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Discovery: Fire Ants Traveled the World on 16th Century Ships

Invasive species are largely thought to be a modern problem, a product of today's global economy. But, thanks to a bit of genetic sleuthing, a team of researchers, including two UVM scientists, traced the invasion history of the tropical fire ant back hundreds of years to the Spanish Empire. It's the first ant species known to ...

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steel mill


Study: Climate Change Efforts Backfire in Brazil’s Steel Industry

New UVM research shows that climate change mitigation efforts in Brazil's steel industry have failed. Instead of reducing greenhouse gas pollution, scientists discovered that programs under an international climate treaty contributed to an overall doubling of carbon dioxide emissions in the industry.

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Gina Fiorile


White House: UVM Student a 'Champion of Change' for Climate Education

On Feb. 9,  the White House honored eight Americans for their extraordinary work to enhance climate education and literacy across the country. UVM student Gina Fiorile was one of them.

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neighborhood block party


Want to Save the Planet? Neighbors Make Better Allies than Family

A new UVM study finds that socializing with neighbors leads to more planet-friendly behaviors than spending time with friends or family.

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Has Massachusetts' 'Real' Economy Peaked? New Study Says Yes

Massachusetts' economy has quadrupled in size, but its performance on a measure of overall economic progress is the worst in 14 years, UVM researchers say.

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bee on flower


Got Bees? Got Vitamin A? Got Malaria?

A new study shows that more than half the people in some developing countries could become newly at risk for malnutrition if crop-pollinating animals — like bees — continue to decline.

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