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Major Media Coverage for UVM Professors’ Hedometer

The Wall Street Journal, in a front page story on the search for America’s happiest town, references the "hedonometer" developed by Peter Dodds, director of complex systems, and fellow mathematician Chris Danforth, who dubs it “the Dow Jones index of happiness.” When combined with the abundance of social networking data available, the hedonometer is a cutting-edge tool (now available online for anyone to monitor) in the emerging field of “positive psychology." The Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post write about the hedonometer’s measure of the happiest and saddest days of the year (Christmas and the Boston Marathon bombing, respectively), Businessweek explores the economic potential of the hedonometer and the Washington Post blog, “Innovations,” discusses geographic influences of happiness demonstrated by the hedonometer. Read the Wall Street Journal story... and the Los Angeles Times story...