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Six Students Win Interns for the Common Good Awards

From left: Giannina Gaspero-Beckman, Camara Stokes Hudson, Nicholas D'Alessandro, George Chrisafis and Amanda Morelli.

The UVM Career Center has selected six 2016 Interns for the Common Good (formerly known as the Anna Whitcomb Internship Scholarship). The Internships for the Common Good Fund is a competitive award that helps students cover costs as they pursue an internship at a mission-based organization.

The hope is that these scholarships will make a difference twice over: both in providing UVM students with professional development opportunities, and encouraging talented students to contribute to meaningful, important work at a variety of organizations.

The awardees stood out as those who found great opportunities that would help propel them toward their clearly defined professional goals. The 2016 winners include:

  • Amanda Morelli is a junior from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, who is studying environmental studies and cultural anthropology. Currently abroad in Mexico, Morelli spent last semester studying in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This summer Morelli will return to Guatemala in order to work with DESGUA, an organization that focuses on empowering returned and potential migrants through educational and economic justice.
  • Camara Stokes Hudson is a junior pre-law, human development and family studies major from Washington, D.C. She aspires to work on juvenile justice law through a human rights legal framework. This summer she will intern in Washington, D.C. with the Children's Defense Fund, a non-profit tasked with advocating for the needs of all children in the U.S. 
  • Edil Hassan is a first-year student studying political science and history. She is from Burlington, Vermont. Hassan plans to intern with the African American Policy Forum in New York, New York. The organization is a national think tank that promotes efforts to dismantle structural inequality.  
  • George Chrisafis is a junior biology major who hails from Seattle, Washington. He is a member of the Honors College and plans to intern at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where he will work in a clinical research laboratory. Chrisafis’ work will be focused on several key proteins that are involved in cell cycle regulation, using yeast as a model organism.
  • Giannina Gaspero-Beckman is a first-year student majoring in environmental studies. She is originally from Townshend, Vermont. For the past year she has worked remotely with the Nanubhai Education Foundation, an NGO that empowers financially vulnerable rural students in and around Gujarat, India. This summer she will travel to Gujarat for the first time and do an in-person internship with the organization.
  • Nicholas D'Alessandro is a pre-med junior studying neuroscience. He is from Salem, New Hampshire, and will spend this summer interning with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington, Vermont. D'Alessandro's eventual goal is to become a forensic pathologist, and this internship will provide experience investigating unusual deaths.