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Sanjay Sharma


New Book Provides Template for Building a Sustainable Business, World

As more and more Americans choose to buy products from socially responsible companies, not practicing corporate social responsibility has proven damaging to the bottom line. Some companies have made social responsibility part of their organizational DNA, others use it merely as a public relations strategy, while an increasing ...

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Cooke and Crockenberg at Moran


Student Project to City Plan

Six months after they graduated from the University of Vermont, Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg are still working on a senior project. Think of it as an epic “incomplete,” an extracurricular undertaking that has segued directly into millions of dollars of advanced graduate studies.

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Return of the Town Forest

About four miles southeast from the city of Barre, Vt., on Millstone Hill, near the unincorporated settlement of Graniteville, 14 UVM students are studying a photograph taken in 1905. The grainy black-and-white image shows perhaps 200 stonecutters, posed in a quarry, some on ladders, some holding steel cables, dwarfed by sheer ...

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Catamount farm workers


New Farmers, New Futures

Rachel Hong, 43, was a lawyer in a “small litigation boutique,” she says, in Seattle. In November of 2013, she quit her well-paying job, sold her house, bought an Airstream camper, packed up her two dogs — and drove to Vermont. Now, on a hot July afternoon, she wipes a piece of duct tape over the leaves of a squash plant in ...

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Justin Guilbert and Brian Beckage


Mind the Climate Gap

Here’s your northern Vermont forecast for the rest of this century: annual precipitation will increase by between a third and half an inch per decade, while average temperatures will rise some five degrees Fahrenheit by midcentury. By late in the century, average temperatures will have spiked more than eight degrees. In July, by ...

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Bird on the Rebound

Because of shrinking habitat lost to development and disrupted by intensive new farming practices, the bobolink population has declined 75 percent over the last half century in the northeast. A research team from the University of Vermont and the University of Connecticut had a question: Would the public be willing to pay ...

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