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mountains with trees


Study: How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Clean Water)

Mountains are far more than rocks. They also confer various natural benefits—for example, about half of the world’s drinking water filters through their high-elevation forests, plants, and soils.

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Gina Fiorile stands with fellow speaker Mike Richter


Student Invited by White House for Third Speaking Engagement on Climate Change

With her third invitation from the White House, UVM student Gina Fiorile returned to Washington, DC on December 5 as a Champion of Change for Climate Education and Literacy. She spoke as part of the Champions of Change Reunion held at the U.S. Department of Transportation Headquarters. 

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Greenland ice and mountains


Greenland on Thin Ice?

The ice sheet covering Greenland is four times bigger than California — and holds enough water to raise global sea-level more than 20 feet if most of it were to melt. Today, sea levels are rising, and the melting of Greenland is a major contributor. Understanding how fast this melting might proceed is a pressing question for ...

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 Tobey, a fourth-grader at JJ Flynn Elementary School watches birds over the bike path in Burlington, VT, with his UVM mentor and “bird buddy,” Sara Fergus, a UVM sophomore enrolled in Environmental Studies 295, “Birding to Change the World.”


Birding to Change the World

Professor Trish O’Kane’s new course, “Birding to Change the World,” began far from Derway Island in the north end Burlington, where, on an autumn afternoon, her class of UVM students tromps through a floodplain forest with a crew of kids from nearby JJ Flynn Elementary. In 2005, standing inside the soggy remains of her ...

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UVM Business Professor Stuart Hart in his classroom


SEMBA Rises to No. 2 on Princeton Review's "Best Green MBA" List

The University of Vermont’s Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA (SEMBA) program in the Grossman School of Business continues to bolster its growing reputation as one of the nation's most innovative business programs by climbing to the No. 2 spot on The Princeton Review's “Best Green MBA” list, and claiming two other major ...

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Elizabeth Kolbert


Elizabeth Kolbert Lecture and '6X Howl' Explore Extinction

Since life emerged from the ooze, there have been five major extinction events on Earth, huge die-offs of the planet’s diversity of plants and animals. Now the sixth extinction is under way — an event unprecedented since the demise of the dinosaurs, sixty-five-million years ago. But this time the cataclysm is not an asteroid ...

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