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A participant in the NFL's PLAY 60 program prepares to take off at the start of a running event.


New Study Shows Effectiveness of NFL PLAY 60 Program on Youth Fitness

The National Football League (NFL) Foundation has invested heavily in its NFL PLAY 60 initiative to promote fitness and health among youth over the past decade. Its impact on childhood fitness and obesity levels, however, has lacked scientific evaluation – until now.

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mountains with trees


Study: How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Clean Water)

Mountains are far more than rocks. They also confer various natural benefits—for example, about half of the world’s drinking water filters through their high-elevation forests, plants, and soils.

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Nepali Study I


Resilience Amongst the Rubble

Not long after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal in April of 2015, Emma Squier sat in a classroom 7,000 miles away studying the effects of the natural disaster on the Nepali people. A year later she was living among them in the hardest hit villages learning first-hand how they were surviving.

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Allison Kingsley, assistant professor in management, tracked publicly available economic data from the 30 largest emerging markets from 1994 to 2012 (Photo: Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist)


Study: Banks Hold Information Advantage Over Other Investors

Maybe Gordon Gekko was right when he said that information was the most valuable commodity of all. A new study showing major investment advantages for banks in countries where public economic data is scarce seems to support that claim by the fictional corporate raider in the 1987 movie Wall Street.

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Janssen-Heininger Receives Inaugural NHLBI Outstanding Investigator Award

Antioxidant therapies may hold promise for the nearly 25 million Americans suffering from asthma, and additional 140,000 people diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, but to date, determining exactly how to modify them into a feasible treatment has proved challenging.

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pasta bar at a UVM dining hall


What Else Comes with a College Degree? An Extra 10 Pounds, Says New Study

College students are carrying more than a diploma across the stage at graduation. They’re lugging an extra 10 pounds gained over their college years, on average, along with the associated health risks, says a new study just published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

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