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Get Plugged into The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems Amplified Conference

Our food system is broken. We need change. Start the conversation with experts who have succeeded in making change.

University of Vermont Continuing Education will webcast its public conference “The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems Amplified” live from Burlington, Vt., Thursday, June 28, from 1 to 6:30 p.m.

The conference brings together influential and innovative voices from the sustainable food movement for this day of inspiration and call to action. Speakers will take the stage, give 10-15 minute talks and then join the audience. The next speaker will immediately follow. There is not space for questions or comments or break-out sessions (however, you can make comments via social media using the hashtag #UVMsummit. Comments and questions will be answered on the blog after the conference). There will be live music and two breaks during the talks.

The live-streamed conference is viewable from the UVM Food Feed blog or on Continuing Education’s Facebook page.

Individuals, groups and organizations are encouraged to host viewing parties. Learn more about how to host a viewing party on the conference website.