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Taylor Ricketts


Yes, a Book on Economics That’s Funny

In 1934, Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds became famous for a reason: little arrows. These marks on his stylized paintings of warblers, ducks, and other hard-to-identify feathered critters help bewildered birdwatchers know what to look for. In other words, instead of giving you every detail, the book highlights ...

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power lines


UVM to Host Power from the North Conference March 23, 24

Quebec has an abundance of electric power. Vermont and New England have a growing need for it. But what are the political, environmental, economic and policy issues involved in getting power from north to south?

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Andrew Solomon, M.D.


Solomon Study Examines Physician-Industry Conflict of Interest Issue from MS Patient Perspective

If you’re one of the nearly half a million Americans living with multiple sclerosis (MS) – a slowly disabling disease of the central nervous system – you are likely dependent on disease-modifying drugs to prevent symptoms such as vision problems, balance issues and weakness. Often, these treatments have been developed ...

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Lizzy Pope


New Study: Food TV a Recipe for Weight Gain

If you’re a fan of food television, it’s fine to be entertained by the programming, but if you take the rich recipes favored by the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and others into your own kitchen, you’re at risk of putting on pounds, according to a study just published online by the journal Appetite.  

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Russ Tracy


UVM Lab Is Go-to for Genetic Specimens

Precision medicine found the limelight when President Obama unveiled a $215 million initiative to target its growth as part of his 2015 State of the Union Address in January, but for researchers both nationwide and at the University of Vermont, exploring how to best tailor medicine to individual needs has been the focus of their ...

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Anju Dahiya


UVM Expert on Biofuel Energy Applies Research and Industry Advances Through Course, Textbook

In a world facing volatile gas prices and increasingly scarce resources, researchers are scrambling to find new sources of energy. Biofuels, derived from food crops, wood, grass, algae, and other biological matter and agricultural byproducts, offer promising alternatives to fossil fuels.

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