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UVM Cancer Researcher Talks to NBC News and other Major Media about Study Linking Fitness and Decreased Risk of the Disease

In interviews with NBC News, PBS’s “NewsHour,” US News and World Report and other media outlets, lead author Dr. Susan Lakoski, assistant professor in the College of Medicine, discusses a new study demonstrating that “fit” individuals (researchers tracked 7,000 healthy, 45-year-old men) were less likely to develop cancer later in life -- and those who did had a generally better prognosis. “Two things you can’t change are your genes or your age,” Lakowski told NBC, “but you can get more fit.” The study focused on the top three cancers in men -- prostate, colorectal and lung -- following study subjects into their mid-sixties and beyond, determining fitness at regular health exams based on performance on a treadmill. Read the NBC story...