more than rocks. They also confer various natural benefits—for example, about half of the world’s drinking water filters through their high-elevation forests, plants, and soils.

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