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Forbes: Burlington a Top 10 Tech Hub

The University of Vermont’s hometown is a one of the top 10 tech hubs in the U.S., according to a list published by Burlington ranks ninth, behind Austin and ahead of Boston, in the rankings, compiled by the website Nerdwallet.

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Previs & Warshaw's Study Shows Heart’s Contractions Rely on Critical Protein for Efficient Function

The human heart is a fine-tuned engine – more advanced than the finest Ferrari despite being simply designed by Mother Nature. It’s so carefully constructed that if it gets off kilter in the slightest way, it can throw the engine out of whack. The heart simply won’t perform as well – or at all.

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Discovery: Fire Ants Traveled the World on 16th Century Ships

Invasive species are largely thought to be a modern problem, a product of today's global economy. But, thanks to a bit of genetic sleuthing, a team of researchers, including two UVM scientists, traced the invasion history of the tropical fire ant back hundreds of years to the Spanish Empire. It's the first ant species known to ...

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steel mill


Study: Climate Change Efforts Backfire in Brazil’s Steel Industry

New UVM research shows that climate change mitigation efforts in Brazil's steel industry have failed. Instead of reducing greenhouse gas pollution, scientists discovered that programs under an international climate treaty contributed to an overall doubling of carbon dioxide emissions in the industry.

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Michael Toth, Ph.D.


A Predisposition for Disability? Toth and Colleagues Study Molecular Structure of Muscle Fibers

A study looking at how chronic inactivity affects muscles at the molecular level has helped to identify a phenotype that may predispose older adults to disability. The results were recently published by University of Vermont Associate Professor of Medicine Michael Toth, Ph.D., and colleagues in The Journal of Physiology.

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David Jones


How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Bad hiring decisions cost employers millions of dollars, damage workplace morale, reduce productivity and account for more than half of employee turnover nationwide. It doesn’t have to be that way according to a new study that reveals how a few minor changes in the wording of a job advertisement can increase the size and quality ...

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