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Previs & Warshaw's Study Shows Heart’s Contractions Rely on Critical Protein for Efficient Function

The human heart is a fine-tuned engine – more advanced than the finest Ferrari despite being simply designed by Mother Nature. It’s so carefully constructed that if it gets off kilter in the slightest way, it can throw the engine out of whack. The heart simply won’t perform as well – or at all.

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John Hughes, M.D.


Hughes Coauthors JAMA Study on Medication plus Gradual Reduction for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard – as difficult as kicking a heroin, cocaine or alcohol addiction – and so is making the commitment to quit. To date, U.S. guidelines have advocated for quitting abruptly, but new research reported in the February 17, 2015 Journal of the American Medical Association provides strong evidence for a ...

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Anna Noonan, Joe Biden, and Eileen Whalen


UVM Medical Center Receives Humanitarian Award at National Patient Safety Conference

The University of Vermont Medical Center was one of two recipients of a humanitarian award from the Patient Safety Movement Foundation for making significant strides to reduce and eliminate preventable patient harm. The award recognizes years of sustained effort in the field. The other recipient this year was the Texas-based ...

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Michael Toth, Ph.D.


A Predisposition for Disability? Toth and Colleagues Study Molecular Structure of Muscle Fibers

A study looking at how chronic inactivity affects muscles at the molecular level has helped to identify a phenotype that may predispose older adults to disability. The results were recently published by University of Vermont Associate Professor of Medicine Michael Toth, Ph.D., and colleagues in The Journal of Physiology.

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Larson ’15 Helps Med Students Understand Role in Addressing Health Disparities & Poverty

How can physician bias affect patient care? The answer to this question was one of many lessons University of Vermont College of Medicine Class of ‘18 students learned using an online module created by Job Larson ’15 for his fourth-year scholarly project. The module focuses on one of the most important predictors of chronic ...

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Medical Alumni Association Announces 2015 Awards, including Larner Student Award to Thakrar ’16

The Medical Alumni Association of the University of Vermont College of Medicine recently announced its 2015 awards recipients. Medical student Raj Thakrar ’16 has been named the 2015 recipient of the Robert Larner, M.D.’42 Student Award. All of the awards will be presented in June during Medical Reunion 2015.

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